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Magnolias largest ice rink had never been so noisy or full of energy. Dozens of mages gave their shoes to the workers and struggled to strap on the rented skates. Two such mages did not need skates however which confused the staff greatly.
“We told you we sorted ourselves out,” Gray sighed.
“But they’re not standard gear. We could be sued if either of you are injured on the ice,” the manager stuttered.
“Don’t worry sir, we are members of Fairy Tail and can take care of ourselves,” Erza patted the man on the shoulder in an attempt to comfort him but nearly broke his back with her strong armoured hand.
“Look, Gray uses ice make magic this is his area of expertise. He can probably skate better than anyone with his own homemade skates than in the ones you provide and Erza- Well Erza got so excited to come ice-skating that she purchased three pairs of ice-skates that she can requip any time she wants. Also if anything happens, Fairy Tail will pay for the damages,” Makarov, the master of Fairy Tail struggled to mutter.
“Why couldn’t they just use the regular skates like everyone else?” Lucy sighed, watching her friends struggle to convince the staff the allow them onto the ice.
“Did you really not see this coming?” Levy giggled.
“If Gray can make skates out of ice why can’t I make mine out of fire,” Natsu challenged.
“Don’t be stupid,” Gray muttered re-joining the group with Erza.
“The ice would melt Natsu and if you even think about it I will take back the ticket I gave you,” Erza scowled.
“Yeah Erza how could you afford to bring us all out ice-skating? I just got to the guild hall and Levy was telling me to get ready to go or else ya’s would leave without me,” Gajeel looked both confused and bored by the whole situation.
“Its your own fault for sleeping til noon,” Levy mumbled, sticking her tongue out.
“I did a job for the owner of the rink yesterday and he offered to give me tickets for the whole guild as payment,” Erza smiled.
“Thank you so much anyway, I haven’t done this since I was a little kid. I just hope I don’t fall,” Lucy laughed.
“Is skating hard?” Juvia questioned.
“Have you never skated before Juvia?” Gray asked.
“No,” Juvia blushed and shifted awkwardly in her chair, “No one really wanted to go with me. But Juvia is just happy to skate with Gray and everyone.”
“We should make this a tradition that we do every year,” Wendy suggested excitedly and everyone agreed.
“Gray you’ll teach Juvia how to skate won’t you?” The blunette asked, linking on to his arm.
“Okay everyone, single file onto the ice and please try not to start any trouble or break anything,” Master Makarov announced.
Everyone rushed out onto the ice rink and no one even attempted to make a single file.
“I’ve a bad feeling about this,” Makarov sighed, “I apologise in advice,” he muttered to the manager before he followed his family onto the ice.
It was easy to tell the difference between the veterans who glided gracefully past the newbies who clung to the sides. Juvia had Grays arm in a death grip with a look of fear in her eyes.
“Are you trying to cut off all blood circulation in my arm?” Gray laughed.
“Sorry, its just harder than Juvia thought,” she loosened her grip but continued to cling on to the ice mage for dear life.
“Well at least you’re doing better than Natsu and Gajeel looks like even skates can trigger their motion sickness,” he smirked.
All of a sudden the two dragon slayers began yelling at each other.
“You’re getting motion sickness now? You’re such a wimp,” Gajeel laughed, trying to seem healthy but the illusion faded as he bent over double and Levy tried to convince him to get off the ice.
“You’re sick too,” Natsu yelled holding on to Lucy of support, “at least I can still fight like this. Fire dragon-”
“Natsu don’t-” everyone shouted at once but it was too late. Fire magic was thrown in all different directions and the ice beneath them began to melt. Everyone struggled to get out of the rink and Makarov held back tears as he paid the manager.

“Juvia what’s wrong? You seem kinda down,” Lucy asked back in the guild hall where everyone was watching Erza and Makarov scold Natsu.
“Juvia is just sad that our day out was cut so short. Juvia didn’t even get to learn how to skate properly so Juvia could keep up with Gray and everyone else,” the blunette mumbled.
“Its okay, we’ll all go again some time,” Lucy smiled.
Suddenly Erza started throwing projectiles (including her brand new ice-skates) at Natsu and while everyone ran for cover Gray grabbed Juvia hand and led her outside.
“Where are we going?” Juvia asked.
“I’m going to fix something,” Grays face was straight and unreadable but Juvia would follow him to hell if he asked her to so she didn’t mind not knowing they’re destination as long as she was with him.
Gray led her to a large lake on the outskirts of the city and finally stopped. He bent down and touch the surface of the water turning it to ice.
“No one should be robbed of their first ice-skating experience,” Gray smiled.
“What?” Juvia stuttered as he lead her to a rock to sit down where he used he’s magic to form blades of ice at the bottom of their shoes.
“You wanted me to teach you how to skate didn’t you?” He smirked, standing up and extending his hand out to her.
Juvia nodded and took his hand. Gray led her to the ice and felt her squeeze his arm in slight panic as her legs wobbled on the unstable ground. He placed his hand over hers and calmly talked her through the steps to skate. Under his teaching Juvia learned quickly and they were soon gliding along hand in hand.
“You’re getting pretty good,” Gray praised, causing Juvia to blush and lose focus, causing her to stumble. Gray caught her and laughed, “Maybe I spoke to soon.”
They both realised how close they were to each other but neither took a step back.
“Thank you,” Juvia hugged Gray and he held her tight.
“Maybe this could be our tradition,” Gray whispered into her hair.

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