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The Lost Swan


Emma isn’t the only child of Snow White and Price Charming. There was another and her name was Hope. Hope and Emma were close growing up until they were 15. Hope has killed someone who tried to rape her and went to Emma for help but it was useless as Emma said that she would help but while her sister was asleep she left. Hope felt angered and Betrayed by her sister and tried to commit suicide. She was rescued by Peter Pan who took her to neverland. Years past and Hope couldn’t be anymore free but the island was changing her. Her once crystal blue eyes had became an emerald green colour but it made her eyes look as if they were glowing. What will happen when she is reunited with the sister that left her and with their birth parents?

Adventure / Fantasy
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Authors Note

I don’t own the Tv show Once Upon A Time or OUAT for short. Since I don’t own the show, I don’t own any of the fairytale characters that are used, what the characters look like, what the personalities of the characters are, if the characters have any magic or special abilities or the plots of each episode and season.

I do however own my OC Hope Swan and everything about her. I own the fact that she is the youngest out of her and Emma, I own the fact that she sees Neverland as her home and the lost boys are like protective brothers. I own the fact that Felix taught her how to use weapons but Peter Pan taught her how to use her magic as well as the magic of never land.

If anyone has any ideas for this story please do comment them down and I will take the ones that I think will help this story and fit where I want this story to go.

I hope you all enjoy 😉
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