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The weather in Magnolia had become very cold and icy over the past few weeks with snow constantly replenishing itself. Most people avoided leaving the warmth of their houses except for emergency’s. The only people out on this particularly icy day was a small group of friends gathered outside the Fairy Tail guild hall.
“So does everyone have everything they need? Remember our job is up in the mountains so it’ll be even colder than it is down here so do you all have extra clothes,” Erza warned her teammates, while looking straight at the celestial spirit mage who couldn’t seem to stop shaking even in five layers of clothing.
“How are none of you cold?” Lucy whined, “I mean Erzas wearing her regular armour, Natsus just wearing a vest, Wendy’s wearing a summer dress and Gray will probably show up with no clothes at all.”
“We’re just not as vulnerable to the cold as you are I guess,” the sky dragon slayer shrugged, “And besides Natsus like a walking furnace.”
“Hello everyone-” Juvia greeted as she jogged up to her friends but paused when she realised something was missing, “Where’s Gray?”
“We thought he’d be with you,” Wendy answered.
“If he’s not here soon we’ll have to leave without him. We don’t want to miss our train and I don’t think Lucy can survive much longer in this weather,” Erza sighed.
“At least Juvia looks like she’s prepared for the cold,” Lucy nodded towards the rainwomans long, thick coat and fur hat.
“If you’re so cold Luce I’ll warm you up,” Natsu wrapped his arm around the blonde who blushed madly from embarrassment and the heat that radiated from his body but was too cold to squirm or complain. Juvia pouted wanting Gray to hold her like that while the other girls exchanged looks and Happy snickered.
“But Juvia refuses to leave without Gray,” the blunette blurted drawing the conversation back to what she thought was most important.
“Looks like you wont have to,” Erza smirked, watching a figure in the distance.
“Gray” Juvia called excitedly and ran towards the ice mage but stopped when she realised what he was wearing.
“Gray are you cold?” Lucy gasped.
“No why?” The late arriver frowned.
“Then are you trying to copy me?” Natsu laughed, “You won’t beat the scarf Igneel gave me though,” he challenged.
“What are you on about?” Gray grunted.
“We’re talking about the thing around your neck,” Erza smirked.
“Oh yeah, this is why I was late, I forgot it and its really cold out so I had to run back to my house,” Gray mumbled, reaching up to touch the scarf with a slight smile on his face.
“Um Juvia are you okay?” Wendy asked her fellow blunette who stood frozen with a look of shock on her face.
“You’re wearing- but Juvia thought you threw it away?” She stammered with tears threatening to overflow.
“Yeah, I found it. Its nice and warm,” he tried to shrug nonchalantly but he couldn’t hide his blush.
Juvia closed the distance between them and hugged Gray so forcefully they tumbled, giggling on to the snow.
“Juvia is so glad that Gray likes her scarf,” she beamed through tears of joy.
“Of course I like it. You made it for me,” he smiled and wiped away her stray tears.

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