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Lilly a young omega woman in the early eighties finds herself being marked by the alphas son yoongi at the blood moon night,will she learn to love her bad boy mate or will she continue to hate him forever

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter one:
Part one:
Blood moon

I walked into collage with bailey,Venus and Sybil for our first class at nine am,blood moon night lessons always something that we've all looked forward to since now we are at the age to attend them (eighteen) we immediately signed up for it

The blood moon night is were every pack gets along for one night so everyone can find Thier mates,but what happens to some people is that males will mark them even if the female dosent want it

But most end up loving them rather than hating them for the rest of her life,brings children to the family and loves Thier mates until they die,that's what happend with my parents before they died from the battle eight years ago and I was forced to live with my cousins jungkook and hoseok

Like I love them and all but both are friends with the alphas son yoongi who is very hard to get along with when he's flirty every time he's at our house and now that the blood moons coming up I couldn't put it passed him if he marked me

Hince why I'm not going to be leaving my bedroom that night, I know my joyful cousins will try and stop me but nothing is getting me from leaving the house or bedroom for that matter even though the alphas house is right Infront of it and yoongi could easily get in but anyway igonring that fact

"What are you thinking about you nearly walked into yoongi"Venus said coming up to my side leaving the other two walking on

"Blood moon night and how I'm going to be staying in my bedroom avoiding all people"I said playing with my dark hair

"No you can't you have to come out,just for an hour so you can run in your wolf form you haven't done that since your parents died and that was eight years ago"Venus said taking my hands in his and pulling me to his chest giving me the brotherly hug that he always does

"But you know I can't do that,I did already tell auntie that I'm not leaving and I still have to bring it up with hobi and koo"I said looking up at him


I was sat in my bedroom avoiding leaving since yoongi and the others were here in the living room playing some game only issue I had is I really need to pee and the bathroom is downstairs and I'll have to go past them

And since yoongis the alphas son he'll be able to smell me from the moment I left the room but I can't hold it in much longer so I'll just be as quick as I can

I opened the door and immediately heard the deep voice of yoongi asking I think hoseok the question I dreaded

"Where's your cousin? She's here right and you better not lie to me because I can smell her"he said

I ran downstairs and into the bathroom

"Of course she's here why wouldn't she be? She lives here. You better not go after her she probably wants to be left alone hey! Get back here!"I heard hoseok say

"Crap"I said under my breath as I heard the footsteps of my cousin and yoongi

"Open the door Lilly I know your in there don't make me come in here and take you myself you know the blood moons tonight so just come and let me mark you"yoongi said

"No! Why would I want to be with someone like you!"I shouted at him still not unlocking the door

"What do you mean? Someone like me? Don't girls like the bad boys?"he repeatedly asked questions

"I'm not girls I'm me,Lilly not every girl you've slept with"I said lowering my tone still a little scared to disrespect him since he's the alphas son and I'm just an omega

"What do I need to do to get your trust then?"he asked

"you'll have to ask Venus and bailey about that one"I said knowing all too well that he hates that my bestfriends are boys

He growled but not his normal growl the growl that means his wolf has taken over that type of growl

"Lilly I advise you to come out, please your the only one who can calm him down and you know that"hoseoks pleading voice rang trough the door

"Fine just try and get him up to my bedroom since it's laced with my sent"I said and heard Jin and namjoon struggling to get yoongi to my room

I forgot to mention that me and yoongi are actually ment to be mates from birth but I hated the idea once he started sleeping with other girls my best friend Sybil included

I unlocked the bathroom door and left up to my room giving the remaining boys a wave wanting to quickly calm suga down not yoongi but his wolf suga

I saw Jin and namjoon coming out a huge black wolf trying to follow them out but stoped once he saw me

"Thanks Jin and Joon"I said giving the two a nod

"No problem lils"namjoon said walking back down stairs

I walked into my room suga following,closed the door and lay on my bed knowing he would lye with me and he did but placed his heavy self ontop of me

"Suga get off"I grunted knowing that it was him in control since he's alot more affectionate unlike yoongi

He growled lowly but moved instead of me just lyeing there I let Lilith my wolf take over making me turn into my unatural white coloured furred wolf

Suga sat there and turned back to yoongi his eyes now the mysterious brown that they usually are instead of the icy white that they go when suga has taken over

"You-your gorgeous"he stumbled on his words

'i know I am no need to point it out asshat' lilith said

She hates him just a little less than me

'no need to be so rude darling'suga said trough the hated mindlink

'you know why I always am and no need to call me the stupid pet names now why in the moon goddess did you get so angry for?'she asked

'because you said another man's name'he said growling lowly

'thier her bestfriends mutt'she shouted

'and I'm her mate along with you aswell your with me whether you like it or not' he shouted back but used his alpha tone making her and me whimper in submission

Not a thing we do alot

's-sorry'she stuttered still whimpering

'better be'he said now letting yoongi take control

Lilith let me have control back and let me turn back into my human form but due to not submitting in a while I was weak and collapsed the moment I tried to stand up

Yoongi rushed forward and lifted me bringing me to the bed and lyeing me down

"I'll see you tonight pup"he wishperd as my eyes closed

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