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Magnolia was alive with noise and colour. Stalls were cluttered on every street for the Winter Festival. The air was bombarded with scents from hundreds of different and exotic foods. Among the large crowds a couple pushed their way past people to reach their target stall.
“C’mon Gray, hurry up,” the water mage called, dragging a reluctant ice mage behind her.
“What’s the rush Juvia? What’s so special about this particular stall?” He sighed, shoving his hands into his pockets and made an attempt to slow down but the rainwoman wouldn’t let him.
“Juvia has always wanted to do it and now Juvia has Gray to do it with,” she skipped excitedly, tightening her grip on her hesitate partner.
“What are you on about?” The dark haired boy muttered.
“Oh look Gray there it is,” she shouted gleefully, stopping abruptly causing Gray to nearly crash into her.
They had come to a stop in front of an artists stall. Picture frames, snow globes, t-shirts and hoodies containing pictures of happy people were on display.
“What the hell is this?” Gray stammered, the blood draining from his face.
“Juvia wants to make a hoodie with Gray,” she beamed.
“No way,” he tried to back away but the blunette still had her hand locked on his arm.
“Please Gray, Juvia has always wanted this,” she pleaded. As he stared down into the woman’s big, beautiful eyes he knew there was no way he could say no to her, as usual.

The festival had also reached the Fairy Tail guild where mages from all over the continent gathered. The building seemed to quieten down as the couple walking in wearing matching hoodies. Gray avoided eye contact as he walked towards the table his friends had taken over. Juvia clung on his arm with a large smile on her face and a look of accomplishment.
“What the hell is on your hoodies?” Natsu cackled and Gajeel struggled to hide his laughter. The girls of the guild gave them dirty looks stopping them from making jokes.
“Yous look adorable,” Erza smiled.
“Yeah I love the picture its so cute,” Lucy ran over to Juvia to inspect it more closely.
“I just can’t believe you actually got him to go through with it,” Levy giggled.
“Yeah, what’d you have to do to convince him Juvia?” Cana winked.
“All she had to do was ask,” Gray muttered, causing the rainwomans grip on him to tighten and all the girls squealed while the boys struggled to cover their chuckles.

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