The Curse of Life


----------- Her screams alerted no one of the hell that was her mind. ---------- Cassiopeia Black, born to family of pureblood supremacists. With two brothers on completely different sides of the track, she's still struggling to decide what the best route to take is. But sometimes you don't get to choose, and Cassy became very much aware of this fact when she woke in the middle of a forest... 28 years later. -TVD S1-S4 -Post Harry Potter Both Harry Potter franchise and The Vampire Diaries don't belong to me. They belong to J.K Rowling and Julie Plec. I only own Cassiopeia Black and other characters I create.

Fantasy / Romance
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Act I: Sparks



I don’t like

depending on people

because people


all the time.

Because at the end of the day

all you have

is yourself

and that has to be


- A.M

In which a girl

with magic running through her veins

finally gets to taste

freedom in her mouth.

She walked into my life,

the way a new song

comes on the radio

that you’ve never heard

yet somehow,

it immediatly

becomes part of your soul.

- Mark Anthony

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