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Chapter 1

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[Name] put her pillow between her knees as she swiped through Instagram. She was liking every cute thing/person/animal she saw. Her brother, Tooru Oikawa, of course, had to ruin the moment. He went beside her and peeked through her phone. “Tooru, go away.” [Name] mumbled. Tooru just ignored her being the nice brother he is. Once he got bored, he started softly pulling her hair, strand by strand. [Name] swatted her hands at his face trying to get him to leave. The boy just ignored her and tried to braid her hair.

Once he was satisfied with his work, he took [Name]‘s phone and scrolled through her feed. “‘[Name] Chan you look so pretty in that post!’ ‘You and your brother are so cute and pretty!’ Seriously? Is this all, that goes through your notifs?” Tooru said, obviously dissatisfied with what’s going on in her feed. [Name] scrunched her nose at the over grown kid. “Just because girls text you 24/7, doesn’t mean that boys text me 24/7! And plus, if they did, you’d hunt them down and murder them.”

Tooru smiled dearly at his sister, putting a hand over his heart. “Aw~ You know me too much, sister~” [Name] punched him in the arm. “Ow~ I swear [Nickname]-Chan! You hang out with Iwa-Chan too much!” He whined, ‘accidentally’ throwing her phone. The girl catches her phone and rolls her eyes. “That’s what you always say. But trust me Tooru-nii, we still love you even though you’re annoying and trashy.” The girl said in a sarcastic voice receiving an ‘aw’ from her brother.

---1 HOUR LATER---

Everyone was done with their evening chores. [Name] was finished sweeping the floor, Tooru, mopping, and their mother, washing the dishes. (That’s how it is for my family). Everyone was sprawled on the living room, the day had been tiring. Their mother, Hina, sat up, clearing her throat as if to say something. The teens looked up at her.

“I got a job promotion, but I’ll manage at Tokyo. They’ll be providing the house and a car.”

Their eyes widened. Tooru spoke. “I can finish my last year here in Miyagi. Then for college I’ll move in.” [Name] and her mother looked at him worriedly. “Are you sure, Nii- Chan?” [Name] asked. Hina shook her head. “Fine then. Tooru can stay here until the last day of school, however, [Name] you’re coming with me. I can send you money and all that you need but on one condition,” Tooru’s head perked up. “Yes?” “Don’t overwork yourself. If there’s one thing I know about being a teen mom, it’s stress.” The boy vigorously nodded his head. “Yes ma’am!”

Hina looked at [Name]. “You can pack now, we’re leaving on Saturday.”

[Name] nodded and walked to her room, grabbing luggage on the way.


[Name] was the definition of SHOOK. First of all, the boys in the VBC surprised her with a party, then, all the people fangirling for her and Tooru gave her gifts and money. Oh, the pain of carrying tons of wrapped boxes on the way home! Her mother had to pick her up! Oh, and lastly, her mother just had to forget to tell her that they were riding a frigging. PRIVATE. AIRPLANE.

Oh the nerve!

[Name] loaded three suitcases; one filled with the gifts, the other two filled with clothes and stuff, into the plane, by her seat. Her mother lay on the sofa, snoring away.

A new different life in Tokyo. {We’ve played tons of schools there. I wonder if I can manage one of those teams. Maybe they wouldn’t know who I am. That would be nice and quiet.} You thought as you fell into a deep sleep.

You had just finished unpacking your things in your new room. You were wondering how rich your mom’s company was. Then again, they had you ride a private airplane.
You plopped yourself on the bed and turned on your laptop. Your mom registered you for a school and you were about to see which school. You had taken the registration test online, but you didn’t see the name of the school.

From: Fukurodani Gauken Official

Re: Entrance Exam





{Isn’t that the school our team played and lost against in a practice match a month ago?} You thought. You turned off your laptop and changed.

You looked at yourself in the mirror. “I guess it’s okay.”

You rushed downstairs to see your mom looking through the large glass, admiring the view even if there wasn’t much to see. You took in how beautiful she looked for the first time. Her chocolate brown hair and gleaming e/c eyes. Oh, how she made mom jeans look SO cool. “Mom, I’m gonna pick my uniform up. Then I’ll probably sign up for a club too.” Your mom looked at you and nodded, giving you her signature smile. The one that looked exactly like Tooru’s. “Love yah. Bye!” “Bye [Name]!”


Even if it was Saturday, you could see some clubs meeting up. You shrugged as this was normal for you. You had already picked your uniform up, it was tucked in your arm. You walked to a gym which made familiar squeaking sounds. You opened the door just to be greeted by... a ball! It was flying your direction, what do you do? You immediately dropped your uniform and received the ball. It had been so long since you’ve received a ball. Maybe a month? You opened your eyes and saw that all eyes were on you. You picked the ball and the uniform up and walked over to the nearest person. He had bi colored hair, gelled into an owl like position. {His name’s Bokuto right?} “Yah. Your ball.” You said, handling the ball to him. He took the ball from you. “How the hell did you receive my serve?” He asked. You shrugged, looking to the side. “Let’s just say my brother’s serves are WAY stronger and I had to receive every single one of them.” You turned back, walking away. All of a sudden, a hand took your wrist. You turned around to see a chestnut haired girl smiling brightly at you. “You’re Oikawa [First Name] aren’t you? You look like her, and she’s rumored to be a formidable- no- amazing libero.” The moment you feared. The attention. You shyly nodded. A red head approached you. “Most of the boys here have been looking forward to meeting you again since our practice match. You’re like a role model to them.” She whispered.

You blushed. “W-What.”

The girl nodded, chuckling. “I’m Yukie, that’s Kaori.” she said, pointing to the chestnut haired girl, who excitedly waved at you. You gave her a smile.

Yukie nudged your arm. “Wanna help us with practice?” You excitingly nodded. You proceeded to take off your jacket and tie it at your waist.

You were paired with the setter dude and the opposing team was the libero guy and Bokuto.

You were serving first. Oh, and did I mention that you based your serves on baseball stuff you’ve seen a teacher watch before? Oh, and your jump serves are just as powerful? Well, now I did. You went with a jump serve first.

The libero guy called out- bUt- it somehow ditched the trajectory and just fell, landing on the white line. The dude with-uHm- dirty blonde hair? Yeah him, he raised a red flag and you rejoiced. “It’s been a while since I’ve actually served.” You said while stretching your arms. The setter dude just looked at you shocked, same as everyone. You grabbed the ball and went into serving position.

This was gonna be a complicated game.

The libero guy (at this point you were feeling sorry of not knowing his name) positioned himself accurately, at least if you did a jump serve. This time, you were doing a JUMP FLOATER.

And man, did you miss the feeling when the opponent just figured out you were gonna do a different of serve.

Libero guy tried to receive it but it curved last minute. Bokuto, tried to receive it with his *cough* chest *cough* and to your surprise, he received it. Sadly, it went to the other side and you took a glance at the setter dude. You both locked eyes and as if you had a telepathic conversation, you knew what to do.

You received the ball and forced it to go to setter dude. He positioned himself for a toss and you got ready to spike. Once the ball was really near him, you didn’t hesitate to run really fast. You swung your arms behind you and you saw the ball from the corner of your eye. You jumped and spiked down the ball with all your strength.

Once again, and you were getting quite tired of this, EVERYONE, except the setter dude, looked at you, shocked.

You looked at them as if this happened at a daily basis. “Uhm Can we continue the game?” They nodded, getting back to work.


25- 20

The referee dude blew the whistle once the ball landed on the floor. You and setter dude won the game. The libero guy- who you learned to be Komi and Bokuto looked at you with sparkles in their eyes. “You should join the girls’ team!” “Yeah!”

You shook your head. “I don’t get along with girls very well.”

“Then join our team!” Bokuto said. “As a manager!”

You nodded. “Sure.”

You woke up, sitting up and yawning. You stretched your arms and rubbed your eyes.


[Mom should have left for work already] You thought. [I’mma explore the city then]

You took a bath and put on random clothes you saw in the closet.

You stuffed toast in your mouth and left the house, remembering to lock the door.


You looked at the large buildings in the Kanto Region. Your eyes basically sparkled. “I’m actually gonna live here?” you mumbled. “Yeah, I guess you are.” A monotone voice said, beside you, making you jump and look at the owner of the voice.

“O-Oh. You’re setter dude.” You said, recognizing the dude. “What are you doing here?”

He nodded at your first remark with a confused look. “U-Um.. Yeah, I’m setter dude. AKA Akaashi Keiji. Nice to actually meet you.” He said holding his hand out for you to shake. You shook it, an embarrassed look on your face. “Sorry.”

He smiled. “Nah, it’s alright. And for your second question, I came from that cafe.” He said as he pointed to a cafe across the street. “I was strolling around when I saw you.”

“Ohhhh.” You replied. [Why would I actually think he’s a stalker??]

“Anyways, since you’re quite new here, wanna hang around and familiarize yourself?”

[Of course bby.] You thought as you nodded, a wide grin plastered on your face.



You and Akaashi have toured around half of the area by now. He showed you the mall, some convenient convenience stores, and all that stuff. He recommended some places to go to, and you just nodded, trying to remember everything he’s said in the past hour.

He checked his watch. You took a peek. 12:03 PM. “We can go to that stall over there.” Akaashi said as he pointed to a food truck. “Okay, sure.”

Both teens went to the food truck, their stomachs desperate for food. Once they reached the food truck, they handed their yen and ordered food.

Once the food arrived, the two sat on a table and started digging in. “Wow. The f/f here is so yummy.” You said, wide open eyes. Akaashi smiled. “I’m glad you like it.” You proceeded to arch your eyebrows and ask him a question. “I noticed and was told by your teammates you don’t smile a lot. How come you’ve smiled a million times today?”


“I noticed and was told by your teammates you don’t smile a lot. How come you’ve smiled a million times today?” My smile faded. [I don’t know myself. I just find myself smiling around you. Your presence is... comforting.] I cleared my throat. “I just find you a nice person to be with.” [Name]’s eyes widened and a blush appeared on her cheeks. “O-o-oh thanks.” She stumbled through her words, making me laugh for some reason, a small blush on my cheeks.

I chewed on my Nanohana no Karashiae as [Name] looked at me confused.I arched my brow at her. “What?” She waved her hands around. “I- how do you eat that?” I laugh. “It’s yummy, here, taste some.” I said as I picked some up with my chopsticks and directed it at her mouth.

She opened her mouth, profusely blushing. I put it in and realized last minute why she was blushing. It was my turn to be blushing.


You were currently on your way to school. It was 5 AM, pretty early right? Nah. Your brother wakes you up at 4AM every. single. day.

It’s been a week since your first day at Fukurodani, where people crowded you every chance they get. Luckily, your bodyguards, AKA Akaashi, Bokuto, Konoha, and Komi, are always there to protect you. But since Konoha, Komi, and Bokuto are third years, Akaashi protects you more. You’re even his classmates so his protection is more ‘advanced’.

You met up with Akaashi and Bokuto on the way. They were talking about having this practice match with a surprise team. The team was also gonna stay the whole day as they come from a different city, which means your team was gonna be excused for school.

You had an idea of who it might be so you texted the Aoba Johsai GC.
(I edited this on PC so it might be different. Please bear with me.)


where r u guys

the great flat king
y do u ask sister?

were otw 2 tokyo. y?

y’all gonna have a practice match?

yes we are, with fukurodani.

that’s my school!

oh cool.

the great flat king
Oh, I shall once again see my dear sister!


the great flat king
Ow! thats mean~

u always say that oikawa.

don’t mind your brother, he’s getting the asian ear twist rn.

^yes he’s not lying


Thx a lot mum!

Anything for my precious daughter~

^The favoritism is noted🤨




okay stop it. You know I love you all. y/n’s just a girl and
she needs protection!

^the sexism is noted 🤨

the great flat king
I have returned! What have I missed my royal subjects?

nothing much senpai

Yah. except for the fact that iwaizumi has favorites

no i dont. if you continue talking shit about me,
i will make you run 20 laps around fukurodani 😡

He has a bad aura around him and he’s
choking oikawa senpai so he’s serious

yea we have to go make sure iwaizumi
doesnt murder anyone else.

oikawa just collapsed on the floor. he’s dead

should we plan his funeral?

Yea I think we should. My family cemetery would
be nice.

Mad dog
I’ll rent the coffin dancers and the choir


Ig he’s happy that Oikawa senpai finally died.

okay. y/n, since you’re his sister, you can lead the prayer.

yeah we can do that.

Lord God, we come to you today in gratitude
that Oikawa Tooru has finally passed

Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be
thy name, thy kingdom come, thy
will be done...
see more

it was nice being your sister before you

😁it was nice being your best

^I second to that

^^I third to that

It was nice being your beloved
loved by Kunimi, Kindaichi, Mad dog,
and three others

Overall, it was nice knowing you
before you died
loved by everyone

You had just finished changing, Yukie was somewhere behind you changing with Kaori.

You entered the gym, a bright smile on your face. [I’m actually gonna see Tooru the first time in a week.] The boys were already stretching and doing warm ups. They were still clueless about who the practice match was against.

The coach announced that the team was gonna come in a few minutes and that one manager and team member should pick them up. You happily volunteered, along with...

... Konoha who wanted to know the team he was gonna play against.

(haha! did you think it was gonna be Akaashi?)

You exited the gym along with the dirty blonde (Das his hair color nothing more) , talking about how excited you were to play against them and win. Konoha just sweat dropped and nodded. [Does she actually think- coach said their a powerhouse team... Unless-] “The team were playing against is Seijo, right?” He asked. You laughed and nodded. “I’ve known them ever since my brother started playing there. I’d always come and observe them, which helped when I became the manager. I know them inside out which means~” Konoha realized her point in this. “You know how to beat them.”

“Correct! Now if coach is correct they should be here now.” Konoha looked forward and- Dang! He wish he could look that cool. Everyone had serious face. And he realized why... Hanamaki and Matsukawa were carrying a dead Oikawa. Y/n snickered. “He hasn’t recovered?” Iwaizumi shook his head, a proud look on his face. Y/n laughed, and as if her laugh was the cure, Oikawa’s eyes shot open and he tried to sit up, resulting in the two boys carrying him to fall. Everyone on the team laughed while Iwaizumi scolded Oikawa, something about being aware of his surroundings. Y/n nudged Konoha on the shoulder. “You’ll get used to this in an hour at most.” He chuckled at her remark.

Once they arrived, the team was already dressed up. Konoha went to change.

“Ne, ne, F/n- Chan,” Tooru called out to his sister. “Yeah?” She replied, handing Washio a towel. Oikawa smirked. “Ya developed any crush lately?” She nodded. “I wouldn’t call him a ‘crush’. Maybe an ‘interest’.”

Oikawa’s face darkened. “Who.”

“His name’s Akaashi Keiji”
Oikawa’s eyes widened. He put his fist out, forming a thumbs up. “I approve! he’s so pretty right? And respectful, and nice, and quiet... He’ll be your third mother after Iwa-” “Shush” You said, putting his arm down.

Soon enough, once everyone was ready, the match started.

The game was so intense, Iwaizumi spikes the ball, and then Konoha receives it, Bokuto spikes it, just to get received by Watari. The first set was taken by Fukurodani, though it was a close one.


Fukurodani took the first set by a point. Only because you told them how to provoke the team and Akaashi’s keen observations.

The second set started with your brother serving the ball. It went straight for the gap between Komi and Bokuto. Komi tried to receive it with his foot but- no such luck. The ball went up, yes, but Komi went down. While Aoba Johsai was occupied with Komi, Akaashi managed to throw a setter dump. Once they realized, it was too late. The ball had already dropped on the floor.



You were handing water bottles to the players. “Y/n. Your a libero right?” The coach inquired. You nodded your head. He threw knee pads at you. “Play libero for now. This is just a practice match anyways. No buts.”

You dressed into a better attire, the navy blue shirt, along with some white lulu shorts. And JUST to match the team, you put on a light blue sleeveless with the number 11 on it. You tied your hair up in a (hairstyle).

The game was just about to begin.


Your turn to serve. Konoha threw the ball at you and you catch it, bouncing it up and down.

You took a deep breath and threw the ball to the air.



The whistle blew. The game was over. Everyone shook hands and congratulated the winners. That was also the time Komi entered the gym, recovering from his injury. The latter was confuzzled as he saw [Name] on the court. Good thing coach was a good person and told him [Name] had subbed for him. Akaashi was on the court along with Iwaizumi doing mom stuff and talking about [name] while [name ] was in the middle of the conversation. Oikawa was vibing with Makki, Mattsun, Bokuto and Saruiki. And everyone else were giving each other tips.

In truth, it was a good, unexpected moment. But a question lingered on Komi’s head, [Who won?]

Sunset came and the Seijoh boys had to leave. Everyone literally had someone to vibe with. Well probably except for Yukie and Kaori. Poor girls.

They bid their goodbyes and waved until the bus was gone. After that, everyone changed into casual clothes and left as well.

Bokuto, Konoha, Akaashi, and [Name] walked home. They talked about random things that entered their heads. Soon enough, Bokuto and Konoha had to part ways with Akaashi and [Name]. Just the two of them. Great. With the two of them crushing on each other, it was hard to put them alone together. It always went like:

Yo ’Kaashi!

Hey [Name]



And it was like that. Just down right awkward. Straight up to the point they wouldn’t notice how red the other person was. In short, they were scared to talk to the other because they were afraid they might do something wrong. They were wimps.

The story’s not yet done.

Akaashi decided to make a move. Okay, he’s said to himself he was gonna do that for a little while now but this time he felt... like today was the day. He was tired of Author Chan bugging him to just talk to her already. And Author Chan could be annoying when she wanted to be.

Akaashi looked at [name], “Um...” [Name] looked at him. “Yes?”
Akaashi was speechless. She was so beautiful under the sunset. No. He couldn’t let that distract him. “Wanna hang out tomorrow? I-I mean, if you’re free.” He stuttered.

[Name] laughed at his stuttering state. “Okay.”

Akaashi looked up at the girl. She was so pretty, and to see her genuinely smile... He thought his heart was gonna break down. But it didn’t. He just... smiled for some reason. [Name] blushed at this and looked away, making Akaashi chuckle.


You were currently in front of Akaashi’s house, coming 30 minutes early. And by in front, you were half a block away from his house. Why? Because he said his parents would think the two of you would be dating. [I’d be fine with that.] 5 minutes ’til eight AM. You straightened your clothes,

You had tried your best to look formal yet casual at the same time. I mean- rEspEct. Akaashi claimed he had the whole day planned out so you packed extra things in case. Swimwear, extra clothes, money, power bank, charger, and more.

“Where’s Akaashi?” You muttered, getting impatient.

Suddenly, someone tapped you on the shoulder making you turn around. “I’m right here.” A high pitched feminine voice said. Once you saw her- oh my gods. She is so pretty. “U-Uhm...” Was all that you could say. She smiled at you, putting a hand on your shoulder. “You must be [Name] Chan! Keiji often talks about you. I’m his mother.” Wait- Mother!?! This woman right here is- But she looks so young! Like- maybe in her mid-twenties? “Yeah you’re probably shocked because I look young.” You nodded, gulping down a lump in your throat. “You look pretty yourself! But! Maybe I can share my beauty secrets with my future daughter-in-law.” Akaashi’s mother, said, putting an arm around your shoulder and escorting you to the house. “I’m Aiko by the way,” She added.

You entered the house, getting comfortable speaking with Aiko. Turns out, she was easy to bond with and the both of you had lots of similarities- like the obsession over anime. You entered, Aiko right behind you, just to see Akaashi getting ready.

“O-oh-Uhm... Akaashi...” You mumbled, getting the attention of the two Akaashis. Aiko swung her arms around you. “Call him Keiji dear~” You blushed. “U-Uh, hi Kei-Keiji.” [Wow he’s hot] “[Name]-Chan, dear, would you like to go shopping with me tomorrow?” You nodded. “O-Okay sure.”

She walked away from you and waved. “Have a nice date then!” And with that, she left. You and Akaashi stared at each other for a good one minute. He nodded at you. “Let’s go now [Name]-Chan.”


You both walked to the bus station, talking about how the two of you were gonna spend the day.

Breakfast at the Cafe
Amusement Park
Nearby Beach
Town Festival


Once you reached your destination, you both left the bus and headed to Karasuno Cafe (UwU). You sat down across Akaashi. He called for a waitress and once a waitress came, she took your orders.

It had been quite silent while you were eating. Though it was very comfortable. You made small conversations here and there but it was mostly silent.

Once you both finished eating, Akaashi paid for the food and the both of you headed to the arcade.

You bought the tokens and headed to this virtual racing game. You sat down, and after putting a token in, you put your hands on the wheel. Akaashi sat beside you and did the same, a sly smirk on his face. You looked at each other and nodded. “3...2..1.. GO!”

And apparently, he won.

Because he cheated.

He kept on pushing you from your seat and distracting you. If he hadn’t done that, you would’ve won 2ND FUCKING PLACE. In the end, he kept on laughing at you and even if you didn’t show it, you thought he was cute. [He should smile more]

You ended up laughing along with him too.

Next, was the basketball game. Now, you had your revenge. You were good at aiming and angles and that stuff. Akaashi was plain bad at shooting. He would successfully shoot once every 2 minutes, while you had the ball in every time you shot it.

The arcade was overall amazing.

Next was the amusement park.


You didn’t think it’d happen there.

But it did.

You and Akaashi had ridden almost half the rides, played all the games, and ate all the food. He made you blush at times and vice versa. You were both running around like children, doing the unnecessary. You guys posted some pics on Instagram. And Akaashi was smiling in ALL of them. A VERY LARGE SMILE THAT YOU DON’T SEE EVERYDAY.

Boy, did you have fun.

“[Name]! Let’s go to that roller coaster!” Akaashi said, excitement evident in his gunmetal orbs. He pointed to a roller coaster with whirls and spins and tunnels and all kinds of stuff you hated. But his childish side was so- cute! The way his eyes sparkle and glitter gives your stomach this fluttery feeling. Oh- and his pout! The way he sticks his bottom lip out! Your heart has officially died of cuteness overload. Oh- and his energetic side! You can totally see where he’s been hiding all this energy for years.

[name].exe has stopped working please try again later.

You reluctantly nodded with a forced smile. “Okay sure Akaashi.” Akaashi pouted- again. “I thought you were gonna call me Keiji!” You blushed at his childish statement. [If only the team were here to see him. Alas- I don’t think he’s shown anyone this side of him before as he’s going overboard with me.] “O-okay, Keiji.” “Yayyy!” he said, jumping up and down.

[This would have been so wholesome and cute if I weren’t the mom. Oh, the stress.]

You sighed. Akaashi grabbed your hand and dragged you to the roller coaster. [Speaking of stress...] On the short line to the ride, Akaashi kept blabbering about random things and how it was connected to the ride. He said that I’m lucky that I’m the only person in the world that knows about this side of him too. [I really wish I wasn’t though. But at the same time... My heart’s fluttering at this. Am I really the only one who knows?]

You guys stepped into the cart, with you beside the door. [Not helping...] You held on tightly onto Akaashi’s hand, the other hand, tightly grasping at the shoulder restraints. Meanwhile, Akaashi had an excited look on his face. You didn’t wanna ruin that.


You were traumatized. Scared. And currently throwing up in the public restroom, clutching your stomach tightly. All because of that stupid ride that Akaashi fricking Keiji suggested. You brushed your teeth, and exited the restroom. Akaashi was there, a worried look on his face. Once he saw you walk out, he jogged to you, helping you stand. Even if you were completely recovered from the trauma that he caused. “I’m sorry [Name]. I didn’t know...” You smiled at his sudden apology. “It’s okay.”

[I could never get mad at you for more than 10 minutes.]

“Are you okay with the Ferris Wheel?” Akaashi suggested.

You nodded.


You sat across Akaashi, who was currently looking down. “What’s wrong, Keiji?” You asked, putting a hand on his leg. (y’all heard that right) He looked up at you, then looked away to the bright shining sun. If you were correct, it was around 2 PM.

“I- I really really like you, [Name]. I really do.”

Your heart fluttered. “I like you too, Keiji.”

“But...” He said, obviously scared to say what he wanted to.

“But? I’m not gonna judge~”

“I wanna be good enough for you.”
“But you already are!” You pouted.
he sighed. “No, I meant like- you’re amazing. You’ve got lots to offer. And me? I’ve got nothing. I AM nothing. I want to feel like I really do deserve you. So I have to make a better version of myself. Someone you can rely on, someone you can actually deserve.”

You were touched. Yes, you had thought that you had nothing to offer, but HIM!?! He’s got the smarts, the heart, the build, He’s got a mom side too, and he could probably have a kink! He’s got it all!

But you? You did not expect him to say that but you knew you loved him and you accepted his choice. “Fine, I’ll wait for you to be ‘good enough’. In that time, I’ll improve myself too. A better [Name] for a better Keiji.” You said. He nodded, determined. You continued your words, “All that, if you kiss me right now.”

Your lips both met in a short but passionate kiss.


Both of you changed into your swim outfits at the beach. You wore an f/c one piece whereas Akaashi wore black swim trunks.

You exited the changing stall to come across Akaashi, who was looking at you, widened eyes and a deep red blush. You returned the look, seeing what he wore. You walked towards him and both of you walked to the sand.

You laughed as you buried Akaashi in the sand. He just had a ‘help me’ and amused look at the same time. “Let me go, [Nickname].” He said, chuckling in the end. You arched your brows. “[Nickname]?” “Yah.” he said. You blushed, looking away. [I’ve only known him for a week and I’m letting him use my nickname? Fine.]

He smirked, as if reading your thoughts. “Let’s just swim in the beach now.” He said, gesturing for you to take the sand off of him. You quickly scurried over to him and rubbed the sand away. Then you realized something. You were feeling. Akaashi’s. Abs. And his crotch section.

Before you could touch the section, you pulled your hand away and stood up, reaching your hand out to the flustered boy. Oh yeah, he blushed. Oh wait- he blushed! He. Fucking. Blushed.

Before you could register the fact that he blushed, hu jumped to the ocean, swimming away to hide his blush. You scoffed. [Obviously scared to show his blush]

You jumped into the ocean, swimming after him. You spotted him and went after him. He was talking to this boy. The boy had messy bed hair and yellow cat-like eyes. He wore red swim trunks and had a volleyball tucked into his arm.

“Yo, Keiji!” You called out, swim-running to him. He waved back, a small smile on his face that made you almost trip. “[Nickname]” The rooster boy looked at you, a smirk on his face. “Who do we have here? Aka-Chan has a girlfriend?” Akaashi clicked his tongue at the boy, obviously annoyed. “We’re not yet dating pain-in-the-ass Kuroo- San.” You laughed at the nickname. ‘Kuroo’ just shook his head. “Yet?” That remark made your smile melt and your face was now as red as a tomato. Akaashi just nodded, a small blush not very evident on his face. “Yes. We both like each other but were not dating.” He looked at you for approval and you nodded.

“Right. Enjoy the beach then!” Kuroo said as he ran off, joining a pudding headed boy on his PSP.

And so you enjoyed. You played some beach volleyball with Kuroo and his friend, Kenma. You and Akaashi won the 1st and 3rd set, whereas Kuroo and Kenma won the 2nd. You and Akaashi then ate some ice cream and headed off to your next destination.

It was now 4:00 PM. The movie was gonna start in 30 minutes.


Kenma and Kuroo had joined you and Akaashi to the movies.

“What kind of movie do you guys want?” You asked, tapping your shoe on the floor in annoyance. [And to think this was a date...] Kuroo and Kenma whispered an argument. Kuroo turned around with his signature smirk.

“An action movie.” You were expecting a horror movie. oOp. You nodded, “Okay.” You headed to Akaashi, who was lining up in the ticket stall. “Yo. They want an action one.” He scanned the available movies. His eyes squinted and his lips pressed together in concentration.

“The only available action is John Wick 3.”
“Okay, lets buy 4 tickets for that then,”
The both of you bought tickets for the movie and gestured for Kuroo and Kenma to follow the two of you.


You sat in the middle of Kuroo and Akaashi, Kenma, was beside Kuroo.

In the middle of the movie, Kuroo poked you. You turned your head to face him. “Yo, [Name] Chan, I follow you on Instagram.” A tick mark appeared on your temple. “So?” By this time, you were pissed. FiRsT of all, he ruins your hangout with Akaashi! Second, he chooses the movie! Third! He distracts you while watching the movie! The nerve!

Kuroo scrolled his phone, he chooses a picture and show it to you. oH. That picture. It was when you went on a camping trip with the boys and Iwaizumi took a picture of you while the boys flashed flashlights at you. It was supposed to be some sort of joke but the picture ended up AMAZING. The lighting for that sort of picture was always bad, but when the boys flashed lights at you, it must have evened the lighting. Ah, the good days.

You arched your eyebrows. “What’s that picture supposed to mean?”
Kuroo looked at the picture. “dUhH. How did you get the lighting to do that? I mean, I know you’re a master photographer but LiKe- hOw?”
You smirked. “I don’t share secrets. Now leave me alone.” You pouted at the end.
Kuroo, being the dork he is, tried to wrap an arm around you. Tried. Before he could, another arm wrapped around you. You looked to your right and saw Akaashi glaring daggers at Kuroo. He must be jealous. Kuroo dropped a hyena laugh which all the people watching heard.

“Shut up will you?”

“You’re seriously laughing at the time his friend pushes him off the building?”


Kuroo covered his mouth. “Akaashi can’t control his emotions. I-I didn’t think someone would actually trigger his emotions.”
First kill. Akaashi just hugged you tighter that your head was forced to lean on his shoulder. Double kill. Akaashi put his face closer to yours. “I know I don’t have the right to say this but,

You’re mine.”


[Name].exe has stopped working.

Please try again later.

This guy knew your weaknesses. Your face was a deep shade of red. You were mumbling incoherent words and gibberish. Akaashi just smiled and paid attention to the movie. Funny how love makes you feel all sorts of things.


After scolding the shit out of the bed haired boy, Kenma gave you and Akaashi an apologetic look.

Once they left, you shuddered. “Kenma can be scary when he wants to be.” Akaashi just nodded. You could see the similarities between him and Kenma. Their moods. And you had enough experience to say that.

The two of you took a bus to the festival. The ride was quite silent. A comfortable type of silent. Once you arrived, you raced to the nearest stall. To get greeted by food. Lots of food.

“Hello! We would like... some Nanohana no Karashiae, some... negitoro Onigiri, and f/f.” The cashier nodded and called out the cook. You and Akaashi waited for a few minutes until the food came. “Arigato.” You and Akaashi said, bowing, before walking to a bench where you ate your food. You talked about random things. Mostly because you didn’t have anything to talk about.

“I heard your brother’s coming for the weekend.”

You flinched, as Akaashi had broken the /Awkward Silence/

“Uh... Yeah! Wanna come?” You replied.

Akaashi shrugged. “Yeah sure.”

After the awkward eating moment, the two of you enjoyed more games and laughed a lot.



You and Akaashi walked to a tree. He carried you and put you up on a branch and he sat next to you. You held his hand in case either of you fell. He smiled at your action. He pointed to the crowd, “I guess the fireworks are ready?” You nodded, a large smile on your face. You barely saw fireworks, and when you did, you were the happiest girl on earth.

The fireworks shot up in the sky. Your eyes followed the movement, then it burst into little sparks. Yellow, orange, and red sparks were seen. Akaashi looked over to you and blushed.

You were just perfect. Your beautiful e/c eyes reflected the fireworks perfectly, your h/l, h/c hair that was tied into [ponytail] was swooshing around. A bright, contented smile placed itself on your lips. He then recalled that time the two of you had kissed. Your soft pink lips against his. It felt very perfect.

You turned your head around and time stopped. He was just perfect. The way his gunmetal blue eyes shimmered in the semi dark, his curly, raven, hair, as fluffy as it seems. Your eyes met for a moment....

...A moment to long.

He gave you a warm smile which you gladly returned with an ear to ear smile. And as if on cue, time seemed to go on, the two of you shared another kiss. A short, passionate kissed.


The two of you turned your heads to see Yukie, who walked over to you and proudly showed the picture. “I knew there was a point in coming here!” She said. You pouted and took the phone from her, secretly sending the picture to you. You then proceeded to delete the photo and any trace of it. You handed the phone to her. “There. Now leave.” She nodded and ran away. You looked at Akaashi and smiled sheepishly. “You had to have a copy didn’t you?” he demanded, crossing his arms. You nodded vigorously. “Yes I did.”

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