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Hot Chocolate

Juvia ran into the shelter of the guild hall with Gray strolling close behind and brushed the snow off her clothes and hair. Gray laughed at Juvias shivers as she gave out to him for taking so long in the freezing cold. They walked up to the bar and were greeted with two mugs of hot chocolate from Mirajane.
“I’m on hot beverage duty until the snow stops. So here’s two fresh cups on the house and don’t forget to wrap up. That includes you Gray,” the bartender rolled her eyes as the ice mage looked down to realise he had suddenly lost all his clothing except for his winter themed boxer shorts.
“Goddammit not again,” Gray yelped. Juvia blushed and handed her partner a spare pair of trousers and shirt from her bag and avoided looking at his snowflake patterned underwear.
“Thanks,” Gray muttered and Mirajane giggled with a knowing look in her eye and left the two of them alone.
Juvia began sipping her drink and tried to ignore the man of her dreams getting dressed beside her.
“Miras hot chocolate is as heavenly as always,” the blunette purred and the redressed Gray sat back down but pushed his own mug aside. “Aren’t you going to have any?”
“The cold doesn’t affect me remember? So I don’t need it to warm me up,” he stared at the cup with a bored expression.
“Even if it won’t warm you up, it’s delicious and Mira was kind enough to make us some.”
“I just don’t think it tastes nice hot,” Gray shrugged.
“What do you mean?”
“Well I tend to sometimes drink it like this,” he reached for the mug in front of him and blew on it until it turned icy, “try that” he smiled. Juvia reluctantly took the frozen drink, inspected it and carefully took a sip.
“It’s actually really good,” she exclaimed and took another gulp.
“Don’t be so shocked,” Gray smirked.
“Oh but I’m getting brain freeze,” Juvia giggled, putting a hand to her head.
Gray smiled at the sound of her laughter and stared at her lips that were blue from the cold, dreaming of kissing them. Instead he simply pushed the still warm hot chocolate towards her, “Maybe you should stick to something that’ll heat you up for now.”
“No way,” Juvia shook her head, “Don’t tell Mira but Grays version is much better.”

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