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Daughter of a Killer | Harry Potter


"Some believe the child will follow in Black's footsteps, the exact reason she is being kept a close eye on whilst her father has escaped. So she doesn't help him. But because Hogwarts is the safest place, whilst Dumbledore is headmaster anyway, that is. Black's daughter will be staying at the school." "What's her name?" "Aurora Black and she might just be one of the most feared witches of our time."

Fantasy / Romance
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The Killers Daughter

Tabby ginger cat and a rat that resembled a shoe brush ran past Harry, at the Leaky Cauldron.

A smile found its way onto the boy's face as he heard the shouting between his two best friends. “Keep that bloody thing away from my Scabbers.” Ron hissed holding his rat towards its chest.

“Ron, Crookshanks is a cat.” Hermione reasoned also holding her pet “it’s in their nature.”

At the stairs, Harry was currently standing on creaked, the two spun their heads to face the raven-haired boy.


Harry soon reunited with the Weasley’s and ate breakfast beside them, listening to the story of Ron as he was telling them of going to Egypt, alongside the photo of them in the daily prophet.

“Mrs Weasley!” Harry smiled as he rose from his seat, hoping to avoid the harmless banter between the Weasley brothers.

“Good to see you, Harry.” Mrs Weasley sighed, placing a hand on his shoulder, harry was taller than Mrs Weasley now, by a few inches, the woman being very short herself. “Now have you got everything you need? All of your books?”

“Yeah, it’s all upstairs.” Harry smiled, he was glad to have a family like the Weasley’s in his life, kind, good-natured, the family he never had.

“All of your clothes?”

“Everything’s there.”

Mrs Weasley patted Harry on the cheek “Good boy.”

Jumping at the sound of her husband behind her, Mrs Weasley moved away to let the two talk “Mr Potter.”

“Mr Weasley.”

Unlike Mrs Weasley, Mr Weasley was still several inches taller than Harry therefore lowered his head as he spoke “Harry, I was wondering, may I have a word?”

“Yeah sure.” Harry smiled. As the two started to make their way through the Weasley family, Harry greeted any he had yet had a chance to.

“You looking forward to a new term?” Mr Weasley inquired as they continued to a corner of the pub.

“Yeah, it should be great.” Harry smiled, excited to go back to Hogwarts; his home.

“Harry,” Mr Weasley spoke, leaning against a wall “they are so many Ministry rules diverging against what I’m about to say to you. But, I think that you need to know the facts.”

Posters were hung around the room of the escaped prisoner, Sirius Black, he was fighting against the guards who tried to keep him still whilst taking his mugshot.

“You are in danger.” Mr Weasley glanced around the room, checking for anybody listening in “great danger.”

“Has this anything to do with Sirius Black, sir?” Harry inquired as he glanced at a nearby poster.

“What do you know about Sirius Black, Harry.” Mr Weasley spoke, his voice so quiet Harry had to strain to hear him.

“Only that he’s escaped from Azkaban,” Harry told, once again studying the poster beside him.

“Do you know why?”

“13 years ago when you stopped...”


“Don’t say his name!” Arthur hissed.


“When you stopped, you-know-who, Black lost everything. But to this day, he remains a faithful servant.” Placing a hand on his back the two continued to walk “and you are the only one stopping you-know-who from returning to power.”

Stopping in a corridor Arthur placed his hands on each of Harry’s shoulders, and that is why he’s escaped Azkaban, to find you.”

“But I’m safe in Hogwarts, right?” Harry questioned looking around the room.

Mr Weasley glanced around, debating the answer to this question “Hogwarts is the second safest place in the word, the first being Gringotts of cause, however, if you get Sirius Black, you come with something else.” Mr Weasley sighed. “Before Black was arrested, he had a child with a Witch known as Ninata Gastero. The witch went missing not long after the child was born, naturally, after Black was arrested they assumed he murdered her or something.”

“What does this have to do with Black?” Harry thought aloud as the shouts of Fred and George could be heard from across the pub.

“Some believe the child will follow in Black’s footsteps, the exact reason she is being kept a close eye on whilst her father has escaped. So she doesn’t help him. But because Hogwarts is the safest place, whilst Dumbledore is headmaster anyway, that is. Black’s daughter will be staying at the school.

“What’s her name.”

“Aurora Black and she might just be one of the most feared witches of our time.”

Published on Wattpad 03/08/18

Published on Inkitt 19/02/21

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