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The Girl without a Quirk


Shoto Todoroki x Reader He’s the strongest in the class and she’s quirkless. But opposites attract, right?

Romance / Drama
Chantal Bensch
Age Rating:

The whole Story ´cause i wrote it somewhere else

(D/n) ➡️ your name
(N/n) ➡️ last name
(A/f) ➡️ eye colour
(H/f) ➡️ hair colour

We are 16 years old and we are going to the 2nd Year in high school, wanted to make us a little older, so that not everything is based on the events of the show:)

Hey I am (d/n) and in the 2nd Year of high school, I don't have any quirk, at least I think. I want to be a superhero one day.

It's a boring day, I'm currently going to Kurokini High School in Japan, but I want to go to the UA this year. My mom said that if I try hard I can do anything and I'm sure it will be.

I sat in my seat and stare out the window, there is way too much space in my head, I can absorb and remember everything, mom said that is my Quirk but I think that is just a good memory the doctors also say that it is not my Quirk.
I am 16 years old now, I should discover it someday. My biggest fear is that I don't have a Quirk at all.
"(n/n) - kun can you please tell me the solution?" I looked at my teacher in amazement and then at the blackboard. "41744,586" "That's right."

The school day dragged on. At home, my first look was first into the mailbox and fact! Finally there was a letter!!! "Mom, Mom he is there finally they have written!" I put down my school things and opened the letter, it is clear, of course it is not normal that you just change in the middle of high school simply because you feel like it, but I do not care.

Dear (d/n) (n/n),
of course it is not typical that someone wants to change in the middle of the school year, but I see no reason not to accept you, please come to my office on xx.xx.xxxx, you will take your entrance exam at the sports festival. If you do well there, we will welcome you to the UA High School! Until the sports festival you may of course be taught with us on a trial basis! We are looking forward to you!
Kind regards The Principal 🐾

Stunned, I stared at the letter!

OMG I did it ! Wait a minute that's tomorrow ! How long had the letter been in the mailbox !??

I ran to my room and grabbed my bag, I pulled all the clothes out of my closet and packed them. Just as I was about to leave as I heard the door handle click into place. "Hello my darling where are you going?" "THE UA HAS TAKEN ME!" as I spoke the words I flailed my arms wildly and my mother's gaze widened. "For real my darling!? Despite the fact that you don't own a Quirk!?" My mom and I danced on the spot.

My mom is a hero and my dad a doctor, after all it was a shock for them to hear that I don't own a Quirk, yet they accepted me and love me, they like my twin brother Shinso more of course, after all he has been at UA since first grade, he is not in the superhero department though, He couldn't shine in the exam with his Quirk either, but they took him anyway, he managed to talk over the principal and got into the superhero department. He's going into class 2B, it'll be a surprise when he sees that I'm coming too now!

My mom grabbed her car keys and we got into the black Mercedes out front, both overjoyed we drove, and we drove and we drove.... forgot all about it, the UA is 8 hours drive away. How did I even want to go ? Did I hope I grow wings or I can suddenly teleport? Sometimes I'm also rarely stupid 🤦 In the middle of the night at 3:30 taps me my mother "Honey we made it, we're there!" Immediately I was wide awake! "But we shouldn't go in now let's sleep in the car and go in tomorrow morning just before class starts okay?" I just nodded sleepily and then closed my eyes again, my heart was racing, I knew that I got a distinct advantage because of my parents and my brother, but still, I'm just happy! In a few hours I get to go to UA!

7:12 a.m. I looked sleepily at my cell phone, next to me my sleeping mother and in front of me the huge UA facility. Already I'm awake. "Mom, we should go in slowly. "Huh, what!" my mother suddenly sat candle-straight in her seat and looked at me.

She was still wearing her hero uniform, sitting askew, but you could still tell who she was. My mom, the number 4 superhero in japan, the warmest person I know and the most beautiful woman in the world, the heroine who saves people with a smile, a smile that the citizens love and the shurks loathe. The most beautiful smile and the smile that always makes me laugh. "Okay, are you ready?" i nodded vigorously and so we got off.

7:16, to get past the staff lay in the letter of present Mic still 2 chips with which you can not activate the emergency security system and still go through. "Wow, it's even bigger than I imagined!" with wide eyes I looked at every student, every detail I wanted to remember everything carefully. Who knows how long I'll get to stay at the raddest school of them all.

"Family (n/n), you may now go to the principal's office." my heart was racing, if anything happens now I'll pee myself. Why don't I go to the bathroom first???
"Good day, you must be (hero name of your mom), it's great to have a woman at the top too." the principal bowed to MY MOTHER, I think I'm going crazy. Okay (d/n) now don't let on that we are excited just smile as cheerfully as always. "You must be (d/n) (n/n) then, right?" "Haii!" shit that was too loud. "You seem bright, just what it takes to be a hero." the principal smirked and then continued, "So here would be the papers for the temporary visit, she'll get a new contract after the sports festival, a full one." my mom and I bowed as a thank you and as we were about to walk out we heard the principal again, "Oh (d/n), your class will be 2A, you'll find the room for sure, now hurry up so you'll be on time!" "Hai"

"Mic, we should have tea later! " my mother seemed cheerful, she was always in a good mood just more so today, Mic is an old family friend, that's why Shinso had a little advantage because of the exam, I unfortunately didn't get into the inner selection, that's why I fought hard, I currently have a strong jumping power and a sophisticated technique when it comes to fighting and combining different fighting techniques, I can't use them against those robots from the entrance exam but hopefully they will help me to compete against my comrades, I want to become the No 1 Hero after all, I want to show the world that anyone can do it!

"So my dear, this is your new classroom, I'll have your things brought to your room, have a tea with Mic and then go back home okay? After all, duty calls!" I nodded and then got a big hug from her. It was already 8:15 and class has already started, when my mom was out of sight I slowly raised my hand, I was shaking and just excited, when I knock my new life begins. I closed my eyes and knocked, in my mind a big white gate opened, here we go, no more going back, only one way forward.

"You must be (d/n) (n/n) wasn't it?" I turned around with a jerk, behind me was a man in a yellow sleeping bag, he looked down at me tiredly out of the bag. "When I call you please come in okay?" i just nodded and waited outside the door until I could hear it muffled, "Please come in and introduce yourself." I opened the door and stepped through, a liberating feeling, the weight off me, I saw myself in the window reflection in the uniform, which by the way looked amazing on me, it accentuated my body perfectly, and turned to face the class.

"My name is (d/n) (n/n), I am going to UA on probation now, and hope we will become friends, I am glad to meet you, here's to a good cooperation!", I bowed to the class and then looked up again. "Now if you have any questions for (n/n)-san please ask them." the voice of Mr. Aizawa was tired and I had to stifle a smirk.

Immediately, 3 arms went up in the air. "Midoriya-kun." a boy with green hair and a big grin lowered his arm and started to speak. "What is your quirk?" Oh no not that question..., embarrassed I scratched the back of my head and smiled at Midoriya. "Um, well I don't have a Quirk, well I think I do, but haven't figured out what kind yet." the whole class looked at me in amazement and so did Mr. Aizawa, even he didn't seem to know about it. A boy with red and white hair was the first to catch on and then spoke up.

"Todoroki-kun." "If you don't have a Quirk, how did you get into the superhero department ?" I blushed slightly and started to tell, "Well my mom and I just sent an email to the school administration every week, eventually we got a reply that I could stay here on probation." "How long are you here on probation?" this time it was a boy with blond hair, he had a flash of black in his hair. "I'm not allowed to say." I looked sheepishly at the floor, Mr. Aizawa took the next student.

A boy maybe 110 cm tall, with balls? on his head. "What's your cup size?" his gaze stopped on my chest and my permanent grin turned into a serious facial expression, the whole class seemed horrified, all that could be heard was a muffled clap and the pervert lay with his head on the floor. "You are such a pervert!" an invisible girl? apparently slapped him.

"Okay, one more question then we'll move on to class!" Now a girl in the back row spoke up, she had tied her black hair into a high braid. "Could it be that you are related to Shinso from B?" "A smile came to my lips and I merely nodded. "Yes he is my twin brother, only unfortunately our parents are separated and that's why he has a different last name than me."

When I thought of my parents separation I felt a twinge in my heart, but no I won't get sad now, I promised myself to always laugh at UA, I won't break my promise on the first day.

"That's why she looks so familiar!" "So, you have now paid enough attention to the new one. Now let's move on to the lesson. (n/n) please sit back there at the window behind Midoriya-kun" I nodded and sat down, but I couldn't sit still because of my excitement, so I looked at the class, I knew many of them from last year's sports festival. They all have strong quirks, let's see how I can keep up.
"(n/n) can you tell me the solution of the problem?" I looked confused to Mr. Aizawa and then to the blackboard, it was a math problem. "Hmm...6.92673 to the power of 2" "That's right how did you enter that into the calculator ?" "Um, I calculated it in my head." I scratched the back of my head in embarrassment, the class looked at me in amazement, I noticed myself blushing. Fortunately, the lesson was ended by the bell.
Although luckily you can't say, everyone rushed up to me and questioned me, "If you don't have Quirk, how are you coping?" it was all such questions, the green haired boy pushed his way to me and pulled me out of the classroom, he was fast and I had trouble keeping up, at some point he then stopped in a forest and pulled me to a bench.

"I'm sorry they are all so pushy." I sat down with him and just nodded. "Well, I was born without Quirk too..." he looked down at the ground and my eyes widened.

"Then when did you get your Quirk?" i remembered the sports festival, Midoriya had broken several fingers, he couldn't control his specialty, either 100% or 0%, you could see that on TV.

He hesitated and kept looking at the ground. "I- I don't have a specialty, it was given to me..." "Wait what? You're telling me you got your Quirk from someone else?!" my voice got a little louder, Midoriya looked at me with tears in his eyes. "Y-yes, I got it from Allmight." "From Allmight the No 1 Hero, well former. Are you telling me that because he gave you his specialty, he stepped down as a superhero?" "Yes, that's why he almost died fighting All for One, I was always alone until now, didn't know anyone who didn't have a specialty and then you came today. I haven't felt alone since the beginning." "Wow, I thought you were some illegitimate child of Allmight." he smirked and looked at me. "Shoto said that too."

There we sat on the bench Midoriya slightly teary eyed and me a little bit lost. So there are actually people, I'm not the only one after all. "But (n/n)-chan-" "(d/n)" "so (d/n)-chan, please don't tell anyone okay? I want this to be a secret." "Yeah sure Midoriya" "Oh please call me Deku." there it was again his huge wide smile. "Deku? What does that stand for?" i looked at him confused. "It's a nickname, friends can call me that, but we should get back in a minute it's combat training, I want to see what you can do." I just nodded and we went to the sports field.

Deku, my first friend at UA, and immediately he tells me the biggest secret of all, he has some nerve.

"So guys, today we're going to do pairings that fight each other first and then another team will go" Allmight stood in front of us in his crippled form and tried to smile. It looked a little pained....

"(n/n) against Todoroki, that's the last pairing, so the first ones on the court and the rest up with you" Everyone followed Allmight to the headquarters, I looked anxiously at my classmates, I already knew most of the specialties of them, especially from the sports festival but also from TV. I had written down a weakness to each of them in my notebook, most of their tactics are also their only ones. They always fight the same way and don't combine anything.

Shoto Todoroki, my opponent, he is the strongest from the class, half cold half hot, a technique especially from a distance most effective, yet he is not to be underestimated in close combat, he had a quick grasp and also thinks most tactically of all. That's going to be a problem, I have to get to him to win. I have to be faster than him and anticipate his moves.
"Hey (d/n), you're not very lucky to have to fight Shoto." Deku sat down next to me and snapped me out of my thoughts. "I have an idea on how to win against him and fight with him most effectively afterwards." I smiled wryly at him. Deku's eyes widened "I'm curious about that, show him that you can do something too, best show the whole class!"
I nodded and gave 2 thumbs up.

Deku had just fought Ochako and it's my turn in a fight. "Well wish me luck Deku!" i stood up and went downstairs, to my hero suit.

If you don't have a Quirk, you just have to put one in your suit. I knew Mei from the support department, she taught me a little bit and we adjusted my suit to my flexibility.

I have reworked with Mei my uniform so that it gives me advantages in any terrain, so were small nozzles on the soles of my feet to help me jump, on my arms were small pockets with gas grenades, on my hip I had a few knives, 2 ropes and a hook. In my shins there was also a small pocket with a knife in it too, I have fought many times with this suit. (Against my punching bag ^_^) He was close to my body so I had less drag, with the nozzles I had a problem at the beginning, but have trained my balance so that I can use them to my advantage. When they are activated I can jump 6 meters from a standing position, they also had a suspension function so I didn't break any bones when landing, the hard sole in the suit made running without shoes more bearable. On the whole it was a simple suit with a few extras. The material absorbs attacks quite well, it holds heat and cold up to a certain temperature and spares the body.

I walked down the long corridor to the hall, at a 'crossroads' I met Todoroki, his suit was plain blue, his hair a little tousled He looked at me coldly and we walked in silence side by side to the place where we were about to fight. When his hand touched my suit my body tingled he was attractive no question, but that must not affect my being now.

I stood on the other side of the square. There were probably 50m between us. I must try to get into close combat as soon as possible. He will start with a wall of ice this I must exploit. "(n/n) against Todoroki, fight until the other is immobilized, out of the ring or gives up. Let's go!" Allmight's voice echoed through the place.

As expected, Todoroki created a huge wall of ice, I jumped on it with ease, he can't reshape the ice that already exists. So I have to use the moment. About 5 meters in front of him I started to jump, when suddenly a huge ice wall appeared in front of me. I smacked against it. The claws on my suit extended and I rammed myself into the ice. Shit, the wall is too high, I can't jump down without hurting myself. I slowly slid down the wall so that I stood directly in front of Todoroki. He looked at me coldly. Why is he going into hand-to-hand combat? Did I miss something? I couldn't think because he was defying me with a barrage of fire. I was breathing heavily. He missed me on purpose and trapped me in the fire, I can't get out of here, and where did he go. There's no way he was faster than me!? "You're hesitating too long (n/n)" I heard his voice behind me and knew that a huge wall of ice was about to push me right into the fire.

Think (d/n)! Go into close combat and take advantage of the smoke, he doesn't see himself in that smoke! Thought done, I jumped over the ice wall with a flip so that my (h/f) hair waved wildly. I landed quietly and safely behind him and gave him a kick with my right leg so that I hit his spine. He propped himself up on the ground, and just as I was about to deliver the next kick, I was hit by a huge jet of ice, hitting my entire left leg. There I stood, my entire left leg frozen in mid air, completely confused as to what just happened. Todoroki was lying under the ice and turned around breathing heavily, he was coughing, he had just put out the fire with a wall of ice. I couldn't get down to him because my leg wouldn't move and even with the heat function of the suit it takes too long.

Just as Todoroki stood up, I had an idea. He wanted to freeze my other leg but I jumped up. My left leg had turned out and I was standing on one leg, on this iceberg, the leg was still frozen, slowly I no longer felt it, now it must go quickly. The semi-cold one built up a staircase to me, his gaze rested on my body, he studied every move of mine and I his every move. My arms were in a fighting stance. Todoroki as well, when he was only a meter away from me I hit him with my right leg, he fell unconscious on the floor. He was not attentive but distracted, but by what? This kick was not very fast, he could have reacted. The problem on my part was that I lost my balance because of the kick and then flew down backwards, but my leg was still frozen. I just hoped that he was unconscious and Allmight say that I had won.

Todoroki Pov:

I felt a strong kick and then everything went black. I knew she was going to do a kick, why didn't I dodge it?
I woke up in Recovery Girl's room and grabbed my head. He growled and on my chin I could feel Grind. That was a proper punch to the chin, wouldn't have expected it from such a little feisty girl. "Great you are awake, if you are feeling good please go back to your class, they want to continue the fighting." I nodded to Recovery Girl and then got up. As I walked to the door and opened it I saw (n/n) she was still standing there in her suit, I could bet she had been a little worried, her look seemed that way at least.

Your pov:
Shit I hope he's not mad at me. I didn't want to hit him that hard, I was just afraid of losing. When the door opened and Todoroki stood there relatively fit a stone fell from my heart. "How are you Todoroki-kun?" I looked up at him, he was a full six inches taller than me.

His look was monotone and I was worried that I wouldn't make friends with him after screwing up here. "Yeah, it's fine, you've got a strong kick that I'm sure we can do something with when we fight the others." the corners of his mouth pulled up for 0.1 seconds and I breathed a sigh of relief. "Great, I have an idea how we can win against Uraka and Deku." he nodded and we walked back to the square, it was only the 3rd fight so we still had time. On the way I explained to him what my idea was and he merely nodded in agreement. Sometimes his fingers touched mine and my body tingled. Not as if I were in love, because I was before, much more as if lightning was flashing through me.

When we arrived at the others I went to Deku to wish him a good fight, then he disappeared at Uraka's, I heard that they were together, Kaminari, the boy with the electricity and Jiro were also a couple and if I'm not mistaken Bakugo and Kirishima are also together, but I only think so, I don't have an exact confirmation yet.

Todoroki came to me and sat next to me. "You can call me Shoto now, we're sort of colleagues now." his voice was monotone and cold. I nodded and then replied, "You can call me by my first name too." he just nodded and after that we went down to the square.

"Okay, the last fight for today Todoroki and (n/n) against Midoriya and Uraka, FIGHT!!!"
Shoto's and my tactic was to get me close to them, Shoto takes Uraka and then comes to me and Deku, to make me faster he made me an ice ramp. I jumped down the 5 meter high wall with ease and landed quietly behind Deku, we covered the view so with smoke grenades that he could not see me, but through his green flashes he was very well recognized, I tapped him lightly, when he turned around I gave him an even harder kick than Shoto's, at least I could swing both legs. Deku seemed to be unconscious on the floor and Shoto seemed to have frozen Uraka, so we would have won, but Allmight not yet said it was over. I turned to Shoto, the smoke was slowly dying down. I walked slowly towards him, hoping that Allmight would finally say stop.

"(d/n)! behind you!" I heard Shoto scream and turned around with a jerk, Deku had gotten up again and was about to strike, I just managed to dodge and wrap my legs around his neck, we fell to the floor, my back hurt and I wanted to scream, but I told myself not to do that. Deku grabbed his neck with all his might, it was a wild scramble across the dusty floor, Shoto stood rooted to the spot, I think he knew he wouldn't hit Deku alone but me along with him. I had no more strength and wanted it to stop, when I then noticed how Deku's grip loosened and he said: "I give up." he said this breathing heavily and his head was red, I let my legs off him and rolled to the side, I was breathing as heavily as Deku. We lay next to each other drenched in sweat.

Shoto came running towards me, he held his hand out to me, there was concern in his eyes, I gratefully accepted the hand and then went to Deku, he first looked at me in amazement but then jumped up. "Wow, (d/n) that was incredible how did you do that, you jumped almost 2 meters from a standing position!" i looked to the ground embarrassed. "Well I have some stuff from the support department I can handle." At this I glanced along my suit, Deku's gaze lingered on my soles until he simply lifted my leg in the air. I lost my balance and fell on top of Shoto, again there was that tingling sensation, again light waves of electricity flooded through me.

I looked to the side in embarrassment as our lips almost touched and immediately jumped up again, but fell back to the ground because Deku was still holding my leg.

I slammed my head full on Shoto's chest, jerking up slightly but maintaining the monotone look. "Deku I would be the very-"
"You have little jets on your soles that help you jump? So you can move faster, more agile and farther and make up for the fact of not having a Quirk! Also, you have a perfect technique and your perception and reaction speed allow you to fight easily. You work more with the shootstyle instead of your arms and you are more trained for close combat, but you can't stand so well in the defense, only dodging doesn't help you, you have to get close to your opponent to defeat him! But why don't you work with your arms?" after he had made an encyclopedia out of me, he lowered my leg again, so that I could stand up. Not only was I amazed at how well Deku understood my style, Shoto and Uraka also looked at Deku in amazement.

"My arm technique is not so trained, also I have a clear difference in strength between arms and legs, my opponents are usually stronger with arms, that's why I use my flexibility and speed with legs."

I looked monotonously at Deku and then turned to Shoto, who had also stood up at one point. "That was a great fight I enjoyed working with you." I bowed to him briefly and then went into the locker room. My head was a little stuffed up and I had to clear it first to be able to think clearly again.

I didn't have my smile on my face anymore, I had inhaled too much gas since I had to concentrate on my breathing, it's not a strong gas, however if you inhale too much too fast it can lead to dizziness and unconsciousness, I luckily only felt slightly dizzy and then on the bus I closed my eyes exhausted.

Aizawa's vision:
The girl had a good technique, no she was almost perfect already, a quick reaction gift and a sophisticated suit that gives her extra strength. Mic was right she has the potential to be a hero, but will she stand a chance at the sports festival without her suit, so completely without any help, back up or her suit? It would be too bad if she didn't stay, she resembles Eri-chan in her charisma. Upset yet holding back, she should get to know her.

Shoto pov:
After my heartbeat returned to normal for once I followed Izuku into the locker room. I couldn't even help her, my melee technique would have only caused damage to her technique. She must teach me her technique, it was a perfect combination of karate, judo and ninjitsu. I wonder how many techniques she has mastered? I really need to talk to her about it again.

As I stepped out of the locker room and onto the bus that would take us to school, I spotted (d/n) in the second to last row sitting alone by the window, her eyes closed and her head leaning against the window.
When she gets up I can talk to her and ask her if she can help me.
I sat down next to her and put my headphones in my ear.
As I was watching my show I felt something heavy resting on my shoulder, it was her head, she was fast asleep and cuddling her body against mine. I want her to help me, so I'd rather not say anything, but somehow it was a pleasant feeling, her warmth carried over to me and my warmth went to her. But she did not linger long so and jumped up suddenly jerky I looked into her sleepy (a/f) eyes and had to smile slightly.

Your pov:
When the bus turned sharply my head fell to the side I had no desire and energy to resist and just let it happen, when I actually expected that I immediately fall over to the side I felt that my head landed on something medium hard, I think it was muscles. I had noticed that someone had sat down next to me earlier, but I didn't care. So I just let my head lie on the shoulder of the person or being and wanted to continue sleeping, I heard the heartbeat of the person and felt a pleasant warmth. I listened to the heart as it beat....

Each heartbeat gave me a kind of jolt of electricity and at the 6th it became painful, I jumped up and looked sleepily into 2 different eyes. My lids were only half open which is why I didn't recognize who it was. "Gomen." that was the only thing I could say, I leaned against the glass and slowly opened my eyes again to get used to the light. Blinking a few times I looked at the person sitting to my left. It was Shoto. Wait! IT WAS SHOTO!

"Hi." he looked up from his show and then back at it, hit the pause button and looked at me. "I wanted to ask you if maybe you could teach me one of your melee techniques, yours are kind of perfect and you seem quite nice and maybe we could become friends, and eventually maybe even a good team because we worked well together today.", he spoke quickly but still calmly. Um that was a bit much at once. I went through everything in my head to come to the core statement.
Then I smiled slightly, it was my typical smile, cheerful and infectious. "Yeah sure I'll teach you those, I had fun today too, but not anymore today okay? I'm done with the world and just want to go to my bed, after all it was my first fight and my first day here!" I showed him Peace and he nodded just on his lips was a slight smile. "Let me know when you're free and I'll fit you in." he stood up bowed and got off the bus. I sat in my seat on the bus for a moment and then got off as well.

Outside, Aizawa was waiting for me. "(n/n) Can I talk to you for a moment, please? I want to introduce you to someone." Confused, I looked into his tired eyes, but then I just nodded and we walked towards the teacher's house.

Silently I followed Sensei Aizawa, halfway he interrupted the silence.
"(n/n) your close combat techniques are almost perfect where did you learn them?"
"I taught them to myself, focusing on the most effective combination right away." i said all this with pride, because i was proud of it too, it was my quirk replacement so to speak with which i want to become a superhero. "But you can't go into ranged combat or ranged with it, do you have any idea how to bridge that?" "Well I'm not bad at archery now, the only problem is I need time, I'm already training to shoot at speed but it'll be a while before I can use this technique, because that would also mean I'd have to rework my suit with Mei and I don't want to do that until my technique is perfect." Aizawa nodded and we entered the big teacher's house.

I followed the sensei to his room, on the way there we met Midnight and Mikro. They just nodded at me and we entered Shota's room, it was PINK?! "Pink?" i looked at the sensei in amazement until i heard footsteps coming from the room next door. "You're back! Let's have a tea party!" a little gray haired girl with red eyes and a little horn on her right side came jumping out, she looked like sugar.
When she caught sight of me she stopped abruptly. She looked scared at me and then back at the sensei, he just nodded and then the girl stepped a little closer to me....

"Hey, what's your name?" I leaned down to the girl and held out my hand to her. "E-Eri." her voice sounded so fragile, if I ever saw her cry it would tear my heart out. "So Eri-chan, I hear you want to have a tea party, can I come over?" I smiled slightly at her and she returned the smile shyly. Before I realized it I was pulled into the room next to her, there was a small table where 3 stuffed animals were already sitting. Aizawa eyed the whole scene but said nothing.

"This tea is extremely delicious Eri-chan, where did it come from?" I sipped my little princess cup and looked at Eri laughing. She smiled happily. "I made it myself!" She. Was. So. Sweet.
"That's really great!" Eri stood up and hugged me, I returned the hug immediately and fell backwards off the chair with Eri in my arms. We laughed and just lay there.
I looked out the window, it had already gotten dark and I felt Eri's breathing slowly subside, she was breathing more and more evenly and hugged me tighter. I sat up and held her in my arms like a little baby. Aizawa had disappeared in the meantime and had not yet returned. I decided to put Eri in her bed here to clean up and then go to my room, after all I haven't even unpacked my boxes yet.

Just as I put the last teacup away the door opened and the sensei came in, he was tired as always and I just looked at him silently as he closed the door I went to him. "Eri-chan is already asleep I would also go to my room now." I bowed and he just nodded, right after that I opened the door and walked back to the dorms.

Pov Aizawa:
I looked into Eri-chan's room, indeed she was sound asleep. (n/n) had even cleaned everything up. They seemed to have understood each other immediately. I'm surprised she's not normally so open with strangers. Is there something about (n/n) that makes Eri trust her already?
I should continue preparing for the sports festival, after all it's already in a month.

Your pov:
So which one is my room? I hope I'm in the right compartment, shouldn't there be a name somewhere? Hö there is no name here, that must be it.

I walked into the room and immediately prepared not to have knocked first. Well, actually I don't regret it, the sight was quite pleasant. In front of me stood Shoto only in his jogging pants, his muscles were perfectly defined. Actually I wanted to go out but I stayed rooted to the spot and stared at him. Until he finally interrupted the unpleasant voice.
"Hoi? What are you doing?" he looked at me and I looked at him. "Well, so um i-I was actually wo-wanting to look for m-my c-room u-and thought th-this was it..." i looked sheepishly at the floor and scratched the back of my neck. "Your room is three rooms down on the left, next to Deku's." he looked at me monotonously. I just nodded and then closed the door behind me, before I closed it completely I had to say something though. "Nice muscles by the way."

When I closed the door I gave myself a proper palm face first. What did I give there please beautiful of me?
Okay 3 rooms further...
In my room it was dark, it was big but full of boxes, I will unpack them on the weekend. I dropped onto my bed between all the boxes, it was big, suitable for 2 people. I curled up and closed my eyes, actually I just wanted to relax for a minute, but I guess I fell asleep.
What a day, I'm at UA, starting today I have exactly one month to shine at the principal's office, I have to train harder now than ever before to have even a hint of a chance at the sports festival. With these thoughts I slipped into the land of dreams.

My annoying alarm clock tore me from the land of dreams, I looked at the clock, it was 6:45, sleepy I trotted into my bathroom and took a cold shower. It was a pleasant tingly feeling.
Quickly got dressed and brushed my teeth + hair, when I looked at myself in the mirror relatively human I smiled slightly and went downstairs for breakfast.

I looked around the dining hall and my stomach growled, I hadn't eaten anything last night except for Eri's "tea". I grabbed a tablet and sat down at an empty table, I didn't want to bug the others after all I didn't know them yet.

"Hey you!", I heard an aggressive voice behind me and immediately turned around. "Huh? Me?" I looked into 2 red eyes and a grim face. "YEAH SURE WHO ELSE?!" "Ew sorry," I looked back down at my plate. "THIS IS OUR TABLE SO MAKE A FLY!!!" i looked up startled and my (a/f) eyes met his red ones. "Bakugo, let her sit with us she's new and won against Todoroki." a broad built boy with red upswept hair stepped out from behind Bakugo and smiled at me, his teeth were pointed and his grin wide, behind him Kaminari and Mina still joined me at the table.
"Katzuki let her eat with us in peace she is new." Mina looked annoyed and then sat down next to me. "Tz." was the only thing Bakugo said before he sat down across from me, wearing his school uniform and looking at me grimly. I tried to focus on my food until Mina addressed me. "You (n/n)?" i looked up at her until she continued speaking. "Is it true that you really don't have a Quirk?" I just nodded silently and turned back to my mochis, I had taken some and gotten some from Kaminari as well.

I had just finished eating and was about to get up when Bakugo pulled me down to him, his lips were relatively close to my ear, his voice was so quiet that even I barely understood it. "That bastard didn't have a Quirk either, maybe if you try hard you'll get one." I looked at him a little confused but then went on. It would be nice to get a Quirk, but unfortunately it's already too late for that and I'm not going to accidentally run into the No 1 Hero and get his Quirk from him now.
I know that Quirks are developed by the age of 4, but although I would have to give up hope, there was a little spark of hope, it was tiny but it was there, I held on to it in hopes of getting one soon.

I put my tray away and was about to leave when a little flitzpeep came towards me. "(d/n)- chan!!!" Eri ran up to me in her red dress and hugged my legs. "Hey Eri-chan, how are you doing ? Are we having another tea party today?" "Ou, yeah sure! But I want to come over to your place today!" she looked down at the floor sheepishly. Oh dear, I haven't even cleared out yet but with those eyes you can't say no.
"Gladly just come over after class if you want you can help me unpack." I smiled at her and she smiled back happily. "Ou yeah, I'll bring my Benjamin Blümchen CD so we can listen to it!" I just nodded at her and then said goodbye to the girl with a smile. She was pure sugar, but I didn't want to be late for class. That's why I had to leave her already. :(

The day at school passed relatively quickly and unexciting. I thought more about how it will all go now. With my suit I was able to catch my jumps, but I have to learn to get along without it. I won't be allowed to use it at the sports festival, and I have to develop a ranged technique, which isn't even meant for the sports festival, but more for use afterwards and before. Without this technique I won't have much time and the class will know every ace up my sleeve.

Can you tell me the solution to the problem on the blackboard? Mr. Aizawa snapped me out of my thoughts again, I looked at the blackboard, this problem had to be solved using the same principle as the one yesterday. 3,14159237932384646 " ,,How did you come up with that?" It's calculating the circumference by the diameter of a circle, the solution is always pi, I just added a few numbers of pi to it." Aizawa looked at me in amazement. The rest of the class also looked at me. "(n/n) could it be that your Quirk is IQ?" I just looked at him, the whole class started whispering and I felt the blood rush to my head.
IQ? I know one who has that IQ, but I just learned some numbers from Pi, Yaourouzu is good at school too.
"No, not that I know of, this is a simple problem which needs to be solved with an equation."
"Please go to Recovery Girl to see if your Quirk has already been discovered." I slowly got up and quietly walked into the hospital room.

"Gomen, but I'm supposed to come to you." I bowed to Recovery Girl and sat down on the cot after she indicated. "Eraserhead already let me know, they want me to see what your Quirk is." I nodded my head.
"Well let's get started, what's this assignment?" she held up a math assignment in the air and let started a small stopwatch.
"That's right, it took you 4 seconds. Okay next, what's the best way to win against Momo Yaouozu?"
"Tactically in that you don't give her time to think, frontal attacks to her body are enough, besides you have to make noise so she can't concentrate. Her Quirk is fascinating, but it takes up too much time." "That's a perfect strategy. Now for the last question, how do you prepare a perfect curry?"
What, a perfect curry? What kind of question is that? "You cook the rice and make your curry sauce." "Not really balanced but right." I nodded to Recovery Girl. "That's enough, sweetheart, I'll see if IQ is your Quirk and let you know." I bowed to her and went to the cafeteria, the test took longer than expected and I was already hungry.

Arrived in the refectory, I quickly got something to eat and looked around to see if there was still an empty seat somewhere. My gaze roamed over the many faces until I see how Deku wiggles wildly with his arm, I smile slightly and go to him. He had a big grin on his face, next to him sat Uraka, Shoto and Tenya, our class president. I sat down with my cold soba with them. "What's that (d/n) ?" Deku looked slightly perplext at my food. "Soba, cold is my favorite." I smiled happily and started eating. We talked and I really liked the class. I didn't want to leave here, it was all so beautiful and yet so surreal.

My eyes kept darting to the half-hot, Shoto. There was something mysterious about him and I wanted to know what it was. "Shoto, you wanted me to teach you hand-to-hand combat techniques, what do you think about tomorrow after school?" he looked at me with his monotone gaze and then just nodded silently. I nodded too and turned to my mochis.

The day passed rather unspectacularly. That's why I was even more happy to see Eri again, the little one has already grown on me. She is just so sweet.

"(d/n)!" I was walking out of the school building and towards the dorms when I heard a familiar voice. It was Eri-chan's. "Eri-chan, what's up princess ?" "I've been meaning to come to your house! Papa Aizawa gave me permission!" "Haha, well let's go!" I took Eri in my arms and we went to the Dorms. "What's your Quirk?" "I don't have one." "Oh" "that's not bad though, I'll still be a hero." I looked at her smiling and on she smiled again and snuggled her upper body more against mine.

Once in the dorms I lowered Eri-chan again and she ran joyfully through the common room, there she was greeted joyfully by Tooru and Momo. "Eri-Chan what are you doing here?" "I'm having a tea party with (d/n) today, do you guys want to come too !" she kept looking alternately at me and the two girls. "Yeah sure we'd love to come, where is she?" before Eri could say anything I interrupted her. "Actually in my room, but I think it's better if we do it down here so we have enough space isn't it Eri-chan?" she looked around briefly but then nodded eagerly. "Ou yeah, can we invite the whole class? That will be super cool! But first I want to see your room!" I just nodded and then turned back to Momo and Tooru. "Can you round up the class? Back down here in 15 minutes?" the two just nodded eagerly at me before disappearing into the dorms.

"Come on princess, you wanted to see my room." I looked down at Eri and she nodded in agreement, "Yeah!" we walked towards the elevator, this time at least I knew where my room was. When I opened the door and Eri-chan ran in she stopped abruptly, I followed her and realized why, it looked like the hand grenade throwing booth, or in other words- like Bakugo had a tantrum. "Hehe, well I haven't had that much time to clean out yet so it doesn't look that neat, but I'll clean it all out this weekend." I scratched myself embarrassed at the back of the head and smiled wryly at Eri. "Can I join you? Dad doesn't let me go to the Dorms that often, but he likes you, so I'm always allowed to come! Of course, only if you allow it." I laughed at Eri. "Of course! You are always welcome in my kingdom!" "Coooool!" "Wait here for a minute, I'll put on something else and then we'll get the tea set and go down to the others okay?" she nodded eagerly and I went to my suitcase, thinking. I haven't seen Shinsou yet, he probably still doesn't know I'm here. But I don't feel like seeing him at the moment either, he'll find out soon enough. I pulled out of my suitcase a pair of gray sweatpants and a white cropped t-shirt. My hair I opened from the strict braid that I had today in it and last but not least I washed my face, so that the mascara comes off, I had no desire to go down made up.

"(d/n) everything okay? You seem so dismissive again." Eri looked at me with her big eyes and snapped me out of my trance again. "What?" I looked deep into her red. "It's all right," I smiled ashamedly and scratched the back of my head in embarrassment.

"What do you say we play a game?" Kaminari called out to the tea party, by now we were all sitting together in the common room on the various couches. Jiro and Denki snuggled together, as did Bakugo and Kirishima and Ochako and Deku. They all looked super cute together. "Yeah sure I'd love to!" Deku exclaimed and the rest of the class agreed, even Bakugo and Todoroki. "What do you think of Hero's Guessing?" everyone nodded as Uraka went to get the game. The class had made the game themselves and had it printed for their end-of-year report card. Whenever they meet a new Shurke or a new hero, they have a card printed with it. On the cards are always a few dates and how successful the hero was. With Shurken it is written there by which hero they were caught, the class and Eri Chan are also in it. Only I am still missing. Iida had said, however, that he wants to to one this week for me.

When Ochako came back we were supposed to get together in teams. Since I had no idea who was good and who wasn't, I somehow managed to form a team with Todoroki and Eri. So one professional, one who can do it halfway and me. I know a lot about the heroes and shurks, but I don't know everyone, do I look like Deku?

"Okay, I'll start!" Mashirao drew a card and then began to tell whoever pronounces the name first wins, it doesn't matter which team is next.

So she's the number 4 superhero in Japan..." before he could finish I called out. "My mom!" everyone looked at me, including Eri, who was sitting on my lap. "Really your mom?" she looked at me with her sweet eyes and I nodded with satisfaction. "Hmmm, if your mom is (hero name of your mom) then that's your point." I merely nodded and rejoiced. Eri was about to clap in with me. When Shoto already clapped in. I looked at him in wonder, and of course my gaze stopped in his eyes again. ,,(d/n) it's your turn to read aloud." Eri held one of the laminated cards in her hand so that only we could look at it, I forgot that she couldn't read. "Okay then, I'll read for you." I pretended to put on my fictional glasses and started to read. "Hmm, so our Quirk is that we can make ourselves tall." Deku immediately raised his arm, then immediately put it back down and started talking. "Mt. lady! Right?!" I just nodded with a laugh, he was on a team with Iida and Uraka. Momo was inside with Jiro and Denki. Mina, Hanta and Mineta were a team, then there was Bakugo, Kirishima and Fumikage. Ojiro, Koda and Shoji were a team, Aoyama, Asui and Sato played together with Toru, making them the only 4-person team.

We spent the whole evening like that until around 8 p.m. Eri had fallen asleep on my arm. Deku his team had of course the most points then came that of Momo and Jiro, whereby I ask myself whether Denki has made a point at all and as third were then Shoto and I with Eri. We chatted for a while until around 9 when I said that I would take Eri to her room and then go to my room as well. Everyone nodded at me while Shoto stood up and said that he would come with me. I looked at him in confusion but avoided eye contact, no one objected and I didn't have a good argument, so we ended up going to the teacher's house together. I carried Eri like a little baby and Shoto walked silently beside me. It was an uncomfortable silence. Until Shoto finally interrupted it. "You (d/n) ?" I looked up at him and our eyes met, of course I couldn't break away from them again, so electric shocks ran through my body again. Was this my Quirk? To feel electric shocks when I look at attratktive boys? I would pick you up tomorrow right after class, if that's okay." I had to think about what we were going to do until it came back to me. I just nodded at him and then turned my gaze away with a heavy heart.

When we arrived at the teacher's house, I gave Eri-Chan Midnight and she took her to her room so Shoto and I could go back sooner and not have to worry about being late for bedtime.

"Your dad is Endeavor isn't he?" I looked down at the floor, I knew who his dad was but kind of wanted to start a conversation with him. Which probably wasn't the smartest topic. Shoto stopped and looked up at the night sky, which was already dark. "Yeah, why do you ask?" I could feel his penetrating gaze on my hat. "I know him, well my mother knows him." I smiled crookedly and also looked into the clear night. "How do they know each other?" his voice was rough and monotone, just like you know it from him. What else did I expect. "It was a mission 10 years ago or so, nothing big, just a bank robbery, but our parents became friends. Your father visited us often. He was super nice and friendly. When I saw him on TV, my mother told me that you were his son and that I should not make friends with you, she thought that you had no feelings, that your father had taught you not to feel anything. I remembered the sports festival, you had the same monotonous look all the time, but today, I had the feeling that you were hiding something, that you were afraid, that you felt love and joy." I looked at him, I think it was too much, I was talking garbage again. "And now?" he looked at me not coldly but pleadingly, I should tell him what I thought. "Show the world that you are not just an empty shell. Show them that you are a hero with feelings, a hero who saves people with a smile, and doesn't act as if he doesn't care about anything." My (d/a) eyes met his and I felt this increasingly strong crackling and tingling in my stomach. These surges, I could suddenly hear his heart beating, it was pounding like crazy, there were emotions in his gaze, sadness, anger and joy, I couldn't place it but it made me happy.

I don't know how long we just looked at each other, but it was several minutes, hours. I looked at him, he looked at me. I felt these surges of electricity inside me. My hands were tingling. I wanted to touch him. Feel more of that sweet ache.

My hand twitched up treacherously. Shoto noticed this and reached out his hand. It seemed as if this hand was an anchor. An anchor which must pull me out of the deep sea, because I could not hold myself alone. I hesitated, everything inside me screamed to touch that hand. Each of my nerve endings turned in its direction.

I was pulsating, trembling, my lungs were working, my heart was beating, my brain was thinking. Only my mind, it got in the way. He told me I didn't know this guy, and yet, it was like a reflex. I reached out my hand, I touched his. It was not the first touch. I had touched him several times before. But this time, a million thrusts flooded through me. Each one of them hurt, but the pain remained bearable. It was a sweet pain.

Shoto Pov:
I don't know what's happening inside her right now. She is breathing way too hard. I even think I hear her heart beating. I reached out my hand. I wanted to touch her, I've only known her for 2 days, but something inside me tells me I have to do it. I have to give it to her. Even though she was the one who hit me, addressing my father. It awakened something in me. Hope. I felt something moist in my eyes. What is this girl doing to me? Why is water collecting in my eyes? Where do I know her from? Why is she so familiar to me and yet so far away? Everything in my head overwhelmed me with questions, and I couldn't answer any of them.

Your Pov:

He was crying. I knew him. How? My head was spinning. The thrusts became more and more painful. I did not want to let him go. But if I touched him longer, I would suffer the consequences of an electric shock.

I tore myself away from his hand. It hurt. I felt empty. The shock passed and I just looked him in the eye. "I'm sorry," he looked down at the floor, embarrassed. The hole inside me grew bigger. "What?" I asked him softly, barely audible. I wanted to feel it again, that warmth, that familiar feeling. This sweet pain. "What I said just now was rude of me, I can understand if you don't want to help me now," he looked bashfully at the floor and scratched the back of his head. "It's all right, I found it pleasant, and I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought up such a sensitive subject with you. I'm still happy to help you," I smiled wryly at him. When he looked up I lowered my gaze, I wouldn't look him in the eye again, I'm too afraid of that right now. "Really?" His eyes reflected emotions, joy.

"Yeah, sure, after all, we're friends and friends help each other, don't they?" It hurt, it hurt to say that we were just friends. I didn't just want to be friends with him, I wanted to be with him. I don't know what it was between him and me. Honestly, I have no idea about anything. I don't even know who he is and yet I have this feeling that I need him. Like he's a part of me. An important part. Like he was a piece of me. It drew me in.

"Hey, go to your rooms!" I turned around with a jerk and saw Sensei Aizawa standing by the window, his hair tied back. He looked sleepy. "Gomen!" Shoto and I bowed as if from a pistol and shouted the words, then ran back to the dorms.

As we stood in the common room breathing heavily, we both had to laugh. I held my belly laughing and looked over at Shoto, it wasn't as loud a laugh as mine, but it was a grin. He had a hard time not laughing too. This smile he gave was the most beautiful I have ever seen. We laughed for about 5 minutes until Shoto abruptly stopped. When he stopped, I stopped too. I turned around and saw Tenia standing there, he had his serious expression on his face. "You should go to your room, the sensei will be back in a minute!" we nodded silently and immediately went towards the elevator.

There was an awkward silence between us, and when our hands briefly touched there was that electric shock again, that sweet pain, it made me flinch and at the same time it flooded me with warmth and trust.

Ding. The elevator door opened and we stood before my room, it was the 2 from the elevator, as I have noticed Dekus room was the first and Todorokis...then the 5. there I already ran in.

,,Well then, my room is three down, see you (d/n)." he raised his hand and was just turning around when he paused. He looked to me and then pulled me into a strong hug. I felt these shocks, they gave me energy, power. What was wrong with me? I'll pick you up tomorrow," his mouth was much too close to my ear, but I didn't want to be, instead I just nodded weakly.Shoto broke away and immediately there was that emptiness inside me again, that deep hole. This stormy sea. My anchor came away from me. I felt cold. I was shivering.

Shoto turned around and went into his room. I was still standing in the hallway in front of my door and just looked after him. I could not move until he opened his door and entered his room. I broke out of my trance and went into my room as well. Whatever happened today. It awakened something in me. It made me bubble. Tremble. Pulsing. His heart, I could hear it beating loud and clear, everything around us was silent. All I could hear was his body working. His lungs. His heart. His stomach. Everything was making sounds and I could hear every one of them. Even his blood as it was pumped through his body.

I let myself fall onto my bed. I was done. My body felt empty. I didn't know what to do with myself. I closed my eyes and wanted to fall asleep. I didn't want to get out of my clothes. I just wanted to feel his warmth. His arms. I missed him. Yet he was only 3 doors away. It still seemed so far away. How did I know him?

Shoto Pov:

I was lying in my bed, what was I thinking. What happened? Why am I doing this? Who is this girl? What if I had looked at her longer? Do I love her? That's impossible. I don't even know her. I love the girl from before.

A little (d/h) hairy princess, cheerfully bright. She gave me my first kiss. Well kiss I wouldn't call it, but I love this girl. Her lips tasted like cherry. Sweet.

I had to smile at the thought of her. Whatever (d/n) is, and does to me. She doesn't make me feel like this girl. I only saw her once, at a kid's birthday party, but fell in love with her. I'm going to find her. Wherever she is. My thoughts circled wildly, I couldn't sleep, it must have been 3 o'clock, but my body felt so empty. So incomplete, I was longing for the sweet pain he gave me. I thought after he wouldn't accept me anyway. I'm quirkless, what can he do with that, he's the son of Endeavor, the number 1 superhero, my mom is good too but not as good as him. With a strange feeling in my stomach I somehow fell asleep, it was only a light sleep, it was dreamless and didn't feel like it would serve me to relax, much more like it would pull power out of me, let me slowly dissolve.

"Get up, you'll be late for school!" I heard Iida's muffled voice at the door and I only muttered. "I'm getting up, I'm getting up." I stretched with pleasure and looked at the clock. Ou Shit, we have it 7:35 in 20 minutes class starts! I stumbled through my untidy room at lightning speed. Tomorrow is the weekend, I'll clean everything up in peace. I jumped out of the sweaty clothes from yesterday, I must have sweated really hard in bed, that's disgusting. For a shower my time was no longer enough so deodorant and perfume had to regulate everything. When I looked at myself in the mirror I had to smile slightly, I look even so really hot, hehe.

I ran down the stairs and saw that I was the last one in the house, I quickly grabbed an apple and ran towards the main building. 7:52, I have 3 minutes left, come on hurry up (d/n). Now a speed squirk and everything would be settled, I would also be happy about teleportation, the main thing is something. While I was scurrying along the corridors cursing, I ran into someone, I didn't look at the person. I bowed quickly and then ran into our room, just in time because as I crossed the threshold the bell rang.

I caught sight of Shoto, sitting in his seat and gazing blankly into the classroom. When he turned his head and looked at me, I looked away. Wasn't he going to pick me up? Thanks for that Todoroki. Shoto raised an eyebrow questioningly. Shit I said that out loud no actually not, well definitely won't go to me. I sat down in my seat and as I finished unpacking Aizawa came in. "Hero training, I'll be waiting for you in Gamma Hall." and there he went again, you can't really figure out this teacher.

I walked towards the gym with my eyes downcast, it's my 3rd day here, actually I shouldn't feel bad because I'm not inside the class yet, whereas I was actually accepted, and yet I don't feel that way. What is going on in my head? I motivated myself and put on my big smile. Hallelujah, this is more strenuous than usual today. This can still be something, but pull yourself together (d/n) you want to be a superhero after all.

"Okay we met here today so you can improve your special attacks again, you surely know the rules so go tell Zementos what you need and then start practicing." I looked around. What am I supposed to practice? My ranged skills? Or should I perfect my hand-to-hand combat? Ranged makes more sense for the sports festival. So I went to Zementos. "Could you maybe make me some targets?" "Yeah sure (n/n) how do you want them?" "About human size." Zementos nodded and created the figures for me.

Long range attack. Ranged attack. How can I make it better? Think Think Think (d/n). I had been standing there staring at the cement people for an incredible 10 minutes. I had no idea how to attack them. Hey you in heaven Typo, can you give me a Quirk? I looked at the roof of the hall, everyone was fighting around me, Bakugo was letting out all his explosions on Kirishima, who was fending everything off. A Quirk would make everything easier. I looked around, Shoto was practicing using his Quirks at the same time. "All good (n/n)? You're the only one who hasn't done anything yet, maybe you want something else to practice?" I turned around with a jerk, there stood Zementos. "O, um no, that's not the problem, I just don't know how to practice." "Hm, what's your Quirk?" "I scratched the back of my head in embarrassment. "Well, to be honest, I don't have one." The teacher widened his eyes. "And that's why you don't have any ranged weapons, your only weapon is your body right? Your physical strength." I just nodded and looked at the cement figures again. "Then maybe you should train your melee until you have a gadget for ranged combat." he patted my shoulders. He's right, I don't have an idea for ranged combat yet, I'll have to use the time here. I walked towards the figures, my gaze all the time fixing on my opponent.

Concentrate (d/n)! I felt the looks of the others on me. I'm going to do this. I took a running start, got faster and faster, 2 meters before the hard cement figure I took momentum with my leg. I turned 360 degrees and kicked through the cement block. The splinters hit the other figures with full force, it happened like a domino, each figure shattered into a thousand pieces of cement. I breathed a heavy sigh of relief. The kick was too early and not strong enough, I need to improve my leg muscles. Otherwise this attack won't do me any good. What's wrong with me? I feel funny. I looked around, most of the class was looking at me. Even Bakugo and Kirishima. Shoto looked at me too and then walked towards me.

My muscles tensed. Why? I felt more and more comfortable the more he walked towards me. "Hey (d/n) can you fight me, hand-to-hand, I want to get better and your strategy is the most effective." he tried to smile slightly, it looked a little funny. Which made me laugh too. "Yeah sure I'd love to, start whenever you want."

He looked at me confused and then took a swing with his right fist. I quickly dodged him and grabbed his hand, it tingled slightly but not like yesterday because of my gloves. "How did you know?" "I watch everyone very closely, so I can study everyone's fighting technique and use a strategy against them." as I said these words I slowly turned his arm further and further back. He contorted his face, I don't know what happened inside me. "What are you doing?" "I'm breaking your arm, you have to try to get out. Learning by doing is what they call it." I paused for a moment and looked at him. "Trying to be." Shoto's eyes went wide, I had his right arm. "Damn it now use your fucking Quirk!" I yelled at him for whatever reason I was so irritated. My body sputtered and ran through me with electric shocks. How much longer can I take this? "Todoroki now come on." he kicked out with his leg which made me let go of him.

I backed away a few steps to get a distance. "Now attack me again. Only this time think before you strike!" my voice echoed through the cement hall, the class was watching us and Zementos and Aizawa were watching too. My body tensed, I didn't know what he was going to do next, so I had to concentrate. Shoto kicked up with his right leg, a wall of ice came straight at me. I jumped up and landed skillfully on the wall. Then I jumped down behind so that he couldn't see me. I took one deep breath in and out, it was silent, hardly anyone dared to breathe. I heard Shoto's muffled footsteps gliding across the floor. They became louder and the floor vibration stronger, then it was silent, followed by a strong kick on the floor and the cement beneath me started to burn. Cement can't burn at all, what was he doing? I was sweating, the suit withstood the heat, but if the fire got bigger I would have to flee. I felt the iceberg melting behind me. The cover is gone, now you must attack (d/n) ! I crept through the sea of flames and looked directly into his eyes. "Now you just have to fight" my voice interrupted the silence, Shoto looked at me angry and amazed. I think it was because I was standing in the middle of the fire.

He stepped up with his right leg and a huge wall of ice appeared around me. It became narrower and narrower, I jumped up the sides of the wall until I reached the top. It went no further, there was only the ceiling. Crap I can't jump down here, I'll surely break something, I can't risk that. I looked down at him from above and felt panic slowly overtake me. Think (d/n) Think, damn it! I looked at my suit and then at the hook. I've used to go down the wall before. I guess that will have to do for now, so climb and dodge. I jumped down and heard the loud inhaling of the others. I grabbed the ice and after what felt like an eternity I had finally latched on. Okay now slowly down piece by piece. It flew again and again fire beams towards me, which I somehow dodged and when I arrived shortly before the ground I jumped towards Shoto, it was more a surprise attack because I was on the defensive the whole time.

The half-hot one opened his eyes in fright, but couldn't react fast enough. Which is why I crashed to the ground with him. He held his right hand to my waist, the suit immediately froze. Now I was frozen above him wonderfully. Our heads were pretty close to each other and I saw no other solution but to headbutt him now. Thought done. He fell to the ground, the blow was not very hard but knocked him out for a short time. Immediately I activated the heat, which the suit had collected earlier and let the ice melt, just as it was melted so far that I could step out Todoroki was awake again. He immediately lunged, but I pressed his hands together above his head.

I sat on his pelvis, my legs were wide to the right and left of him and my two hands were busy pushing down his strong arms. I felt that sweet pain again, that pleasant warmth or cold? I don't know what it was, but I loved it. He contorted his face and wriggled as much as he could. I looked deep into his eyes my thoughts were spinning wildly in circles, I was breathing heavily. Was this too much for my body? Am I about to keel over again? My eyes fell shut more and more and the dizziness overcame me again. Stay awake (d/n)! Shoto give at last I can't stand this much longer! Please I beg you!

Shoto's POV:
She had a tight grip on me, our eyes meeting all the time. But her face was distorted. I wonder what she is thinking right now? Her grip loosened and her eyes fell shut more and more. Actually, I could escape the grip now, but something told me that I should rather stay like this. I stopped what I was doing. Her grip loosened immediately, I exhaled heavily and my cool breath flew into her face. Instantly, her eyes opened slightly again, but then they fell shut again. Her hands let go of me and she sat up, ON ME! She grabbed her face in confusion and rubbed her eyes. The class was still looking at us. Was I perhaps overreacting? All she wanted to do was train me and help me, but instead I almost killed her. Her method reminded me of my father's.
(D/n) apologized to me and was about to get up, but when she stood on both feet she fell right at me! I caught her, her heartbeat slowed and her breathing barely noticeable. Had she passed out? Had I actually exaggerated? I sat up slowly, in my arms was the weak fragile girl, she seemed so innocent and harmless, but her quick thinking makes her a dangerous opponent! "Can someone please help me?! She's unconscious!" Aizawa and Zementos immediately came running towards us, and the class didn't hesitate for long either. Suddenly everyone was standing in a circle around (d/n) and me. I clung to her body, her weak one did not let go of me either. "(d/n) do you hear me? Come on wake up!" I felt my voice trembling. "Todoroki- kun she has overworked herself! Her body needs rest! Take her to recoverygirl! For the rest of the class, go back to your units, their show is over!" Aizawa's voice snapped us all out of our trance, I just nodded quickly and then ran on my ice to Recovery Girl. As I did so, I thought a lot, especially about her. My body was tingling all the time. It felt like electricity hits, I had had that feeling with her before. She has been here for 3 days and already I can't get her out of my mind. What is she? Who is she? And why do I feel like this?

Finally I arrived at Recovery Girl's room, I was sweating profusely. Recovery Girl, I need your help, Aizawa-sensei says she has overworked herself! Please do something!" The old lady just looked at me and nodded. I should put her on a bed. "You're welcome to stay here, Todoroki-kun," her old voice boomed in my ear. I just nodded slightly. What was wrong with me?

I slowly opened my eyes, the bright light shone in my face and I had to close my eyes again. "You're awake!" I heard a deep raspy voice to my left. "I think so." a slight smile settled on my lips as I looked into Shoto's face, he held my hand tightly.
I woke up because so many electric shocks were flowing through me, they were calling me, saying that I can go on now. "How long was I unconscious?" I grabbed my head and accidentally pulled my hand out of Shoto's, there was a slight look of disappointment on his face, but it immediately became monotone again. "Two hours, Recovery Girl said you overworked yourself. I wanted to apologize I overdid it, you were just trying to help me." he looked down at the floor. "It's okay, I learned something in the process too and every time I pass out I can last longer after that, which means I can fight longer and longer." I smiled weakly.

Shoto's look became a little more cheerful. "Will you still help me and this time for real?" I nodded weakly. "Yes." "Maybe we should go back to class." he just nodded and I tried to stand up, I was still shaky on my feet, which is why Shoto was still supporting me. "Are you okay?" I merely nodded weakly and then focused on my feet again, every step hurt and I felt how weak I actually was. Was it the wrong decision after all? Should I have stayed at my school after all? Am I weaker than everyone else and can't keep up? I was overcome with doubts, but I didn't want to leave here, it was beautiful, I had so many great friends and he was here. He was the one who got me out of my sleep, his touch made me feel good, it showed me that I was still alive and that I should continue to fight for my dream.

We stood in front of the big door, I was already wearing my uniform, to be honest I have no idea who put it on me. Shoto knocked on the door and we heard the muffled voice of Midnight. "Come in!" slowly the door opened and we both entered. The class looked at me and Shoto with wide eyes. Shoto took me to my seat, I thanked him meekly, and then he walked forward to Midnight. Deku immediately turned around, "(d/n) are you okay? What happened?" i looked into his green eyes. "My body can't take such a long combat session, well actually it can, but I often overwork myself and then my body can't take it anymore, I get a panic attack and pass out. That happens to me a lot and it's not so bad, I recover and then I can usually go right on." He looked at me with wide eyes. "I don't know if I would have gotten this strong if Allmight hadn't given me his Quirk." I smiled slightly. Shoto finished and explained everything to Midnight. She just smiled at me and then went on with her lesson.

I tried to concentrate on the lesson, but I couldn't. I had had panic attacks like this so many times, but this one felt different. It was like it had pulled me into a deep empty black hole and that I probably wouldn't have gotten out if it wasn't for this pain. Do I need Shoto? Or is this all in my head? I didn't listen to Midnight for the whole hour and was relieved when the bell finally rang and we were dismissed. I wanted to go into the room, listen to music loudly, and unpack my boxes.

I ran into the Dorms and immediately to my room. I locked the door immediately and leaned against it. I was so confused. What is happening to me I feel this emptiness. Shoto is so far away. Should I tell him? Should I keep it to myself? I was confused as hell. I wanted to scream ! Breathe (d/n) ! Take a deep breath and exhale, there was still no problem you couldn't solve. I turned to my boxes, right now I just needed a distraction. There were so many. I'm certainly not done tonight.

While I was quietly emptying my boxes, I thought. I can't tell Shoto. It would come out too funny. I will keep it to myself until I know what it is. I was so busy cleaning up that only when I turned around did I notice Shoto standing in the doorway. I jumped on my bed screaming until I realized it was only him. "You could have knocked!" I said annoyed, the pretty boy didn't even move his face a bit. I got off the bed again and looked him in the eye. "What are you doing here?" "You mentioned helping me with hand-to-hand combat and that's why I'm here, I wanted to ask if we could get started?" I looked at him stunned. But then nodded weakly. "Yeah sure, I'll be down in 10 minutes." a slight smile came to my lips and Shoto just nodded, then without saying anything he left the room and closed the door behind him. I looked at what I had in my hand. Until I realized it was a pair of white lace panties. I gave myself a palm face and quickly stowed the garment away. Who shit in your brain? I quickly put on my combat uniform and tied my (h/f) hair into a high ponytail, then went down to Shoto.

The hook-cold was waiting for me at the door in his uniform, a slight smirk settling on his lips as I appeared. My heart was racing for some reason and I was nervous. Was I afraid? Was it fear of him hurting me again, or was it fear of myself, or was it longing for his touch? Downstairs, Shoto opened the door and we went out to a large square, where we were going to train.

"Okay, so we'll start from the beginning, I shouldn't have thrown you into the deep end right away, I'm sorry again about that." I stood opposite Todoroki and took the skipping rope I had brought with me. He looked at me askance. "What is this?" I widened my eyes. "You don't know what this is?" he nodded silently. "This, my dearest, is a skipping rope, which is used to train your jumping strength and warm up before you move on to the real workout." I took the rope and jumped through it loosely for the first time, then I stopped and gave it to him. "Now you, you have to swing it like I did and whenever it's down you have to jump over it." He looked like a little helpless kid trying to jump over the rope. It also sounded like he was a klutz. We have a lot of work to do on that. I took the second jump rope I had taken with me and jumped myself warm. All the while I watched Shoto's failed attempts.

Shoto stopped jumping and watched my movements. Why are you so good at it?" I stopped as well and looked at him. "I don't have a Quirk, that's nothing new, so I must be able to do something else better than the rest, my jumping is only good because of the rope jumping," he had his mouth slightly open, but then immediately started asking again. "But I thought that your suit helps you with that." Yes, of course it does, 7 meters is quite difficult from a standing position and without help, but I can easily reach 3 meters from a standing position without a suit, that's because my leg muscles are so strong and my jumping power is so well trained". I smiled at him, there was a short moment of silence until I spoke again. "Well, now that we are warm, we can begin," he nodded.

"Well, I started with a martial art which is quite complicated, with you we will refer to boxing, because your arm muscles seem quite strong" I looked at his biceps and then at his face. Those biceps are huge, how could he not win against me? "How much can you lift?" he thought for a moment. ,,I think 120 kg, at least that's how much it was a month ago." I nodded slightly and pretended to look at it purely scientifically. 120 KG?! Boy maybe he should become a professional weightlifter? "How many push-ups can you do at speed?" 600 in 10 minutes. "So you can hold one a second for a long time?" Apparently so," he had this monotonous look on his face. "Well, let's start with the basics of boxing." I stood next to him and slowly made the movements with my arms, which he should imitate.

"You learn pretty fast." We were not 10 minutes with the exercises there Shoto could most. "Thank you." "Okay, next we'll move on to a combination, that is, several punches in a row," he nodded and I began to hit the combinations again. Todoroki did almost every combo except one perfectly. "Let's do that one again, okay?" he nodded again silently, and again it didn't work. Hey concentrate okay?" I looked at him, he nodded again monotonously and again it didn't work. "I'm so sorry, I just can't do it!" he panicked and spun wildly in circles, flames and ice kept coming out.

"Todoroki, calm down!" he stopped for a moment, looked at me, then had another attack. I didn't know what to do, so I just grabbed his face out of panic, I grabbed his face and kissed him. I had these electric shocks going through me, these tingles it was unbelievable, but I only did this kiss so that he wouldn't burn anything. Surprisingly, after a short hesitation Todoroki kissed back, I felt his heartbeat calm down again, he put his hands on my waist and pulled me closer, the kiss became more sweet on my part and more intense on his part. I put my arms in his neck and enjoyed this warmth he radiated.

Todoroki POV:
I panicked, I was freaking out again and again I almost hurt her, my thoughts were circling wildly, I didn't want to disappoint her I was afraid of the punishment. My Quirk was going crazy, no not the Quirk my thoughts and my body, the traumatic event came over me again, I saw his hateful look I saw her angry look. I saw the looks of my siblings and those of the housekeepers who did nothing, and I saw (d/n), I saw how she passed out in front of me, how her lifeless body was in my arms, how I was the one who made her do it, who made her body so damaged.

I was trapped in my panic haze, but then I felt something on my lips, it was a pleasant warmth, it was electric shocks and it was a cherry taste. It was that familiar cherry taste from back in the day, from that summer vacation, that summer retreat on the coast where I had met her. This sweet taste I wanted to inhale it, plus the slight pain, I felt two warm hands embrace my face, out of reflex I reached for the waist, my vision was fogged, wrapped in the veil of panic, pain and love, she was the girl, the girl I love, I didn't even know her and yet (d/n) I love you. I became more demanding, she didn't stop either. I never wanted to let go of her lips. Please be my anchor forever, which will get me out of this panic hole.

Your POV:
He was demanding, I wanted it too, I wanted to keep kissing him, feel his warmth, this love, it was so familiar and yet so foreign, I don't know how long we stood there just kissing.

"Sorry if I'm interrupting whatever this is becoming." the sleepy voice of HITOSHI made me slide out of the kiss and called me back to reality. "Shinso! How did you know I was here?" I ran to my twin brother and left Shoto standing there alone. I felt a little sorry for him, but my brother was my first priority.

I ran into my brother's arms crying with joy and hugged him. "Well little girl, you've got a lot of explaining to do!" his voice was slightly irritated and sounded rather stern, I just nodded into his chest, but was much happier to see him right now.

"I heard you had a new student and I wanted to see what she was like." his voice was still sleepy, as always. "That's why I went to look for her and win, the new student is none other than my twin sister." I broke away from the hug. "I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet." I looked apologetically at the floor. "That's okay sis." he averted his eyes from me and directed them back to Shoto. "You!" Shoto just stood there emotionlessly, glaring at us. "What did you do to my sister?!" Shinsos voice became more aggressive and upset. Shoto didn't say anything, he apparently knew Shinso's Quirk. "Hey I asked you a question, you're supposed to answer!"
"Shinso calm down, he won't answer, your Quirk don't forget that." I grabbed my brother's shoulder reassuringly and felt his muscles relax again. "Todoroki-kun, whatever you did or want to do to my sister, forget it!" he looked angrily at him. "Shinso, I'm sorry." he spoke. Isn't he afraid of his Quirk? Right after the words, Shoto walked past us and just left us standing there. "Shoto..." I stretched out my arm but was pressed against me by Shinso. "I never want what you did to Todoroki to happen again, do you understand me? This is all your fault after you didn't tell me you were here now." I nodded weakly. The thunderstorm inside me was weakening, those electric shocks were disappearing and actually I wished for nothing more than to have another experience like that, but I owe it to Shinso.
"Shall we go to your room and you explain to me what I missed." I nodded again weakly, I wanted to go to Shoto and not my brother. Yes sure I love Shinso but he doesn't give me that warmth, not that thunderstorm inside me.

We reached the dorms and went to my room, Shinso made big eyes because I hadn't cleared it out yet. "I thought you were neater..." he looked at me questioningly. "Actually I am, but I haven't had enough time yet." was the only thing I said monotonously, I wanted to go to him. "Because you had to make out with Todoroki." angrily I looked my brother in the eyes. "Did you have to do that now?" our eyes met, mine being rather sharp and angry, while Shinso seemed amused by his. He sat down on my unmade bed and we started talking. About how my mother was doing, how I managed to get here. How I've already settled into the class, again addressing Shoto.

After a few hours he went to his place in the neighbor's house. I still brought him down to the big door. "Oi, Shinso what are you doing here?" Kaminari was sitting on the couch with Kirishima playing video games on the side, they were the only ones down here. "I talked to my sister once, who hadn't found enough time to even say hello to me." I could hear the snippy undertone clearly out and furiously contorted my face. How this guy is upsetting me right now, as much as I like him! "Don't you have to go over there Nii-Chan?" I opened the door wider. "Yeah sure I'll go, I'll see you around sis and stay away from some boy's lips or he'll have a bad accident!" with those words he walked through the door which I then immediately closed and pressed my back against it, I exhaled loudly. "Everything good with you (d/n) ?" Kaminari looked at me pityingly. "Well as far as it goes." i smiled weakly. "Come sit with us, we'll play some video games!" he tapped the couch next to him, gesturing for me to join him. Smiling slightly, I walked over to the two boys and flopped down on the couch.

We played the video game, there was a pleasant silence in the air, it was not forced, you did not have to talk we understood each other even without words. Until Denki broke the silence. "What a shit, I lost again!" I chuckled softly and looked over at him. "If you shoot first and don't aim first, your attacks will score more points." He looked at me with wide eyes and then back at his controller.
"Where did you get all this tactical knowledge (d/n) anyway?" I looked a little overwhelmed at the guys and then scratched the back of my neck. "Well a lot of it is from books or fight scenes from the internet, the small details are experiences of my mother and the cherry on the cake is the Quirk of my brother, when we were kids we liked to ask other superheroes how they fight, Shinso let these people tell the truth, so we knew a lot of different strategies, then when I wasn't accepted on the UA I deepened this knowledge even more and focused further on my close combat. You must have noticed that I prefer hand-to-hand combat." I smiled slightly nervously. "Yes you're right, you can't start a ranged fight without Quirk either, it's similar to mine in terms of advantage." Kirishima grabbed his chin thoughtfully and looked at the ground.

"Exactly, my close combat has to be perfect, otherwise I'm no good as a superhero." "That means you're not stupid at all!" Denki suddenly exclaimed happily, I raised an eyebrow questioningly. "Did you think I was stupid?!" my voice had a playful but serious undertone. "No not that you are stupid, but that means you can help me with school!" I raised another eyebrow. "If you ask me I'd be happy to help you in school, after all I don't need a calculator to solve a math problem." at that I winked my eyebrow. "That's great, maybe I'll pass my exams then!" all three of us laughed. Exams, it's my turn in 3 weeks and I have to pass! "You Kirishima." he raised his eyebrows
"What are you doing with ranged combat? How do you solve that problem?"
"Not at all, my hardening can withstand any ranged attack, the opponent has to get closer to do me damage and then I strike !" his pointed teeth stood out as he pointed his thumb at himself. "Why do you ask?" "I want to develop a ranged technique, but I need some more ideas and was hoping you could give me some inspiration." I smiled wryly once again. "No sorry (d/n) we really can't help you with ranged combat, you'll have to find a solution on your own." the two looked guiltily at the ground. "No big deal, I'm going upstairs then, I'm a little tired. See you guys tomorrow !" I got up and waved at them. Then I went to my room, I walked through the empty hallway, past Deku's room and was about to unlock mine when my eyes fell on the door which was 3 doors down.

Should I dare and approach him about it? What if he is already asleep? My thoughts circled wildly and I felt my body slowly turning in the direction of the door. I have to go in there now and clear this with him, otherwise I won't be able to sleep the night.... With these thoughts my hand formed into a fist, I felt the cold hard wood against my fingers as I knocked on the door. "It's open." I heard a monotone voice through the wooden wall. The sign to go in.

I opened the door, Shoto stood topless and sweaty in front of his punching bag, merely looking at me monotonously. "What are you doing here? Your brother forbade you to meet with me." he looked at his punching bag again and punched it twice. "When do siblings abide by each other's rules?" a slight provocative smile was on my lips, I had my arms crossed in front of my chest and felt a strong desire inside me, it was that pull again and the desire to feel his warmth. "Your brother is dangerous and can be quite stern, do you really want to risk that?" his voice had a stern undertone which weakened me quite a bit in my presence, I wasn't as confident as I was just now, it also took away my ability to speak for a short while. Therefore, I merely nodded slightly. Shoto came a few steps towards me, I took those steps back again, until at some point I was leaning against his door. I felt his breath on my face and saw every drop of his sweat. "So you really want to keep dating me, we don't even really know each other. I'm a normal boy who just goes to school here, you're so beautiful you could have anyone out there but don't and on top of that you're risking the relationship between you and your brother, why are you just so naive? Why can't you just listen to him and get back to living your life and stop turning mine upside down?" his voice sounded broken and hurt, his words echoing over and over in my head. You are so beautiful you could have anyone! I'm just a normal boy! I was offended that he said such things, of course they were compliments, but he was putting himself down, he was putting down the perfect person in front of me, the person I am addicted to. I didn't want to react to it but immediately change the subject, my mood became anxious. Did I hurt him? He sounded so vulnerable.

"Why are you still doing sports at this hour?" he seemed to have known that I was about to change the subject, because his answer came out of the blue. "I wanted to learn the last combination again so I could do it." he propped his arm on the door above me and looked deep into my (a/f) eyes. "So, did you get the combination down?" I looked down at the floor in embarrassment, I had that tingle again, that urge. He made me forget his angry version immediately. Shoto turned away from me and walked towards his punching bag. "I don't know you tell me." I took a few steps closer to him and watched his every move, he executed the one combination he was hanging on to for so long earlier perfectly and at an incredibly fast pace too. "Wow, it was perfect! You did it Todoroki kun!" he raised an eyebrow questioningly. "Todoroki-kun ? I told you to call me Shoto..." My expression darkened. I held my left hand to my right elbow and looked down at the ground. "You just told me to leave you alone, make up your mind." I had a tense undertone. "(d/n) look at me." I felt 2 fingers gently grab my chin and lift my head, I looked into his eyes and felt I was close to tears. "I should probably get going now, I'm sorry I bothered you." I was about to turn away from him when I was grabbed by the waist and pulled close to him. "You're not going anywhere, you're alone and sad and I won't let that happen! You're staying here today!" he had a dominant and stern tone and pressed me closer and closer to his body. "I can't let you do that!" I felt his grip loosen a little and he grabbed me by the shoulders, we looked into each other's eyes again. "I don't care! I'm not letting you go to your room today." I looked at the floor and then back into his eyes. There it was again the urge, this time I couldn't stand him again.

I gently put both my hands to his cheeks and pulled him down to me. His hands moved to my hips and he pulled me to him as well. His look was on the one hand confused but on the other hand also demanding. Would I do it now? Or is this a completely stupid idea? But before I could realize it I already felt his soft lips on mine again. I closed my eyes and felt those electric shocks, that pleasant sweet pain. I love him, either Shoto Todoroki or the pain. This boy he seemed so familiar, he was so familiar to me. Where do I know you from? Why are you such a familiar stranger? I put my arms in his neck, I felt his hands sliding to my butt and two strong arms lifting me up and pressing me to the door. The kiss was intense and passionate I felt these electric shocks and had the feeling that they give me new energy, as if they would supply me with life energy, this feeling it was indescribable. A slight twitch of my hips against his lower body revealed how much passion I put into this kiss, how much I enjoyed it and I also felt that Shoto enjoyed it. His eyes were closed, I felt his tongue against my lips, as soon as I opened my mouth a little bit his tongue entered my mouth, it explored every inch, it was an emotional explosion and I couldn't stop myself from moaning, I felt a slight smile on his lips. I exhaled heavily in a short pause and looked into his beautiful eyes again. He pressed his forehead against mine and I just enjoyed his closeness.

"Sorry, I didn't ask, but at least now we're even." he laughed softly and oh holy shit it's beautiful. "Yeah you're right, now we're even." I pressed my forehead against his even more. "How do I know you?" it was more a question to myself than him but he released his forehead from mine and looked at me. "Do you still live on the coast?" I raised my eyebrow questioningly. "Um yeah? How do you know?" he carried me to his bed and dropped me backwards onto it, then rested his head on my chest, I felt his pulse calm down and his breathing slow down. "When I was 5 we went to your hometown, it wasn't really a vacation, I was just supposed to go on a mission with my dad, but my mom and I just did nothing for a day, that's where I met you." I felt him kiss my cleavage and I closed my eyes. "We did a day at the seaside, you kissed me goodbye, your lips tasted like cherries, I recognized your eyes when you came to us, but I wasn't sure anymore until I kissed you the first time. (d/n) I've loved you for almost 10 years and I think you really showed me for the first time what love even means, for that I'm incredibly grateful..." I tickled his hair and had tears in my eyes. I remembered, that's how I knew his father.

"I remember, your mother knew mine and your father worked with her it wasn't a big job, you were 5 years old and I 4 we thought I'd get another Quirk, but I'm starting to give up hope." leaning my head against the wall. I was tired, hadn't I gotten the Energy from Shoto? It feels like he stole mine. "I'm tired..." I felt his head move on my torso and he looked at me. "Then let's go to sleep." I was about to get up when he clung to me tighter. "I told you that you would sleep here tonight, or was I wrong?" I looked at him lovingly. "I have to go to my room or I'll get in trouble." he pressed himself even tighter against me. "I don't care, you stay here now." at his look I couldn't stand again which is why I finally agreed. I lay down in his big bed and closed my eyes, Shoto was still taking a quick shower. Is it really love now? Or is it only the desire after the pain? Was it a coincidence that we met here?

I heard Shoto step out of the shower, his towel had been tied around his crotch, I could see his V muscles and abs perfectly. I blushed and turned my head to the wall, behind me I heard a soft giggle. I made a small pouting noise and then covered myself. Closing my eyes, I tried to sleep before and ignore the half-hot one behind me, but his aura gave me icy goosebumps and yet I enjoyed it.

I heard Shoto turn off the light and the mattress behind me go down slightly. "(d/n) you're shivering is everything okay?" I snapped my eyes open. Sure enough, my whole body was shaking. "Oh, I'm sorry." I curled up more into a ball to use my body heat even more, but then I felt 2 strong arms, one of them was pleasantly warm, I turned so I could look at Shoto. He had his eyes closed and his hair hung slightly in his face. I had to smile slightly at the sight. I took his left arm and snuggled up to it, his warmth flowed through my whole body and gave me the feeling of security. I felt how the arm became warmer and warmer and I became more and more tired. Slowly I slipped into the land of dreams and let myself be carried by the warmth.

A shrill beep tore me from my pleasantly warm pillow aka Shoto, I sleepily opened my eyes and looked at a wide awake Shoto. Startled, I jumped back and banged my back full on the wall. "Ouch!" I contorted my face. "Are you okay?" Shoto had a worried look on his face, when I saw it I had to laugh. "Yeah everything's fine, I was just startled that you were awake." I laughed and saw Shoto start to smile too. "We should get up, you need to go back to your room." I nodded and rolled out of bed after Shoto, I still had my battle suit on. "See you in class." I waved at him some more and then scurried towards my room.

It was only 6:15, I still had a little time, so I checked my cell phone. I had several messages, some from my mother and some from Ochako, one message was also from my brother, I felt my heart start pounding again and I didn't feel like opening them. I knew that my brother wanted something again, something to do with Shoto, because Shoto is his biggest enemy at the moment and that's because of me. Even though it seemed like Shoto had agreed to his request after yesterday, I didn't want to, I wanted to continue to enjoy his warmth, feel his lips on mine and look at his eyes.

I read the other messages first, my mother just asked how I was and Ochako wanted to go to town with me today, I answered both and then turned to my brother's message.

Hey sis, I just wanted to tell you again, you can have any boy as long as I like him and he's not Todoroki right now. I still like you, take care of yourself.

I rubbed my forehead, I don't want to be with Shoto though, even though I just found out yesterday, I think I need him.

"I'm sorry Shinso, but I'm afraid I can't do you that favor, I love this boy too much for that." I put my phone away and went to take a shower, I wanted to clear my head. After the shower I got ready and went down to breakfast, Shinso's message didn't leave me alone and even though I'm sure I love Shoto, there's still a little part of me that says I should wait.

"Good morning (d/n) !" Ochako waved cheerfully and I joined her and Deku with my breakfast, not seeing a trace of Shoto. Did I drive him away? Did I do something wrong? Slowly, I began to doubt whether Shinso wasn't right after all. "Are you listening to me?" Uraka waved her hand wildly in front of my face. I shook my head. "Sorry I wasn't listening just now, what's up?" She and Deku both laughed lightly until she started talking again. "We want to go to town today are you coming?" I looked at her questioningly so she automatically continued, "Deku, Momo, Shoto, Katsuki, Iida, Kirishima, Denki and Jiro are coming too." I thought for a moment. Shoto would be there too, maybe then the incident would clear up. "Yes I'd like to come, when and where?" Ochako clapped her hands happily. "After class in front of the door okay?" I merely nodded with a slight smile.

We ate our breakfast relaxed and then went to class, Shoto I have not seen the whole morning, only when I came into the classroom he was already sitting bolt upright in his seat and looked blankly into the room, actually as always. I smiled slightly at him and then sat down in my seat, I sank just like him in my thoughts and looked into the void.

The class was pretty boring and Shoto didn't even look at me, I have no idea why he did that, but it hurt.

Just then I walked back to the dorms with Bakugo and Kirishima. The two of them were engrossed in a conversation and I walked silently beside them, we were supposed to meet in an hour, but actually I didn't feel like it after all, but because Ochako is so over-motivated I couldn't cancel. "Hoi, Quirkless!" Katsuki tapped me on the shoulder, I raised my eyebrows questioningly and gave a soft 'Huh?". "I heard you were looking for a ranged technique." I merely nodded slightly and then turned my gaze straight ahead again. "I have an idea, I'll show you when we get to town okay?" my eyes widened. "Y-you have an idea?" Bakugo just nodded annoyed and then said, "No, I just said that as a joke. Why else would I tell you?" In seconds my mood skyrocketed, I gave Katsuki and Kirishima another hug and then ran to my room. If he has an idea and I can use it I finally have a new weapon for ranged combat and the sports festival! I got changed faster than I could and dug out the old plans for the bow and arrow.

The hour went by pretty quickly and I had luckily finished my homework by then and went down to the meeting place motivated. There was only Shoto standing there with Ochako and Deku so far, I smiled slightly and then walked down to them. "Hey guys!" I waved happily and joined them, Ochako waved happily with me and hugged me, Deku also grinned and Shoto...he had his monotone face on again. I looked silently into his eyes, I could see nothing in them, nothing at all, neither sadness, nor joy, nor anger, it was just an empty hole, like when I was unconscious. A deep empty black hole in which I seemed to lose myself again. My heart ached when I saw him like that, it felt like he was gone from me, yet he was never with me, I wanted to trust him and relive yesterday, to feel his warm body against mine once again, but the tingling sensation was gone, as if the universe had said 'It's not him' The connection I had with him, it was just gone. I turned away from him, closed all accesses again, locked my feelings back into an indestructible chamber and swore to myself never to show them again. It hurt and it was hard not to cry but I held it back with all my willpower, focused on the chaos inside me and let it freeze, I let my thoughts stop and put them in the back of my mind. I didn't want to hear any more from them today.

The rest of the group came after a short while as well and we started walking. I stuck to Kirishima and Bakugo and somehow tried to find out information about the ranged technique from him but he was silent as the grave. "Oh come on babe, now tell her what your idea is or she'll bug you the rest of the way." Kirishima had hacked into Bakugo's right arm and I had hacked into his left. "Tsk, okay!" he rolled his eyes and then looked at me, I looked deep into his reds for him to finally say it and then he started to tell, "So how do you find a whip? In the city is a weapons store and they customize their weapons to the customer exactly, it is then such a whip that can do everything, the longer and shorter, can distribute electric shocks and so on you can then choose freely yourself!" he beat wildly while explaining with his arms around and Kirishima and I had to stifle our laughter. But it was a good idea, with the whip I would still have enough freedom of movement and I don't have to worry about running out of ammunition. "I like the idea Katsuki! Let's look for such a whip!" he smiled slightly as a lightning idea came into my head, I grinned mischievously and then sprinted off, while running past everyone I shouted, "The last one at the mall is a bad hero!" when the group heard that everyone sprinted after me and although Shoto and Katsuki could catch up I still won, I have no idea who the last place was.

Breathing heavily, we all stood in front of the center and divided into small groups, Kirishima, Katsuki and I immediately ran to Bakugo's weapons store and entered. The store looked quite formal and in the many glass cases lay the most different weapons with which one could fight. A creepy, broad-built man came out of the back room of the store and looked at the three of us grimly. "You're students from the UA what are you doing here?" I stepped forward and spoke for Katsuki as he was about to blow the man's skull off. "I'm looking for a weapon for ranged combat." I bowed briefly to the big man and felt him contort his facial expression then ease off. "What did you have in mind?" I looked him in the eye and then began to tell him, "Well I had some sort of whip as an idea, but I think you are the professional and can recommend the best." he closed his eyes thoughtfully. "How expensive can it be?" i looked uncertainly at Bakugo and Kirishima. "The school pays for everything, so the price doesn't matter." it was Bakugo who spoke surprisingly calmly. "Well then, tell me some details about how it works and certain requests." I thought for a moment, but then had the perfect idea. "Well, I want the whip not to get twisted, then it should also emit electric shocks if possible, and best of all it should not end and not crack." The man looked at me questioningly, "What is your specialty young lady?" "Um, well," I scratched the back of my neck in embarrassment. "I don't have any" he widened his eyes and then turned around and went into the back room. I turned to the two of them questioningly and saw how hard Kirishima was struggling to hold Bakugo back as he literally exploded.

After about 10 minutes of silence, the man finally came back with a wooden box in his hand, which he placed on the counter. Look at it and tell me if you like it." I opened the box carefully and saw a beautiful whip, it was rolled up and kept in a deep black, there were a few sensors on the handle, I looked at the man pleadingly and he nodded. I took the whip out and saw a few grooves in the handle turn purple. "You are the type of destruction, the whip has chosen, it can do all the things you just mentioned and can learn steadily, do you want it or not?"

The whip radiated an aura that magically attracted me. I nodded slightly to the man and then took the heavy metal in my hand. "I'll send the bill to your school." I smiled proudly and thanked the old man some more, then we went out together and dawdled around some more. "Thanks Katsuki, with this I can finally learn ranged combat." Bakugo playfully put me in a headlock and rubbed my hair. "No problem nerd." we laughed and got some more food before we had to join the others.

Bakugo ordered hot soup and Kirishima ordered a hotpot, I ordered (Random Food) , "What are you going to do with the whip?" Kirishima slurped his hotpot and looked at me questioningly. "I'm going to train with it and try to acquire a technique with which I can still go on close combat." Bakugo slurped his hot soup. "You work almost as tactically as Deku, watch out or you'll start thinking too much soon and it'll affect your strength." I looked questioningly at Katsuki, but then nodded silently and continued eating my food.

When we were almost done Momo, Todoroki, Deku and Ochako came into the small restaurant. They waved at us and then walked in our direction. "What are these nerds doing here?" Bakugo grumbled quietly to himself, Kirishima patting his arm reassuringly. "Hey guys, what all did you get?" Momo sat down next to me and Ochako, Izuku, and Shoto grabbed a chair from the other table. "Bakugo and I got partner sweaters and Halloween socks." Kirishima grinned ear to ear at this, and even if Bakugo didn't show it, he was proud of his friend and found it amusing.

I stayed out of the conversation for the most part and thought, Shoto sat across from me eating his soba with relish, I looked at him lost in thought. He looked like a happy 3 year old child while doing this.

Yes (d/n) it's true, you have a crush on Shoto Todoroki. See if you can get out of this shit. But I don't want to get out of the shit, I like the feeling.

Shoto looked at me questioningly, I didn't even realize we were staring at each other until I was touched on the shoulder. "What did you get (d/n)?" Momo looked at me questioningly, Ochako, Deku and Shoto also looked at me expectantly. "Not much, I've been exploring the stores you have here for a bit, it's a very different atmosphere from where we live by the sea." I smiled slightly then ate the last big bite of my food. "I would have thought you'd get a lot, like Momo, after all your mother is one of the top 4 heroes, you must have a lot of money." Ochako put her hand to her chin questioningly and looked at me.

"You know, Ochako, you don't realize that money isn't everything until you have too much money, and I, for example, would have preferred to grow up with a happy family instead of alone in a big house by the sea, in a place where you were only friends with others to get a high rank in school or to get good training. But if you're someone like me, who doesn't have a family, let alone a full family, then the money doesn't do you any good. I've never had friends there, I've only ever trained because I wanted to belong, but in the end I did it to get stronger and to show that even without a Quirk I can win against people with a strong Quirk. And look at me, I got such strong senses that I can hear and see the fly flying in the 20 meters, I manage to win against Shoto Todoroki in a close combat and I even won with him against Deku and you, you shouldn't always refer to money."

I smiled slightly and then called the waiter over. "It's all on me." He looked at me questioningly, but then went to get the amount, nodding. "But since I already have the money I can pay for your meal right now." I grinned and tipped the waiter, then grabbed my backpack and stood up. "What are you guys waiting for? We need to get back to the rest." After a short hesitation, the rest also got up and walked after me towards the fountain where we were to meet.

There was an uncomfortable silence and I was lost in thought again, we met up with the group and then all walked back to the school together. I walked quietly and alone behind the others, Katsuki uund Kirishima needed time for themselves again and the rest had also divided into groups again. I looked blankly ahead and thought of the whip. If I register it in time then I can use it for the sports festival, but first I should learn how to use it and that best in the next week, because in 3 weeks is already the sports festival. I continued to think until I felt something pleasantly warm on my hand. I looked up startled and saw Shoto's eyes. "What are you doing?" I asked, raising an eyebrow but not disengaging from his hand. "You haven't said a word to me today, so what exactly are you doing here now?" I was a little angry, but his hand was comfortable and I didn't want to let go of it. "I actually wanted to spend time with you, but whenever I wanted to talk to you you went to others or shooed me back with a cold look." he had a slight smile on his lips and looked at me. "I'm sorry, but I thought you were avoiding me, I thought you just wanted to have your fun yesterday and now you're done with me." I looked down at the floor, embarrassed. "You expected that from me? Now I'm offended." he grabbed his heart with acted pain, I laughed out and he laughed lightly too. I squeezed his hand a little tighter and leaned my head against his shoulder. We walked so quietly after the others, it seemed as if no one had noticed anything and most were also busy with themselves.

"I'm serious about yesterday, you know that, right?" Shoto pressed me closer to him and looked down at me. "I do now..." I was not with it despite him being next to me and me enjoying the moment, I was thinking about the whip the whole time, wanting to finally use it and train with it, but I don't want to involve Shoto. The group was still walking in front of us and still everyone was busy with themselves. "Why are you so cold-hearted Shoto?" I wanted to break our awkward silence, not asking the best question. "Cold-hearted? I'm cold-hearted for my own protection, because if I wasn't, my father would probably have killed me by now..." his hand squeezed mine harder and I saw the pain on his face. "We have Saturday tomorrow, don't we? What do you think about sleeping at my place again tonight?" a slight smile came to his lips and he nodded. "But before you come, I want to go back to the training center, I have to sort something out okay?" he nodded. "Okay but don't take too long!" Since we had just arrived at the Ua we parted ways, Shoto gave me another kiss on the forehead and then walked like the others towards the dorm. I walked towards the school's large training center, hoping not to run into anyone else at this hour.

I quickly put on my battle suit and grabbed my whip, then walked into the gym, only a few 3rd graders were there and 2 of the new first graders. I tied my hair up on the way and walked towards a cement wall that I could train on in a minute. I started with a light warm up and some rope jumping, then did some burpees and finally jumped 10 times as high as I could. When I felt ready I picked up the whip. It had a nice purple black handle and I felt a connection with it. I took one swing and hit a concrete wall, it shattered into a thousand pieces. When I looked at the whip in amazement, I saw the electronic lightning coming out of its ends. I walked in amazement to the parkour which was at the end of the hall and tried to include the whip. I could do this parkour without the whip, but I wanted to see what it was like with it.

I took a running start and jumped on the first obstacle, then I let the whip wrap around a pole and used it like a kind of liana, I jumped over the ditch and loosened the whip, the last part of the course I also managed and when I was done with the biggest part I trained a little to pull my victims without causing too much damage. After 2 hours I went back to the boarding house and unlocked the door.
On the community couch sat Kirishima, Bakugo and Denki, the three swayed with to and then played further cards. I immediately went up to the room, when I unlocked it I saw a surprise. Shoto had cleared out all my things and stowed away my boxes. "W-what were you doing here?" I asked him in a shaky voice. "Well, I thought you didn't feel like cleaning out anymore so I did it for you." he scratched the back of his neck and smiled wryly, even pictures had come up, he had even sorted my school stuff. I fell around his neck until I smelled that I stank, I jumped back awkwardly and slid across the carpet until Shoto caught me. "Are you okay?" he looked at my face with full fear and I just nodded weakly. Then I spun out of his embrace. "I-I'm going to take a shower then, don't make a sheath okay?" I smiled ever so slightly and then walked into the bathroom. There I slammed the door and leaned against it. I smelled under my armpits and the food from earlier almost came back to me. I quickly undressed and went into the shower, I shaved my whole body of any hair that shouldn't be and used extra shower gel, I had this need for Shoto to smell good and also to be freshly shaved.
When I was finally done after an hour I grabbed my pajamas and brushed my teeth quickly. Then I opened the bathroom door and saw Shoto, who was still lying in bed staring at his cell phone. When he heard me he raised his head briefly, looked into my eyes and then at my desk where I had left the whip. "You said you didn't get anything? What's that? I couldn't touch it without getting shocked." I raised my eyebrows. "You couldn't touch it? I got it in town today and wanted to do some training with it, Katsuki gave me the idea." I picked up the whip and ran it through with electricity, then flicked it forward a few times, but then put it away. "I don't want everyone to know about this, it's going to be hard enough at the sports festival, I don't need everyone knowing my secret weapon." Shoto just nodded in understanding. I walked over to him and dropped down on top of him. Then I beeped into his right side so that it automatically became cooler. Shoto looked at me questioningly, but I merely smiled. When his side became too cold at some point, I touched the left side, which also became a little warm. I snuggled up to the arm, which Shoto then put around me, he opened the computer and turned on Netflix. I enjoyed his warmth and also felt no more pain that his electricity radiated. I could just enjoy him, his warmth and his heartbeat.

"Back on vacation, we were still a family when I met you..." I was lying on Shoto's chest with my eyes closed. "You're still a family...only now you're living apart." Shoto stroked my back and continued watching his show. "They are not my family (d/n) they are strangers." I opened my eyes and looked into his face. "Shoto, look at me. They are your family, even if you don't see each other that often, even if you don't talk to each other, you are a family, because family is not something you can choose." he looked at me blankly. A silent tear ran down his face and his look had certain pains. I hugged him and felt my tshirt getting slightly wet, he hugged me as tight as he could and I stroked his back reassuringly. "Everything will be fine." my voice was calm and my thoughts focused on him. "Are you with your family, a real family?" he still had his head in my shirt and pressed his forehead against my cleavage. "A real family unfortunately not anymore, my parents have divorced and I haven't seen my father for several years, Shinso lives here now too and is only supported financially by mom and dad. We are all growing up now and slowly the seriousness of life begins..." A silent tear also ran down my face as I thought of the old times when we were still happy. I also remembered the time when Shoto was there. He had always been a role model for me and he had always been a friend of mine. "(d/n) thank you for being there for me." he still had his eyes closed and was still holding me. "No thing, that's what friends are for." i smiled slightly and leaned my head on him. "But what if I feel more than friendship for you? If that kiss yesterday opened my eyes, told me that I love you, that I want to be your friend, that I want to have a future with you. What if it comes to that? Would you still be there for me? Would you love me too?" he grabbed me by the shoulders and looked into my eyes. "Yes. I would." I reached up to his face and kissed his soft lips, he immediately reciprocated, his hands grabbed my butt and pulled me onto his lap, I grabbed his hair and pulled him towards me by his neck. He had his hands all over my body. I pressed my body even closer to his, again feeling the electricity which grew stronger with each touch, more attractive. His tongue explored my mouth and mine his. I broke the kiss and looked him in the eyes, my hands I put to his cheek and I spoke shakily. "But is it?" he rested his forehead against mine and closed his eyes. "Ever since you kissed me by the sea." a slight smile was on his lips and I laughed lightly too. He leaned against me so that I fell down and he was on top of me, his head was on my chest and he dug his face in too. He had his arms around me and I was cuddling his head. "I love you (d/n)!" he hugged me even tighter and I laughed lightly. "I love you too Sho." his grip loosened a little and his breathing became even. I turned off the light next to me and did the same to Sho, falling into a comfortable sleep.

I could feel his breathing on my skin and hear his heartbeat. My senses were focused on him and on every movement of his body. Despite the fact that I was asleep, I was somehow awake and could hear everything. My eyes were also open and I looked at the door. Sometimes the light came on, then you could see a few feet scurrying across the floor and also hear a few voices, then the light went out again and it became silent. I cuddled Shoto's hair and concentrated on his breathing and mine. He looked like a little baby and his heartbeat revealed that he was having a pleasant dream. The window was tilted and I could feel the autumn wind. I thought about everything.

I was now with Shoto, had finally found a weapon for ranged combat and in 3 weeks the sports festival is coming up, until then I have to know everyone and understand their Quirk. I have to develop a strategy against everyone how I can win alone or in a team, I also have to find out the strengths for everyone, because I will probably have to fight with them too. It's going to be an exhausting three weeks, because besides that I need to train more with the whip, I need to master it perfectly, no I need to master it even better than perfect, otherwise I won't be able to do much with it.

I looked up at the starry sky, the night was clear and crisp and if Shoto didn't warm me I would probably shiver very badly. I just kept looking at the window and watched the sun slowly rise, nothing was visible yet, just a slight hint, but in a few hours it would be high above us again and shine on my first day off in the Dorms.

I fell again into a light sleep and enjoyed the silence which spread the whole night in the room, from outside only a few birds were to be heard, which sang happily towards the sun. Shoto snored a little and I brushed his hair out of his face, then rolled over and sat up. My legs had fallen asleep because of Shoto's weight and I had to shake them hard to get them to listen to me again. I got up quietly and went to my closet, the sky was already turning red outside and the sun was peeking out from behind the mountains. I took my sports clothes and got dressed. I tied my hair into a high ponytail and then I went towards the door. I closed this quietly behind me and ran to the elevator, the door opened immediately and I drove silently down to the main entrance and exit. My headphones were already in my ears and my legs were already tingling, I opened the large door of the house and stepped out into the pleasant cold of the morning. I could see my own breath and a slight goosebumps spread on my body, I pulled up the zipper of my jacket and walked in a still slow pace towards the forest. My legs did most of the running by themselves as I was jogging every Saturday morning, music droned my ears and I had quite a bit of tunnel vision. If I don't have Quirk I have to be better at everything, there is hardly a day I don't practice, when I get back home I should practice with Katsuki and the whip.
The forest passed me and I came to a huge field, it was yellow and far and wide nothing else to see in front of me, I turned around and was about to jog back when I discovered a trail.

My body tingled slightly, the path had something mysterious about it, it attracted me, but also repelled me again, almost like Shoto. Light fog was forming in the forest and the sun was not shining through the dense treetops either. I heard a crack and turned around with a jerk. In front of me stood a wild boar, which looked at me confused and then ran on, I exhaled heavily and closed my eyes briefly, then I followed the trail again, all my senses were sharpened and I was ready to knock out anyone who would jump out of the bush.

After about 15 minutes I came to a large clearing where a small wooden house stood, I walked closer to the house and looked through the window. The hut was not very large and had only one room, the embers were still visible, from which I could deduce that the owner should probably be nearby. I looked around and saw a shadow scurrying by. I jumped away and looked into a purple glowing dark eye. A dark cloak stretched across from me and looked me in the eye. I stood in a fighting stance and glared at the creature. "Who are you?" my voice trembled a little and my body became heavily perfused and my heart pounded.

"The question is rather who are YOU?" The voice was low and had a metallic undertone. "I don't want a fight, excuse me." I wanted to run to the door and leave, but the cape stood in front of the door. "You are (d/n) (n/n), the new one at UA!" the cape slowly dropped the hood and I looked into his purple eyes, a man in his mid 30's stood in front of me looking at me, his hair was white and tousled and his skin was scarred and dry. I looked into his face and widened my eyes. "Father?" the man looked at me with a disgusting grin. I jumped against the wall and once through the window, which was next to the door I slithered briefly across the forest floor in my sneakers. My body turned radically and I looked my father in the eye. "What are you doing here?" I drew my eyebrows together and glared at him. "I'm here to get you back, you belong with me and not here." he ran towards me and a huge gust of wind enveloped me. Protectively I held my hands in front of my face and tried not to fly away. When the wind died down, I looked my father in the eye. A fight is useless, not in my condition and especially not against my father. "Hehe, about that, I'll be going, don't really feel like going with you..." I scratched the back of my neck and sprinted towards the Dorms. I didn't look back but just kept running, all I could hear was a muffled voice behind me. "I'll find you yet!" My breathing was heavy and the way quite long, my legs ached, but I didn't want to waste a second.

Breathing heavily, I stood in front of the Dorms and knocked on the Sensei's room. "Aizawa, please Aizawa open up!" the teacher sleepily opened the room door. "(d/n) what is it? You know it's only 7 a.m., right?" his voice had a grim undertone and his eyes had black circles. "M-my father, I-I saw him u-and e-he w-will..." the sensei hugged me and whispered softly in my ear, "Psssst, everything will be fine, tell me what happened, we'll find a solution for it." he asked me to come in the room and I followed him in tears.

"I was going for a jog like I do every Saturday, then I found an old trail, I followed it and found myself in this house, there I met and and then then I just ran, as fast as I could I sprinted 17 kilometers in less than 10 minutes. I'm not afraid of my father but his eyes were different and in general he, he radiated so much evil, I didn't want to fight him so I just ran away as far as I could and as fast as I could." Tears ran down my cheeks and I sobbed into Eri's arms. "All will be well (d/n)" she patted my head and handed me a tea cup. I smiled slightly and drank from the tea.

"Where is (d/n)!", Shoto knocked frantically on Sensei Aizawa's door, Eri opened the door a crack and Shoto rushed into the room, he was only wearing pants and looked at me startled. I smiled weakly and clung more into my blanket. "What happened?" he came to me and hugged me as tight as he could, I enjoyed this brogeness and leaned against him slightly, I was tired and that's why I closed my eyes, I just wanted to sleep and enjoy his warmth.

As I was about to turn around I felt two arms holding me, I looked at Shoto's face and smiled slightly. "What happened (d/n)?", I swallowed hard and gently kissed Shoto's lips. "In the forest, my father met me, but he was obsessed with something evil." I stroked the boy's hair and somehow distracted myself from what was happening. "I want to make sure this never happens to you again, no matter what it takes." he took my face in his hands decisively and gently kissed my lips. "I love you." I smiled slightly and gave him a peck on the cheek. "I love you too Sho," by now it was lunchtime and I felt an uncomfortable emptiness spread through my stomach and before I could say anything my stomach took that job from me. Sho laughed softly and I began to grin uncertainly as well. "Well then, let's go downstairs for lunch," I just nodded and deftly rolled out of bed.

Shoto put on a t-shirt and I put on my sweater, plus my snazzy slippers, then I turned to Sho, but he just pointed at my legs with a bright red face. I looked down at myself questioningly until it hit me like a slap in the face, I HAD NO PANTS ON! Startled and with a tomato red face, I looked at Shoto. "Where are my pants?", I looked around a little hesitantly until Shoto threw one of his underpants in my face. "Here, you can take these, we'll look for your pants later.", I could hear the amused tone in his voice, which is why I gave him an evil, but at the same time grateful look. The pants pulled up great over my butt and fit perfectly, actually I thought they were cute, until I realized yet another fact: Shoto Todoroki was wearing these pants, they. were. right. on. his. fucking. Penis.! I didn't know what came over me, but I seemed to have gone white as a sheet. "(d/n)! Are you alright? YOU'RE paler than my ice!", I just looked blankly at Shoto and then turned bright red again, "A-all good, I-I h-had, m- I just i-st n-just a- noticed d-that d-you y-you s-had d-these h-pants a-at h-y-your p-p-p, oh you know what I mean!"I quickly turned away and opened the door. "Come on we were going to eat.", I ran bright red to the elevator and waited for Shoto, he finally came after a few minutes, but his face had the fabre of his red hair, I couldn't look at him because the one from just now was still pretty deep in my throat, so we just went to eat in silence.

The elevator opened with a ding noise and Shoto quickly gave me a kiss on the forehead. "See you later princess.", then he went ahead and I waited a bit in the elevator. Our plan was to always appear staggered if possible and never together somewhere, since no one needs to know about it. I finally went to eat as well, as my stomach seemed to be sending out a mating call to the whales out there. As I walked into the dining hall it became abruptly quiet, everyone looked at me except Shoto of course, and I also had the feeling that they all blinked twice at the same time, a cold shiver ran down my spine and I smiled nervously into the room, my hand made a small waving motion and that seemed to be just the signal for everyone. Chairs creaked and everyone ran towards me, I squinted my eyes and took a few steps back expecting a rush but nothing happened, it was suddenly quiet. I opened my eyes a crack and saw that Mina's finger was almost in my face but it was blue instead of pink and the others were all frozen in their movement too, I looked past them and saw Shoto who grinned slightly and then waved me towards him. With quick steps I ran to a spot next to him and Shoto let the others unfreeze again, they fell forward and looked around questioningly, since Shoto was taller than me I could hide behind him and we could eat lunch in peace, or so I thought.

Mina, Ochako, Momo and even Jiro ran up to Shoto and looked at him angrily. Mina was the first to speak up: "I think it's great that you found someone you like more than yourself and want to take care of, BUT just because we want to know how she is, doesn't mean you can freeze us! ", her face ran bright red with anger and now Bakugo joined in and yelled at Shoto: "IcyThot, if you do that again, I swear to you, you won't be able to see if (d/n) is still at school after the sports festival!", a large crowd formed around Shoto, but since the class is apparently too stupid, they stood only to his left, so that hardly anyone had noticed me to his right. Shoto looked at his Soba and then at Mina and the others, what happened then I didn't want to believe myself. "Mina, I really don't have anything to do with you, but have you even noticed how much trouble you always make it for others, if I hadn't frozen you right away, you would have poked out (d/n)'s eye and you bakuhoe, make another remark like that about (d/n) and Kirishima's Quirk won't be hard enough to stop me," his voice was calm but angry and everyone in the room drew in a sharp breath.

I pulled lightly on Shoto's arm, my face was pumped with blood and I felt myself clenching my fists, Shoto was defending me and I hate it when someone defends me, I can do it myself, all my life I've been put down, I've been laughed at because I don't have a Quirk, because I was different, they were all my inspiration, I only wanted to become stronger because of people like that, I wanted to prove to the world that I was strong too, that I could stand my ground and above all that they didn't have to protect me!

Iida was about to say something when I stood up loudly for everyone to see. I walked past Shoto's chair and stood in front of Mina: "Listen to me, no one in the world deserves friends like you, you are kind, generous and you protect what is important to you, these are qualities that are required of heroes and we all want to become heroes. I have taken you all to my heart-" I looked around the room and looked deeply into everyone's eyes once, at the far end stood Aizawa and Eri, they were looking at what was going on, but I didn't want to be distracted by that, so I continued with my speech: "-you are so many different characters, with so many different quirks, and believe me, everyone knows you, but even if you want to be heroes, somewhere certain deeds have a limit and that limit should not be crossed, especially with your own friends you should know where the limit is. ", I looked at Mina and took another step towards her, she took it back, my finger touched her cleavage and I could feel her heartbeat accelerating. "I haven't been here long Ashido, but I want to tell you something about me, a little secret...I HATE it when people don't respect my privacy and I hate it even more when they almost poke my eye out in the process.", my body was seething with anger or whatever it was and I had to try pretty hard not to lash out and hit her.

"-What else do I hate..." i turned away from Ashido and walked towards Bakugo, he was a little taller than me but the distance meant we could look each other straight in the eye. Katsuki growled loudly and a few sparks flew out from his hands, I didn't let them bother me and stared at him blankly. "-If people think I'm weak or they use ME to provoke others, Bakugo Katsuki, be warned, because if you do this again, YOU will be the one who won't live to see if I won the sports festival or not," Bakugo growled deeply at me and I took a step closer to him, he had now released himself from Kirishima's grip as well and was standing inches away from me. I growled as well as him and saw out of the corner of my eye how many widened their eyes, Bakugo was also a little irritated by my counterattack, because he took a step back, but only to then lash out with his right fist, he was about to board his hand directly into my face, this time I was able to defend myself.

I took his arum and dove under his armpit with arm in hand, then slammed my hand on his back and pushed his torso down with my knee, I looked down at him from above and just as he was about to yell out I growled loudly, his attempt to yell immediately fell silent and the tension in his muscles immediately released. "Understand, Katsuki?" he nodded just slightly and I let go of him again, if I had twisted his arm a little more I would have broken it. I looked at each one angrily, which was sign enough for them to sit back down in their seats and continue eating. I looked again at Eri and Aizawa, both of them were standing in the doorway with their eyes wide open, but Aizawa relaxed again pretty quickly and just smiled proudly at me, I returned the smile and then sat down with Shoto, we ate our food in silence, there was whispering all the time and I kept listening and picking up a few phrases like, "Do you think she has an animal quirk? That was pretty animalistic." or "I'm sure she can manipulate Bakugo, otherwise she wouldn't have knocked him out so quickly.", but some also said something very respectful like "if she doesn't win the sports festival then no one will" or "I won't mess with her again, but I want to learn how to do that!", I laughed lightly sometimes and Shoto just looked at me questioningly.

Until he started talking, "How did you manage that with Bakuhoe?", I looked at him questioningly and quickly swallowed. "The growl or the hand grip?", Shoto slurped his soba and then narrowly gave 'both'. "The hand grip is one that is learned almost first in any fighting style and since I've talked to Deku about it before and made sure during training, I knew that if he wanted to attack me, he would first step back and then strike with his right hand, so I was already prepared and since I grew up by the sea and have a brother, I know how to growl properly and I have also learned that a loud growl is usually more intimidating than words, looks or actions, so I have improved it over time, I noticed that Katsuki often growls quietly and when he is angry he likes to make it louder, so I knew that if I mess with him, I can make him respect me and he does that now. "

I took a big bite of my food and looked at Shoto with a grin. The latter's eyes had widened a little. "You should apply to be class president, if even Bakuhoe respects you, then the rest of the class will too," I quickly swallowed. "For that I would have to be allowed to stay at the school first and second, I'm new, I don't know you all that well and besides I don't want to be, that's so much responsibility.", Shoto went into killuapose (iykyk) and closed his eyes, he gave a low growl. "I don't think you won't stay, Aizawa seems impressed with you, Eri loves you, Principal Nezu too and you're strong enough to score properly at the sports festival.", I put my head on my hands and looked at the floor. "That's sweet of you, but don't you dare spare me when we fight each other in the finals, because I won't give 100 percent." I grinned sadistically at him and he opened his eyes just a crack and looked at me with the same grin, then he also leaned forward and looked at me, "I'm going to cold-heartedly stomp you into the ground.", I laughed out and replied faster than I could think, "Can you please do that in bed?", my eyes widened as soon as the words left my mouth and my brain processed what it had just said. My cheeks suddenly turned bright red and my throat went all dry, Shoto also seemed to have taken a while to realize what I just said, I couldn't really interpret if he was turning pale or red but I think it was a mixture of both. I looked down at the floor in embarrassment and held my hands to my face. Sho took my chin and looked deep into my eyes. "If that's what you want I'll do it in bed too, but if you can't walk anymore don't cry about it.", his voice was deep and dominant, all my hair stood up and I felt a super comfortable tingling in my stomach area. I nodded slightly and Sho let go of my chin, he took my plate and brought it to the kitchen, I quietly got up and walked to the elevator to wait for him there. Everyone had now realized we had something anyway, so why hide anymore? He came only a few moments after me and we drove to my room, he had promised me yesterday that he would help me clear out the last boxes, so that I soon have a tidy room. I leaned against him and closed my eyes. I hope that Katsuki and I are still friends and that Mina will soon forget all this, I didn't want to make either of them my enemies under any circumstances, but I'm even less likely to let either of them humiliate Shoto or me in front of the whole class.

The elevator door opened and we went to my room, it still looked pretty messy and cleaning up was urgently needed. I took my cell phone and turned on a playlist. When the first sounds came I bobbed my head along and hummed the melody to myself, then I started cleaning up, Shoto did the same.

Several hours passed when we finally finished, I dropped onto the bed with a loud plop and exhaled heavily. Sho sat down with me and put his back on the bed, I lay down with him and we stared at the wall together. When suddenly there was a knock on my door, I looked questioningly at Shoto, but he just shrugged his shoulders. With a loud squeak I sat up and ran to the door, I opened it a crack and looked into Mina's black, yellow eyes. Questioningly I raised an eyebrow and opened the door a little more. "Heyy (d/n)!" she waved at me uncertainly. "What's up Mina?", when I said the name her eyes widened and she started grinning happily, I looked at her questioningly, this was a mistake though because she suddenly started talking, way too fast: "Phew, I thought you were still mad at me, you know I don't like my last name much, that's why I hate it when people call me Ashido. Why I'm here you're probably wondering, well actually I wanted to see your room, because the others and I haven't seen it yet, well except for Todoroki-kun, you seem to get along pretty well with him, he's also a handsome guy, I mean his muscles are really different! Oh and if you have any idea where he is? I wanted to apologize to him again and also to you, it was wrong of me and the whole class to rush at you like that, you surely would have told us what happened, but most of us are quite curious, but those are things you have to be as a hero, aren't they? May I come into your room? I want to see it!" I stood rooted to the spot and had to sort through their twenty million different topics. Shoto, sorry, muscles, hero, room. "You don't have to look for me Mina I heard your apology and I accept it," I turned around with a jerk and saw Sho rest his head on mine and look down at Mina. "T-Todoroki-kun, y-you h-have a-heard-everything?", he only gave a slight grumble and then pulled me away from the door so Mina could come into the room, she now had a slightly startled look on her face again as Sho seemed to have surprised her quite a bit.

We had my room set up exactly to my taste, (I have no idea what your taste is so pick how you want the room set up, I will always explain the room neutrally so you are free to make it up as you go). "Wow, your room is mega cool, I like it!", I smiled slightly, Shoto still had his head on mine and didn't take his eyes off Mina for a second, I gave him a little poke in the stomach to make him stop staring at her, he flinched and took his head off mine but then immediately put it on my shoulder, I looked at him questioningly and he just pulled his lower lip forward. Mina was just looking at my closet, she took out a few things and then threw them on the floor, my heart ached when I saw that she made my beautiful order messy.

"We were just finishing :( ", I suddenly heard a loud noise from Mina's mouth, which reminded me a bit of a fire alarm, out of puure reflex I jumped away from Shoto and climbed on the door, I crouched down on the frame and asked that it not close now. "What's Ashido?", Sho looked at me questioningly and ran to Mina's closet. "Look!", she pointed into my closet and I jumped from the door to my table and then to Shoto's shoulders, he had to balance for a moment but then held me. Mina pointed to the whip and my spare suit, her eyes widened and she looked at me happily. "You found a weapon for ranged combat! I'm so glad!" that's when I heard the fire alarm again, I squinted my eyes hoping not to hear it, but that doesn't do much good now. "Hey, Mina, can you please keep this to yourself for now? I'm not that good with it yet and I wouldn't want to show it to the class until I've almost perfected it," I looked at her begging from Sho's shoulder and she just nodded. "Thanks Mina!"

I laughed broadly and Mina headed for the door. "I think it's great that Todoroki-kun found someone he trusts, he needs friends like you.", she waved at me some more and I jumped down from Sho's shoulder again. He just looked at me skeptically, "I have two questions, the first is why didn't you tell me about the whip and the second is why do you always jump on way too high objects when you get scared?" "Hehe, well, the whip I wanted to show you only when I mastered it properly and the jumping on things, that's because I've gotten used to it, when you're attacked you always have to get to a higher position than the opponent, then you can watch him better and better to counterattack and also I like to jump from place to place and preferably just on the shoulders of others. ", I looked down at the ground sheepishly and suddenly felt two strong arms embrace me, "You're so amazing (d/n).", I smiled slightly and hugged Sho back, "I just learned how to survive, that's all."

The rest of the day Shoto and I put the things in the closet again, after that he already went to his room, I sat down at my, now tidy, desk and did the homework. There weren't many and also only subjects I was good at, so I finished relatively fast and devoted myself to my hobby. (You can choose whether you now paint, play an instrument, chill on the cell phone or whatever) After supper I spoiled myself with a mask and a cure properly and then went to bed pretty early, tomorrow we had hero training before the normal lessons and I wanted to use the first time my whip for use.

My alarm clock tore me rudely from sleep and I sat bolt upright in my bed in a few seconds, I had not really slept well the night, I missed Shoto at my side. It was hard to get out of bed and I had the feeling that my legs were as heavy as lead. We had it 3:45 in the morning, at 4:15 we meet at breakfast to walk together to the Gamma Hall at 4:30. I like to be out and about early, but this is definitely too early for me. I looked at myself in the mirror and came to the conclusion that I could actually still sleep, besides, I looked like a pile of garbage, half an hour is far from enough to make me human.

Somehow I still managed to get ready, in the end I sat with toothbrush in the right hand and hairbrush in the left hand on the toilet and have my whole life reconsidered, BUT after I have overcome the morning depression I looked human in the end, I had my hero suit on and my hair somehow removed from my face. Just as I was about to close the elevator door I saw Shoto, at least as tired, come out of his room and give me a hand signal to stop the elevator, nice as I am I did it of course. He was also wearing his hero suit. "Morning.", he gave me a kiss on the forehead and then leaned against the back wall of the elevator, since I wasn't really awake yet I gave a slight grumble and leaned against the wall as well. My eyelids were heavy and I had to fight not to sleep standing up.

At breakfast it was eerily quiet, but I could understand, no one here is a real morning person and even if they were, this time of day is too early even for the earliest bird. I looked at my food with empty eyes, I wasn't really hungry, but since Sho gave me a nasty look I decided to eat it anyway. I don't know how we made it, but when I opened my eyes the next blink we were in Gamma Hall. The sensei was also still more asleep than standing, but we're used to that from him. I had my whip attached to the right side of my hip, it looked like a normal cane because you could extend and retract the metal of the whip.

"Okay class, I know you are tired, but a hero is awake at all times, so this one is too. Today's training is again based on a duel and improving your special attacks, split up for now and practice the techniques, when All Might comes we'll start the duels.", he yawned once at length and the class split up in the big hall. I grabbed my shoulder and turned my arms a little, my lids were still not really open, but I could already activate my other senses.

Denki tried to shock Kirishima, but he fought it off and now Bakugo is furious, I don't know why, but he suddenly started screaming, the sudden scream made my leg muscles tense and I widened my eyes. Now I was awake, when Bakugo screamed again I jumped in shock to the nearest wall, my suit extended its suction cups and I was stuck to the wall, now that I was finally awake I could also see what the others were doing and I could see Katsuki coming towards me with a rather, rather, rather grim expression on his face. My throat went dry and my muscles tensed. I ran up the wall a few more steps, just to make sure Bakugo didn't reach me from a standing start. "Yo, Quirkless!" his voice echoed through the hall, I raised an eyebrow questioningly. "Fight me, I want to know what you can do!", I closed my eyes briefly but then nodded. Then I jumped over Bakugo and landed on my hands I propped myself up on them and then did a somersault to get back on my feet. "Well then, get started Katsuki.", I hadn't even tensed my muscles, in fact I wanted to waste as little energy as necessary. Katsuki came screaming growling at me and lashed out with his right arm, I knew he was going to do that, which is why I deftly dodged it, I unfortunately had a blind spot to his leg though, which is why I only felt a hard kick in my stomach, I squinted my eyes and slammed into the wall unsteadily. "Ouch!", my stomach was cramping and not only because of the kick but also because of my fucking period.

I slowly got up again and Bakugo came towards me, he had such a disgusting smile on his lips, my legs were shaking and I had a hard time standing on my feet. "If you can't even take a kick, then you can't become a hero!", his voice was different than usual, spiteful. I ducked down and kicked his legs away with a spin, he hit the ground hard, I took the whip and grabbed his leg with it, then I slammed him against the wall and jumped a few feet away, my whip was still wrapped around his leg and when he was about to get up I pulled him towards me and slammed my leg into his stomach, when he tried to get up again I pulled him towards me again, but this time I gave him a chinlock. This time when he flew away I released the whip from him and ran towards him, I was pissed off at him right now, he was lying on the floor coughing heavily, his look was full of hate and he wanted to get up again but his body didn't listen to him. "Listen to me Katsuki, before you talk big next time, you win against me, I thank you for the tip with the whip, but unfortunately I am worlds stronger than you thanks to it, so before you step on me again soon, you should defeat me.", I took a few steps away from him, but still had my eyes on him. When I had enough distance and he still didn't get up I turned around and walked to the course, I was warm now and wanted to improve my record time.

Throughout the training I avoided as much contact as I could, my fists were bloody from smashing the cement walls so many times. Bakugo avoided me and I avoided Shoto, the others in the class also avoided my presence I could understand them, but it felt so empty around me, like a part of me was missing.

I did not concentrate much in class, but everything that came up was not important for the exams anyway. When the day was finally over I let myself fall ungently onto my bed, I was completely finished with the world. My face I had pressed into my pillow and a loud shrill scream escaped my throat, he was muffled and you heard him only in the room, but I screamed, screamed as loud as I could. Without me noticing anything, I heard it bang loudly as soon as I stopped screaming. I jerked my head up and saw that all the decorative items in the room were on the floor. I rubbed my eyes and looked closer, when I saw the mess I almost felt sick, I didn't feel like cleaning up anymore, I didn't feel like studying and I didn't have the motivation to exercise. I let my head fall back into the bed and stared at the ceiling. A few soft sounds escaped my mouth, soft and gentle my voice echoed through the room and the words dripped along the corner of my mouth. (Song: Trust by Christina Perri)

Words that hurt the ones you lovin
Hatred for who you're becomin'
I knew better then yes
I knew better then
To trust myself
To trust someone else
To trust the lies that slip from my mouth
Trust the heart I'm so quick to sell
Yes I knew better then
I knew better then
To trust love again
Memories who won't stop stinging
Promises I couldn't believe in
I knew better then
I knew better then
To trust myself
To trust someone else
To trust the doubt in the back of my mind
Trust the trail of pain left behind
Yes, I knew better then
I knew better then to trust love again
And I'm so quick to lose
What was never mine to keep
And I cannot stand (oh) what's broken under me
I don't know how to forgive
Myself for everything that I missed
Learn trust
Like the winds, blowing
Changes, fast and growing
I knew better then
I knew better then.

Gently a tear ran down my cheek and I looked around the room, everything was floating and I smiled slightly. I do have a Quirk after all....
I poked the things in the room, they were full of electricity and I jumped back slightly, it was the same pain I felt with Shoto, after I touched the object it banged loudly on the floor. My just sad face got a slight smile on my lips. All these years nothing happened and now it did, I got a Quirk, but how does it work? Quietly I began to hum and the objects flew in circles around me and I spun with them, I could see light flashes around them. Since it was already dark outside and I had no lights on they were the only source of light in the room, or so I thought. My body glowed too, as did the objects, a soft purple settled in the room and made it look like a starry sky. On my arms were light freckles which were the glowing spots and as I turned to the mirror I could see the soft purple strand in my (h/f) hair, it was faint and only one but it too glowed. I laughed to myself and then looked happily down my body.

Hey guys, I made a detailed profile of our Quirk, I tried to make it as understandable as possible. What I explain here, the character finds out of course only in the course of the story, I just wanted to enlighten you a little.

So our Quirk is called "Enerugi kontroru" in Japanese and in English simply energy control.

Through our voice and various emotions, certain plasma frequencies are emitted, which wrap around objects, people or creatures, they are visible to the naked eye and have a light purple hue.

Objects in your grip, that is, embraced by the plasma, can grow, shrink, float or explode. The speed of the plasma is influenced by the pitch of your voice, the higher it is, the faster the object or plasma moves.

As soon as you touch the floating object the plasma is withdrawn and the object falls to the ground, but if someone else touches it, energy is withdrawn from that person and then transferred to the object, if the object has reached a maximum energy, meaning it absorbs too much energy, then it releases the energy with a sonic explosion, this can only be heard by her as only your ears can hear such a high frequency - a downside to the Quirk, it almost feels like your eardrums are about to explode.

When you addresses yourself , you can collect plasma in your hands and then move it around as a simple ball of plasma.

The dots on your skin show your mental and physical state, the brighter they glow, the stronger you are. You can expand her maximum by either:
(a) training (b) eating (c) emotions.

Through thought or finger gestures the objects you have already enveloped with your voice can be moved, if you haven't yet sung then the object remains as it is.

Since your Quirk also works on humans you can extract energy from humans or objects in general and use it yourself. When a person is in your plasma, you can focus the energy so that a shield wraps around the person, which can prevent significant damage, but the person in the plasma can't do anything because the shield also insulates and the Quirk therefore can't step out and hurt the owner in the shield.

When you talk to people and touch them you sometimes feel electric shocks because you subconsciously gives energy to your counterpart, if you don't feel any then the energy loss is not big enough for your body to give you warning signals.

In Shoto's case, the pain was so great because you are more attracted to him than to anyone else and therefore subconsciously always gave him more energy than you had, because you had the desire to make him stronger and so subconsciously you almost always give your life to make him stronger than usual.

When you touch the head of a living being with your fingers and forehead, you can emit ultra-high waves, with which you can manipulate the nerves of your opponent and look into his head as long as you touch him.

Why was the Quirk discovered only now? Since you have never really screamed in your whole life, at least from an emotion, you never realized that you possess this Quirk, since it also corresponds in only one way with that of Shinso and your mother and in none at all with your father, nobody expected that you possess a siren-like energy Quirk.

Family Situation

Hajme Shinso: His "no sleep" Quirk is sort of self-explanatory, he never sleeps. He also feels no fatigue or exhaustion. Even though this specialty seems more like a curse, he used it to learn more.

He also went to UA and graduated from the regular department 2 years ahead of everyone else. He knew pretty early that he can't become a hero with this specialty, that's why he decided to become a neurosurgeon. For this reason, he admires his children for having the strong will to become heroes. He is proud of both of them, but has not seen his daughter for almost 10 years due to the divorce.

His specialty is quite useful in his job and sometimes he is even in the hospital all day, but in the evening he feels guilty for leaving Shinso alone all day. For this reason, he agreed to the dorm system at UA because he wanted Shinso to be taken care of all day. The reason for the divorce between him and his wife was that he only had work on his mind and didn't really care for both children, he never really saw (D/n) very often because his wife cared more for them, there were strong differences between the twins and you could see early on that Shinso belonged more to his father while (D/n) belonged more to their mother. He thought at the beginning that (d/n) also has the Quirk he has, but he was wrong, she had slept more than all the other children.

Mihoko Shinso, she has almost exactly the same Quirk as Hitoshi, only that she needs the physical touch to manipulate someone, she felt terrible giving her son such a Quirk and kept punishing herself for it by curling up in the evening and crying bitterly because her daughter didn't have a Quirk, she cared more for her than for Shinso, she couldn't look him in the eye because she felt so guilty, she heartbreakingly differentiated herself from her son and left him alone with her husband, but since Hajme was always working and couldn't spend time with her, she decided to separate from him. She took her daughter with her, knowing that Hitoshi would be better off with her husband than with her, since he could always watch over him. She hated her specialty, but eventually became a hero, not a typical one, but the one who, when shurks were caught, manipulated them into giving up and doing prison work. When she ran away with (d/n) she took her old last name again, she had made a package for (d/n) with memories of her family and gave her this box for her 12th birthday, since then (d/n) and Hitoshi are in contact again and always meet on vacations. She sometimes sees her husband when she takes (d/n) to her father's house, but Hitoshi has never come to see her because she still feels terrible about having given him the special.

It felt great to know I had a Quirk, that all the birthday candles, dandelions and daisies had come true, that I was always right even though everyone considered me crazy. I was in a kind of trance, of joy, happiness and a power that makes my whole body feel alive, that pumps me with energy and boosts all my organs, makes my heart beat faster and my muscles tense.

I had resolved to train this power but not to use it until the sports festival, I could actually win with this power and since I don't know my criterion which I have to meet to stay, I just have to win. The objects in the room seemed to react to my voice, but also to my movements, thoughts or energy sources. I was sure that the objects were moved with energy, but I didn't quite know what exactly I could do with this Quirk. I took my computer and sat on my bed, by a few tricks and clicks I had hacked into the International Quirk Analysis and searched for any keywords related to mine. Since this website needs more accurate data you have to give quite a lot of details, but once it has filtered out the Quirk it gives tips on how to train it and also a more accurate description, it was actually invented to scout out Shurks who haven't registered their Quirk and are immune to my mother's brainwashing and give the Quirk's danger level.

I sat alone for half an hour until I finished entering my data and then the website needed another half hour to filter out my Quirk. While all this was going on I kept using it and trying to understand it as well as I could on my own. The objects began to float as soon as I chanted and I could see a purple thread coming out of my mouth. The objects seemed to be weightless like Uraka, but they did not rise to the ceiling, only to my eye level. This meant that they were being carried by the purple threads, as soon as objects are wrapped I feel a hint of weakness, which means that they are being supplied with my own energy. When I touch the object it immediately falls down and I feel a touch of strength, so the energy must be flowing back into my body.

The dots on my skin became weaker with each object and as soon as I release them they light up again. That means they are my energy limit. As soon as I want to move an object with my thoughts, it moves too, so it is a kind of telekinesis, but with energy, which first has to wrap around the object.

Just as I made another decision my computer made a loud sound, I jumped on my bed and scanned the screen, my eyes widened every now and then and since it was the website for Shurken there was an assessment of dangerousness at the bottom which made me smile slightly:

The Shurken is class 5 and should be destroyed if possible, this Quirk has the ability to move all items in Japan at once when the user is at full strength.

Tip of the system: The rogue should always be kept alive just enough, but never more nourished than necessary.

I closed my computer and lay down in my bed, my stomach grumbled loudly and I felt a twinge in my stomach, I hadn't had breakfast since this morning. Uneasily I rolled out of bed and banged loudly on the floor. "Ouch!", I rolled to the side and finally stood up, I pulled on a big white sweater and my gray sweatpants, then slipped into my sexy slippers and tied my hair into a loose braid. Seeing that I had covered all the spots on my skin I went to the elevator to get to the dining hall.

Yawning vigorously I got out of the small box of metal, the others were also already eating and talking loudly. I rubbed my eyes and then got myself rice with (insert random side dish here) I sat down at a table preferably in the corner and ate my food slowly and alone. I kept looking outside and saw a few third graders and first graders walking together. My thoughts were buzzing wildly in my head and I was thinking about sports festival, 3 weeks to go...3 weeks.

"(d/n) why are you sitting by yourself like this?", I jerked my eyes open in shock and choked on my rice. "Hitoshi, what are you doing here?", I looked my brother in the violet eyes and he looked on my head. "You didn't answer my question.", I rolled my eyes and showed him to sit down. "I'm not having a social day.", it was an inside line from both of us which meant: If a human being gets too close to me, I'll rip his head off. Hitoshi laughed lightly and ate some of his food. "I wanted to know how mother was doing, since I haven't seen her for over a year...", his voice was a little sad and his eyes were also slightly dull. I felt my throat go dry and I lost my voice a little. "She's fine, being a hero is a little stressful but she's getting it done.", I smiled slightly and looked him in the eye, he just nodded un then continued eating. "How's dad?", Hitoshi coughed loudly and widened his eyes. "E-he's busy with his work, still not sleeping.", he laughed lightly and continued eating. I merely nodded and continued eating as well. "Your hair is lighter/darker...at least that strand there.", he pointed to a strand in my bird's nest and I swallowed hard. "Y-yes, I'm planning on dyeing that strand purple so people can better tell we're related," I smiled broadly and Hitoshi did the same. "I think that's cool!", as he said the words an awkward silence arose again, which couldn't be made to go away even by the others in the room. It was like we both weren't there, no one was looking at us or anything.

"You didn't listen to me, did you?", I raised an eyebrow questioningly and looked Hitoshi in the eye. "What do you mean?", he poked around in his rice and looked down at the floor in embarrassment. "You didn't stay away from Todoroki...", I swallowed hard but then nodded, pretending to him would be stupid of me. "It was obvious really, why did I even try, I hope he makes you happy...", I widened my eyes and then looked down at the floor in embarrassment. "We're not officially together, we just like each other a lot...", Hitoshi laughed lightly and then grabbed my hand, "(d/n), I'm glad you found someone to turn to, even without my help.", I smiled at him and ate the last bite of my food. "I'm going to my room then, I have some homework to do.", I took my tray gave Hitoshi a kiss on the top of his head and then ran to the dish rack. Shoto was just taking his food away and I got in line behind him. Restlessly I tapped the tray again and again and bit my lower lip nervously, then when Shoto was gone I put my tray down and went to the elevator, only to see that he was also waiting in front of it.

I took a deep breath and then walked to him, an uncomfortable silence fell over us and I bit my lip the whole time. When the elevator opened with a ding, Shoto and I stepped in at the same time and the elevator closed again. I stared at the numbers which went higher and higher until all of a sudden they stopped, startled I looked at the half-cold man, he had his hand on the stop button and looked at me urgently. "What are you doing?", I leaned a little against the wall to put distance between us, but he came up to me and pressed his hands next to my head.
"What are you doing to me? Your games are driving me crazy. Why are you so damn attractive that everyone has to look at you, that you always make everything in me go through like electricity, that you attract me and I just want to undress you.", he breathed heavily and looked deep into my eyes, we were only a few inches from each other and he pressed his body closer and closer to mine, first only our knees touched and then at some point our thighs, pelvis, stomach, chest and before I could realize it his lips were on mine. I felt the sizzle again, the ache, his hand gently placed itself against my cheeks and his tongue asked for entrance, which I also granted him, I slowly placed my hands on his neck and pulled him to me, his hands slid along my body and I could feel a tug on my ass, he lifted me up and pressed me even more against the wall, his kisses slowly crept along my neck and a sweet moan escaped my mouth, I took his head between my hands and looked at him breathing heavily into his eyes, in them were so many feelings, love, longing, lust and pride. He breathed on me and I could feel the cool air. His buttocks pressed closer to mine and elicited another soft moan from me. "Promise me you'll never let me fall, okay?" his voice sounded pleading yet dominant. I nodded just slightly and felt an even greater pressure on my pelvis. After we looked deep into each other's eyes for a few moments he put me down ashamed and pressed the button of the elevator again so it started moving again, at our floor the door opened and I walked out of it without looking at Shoto again.

Just as I was about to close the door someone pressed against it and looked at me. Shoto's gaze met mine again and again the electric shocks were there, this time my eyes had to light up with pleasure. He grabbed me and pushed me against the door again, it closed immediately and I could feel his lips on my skin, he elicited a soft moan from me more and more often, because I closed my eyes I didn't feel it at first, but when he stopped and I opened my eyes I couldn't believe them. Once again all the objects in the room were floating and Shoto didn't seem to believe it either, he set me down and touched the objects but immediately withdrew his finger and made a hissing sound. I raised an eyebrow questioningly and approached him. "It doesn't fall off on you?", I touched the plant and it immediately fell to the ground. "It hurts.", I took Shoto's face in my hands and put my forehead against his, then I started humming softly, I felt Sho's muscles tense and he was about to push me away but let it go. I opened my eyes and detached myself from him, the purple hint tightened around his body and when I lightly flicked his legs started to detach from the ground, he widened his eyes and suddenly started talking, "Put me down now please!", I touched his leg and he dropped like a stone to the ground but landed on his feet. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to know if it happens to humans too.", I rubbed my elbow and looked down at the floor in embarrassment. "It's okay, but since when can you do that?", he approached me again and touched my cheek. "Since before dinner.", I laughed wryly and looked him in the eye again. I felt that pain again, but it did so good. "What are you doing to me?", this time I was the one looking at him pleadingly. "I know you feel the pain too.", he raised an eyebrow and came closer to my face again. "I love this pain as much as I love you, and if I have to endure it to be close to you, then I guess I'll have to get used to it.", with those words he put his lips on mine again.

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His soft taste was driving me crazy, I wanted to be even closer to him than I already was and he seemed to think the same. He pushed us closer and closer to the bed, his tongue engaged in a battle with mine, his being more dominant and I had to admit defeat. I could feel his penis through his sweatpants, he pressed his body closer and closer to mine and each of his touches elicited a soft moan from me and with each moan a little bit more energy escaped me, which wrapped around everything in the room and bathed the room in a soft purple. I heard Sho's voice softly in my ear, he lay over me and kissed my neck over and over. "Princess, may I?" he sounded pleading and although I really wanted to wait, I nodded, my lust overtaking me and I didn't want to wait anymore. His kisses pressed along my neck and his hand snuck under my sweater, everywhere he touched me was left with soft goosebumps that made all my muscles tense. His index finger circled over my belly button and then further and further down to my crotch, another moan escaped me as he slowly pulled down my pants and slid into my other, his fingers first stroking and playing with my vagina which only made me crazier, when he finally slid a finger inside me a louder moan escaped me than before, his head moved back up to me and he gave me a kiss on the forehead, his finger quickened and another moan escaped my mouth and with the moan the purple stripes. "Sing for me princess. I want to hear your voice and only yours.", his voice was rough and I couldn't focus on it as his fingers were doing too good a job, I felt everything inside me tighten, Sho seemed to feel it too because he stopped abruptly. "W-what are you doing?", I looked at him questioningly and a mischievous grin settled on his lips. "I'm trying to have some of the fun. He gave me a kiss on the forehead and then opened the bedside cabinet next to my bed. There he pulled out a small packet and I looked at him, startled. "How do you know it's there?" he grinned mischievously and then shrugged. Before I could even process it, he had already taken off his pants and was lying over me again. He was breathing just as hard as I was and I had to concentrate not to stare at his penis since it was already big. "I'm nice too, okay princess?", I just nodded uncertainly and then felt a deep unexpected thrust which made me groan loudly. Startled, I grabbed my mouth and widened my eyes. Shoto just laughed softly and then took my hands from my mouth and held them above my head. "I want to hear your soft voice." as he thrust again I moaned again and arched my back, my muscles contracted again and after the third thrust everything overcame me, I felt everything inside me loosen up. Sho moaned this time too and I could feel it getting warmer inside me, he pulled it out and threw the condom in the trash before joining me in bed.

It's over my friends of the sun you can open your eyes again ;)

"I love you (d/n)." He gave me a kiss on the forehead and laid his head on my chest, it wasn't just his movements that drove me crazy, it was also the constant electric shocks that ran through me. I quickly pulled my panties back up and laid my head in the pillow and cuddled Shoto's hair, "I love you too Sho." the room was still bathed in a soft purple and the objects were still draped in my energy. I closed my eyes and heard it clink slightly as I took the energy back in. "Sho?", I looked up at the ceiling, my voice barely audible and the room was pitch black. "Hmmm?", my chest vibrated slightly as he hummed. "Don't tell anyone about my Quirk okay? I have a better chance if no one knows.", he nodded just slightly and pressed himself even closer to me. I closed my eyes as well and snuggled closer to him, ignoring the pain.

Roughly, the alarm clock jerked me out of my sleep, I grumbled to myself, knocked it out and went to get up, but was pushed down by something heavy, followed by a slight grumble. I laughed lightly and then tapped Sho's nose. "Get up sleepyhead, you need to go back to your room.", Sho was still grumbling but then opened his eyes. "I don't want to get up.", he seemed like a little angry baby and made me laugh out loud. "Come on, off to your room, I'll see you at breakfast.", I had walked Sho up to my room door and then just pushed him out. He clung to me like a little monkey. When I closed the door, I ran into the bathroom and brushed my teeth. While doing so, I thought about yesterday, as quite a lot happened. I looked at myself in the mirror and also at the dots on my skin, they just looked like normal freckles and if you don't even know that they have a meaning, then you wouldn't suspect them.

When I got ready I went to the elevator and went down to the cafeteria, where there weren't really many yet.

"Hoi, (dn)!", I looked to the deep loud voice, Katsuki walked towards me with a pouty mouth, angry eyes and his hands in the pocket of his uniform. He stopped a few inches in front of me and nodded his head to an empty corner, I hesitated for a moment after he just walked off, but then followed him briskly.

"What's up Bakugo?", I raised an eyebrow questioningly and looked the ash blond in the red eyes. "About yesterday, sorry for acting like that...", I held my breath for a moment, trying to process what the angry Pomerian in front of me had just said. "Uhh, are you okay Katsuki, you just apologized...", he just gave a tsk'and then looked me in the eye. "Honestly it wasn't me who attacked you, there was some kind of voice in my head that led me to attack you, I didn't know what was wrong with me and I only remember what happened when we were done with hero training, I was obsessed and whoever thought it was a good idea to mess with me will surely regret it!", his voice got a little louder and his eyes even grimmer, I gently put my hand on his shoulder and smiled slightly at him. "No matter who that was, we will defeat him no matter what, understand Katsuki?", I took my hand from his shoulder and held my fist out to him. The ash blond grinned vindictively and punched my fist. "But so what, Quirkless!", he turned away and went to Kirishima and the other members of the Bakusqaud. An iron goosebump settled over my body and I eyed all the people in the dining hall.
"Are you alright, princess?", Shoto's head rested on my shoulder and he placed a gentle kiss on my neck. I felt his strong hand on my waist and rested my head on his, "I'm fine, just a little confused.", I took Shoto's hand and went with him to the buffet to get my breakfast, after that I sat down at the place with Ochako, Izuku and Iida, Shoto held my hand tightly and trotted after me half asleep. "Morning!", Izuku grinned across both cheeks and bit into his breakfast. "You guys are 20 minutes late for breakfast, it's not healthy if you eat too fast then!", Iida's hand fidgeted in a square and he waved it wildly in front of his face. I just said 'Gomen' for a moment and sat down.

The three of them carried on an energetic conversation with us until a tense silence suddenly settled in. Ochako tugged at her hands tensely and Deku's gaze was fixed on the table the whole time, even Iida was uncharacteristically silent. I raised an eyebrow questioningly, swallowed my food and lightly slapped the table, the three of them jumped up startled and looked at me with wide eyes, swallowing in sync. "Okay guys, enough games, you tell me what's wrong with you right now!", I looked each of them individually in the eye and furrowed my brow. I was blindingly interested in what they wanted from me,for that reason I looked coldly at everyone. Ochako looked questioningly at Deku and Iida, they both just nodded and then she looked at me and Shoto. "We wanted to know if-if this is something solid between you now o-or if this is just some in-between thing...", she looked guiltily at the floor and neither Deku nor Iida seemed to be breathing, Shoto seemed to still be processing what was just said and I slowly felt everyone suddenly looking at us. My throat went a little dry and my voice was scratchy as I started talking, my mood went down abruptly and I felt pressure building inside me. I was almost done eating and was considering if running away would be an option. Are we a couple? I would rather first give myself an answer before I talk to the others. Come on Shoto, talk for me. "Um...", Shoto had now grasped the word and let go of my hand. Relieves came over me, till he talked further. "I think I have to leave.", with those words the half-cold got up and ran out of the dining hall, I felt weird and a ton of energy was gathering in my body that wanted to get out. What was that? Huh? "If you'll excuse me.", I wanted to get up but Sero stood in front of me. "Running away is not an option.", I wanted to walk past him but he kept putting himself in front of me again. "What's wrong with you lately?", Momo's hand came down on my shoulder and I flinched, startled. "Please Sero let me through, I don't want to hurt you!", my voice rose and I clenched my hands into fists. The black haired one doesn't move an inch. "(d/n) ever since the incident in the forest, you've been different, you're more anxious and give in much more easily than before, we're all worried about you!", this time it was Kirishima who stood up, my pupils contracted and I breathed in an upset manner, everyone from the class had now gathered around me and looked at me pityingly. "Please just let me out of here, I want to talk to Shoto...", tears gathered in my eyes and I felt the spots on my skin start to get warmer, they lit up slightly and I covered my arms protectively in pulling the jacket further over my arms. The class still stood firm and I saw no gap to escape from the circle, my breathing was uncontrolled and I closed my eyes to calm myself.

As my breathing slowly recovered I opened my (a/f) eyes again and stepped closer to Sero. It felt like my personality switched. "I'll ask you one more time, let me through..or I'll banish my way past you!" the purple threads slipped out of my mouth and enveloped the boy. I twitched my fingers slightly and he floated lightly. He widened his eyes and tried to keep his balance. The others drew in a sharp breath and I looked at each of them deadly. "My life, my problems. Even if you want to be heroes,", I looked into Izuku's green eyes, "some matters are not told to you for certain reasons and that's what you have to accept!", "LET ME DOWN NOW!", Sero's voice entered my ear and I ran past him, when I stepped out of the circle I touched him with my little finger and the boy touched the ground again. "Next time don't just float Sero!" with those words I left the refectory, I heard Katsuki trying to run after me but Kirishima stopped him, the others whispered and whispered. I didn't know myself what was going on between Shoto and me, he didn't seem to care the way he reacted.

My feet tramped quietly through the hallway, no one but me was still in the rooms, the class should start in a few minutes. Standing in front of Shoto's door, I clenched my hand into a fist and swallowed lightly against the fireproof door. "Todoroki, are you there?", no response. I knocked again and again. Never did I get a response. Exhaling loudly, I rested my head against his door. I was disappointed, confused and so much more all at once. My shoes spun and I walked towards the school building, I was way too late, why should I hurry now.

I walked down the long hallway of the school and knocked in front of the big door of the room, a muffled 'come in' sounded and I stepped into the classroom after a short hesitation. I excused myself faster Aizawa and then immediately went to my seat, no one from my class looked me in the eye, Shoto wasn't even in the room. As I sat down a deep sigh left my mouth and I slammed my head on the bench. I hate my life. Yesterday everything was perfect and now? Now is everyone against my being.
Aizawa said something about the hero training today and that we were going somewhere, but I hadn't dedicated any of my senses to him, I closed my eyes hoping I could just ignore it, my thoughts were on Shoto, on my Quirk and that I had given away that secret weapon too soon now after all. I ruffled my hair and stared out the window.

During lunch break, I sat down as far away from my class as possible. By chance I saw Neijire, Tamaki and Mirio. They had graduated last year, but were still staying in the Dorms, taking care of Eri-Chan during school hours. I took a deep breath and walked up to the three of them, Mirio had accidentally lost his Quirk because of Eri and can't be a superhero because of it. Slowly I trotted to the four. In my hand my tray with rice and (garnish). Eri-chan noticed me after a few moments and ran towards me full of joy. She was known by everyone, but mainly confided in the year 2 and the big three. The white-haired girl jumped off and I threw my tablet up to catch Eri. She rested her chin on my shoulder and pressed herself tightly against me.

I was already afraid for my beloved lunch when I caught it and I had also prepared myself to have (color from sauce) hair right instead of (h/f), but nothing happened, not a grain of rice fell on both of us again. I looked up uncertainly and the food floated, but I wasn't the one levitating it, I turned around questioningly and a third year boy, but also of the superhero department, levitated the food with the help of some sort of telekinesis. He slowly lowered it back down so I could take the tablet in my right hand and put Eri on my left arm.

"(d/n)? That must have been your prince, after all you are a princess.", Eri giggled and whispered it in my ear, I felt heat rise to my face and my legs trembled slightly. The boy had brown hair and was almost 6'3" tall, he had a sharp face and wispy dark eyebrows, his eyes were deep brown, almost black and when they met mine time stopped for a moment. "A-Arrigato.", I bowed as far as I could with my full hands. The boy just waved off nicely and walked towards Eri and me. "You're new to the school aren't you?", he took my hand and kissed it lightly, no one had their attention on us and yet I felt like time had stopped. "H-hai, I've only been at this school for 2 weeks.", he smiled softly and looked me in the eye. "That's great, such a beauty like you!", I blushed slightly and looked down at the floor in embarrassment. "What's your name?", I looked at Eri startled, she had asked it so obviously and somehow I was embarrassed. "I'm Hakuri Nakamura and I go to 3B, what's your pretty girlfriend's name?", he looked at Eri with raised eyebrows and then at me. "That's (d/n) (n/n), she's super great!", Eri beamed as she said my name and the boy also laughed softly. "Hello (n/n), what class are you in? ", I swallowed hard and looked past him, I couldn't see into his eyes because they were too beautiful, as my gaze slid past him I looked into the turquoise eye and my heart stopped, Shoto looked at me from the other end of the dining hall, his eyes were trembling. He pretended not to care, this moment felt like an eternity, my stomach tightened and Shoto's tablet slowly slipped from his fingers, I watched this moment in slow motion, it slowly flew down and as it flew the floor shook. "Shoto no!" the words slipped from my lip and instinctively I knew what was coming, my whole body turned away from him, I squinted my eyes and shielded Eri with myself.

There was a loud crackling sound and I didn't dare open my eyes until Eri pulled me by my blazer with watery eyes. "(d-/d/n)..."I opened my eyes and rubbed them with my now free hand, since I unfortunately dropped my food. We were trapped in the ice with Haruki, but it didn't hit us I wasn't cold either, a soft purple breeze formed a dome over us. This dome protected us from the jagged ice that had tried to destroy us. "(d/n) are you okay?", Haruki came over to Eri and I with a startled expression, I set the little girl down and looked at him. "Y-yes I'm fine.", I slowly trotted up to the purple but didn't dare touch it. "What's that?", Haruki stood next to me and touched it slowly, but his hand immediately snapped back. "Ouch!", I laughed softly. "That's my Quirk, at least part of it.", his eyes widened and he looked at me. "You have a Quirk? I knew you by sight and there was a rumor going around that you didn't have one.", startled, I looked at him. "Well, I didn't know how it worked until last night either and this is new too," I reached out and gently touched the steam. Immediately it disappeared and I felt the slight rush of energy. "As soon as I touch it, the energy disappears, when others touch it, it draws energy from them.",the ice fortunately did not crack and I could hear muffled voices from outside. "I am of the opinion that we blow it away!", "Kacchan, you blow away the three in it! (D/n) do you hear me!", Allmight's voice also came through, only the voice I wanted to hear was not there.

"Shoto...", I mumbled to myself and hoped that Nakamura wouldn't notice anything. "How I hate those fucking A's, they're always causing problems, it's because of them that the Lov was there, everything is always about them, how it pisses me off!", Eri looked fearfully at the screaming boy and then came to me. "(D/n), can we get out of here please?", she tugged anxiously at my skirt and I smiled gently at her. "Of course Eri! The superheroes will get us out of here..hopefully.", I walked to the edge of our cave and formed my hands into a megaphone. "Can you hear me? We're fine, Eri's just a little scared!", the voices outside died down and I felt the sudden heat.

Immediately I ran to Eri and Nakamura, I took Eri in my arms again and clawed Nakamura's blazer with my other hand. I hummed lightly and around us the misty shield appeared again. The ice melted slowly and dripped along the rampart. Through the steam I could see Shoto, his eyes were wide open and he immediately looked at the ground when he saw us. With the flames, he had already melted most of the ice by now and most of the people in the refectory could see us again, the purple shield faintly obscuring the others' field of vision though. Shoto stopped just short of my sign and looked at me with fear, unfortunately there was as much fear in my eyes as there was disappointment and self-loathing in his. I touched the sign and the smoke lost its shape. Everyone stared at us. "(d/n), Nakamura-san, how did you manage not to get hit by the ice?", Deku ran up to us and immediately took Eri in his arms. "(d/n)-Chan created a shield around us, that's why none of us got hurt.", Nakamura looked proudly into my eyes and I just smiled sheepishly. "(d-d-/n) I'm so sorry!", Sho's voice was quiet and I heard it break a little more with each word. I looked into his eyes and was about to walk towards him but a strong arm had wrapped around my neck, this one stopped me from getting close to Sho, I looked startled into Nakamura's eyes and he just shook his head. Sho his eyes widened and he looked sadly at the ground. "This kind of hurts a little already..." he rubbed his elbow and then turned around, his feet dragging across the floor and everyone moved out of his way. Bakugo and everyone else in my class looked at me, startled. There was hatred in every face and I felt my stomach tighten. "I have to get out of here!", I tore myself out of Haruki's arms and ran towards the forest. Tears ran silently down my face and my legs carried me as far as they could. I heard muffled voices from behind, but just blanked them out.

This shitty voice, my shitty voice, this is all happening because of all these voices, they can't just disappear, out of my head, out of my life, just out of everywhere!

I ran as far as my legs could carry me, my goal was the sea, I was homesick for the soft blue, for the fresh breeze after the salty air, I just missed everything.

The way to the sea dragged on and if I'm honest, I didn't even know how I was going to get to the sea. I knew that there was a harbor pretty close by, behind the city center or something, and I just hoped that I could get on a boat there and get out to sea.

After half an hour of walking silently, finally hearing the seagulls and seeing the blue flag of the harbor, a slight smile crept onto my face. It may not be home, but it's getting close....
My legs sped up a little and I felt the wind fly around my (h/f) hair, The salty taste of the sea was on my tongue and I closed my eyes.

The asphalt floor quickly turned into a wooden floor and in a few seconds it became the soft sand. I slipped my shoes off my feet and nuzzled my toes into the sandy soil it was warm and trickled gently on my skin. I exhaled heavily, my thoughts sorted themselves out and I could think clearly again, much more clearly than in the last weeks.
A loud noise tore me from the silence of my thoughts and I looked with my (a/f) eyes in the direction of the noise, a large steamer seemed about to depart. I slowly walked towards the ship, people were just stepping over the plank(?) onto the deck and my stomach tingled slightly with joy, I wanted to ride! I quickly ran to the ticket office and got a ticket, the ride would be an hour at most, but as long as the ship was sailing, no one could send me back to the Dorms or stress my life.

The captain of the ship made an announcement and after another loud noise the ship set off from the shore I grinned like a little kid and looked at the waves forming next to the big boat. "Your first trip?" a man my father's age looked at me and smiled slightly. "No, but one in a long time.", I dreamily looked at the gentle blue, it has fascinated me since I was a small child and could perceive it with my senses for the first time. "It's great to clear your head...", the man leaned towards me on the railing and closed his eyes, he had a white suit on and white hair sticking out in all directions. He wore sunglasses which sat on top of his head, his eyes were dark blue and his eyelashes long. "You're right about that.", I turned my gaze back to the deep blue, a few small children were the only sounds on the ship, a few couples were talking quietly to each other and quietly the music was playing in the background, the man and I were silent, despite not knowing him his company felt great, I didn't feel as alone as I thought I would and the man seemed to feel the same way because he closed his eyes and just enjoyed the harmony of the wind and water.

"What is your Quirk?", I looked at the man questioningly and he turned his gaze to me. "I can transform into other people, but for that I have to have some of their DNA, what's your little one?", I smiled slightly, my thoughts suddenly calling alarm and I also suddenly didn't feel so comfortable now that I knew his specialty. "I can control objects with my body energy.", the man laughed softly and looked forward again. "Do you feel like showing me?", a queasy feeling settled in my stomach, but I just suppressed it. "I'd love to."

I lightly moistened my lips and looked at the sea, they deformed and gently the words dripped down the corner of my mouth. I sang the song I used to hear from mother, the soft stripes floated over the ship and slowly down into the sea, when I finished I opened my eyes and lightly twitched my hand. A large wave formed, this flew onto the deck and danced along with me. The water looped around my body and also around the people on board, lightly tickling the noses of small children and spiraling around individual passengers. The crowd clapped and marveled, a slightly older lady got on and controlled the water with me, only with her it seemed to be the actual Quirk. I kept laughing and thus released more and more energy from my body.

While I was having more fun with the strangers on the ship than at school or at home, I forgot all my worries and problems, the mood on the ship was happy and bright and everyone joined in, even the sailors or the captain, it was a small peaceful world in which there was nothing evil, but only us.

The boat docked back on shore a little later as we all took a break together with the captain. When I felt land under my legs again, I also felt all my burdens and problems again. I said goodbye to the people on board and decided to go back to school, I don't know if anyone had even looked for me, I was also afraid of having to face my class, I also wanted to ask Nakamura what it was, but everything in order.

The sun was already low in the sky and colored it a soft pink orange, I enjoyed the last rays on my face, the streets had also become emptier, you could tell by the wind that the summer was soon over and the wet autumn was approaching. When I could see the school building and our Dorms, a lump stuck in my throat. Say goodbye to your little world at sea, now you have to face the seriousness of life again. I carefully crept through the door of our dorms and luckily saw no one in the common room, I quickly crept up the stairs towards my room. Most of them must either be eating or still outside enjoying the sun. For this reason I was able to sneak into my room unnoticed. As I closed the door, a load fell off my mind, I was able to avoid any complications. Fortunately I didn't have to go to dinner either, since I had gotten a meal on the ship from the older lady, she was indeed a little angel, only the nice man gnawed at my stomach, he gave me a bad feeling and this thought, of him being bad, that won't get out of my head....

Two weeks have passed now...the day after tomorrow the sports festival is coming up and I hadn't talked to anyone in all that time, I was always eating earlier or later than my class and I spent my lunch in the bathroom. In class I concentrated and tried to participate as best I could, I had changed my grades from good to better and exercised more than ever before, although that was hardly possible. My body had gained massive muscle mass, I could handle the whip almost perfectly and I learned how to use my Quirk without the opponent being able to see it, my hero suit was also beefed up a bit, I now wore a mask which covered my mouth. I could make the hue of the energy so ultraviolet with a little practice that it was barely noticeable.

At the thought of the day after tomorrow my food came back up, I had to at least get into the top 8, at least I have to do that. I didn't have exact measurements of how good I had to be, maybe one was that I would be approached by an agency, no matter what the criteria, I had to win and be better than everyone else. I have no choice at all, since I was fighting with the whole class anyway, luckily no one helped me either, I was happy about it, I had to win on my own anyway, so why should I ask them, we are all pursuing the same goal and so we are all nothing more than competitors. Feelings would get in the way of each of us, so it was fine the way it was right now.
I don't know about Shoto, I spent a lot of time with Nakamura, we both got along very well and he always listened to me, over time I even felt a slight twitch when we touched, it was nowhere near as intense as Todoroki, but it was a start.

If I was honest...I hadn't even looked at Todoroki-kun in those two weeks, I didn't even know which of his sides could what anymore...he was trying to kill us, I didn't even want to have anything to do with him anymore, and certainly didn't want to know what my almost-killer looked like.

"(d/n), do you feel like going on a picnic? We can go to the park after school today.", Nakamura smiled at me with his brown eyes and I just raised my eyebrows questioningly..I hadn't really listened to him and no matter what I had imagined just a moment ago, I missed him terribly..I missed Sho terribly badly and no matter how hard Nakamura tried, he would never make me feel the same way Shoto had. "I'm sorry Nakamura, but the sports festival is coming up soon after all, I have to do some training to do well or I won't be able to stay at the school.", I smiled at him uncertainly and saw the glow in his eyes go out. "He looked ahead at the yellow field, we had just had lunch break and I was already finished eating. You could feel that fall was not far away now, the leaves on the trees were turning orange, yellow, red and brown. They were barely hanging on and as soon as a light breeze appeared they said goodbye to their home and flew off into nowhere.

The bell rang, giving us all the signal to return to class. I stood up and said goodbye to Nakamura. After the incident two weeks ago everyone thought that we had become a couple, Nakamura had said behind my back that it was true, but Mina had said that I was actually Todoroki dating. So everyone knew me as the new one who was going to be killed by her boyfriend because she dumped him. I said nothing to all this.

I hadn't had the nerve to discuss it with anyone, Hitoshi just looked at me disappointed but didn't turn to me. I had forbidden him, hardly anyone knew that we were related, if he had spent time with me now too, the whole situation would probably have gotten even more out of hand. I felt strange, I had the feeling to have lost everything, before Nakamura I had said nothing, because I knew that he would hurt me, he always hurt me, but I did not resist. Despite the fact that he hit me, scratched my back with a bowl and bruised my ankle, I didn't want to resist, my body didn't feel like it and my mind didn't feel like it either, I felt like I deserved to be treated like that and I knew that my refusal just now would probably have fatal consequences...who knows maybe he'll break my arm just before the sports festival or he'll tear out my vocal cords so I can't talk anymore. No matter what it would be, I don't think I would care. I think that Shoto and the others are better off without me, I have no objection if he slowly destroys me, what should I do, I can't do anything against it anyway...

When I reached the gym only Tsu was left in the locker room, as soon as I entered she disappeared on the other side, I changed clothes within a few seconds and joined the others. AllMight also came after a few moments, in his crappy form, but that's beside the point. "Hello kids! Since the sports festival is only two sleeps away, let's give it a good go today so you can have a day of rest tomorrow and then on Friday, fight like heroes!", everyone cheered or clapped, I stared ahead. Two more sleeps... "Today we're going to do some individual training because of this, everyone should practice their super attacks again so you all have an Ass up your sleeve!", with these words we went to a sports field and divided into individual small groups, I ran to a tree and took this as my opponent, like the last two weeks he didn't resist, unfortunately.

Aizawa came up to me and observe my actions. "(d/n), do you feel like fighting me sometime?", I turned around questioningly and looked into his tired eyes. "Me against you? Uhm okay!", a little joy came over me, finally someone who cares. Immediately I put myself in fighting stance and looked at the black haired man, I knew Eraserhead fought more passively and I would have to do without my Quirk here. I ran towards him and instead of attacking with a punch I kicked his legs away, the man was able to intercept and again put a safe distance between the two of us. This time he attacked, he activated his Quirk and wrapped his bandages around me, immediately I was immobilized, at least in my upper body. I let him pull me close and as soon as I was close enough I gave him a kick, the bandages came off and I jumped on his shoulders, all my body weight helped me push him down and I slammed into the man hard, it literally felt like I had broken my entire spine, I immediately let go of the sensei and rolled away contorted in pain, a loud scream left my mouth and I just wished for nothing more than for this pain to stop. Aizawa immediately stood up and helped me sit up straight, I grabbed my shoulder and had to hold back the tears. "(n/n), calm down first, take deep breaths in and out!", I followed the sensei's instructions and felt the pain slowly subside. "What are you doing? The pain is slowly going away.", Aizawa looked at me with wide eyes and unzipped the sports uniform. "Th-that's amazing...so your Quirk can actually heal you too...", I looked at him startled and confused. "On your back, the freckles light up and your scratches disappear, has anything like that ever happened before?", overwhelmed, I shook my head and looked over my shoulder, shaking my head slightly, a feeling of joy came over me. "This is so cool!", I stood up from my seat full of joy, the others didn't even notice me, they were all focused on themselves. Aizawa stood up and gave me his hand, full of joy I shook it and gave a short bow. "Arrigato for the training, I will give more than everything at the sports festival to be able to fight against you again.", a smile crept on my lips and I got ready to fight against my tree again.

"(n/n), you can go, Eri-Chan misses you, could you stop by her place?", I just laughed and nodded in agreement, I haven't seen the little girl in two weeks and didn't think Aizawa's idea was stupid at all. I slipped past the trees, past my class and changed quickly, after that my legs carried me to Eri's apartment.

"Eri-Chan, it's me (d/n)!", I knocked loudly on the big door and immediately heard little foot taps. When the door opened, I looked into her sweet red eyes and the little girl jumped into my arms. "(d/n)! I missed you so much!", I smiled and carried us both into the pink room. "Can we have a tea party?", she looked at me with a puppy eyes and I nodded happily. "Of course, you get the dishes I'll make us some tea!", she jumped down from my arms and rummaged in a box for the princess dishes. "Okay!", with a grin I walked into the apartment kitchen and put the water on. Despite the fact that my mood was so miserable the last few weeks and I cursed the whole world, the little girl always puts a smile on my face.

The time with Eri distracted me from the pressure and my currently shitty life. The little white-haired girl laughed broadly at me and drank some of her black tea. "You (d/n)?", questioningly I raised an eyebrow and looked into her red eyes a small 'huh' left my lips and she continued. "Are you in the sports festival too? Dad had told me that I could sit with him at the top and then we could say something together to the athletes," her red eyes lit up at the words and I couldn't help a little giggle. "I'll be there too, and I'll only win for you," I leaned over the table and nudged her little nose. "Hihi." My eyes fell on the clock behind Eri and I decided it was time to put the little runt to bed. I had already spent several hours playing Barbie with her or we had been healing the injured snuggles together.

"Eri-Chan~," the little girl raised her eyes questioningly and she met my (a/f) eyes. "We have to put you to bed now, only two more sleeps and the sports festival is already starting.", at first she pulled her lower lip forward, but after a slightly sterner look, she gave in and walked in the direction of her bedroom. Quietly, I braved after her and helped the 110 cm tall girl to put on her sleeping clothes. Without bitching we ran together into the bathroom and brushed our teeth. "You go pee again, I'll prepare your bed," I bent down to her and stroked her head, she nodded briefly and then sat down on the white toilet seat. I walked in the direction of her room and got the bed ready so all she had to do was slip in.

"Good night Eri-Chan~," I was about to get up from her bed when her small hand grabbed me by the skirt and I looked into her big eyes. "Can you sleep here tonight?", I hesitated. There was no school tomorrow and there would be nothing wrong with that, except that we just got it to 8pm and I still had my school uniform on. Her eyes got even bigger and I felt my heart tighten. I sighed out loud once and gave in. Eri moved to the side on her bed and I lay down. I felt her immediately put her head on my shirt, since I had at least taken off my blazer and tie.
A slight twitch ran through my body, it was unusual to be close to someone again. The feeling, even if her hair was longer and her whole body smaller, everything just as I was lying, it reminded me of Shoto, I felt my heart tighten and I had to suppress the tears. Eri was already in the land of dreams and I knew that I couldn't just start crying now.

Was it my fault that he was like that? What was his reason anyway? I just ignored him. I don't even remember what even triggered our stupid fight. I am a terrible person. If I had just listened to my body, listened to my brother, I wouldn't have started anything with him. I shouldn't have gone to this school at all, only heroes die here and I am nothing but a girl, a girl who has no place in a world like this.

My eyes fixed on the white ceiling of the pink room, Eri has stars and moons on this. They illuminate the room and spend at least some light. In the bed it was not particularly comfortable, since over half were covered with cuddly toys and it was not even two meters long, nevertheless it had something and since a sudden force of tiredness overcame me I decided to close my eyes. It was almost completely silent in the room, I could only hear Eri's steady breathing and feel it on my chest. Her steady breathing helped me to organize my thoughts. The girl's honest company was pleasant, I didn't feel as lonely and hated as I had the last few weeks. Her body heat transferred to mine over and I felt comfortable despite the small space.

"I think (n/n) put Eri to bed, try not to be quite so loud," Aizawa's deep voice pierced the silence that had settled into the apartment. I heard it only faintly, as if my ears were filled with absorbent cotton. A bright beam of light hit my back and I felt his gaze on my neck however I was too asleep to get up and change.
"What's the matter, Shota? You've been standing in the doorway for several minutes.", I heard President Mic's voice and winced slightly. "I think (n/n) is pretty upset about the incident in the cafeteria," Mic let out an approving sound. "She's as perfect a student as you could ask for, almost as smart as Yaourozu, her combat experience and performance she brings up is also practically perfect. The girl is smart and has a lot of potential, don't worry about her. She'll win everything the day after tomorrow, I'm sure of it!", Aizawa let out another approving sound before I heard the door close. "Eri is comfortable with her, let's just let her sleep in peace.", those were the last words I heard before I fell into a dreamless sleep.

I felt a small hand claw its way into my shirt and weakly opened my eyes, the bright sunlight blinded me ruthlessly and I squinted my eyes again. When I was able to open them after several blinks, I felt Eri jab her horn into my chest, it hurt quite a bit, but after a few tries I was able to push the white haired girl a little further away from me. I looked sleepily at the clock and immediately wrenched my eyes open. I had slept with Eri a total of 14 hours through, we had it 10 o'clock in the morning. Gently, I nudged the girl and she rubbed her eyes. "Ohayo (d/n)-Chan.", I smiled lightly at her and sat up. "Ohayo Eri-chan.", my legs swung over the edge of the bed and I slowly stood up. "Can you lift me up?", questioningly I turned to Eri and looked into her big red eyes, a slight smile graced my lips and I stretched out my arms. "Come on!", happy in her unicorn pajamas she jumped on my arms and we opened the door into the apartment. As Aizawa drank his coffee at the table and looked at us I quickly bowed to him. "Gomen.", he just laughed harshly and asked me to sit down.

Nervously, I played with my fingers while Aizawa looked at his catalog. "What do you want to do today (n/n), are you going to train again or give your body a day off?", his voice was nice, but had a stern undertone, almost reprimanding, along the lines of I had been doing too much the last few weeks. Eri happily bit into her apple. "Actually, I wanted to do my homework today and study for the tests that are due after this week. I know I haven't given my body a break the last few weeks, it showed clearly this night with 14 hours of sleep. There's just so much going on in my personal life right now that I barely get to sleep, and I've always dispelled my stress with exercise," I stared dejectedly at the glass table. "Let me tell you a story, about your brother," my eyes widened and I gripped the cup tighter with my fingers, I nodded weakly and Aizawa started talking:
"I met your father when I first suffered a serious injury, twelve years ago, back then your parents were still living together and you were a happy little family. Hitoshi came to visit me in the hospital with his Eraserhead figure and wanted me to sign it for him. I was confused at first, of course, what fans were doing in a hospital that was primarily for heroes, but when your father explained everything I understood. I was discharged from that house and continued to live normally as a hero, I almost forgot about him until I saw him at the UA. That he didn't get into the hero section made me angry and I discussed it with Nezu for a long time, he eventually gave in and promoted the brat.", a gentle smile put on his lips as he talked and a certain glow was visible in his eyes. "Shinso still gets some training from me privately because I see myself in him...", my eyes widened a little and I looked at him speechlessly. "But for the last two weeks his behavior has been different, he's distracted not paying attention and when I asked him about it, he told me how you seem to be doing and that at the moment the whole world is turning against you. I want to tell you a little secret now about the sports festival tomorrow..." he paused for a moment and I sat up straight, all my senses focused more on the man in front of me.

"There will be no team fight tomorrow, in the first round everyone fights alone, in the second you fight in duos and in the third, like last year in your year a 1vs1 will decide the victory. You know that I can't tell you more, but what I can tell you is that you have to reach at least the top 4, only if you win or lose in the semifinals, you can stay at the school. So bust your ass tomorrow and win, become a duo with your brother and show all the idiots who underestimate you what you're capable of!", his motivational speech ran through my whole body and made it quiver with power. My hands clenched into fists and I felt like no one could touch a hair on my head. "Arrigato Sensei, there's no way I'm going to let them down!", I quickly got up and took my dishes to the kitchen, I walked to the door with quick steps and was about to leave the apartment when Sensei grabbed me by the wrist. "Today you just train your mind and give your body a rest, otherwise you'll have detention.", his slightly worried voice made me laugh, but I merely nodded. "I'll rest today!", with a slight smile he let go of my hand and I ran out of the teacher's dorm full of energy.

Immediately the fresh wind rose around my nose, I didn't feel so happy for such a long time, all the feelings, they were the same as on the boat. Quickly my legs carried me to the 2B dorm, before I could knock the door opened and Itsuka almost ran into me. "Oi (n/n), I haven't seen you here in a while, are you here to see your brother?", I just nodded hastily and the redhead giggled. "He should still be in his room sleeping, knowing him, surely you know where it is," again I just nodded and she made room for me to walk through the door. The 2B dorm was set up the same as ours and each room was possible for everyone to set up individually. I didn't want to use the elevator, because I only have funny experiences in it.

With quick steps I walked over the almost empty corridor, I saw Tetstetsu once briefly, but he just smiled at me and told me to greet Kirishima from him. Arrived before Hitoshis door I knocked exactly three times and heard rather fast a dull in.

"..hey-", I stepped gingerly into the dark room and looked at the ball of wool made of blanket. The curtains dimmed most of the light and only Hitoshi's purple hair stood out from the ceiling. "Morning Grouchy.", Shinso gave a low growl and I had to chuckle. "That I see you again is also a miracle, what are you doing here?", I dropped into the swivel chair from him and looked into his violet eyes. "At the sports festival...", I paused for effect and Hitoshi took his head out of the blanket, "Aizawa told me that we're fighting as duos in the second round, what do you think about us washing people's brains for once?", he raised his eyebrow questioningly. "You mean I brainwash them and you kick them until they drop?", I hastily nodded. "You're my sister, of course I'll help you, we'll show the world what the twins can do!", he extends his hand with motivation and I smacked it with glee. "We'll get everyone ready!", a big smile settled on my lips and I fell around my brother's arms. "Thank you for accepting me as I am and always having my back," he shrugged slightly but then hugged me back. "That's what family is for, right?", I just nodded, enjoying the closeness of my brother.

"I have to go then too, homework doesn't do itself!", I detached myself from him and ran to the door, before stepping out I smiled at him again. After that, I dashed out of the dorm as inconspicuously as possible.

My heart beat wildly against my chest, full of fear I turned back and forth in bed You are nothing the voice echoed through my head over and over again. Give up at last. You can't change it anymore. We will come for you!

I wrenched my eyes open and sat up in fear. "Just a dream..just a bad dream...", my eyes fell on the digital clock on the nightstand, we had it just about 2:30 in the morning. Exhaling heavily, I dropped into my pillow and stared at the ceiling. "It was just a dream...", desperately I closed my eyes, hoping to recognize the person from the dream, but only the white and purple hair appeared. "Shit!", cursing, I jumped out of bed and went to the balcony of the room. The night was foggy and you could barely see the full moon. I looked out over the grounds and exhaled heavily. "Calm down already, it was just a dream.", I spoke the words and saw the purple thread floating out of my mouth, they lit up the night at least a little bit. My eyes fixed on the light and I watched the threads do their own thing, they formed little spirals and circled my body. Only when I became sleepy again did I notice what they were doing, by their gentle movements they were making me tired and virtually forcing me to go back to sleep.

As soon as the first sound of the alarm clock rang, I sat bolt upright in my bed, it was now so far today it was called neck and leg break to hopefully continue to stay here. If I should get through today, then it is also worthwhile to talk to the class again, if not...then it is my own fault that I have made them not friends but enemies. I gave myself a slap and swung out of bed. My legs carried me to the bathroom and I hummed to myself full of energy. I surprisingly didn't have any morning depression today, but I was more excited than ever. "Calm down (d/n), you'll be fine...", with these words I put on my sports uniform and ran to the elevator.

Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one eating breakfast so early this morning. Miydoria had a lot more balls in his ass than I did, although I think I was just as excited as he was, only I was able to hide it much better. I grabbed a decent portion from the buffet and sat down at my table in the corner, I almost made friends with him. Headphones in one ear and my attention on the table a few feet away I ate my breakfast, the room was getting more and more crowded and I could feel more and more how everyone was tense, the energy some were giving off was superhuman and I wondered if they were doing it on purpose or their excitement was making them do it.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to this year's UA- High School Sports Festival!", Midnight's pleasant voice rang through the crowded stadium and caused silence for a few moments, the woman immediately took advantage of it. "It's going to be like every year, first the whole first years will compete, after that comes the second year and last but not least then the third year, be sure to keep an eye on this one as this will be your last chance to see the young heroes, after that they will go their own way!",the crowd cheered at her words. With a small gesture she shows that she wants to continue talking and again most of them fall silent. "Well then! Heroes, citizens and everyone else, let's start this year's sports festival!", confetti cannons shot and I was startled for a moment. The class was sitting in a segregated room, but with a perfect view of the big field. There were many of these boxes and each one had a different class in it, I saw the box diagonally across from us and swayed slightly towards Hitoshi, my brother reacted immediately and a small smile crept onto his lips. Momoma however stood in front of him and when he saw who Shinso wanked to he first stuck out his tongue and then blubbered all over Shinso.

I sat away from my class and watched the conversation between Todoroki and Mydoria, Iida. Ochako and Tsu joined the two and talked. I eyed Shoto, he has lost weight, his muscles are not as defined and pronounced...dark circles decorate the skin under his eyes and his hair is not shiny, it looked brittle. It seemed as if he sensed my gaze, because he turned away from the conversation and stood up. The others managed without any problem and just kept talking, I thought that he would disappear now, but when he turned around and came towards me. My heart skipped a beat and my throat went dry.

When he was only one chair away from me I pressed myself more into my chair, my eyes were filled with fear, it wasn't fear of him but much more fear of my feelings. What if I couldn't control myself if he suddenly gave me the sweet pain. Todoroki noticed that I was clawing my way into my seat and stopped, he sat down next to me in such a way that there was still room for a chair and looked fixedly at the seat. The first graders were just about to enter the starting blocks of a race. There was a tense silence between us and I did not see fit to interrupt it first. "I wish you good luck today," hearing his voice addressed to me for the first time in what felt like an eternity made my whole body shiver. Shoto's gaze fell on my shivering body and he sat down next to me, startled I looked at him and then at his hand, it was outstretched and I saw it get a little redder. "Are you cold?", I looked into his eyes and for a moment everything around me disappeared, when he tilted his head I was pulled back to reality. "N-no I'm not cold.", Shoto twitched his hand for a moment but then took it in his lap. "Th-thank you, I wish you good luck too.", I don't know why, but I didn't want him to leave my side again, I wanted to be close to him again.

Shoto merely nodded and stared forward again, I pulled my knees to my stomach and fixed my gaze on a first grader, he had short black hair and brown eyes. "How's it going with your new boyfriend, you don't laugh as much anymore..." his voice was weak and he mumbled the last part more to himself. "He's not my boyfriend, I don't know what he did back then, but I didn't mean to.", I lowered my gaze and stared at my shoes. "Oh...", that's all he said and everything inside me tightened. "B-but-", I struggled with myself whether to say it now or not, but it would just be what was on my mind and I knew Shoto was thinking the same words. "Finally say it, then I'll have it behind me and can look forward.", startled, I lifted my gaze, my body trembling. When our eyes met and I looked into his face, I felt like I was about to rip my own heart out of my chest. "We weren't a couple, after all, so you didn't have to care...", I mumbled the words inside me, hoping he didn't understand them, but unfortunately it seemed that way...he had clearly understood me and his gaze lowered. "I know I fucked up with you, even though I was the asshole...you get all the stress with school-" before he could continue talking I interrupted him. "I'm fine with it, you don't have to apologize for it, I should have just been against Nakamura's arm, then all the drama wouldn't have happened. But it happened that way and we can't change it..we'll be fine and each of us will be happy. If I'm no longer at the school after this tournament, then all-" Shoto's hand pinched my thigh and as I looked into his eyes I saw pure fear and despair even more than I had ever perceived before, he looked like he had seen a ghost and his deep circles under his eyes defined his fear filled look even more. "I've seen how hard you've trained, I've seen how strong you are, everyone knows you've got what it takes to be a hero, don't give me that shit about not staying here anymore," he was so quiet that only I could hear, but still so loud that I felt like I was being yelled at by him. I was just about to start when he started talking again. "I-I can't lose you, I don't want to lose you..please don't leave me...", his brittle voice tore me apart and I felt a tear run down my cheek. "Hey...stay calm...", with a broken smile my hand found a way to his face and he nestled into it. His touch ran through my entire body and I felt every nerve flash, I was caught off guard with so much energy that lightning formed around me. "It's better if I leave, then the hatred towards you will subside and you can live a quiet normal life again, like before...", the words hurt like knife wounds and I didn't know when I had made this decision not to go to this school anymore.
Do I really want to leave here? Do I want to give up my dream? Do I want to disappoint my mother, she should be here, and father too...? I bit my tongue. Since when am I so weak, since when do I give up? I can fight, I should fight...
Shoto's eyes fixed on mine and I became afraid of myself, I was so weak, I wanted to give up, I didn't deserve to be here, I didn't deserve him, he's perfect and I'm a patchwork quilt, I can't make up my mind and while I was here I forgot why I was fighting at all, why I was here in the first place.

"Oh fuck it you can hate me afterwards too," Shoto's sudden firm voice snapped me out of my thoughts and before I could realize it I felt his lips on mine. It felt like every weight of the weeks had suddenly separated from me, like I had let go of the balloon of problems and was finally free. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the kiss, he was right, I should just stop caring what others think of me, finally stop eating everything into me and screaming everything out of me. I felt the looks of the others lying on us, but ignored them, I was happy at that moment and thought that no one could ever destroy it for me.

Someone knocked on the door of the room and I detached myself from Shoto, a big grin was on my face, but it disappeared when Momo opened the door and Nakamura entered. The corners of my mouth dropped to the floor and my gaze emptied. Momo made room for the 3rd grader and when he saw Shoto grab my thigh, I felt like I could even see his eyes catch fire. With heavy steps and arms rolled up he came towards us, his hand lashed out and I prepared myself for another blow, but none came. When I opened my eyes I saw Shoto had frozen his hand and Nakamura's with it. "Why are you lashing out? I don't think you want to pet her head.", the sudden coldness in his voice made everyone in the room freeze, they all knew that if they intervened now it wouldn't do any good, this was a duel between Nakamura and Shoto. "Of course I want to beat her, I don't understand why you're stopping me either! A while ago you wanted to kill her and now all of a sudden you're protecting her?", Nakamura's voice rose and I didn't know if it was just me or if the others were also afraid of Shoto's next move.

The air was so thick in this room that I could hardly breathe, I had my fingers clawed into the seat and my eyes fixed on Nakamura. I had never granted myself when he hit me, had never told him to stop or anything like that, I was like a shell without content, a person without will without energy and now at this moment, a willpower and a strength ran through me like hardly ever before. All the fear had suddenly disappeared and turned into strength.
I stood up and grabbed Shoto's shoulder. "Let him go, I need to sort this out...alone.", Shoto hesitated, his eyes filled with anger and I could see him struggling with himself. A few moments passed with nothing happening until he finally raised his left arm and the ice melted. "Ten minutes, if you're not back by then I'll catch up," I merely nodded and took my hand off his shoulder. Nakamura gave Shoto another spiteful look and then walked out of the room strutting.

Shoto POV:
"What happened Todoroki?", Midoriya approached me with wide eyes. "When did you start getting along with (n/n) again?", Kirishima came up to me and his eyes widened as well. "Was that (n/n) her boyfriend? I didn't know he was hitting her.", Yaourozu looked pityingly at the door she had just disappeared from with him. "We all got her wrong, she was never with him, she never had anything going on with him, she was just afraid to resist.", I fell into the chair and stared at the heavy door like a maniac. "Does that mean we ignored her all for nothing, beat her up and everything?", Ochako's voice broke the silence and I merely nodded. "Yes..she went through hell alone because none of us kept her company because we thought she had a boyfriend, but it was just a boy who enjoyed beating her...", something wet dripped down my cheek. I was afraid for her, afraid that she would not resist. Most of the others dropped into their chairs and looked dejectedly at the floor. "And we want to be heroes, don't make me laugh...we would be great as shurks...", Kirishima's voice said what we were all thinking. "Do you think she would have lost today on purpose to get away from us?", Jiro's voice was weak and quiet, it tightened my heart in my chest. Had I really lost her forever? "She actually seemed to have given up, she was talking just now about leaving and we can live in peace again...", the eyes of the class widened. "I don't want her to leave, I want to play video games with her again...", Kaminari looked around in fear. "I want to train with her again, she's the only one who challenges me.", Bakugo stood leaning against the wall looking at his hands.

The door was pulled open, but no (d/n) entered, it was only Aizawa, everyone sadly lowered their heads and he just looked at us questioningly. Eri plodded behind him, she had a light blue dress on and her hair in two braids. "Where is (d/n)?" her soft voice pierced the room and our gaze sank even lower. No one gave an answer. "Guys where is (n/n)? You start in an hour!", Sensei's voice rang out and we all looked up, startled. Iida was the first to speak up. "She should be right back, she has something to clear up with a third grader," Sensei raised his eyebrows. "And why are you all so sad and down then, I've never heard that from loud people like you.", there was a brief moment of silence until Tsuyu interrupted them. "Did you know that (d/n) is beaten?", the sensei's eyes widened and his gaze went blank. "By whom and since when?", his voice was strained. "By a third grade student, Nakamura-san.", Tokoyami spoke this time. "Where are they now?", his voice sounded like a strained bow and I felt a chill run down my spine. "Don't know, but they should be right back.", he nodded weakly and stared at the door. "Do any of you know his Quirk?" his eyes roamed. "I'm not sure, but I think it was telekinesis.", the sensei nodded to Midoriya. Everyone stared at the door, hoping a (h/f) haired girl would step through soon.

Your POV:
The energy inside me was just bubbling, I was tense, every one of my senses focused on him though, one wrong move and I would break his back.

As we stepped into a prep room I closed the door behind me and leaned against it. "Start talking Nakamura-san.", coldly the words stung from my lip, aimed at his heart. The third grader cleared his throat. "I'm not sorry for treating you like that, I did it on purpose, only now it's over for me to act I did what I was supposed to do, the others will take care of you now that you've brought Todoroki close to you again and he wants to protect you with his life, right now he's at his weakest and you're still too weak to even stand a chance. It was nice to have met you (d/n), but tonight at the latest you will both be in the hands of Mors. But now you have to sleep sugar doll best you forget the last 10 minutes...", he looked at his watch and nodded contentedly, I couldn't move an inch, not out of fear or any other emotion, it was a Quirk which immobilized me, his index finger touched my forehead and an inhuman pain ran through my body. I let out a loud pained scream and thus enough energy to at least lock Nakamura in, after that everything went black and I fell to the hard floor. My body was shaking, but I couldn't do anything.

Nakamura's POV:

She actually created a shield around me before she fainted. I leaned my finger against the purple wall of mist, but pulled it away in a flash, she had told me that her shield has the disadvantage that everything that happens in this shield really only takes place in here and that every stranger who touches it automatically strengthens it with his energy. This Quirk is strong if you know how to use it properly, or rather, if you put it together with someone else's screamquirk.

The door opened and the white haired man came in, his name is Akio Sato, he can use the DNA of others to copy them and their Quirk. "You took quite a while, now get me out of here already.", I rolled my eyes, but the man merely laughed harshly. "Yeah yeah, I'm coming.", he grabbed (d/n) her body and threw it against the shield, as soon as her body touched the misty wall it disappeared and pulled itself back into her skin. "Do you want me to copy her?", I merely shook my head. "No, that wouldn't do any good, you don't produce as much energy as she does, so he won't do you much good, plus you can't get your voice high enough to move the energy fast enough, he's too complicated for you.", offended the man pushed his lower lip forward, before I could step out I looked at him. "Besides, purple doesn't suit you at all."; he quickly followed me and we crept across the hallway hoping to disappear as quickly and unseen as possible. Our legs carried us to the bleachers and we sat down next to Kaito and Yuna, they were staring at the first graders who were having duels against each other, it seemed like they would be done in a few minutes and the second graders would start.

"Can you please give us back our Quirk?", Yuna raised an eyebrow questioningly and I just held out my hand. She touched it and leaned back in satisfaction. Yuna is a young woman with long blonde hair which she wore in a high ponytail, she is about 15 centimeters shorter than me and has ice blue eyes, her Quirk is that as long as she has her eyes open, she can immobilize all people within 15 meters, similar to Eraeserhead. Kaito also held out his hand and I gave him back his Quirk as well. He doesn't talk much, has short blond hair and poison green eyes, his Quirk is to make someone forget everything from the last 30 minutes. He can adjust the duration, but you can't go longer than 30 minutes.
Our mission here is to kidnap both the number 1 hero's son and the number 4 heroine's daughter, my father wants to experiment with their Quirks and we want to draw attention to ourselves through an attack like this our goal is to be able to contact the Ligue of Villains, but that only works if they contact us first.
I tapped my thigh impatiently and looked out onto the court, the crowd cheering as the student finally flew out of the ring and the winner was decided.

Shoto POV:
"The 10 minutes are up, let's go find them.", determinedly I stood up and ran towards the door when the sensei held me back. "We'll go in groups of three, if something happens sound the alarm and if you find (n/n) then come back here, we'll meet back here in 15 minutes. Any objections?", no one said anything and we lined up in groups of three. "One more thing before you go.", we all looked at him questioningly our legs were shaking with excitement, we had to find her quickly or we would miss our start and just because one classmate was missing they wouldn't cancel it. "Neither of you can tell her brother or he'll kill you," he looked at me in particular and I just nodded quickly. In my group were Midoriya and Uraraka.

We ran down the hallway of the stadium, near here are the preparation rooms. My gaze wandered through the hallway and when I saw something, I stopped abruptly. Uraraka and Deku slowed down and looked at me questioningly. "What's going on?", I pointed to the door under which the purple threads were buzzing, they pulled me and before the others could understand me, my legs carried me to the door. I pushed it open loudly and saw her body lying on the floor, lifeless.

"(d/n)!", I fell on my knees in front of her and held her inert body in my hand, everything reminded me of our second fight and tears welled up in my eyes.

I stared at her lifeless body, she was shaking and barely breathing. I was to blame for her being unconscious. "I-I'm sorry..." I leaned my head against her forehead and enjoyed the pain I felt with every touch, I love this feeling.

"Todoroki!", Midoriya and Ururaka came into the room and saw me lying on the floor with her in my arms. "You've got her! Come on let's go back!", Ochako wobbled me up and trembling my legs carried me, the lifeless girl in my arms.

Your POV:
The pain didn't let up, snapping me out of my gentle slumber. "Ouch.", I opened my eyes and looked at Shoto's chest, the wind was blowing towards me and beside me I heard the footsteps of more people. I grabbed my head, it was throbbing a bit, but otherwise I was doing great. "You're awake!", Shoto's eyes lit up with joy and I just shook my head in question. "Of course I'm awake, what's going on anyway? I can walk by myself.", I pushed myself out of Shoto's arms and jumped onto the ground with ease, my legs able to immediately catch up to the pace of the others. "Someone tell me why we're running?", I raised my eyebrow questioningly and looked at Deku. "We need to get back to Sensei and find out what happened to you!", I furrowed my eyebrows. "I can't remember anything, absolutely nothing, what time is it?", Shoto showed me his cell phone watch. "What's the last thing you remember?", Ochako looked at me. "Shoto kissed me, that's it.", the three of them swallowed hard and we arrived at the room from earlier, everyone was there looking at me worriedly.

We arrived in the room after a few moments and looked into the stunned eyes of the class. "Where was she?", Aizawa came running towards us and grabbed my forehead. "She was lying unconscious in a prep room, no sign of Nakamura.", Aizawa looked into Deku's green eyes. "What did you talk to Nakamura about?", I blinked once perplexed and looked at Shoto questioningly, he indicated for me to talk. "I don't remember anything since...", I looked at my fingers, which I kneaded together, "Shoto kissed me...", Bakugo made small explosions appear from his hands. "I thought his Quirk was telekinesis?", Momo's voice broke the tense silence. "Maybe he has multiple Quirks like Todoroki?", I squinted my eyes to slap anything meaningful into my head, but no clear image appeared before them.

"How are you?", Aizawa looked at me sympathetically and I widened my eyes. "I'm fine, except that I can't remember everything is great, I'm still going to participate in the sports festival!", determinedly I looked into his dark eyes and he looked down. "Of course you will, I didn't expect anything else from your stubborn head."; Aizawa stood up and turned to the class.

"We'll send out pro heroes and have them check on Nakamura, just act like nothing happened, I want you to give it your all at the sports festival and show the world what you've learned! Scare the shurks as much as you can!", Deku and Shoto wanted to object to Aizawa, but he just gave them a cold look. "No objections (n/n) must do well here or she'll be kicked out of school, that doesn't mean you should hold back, I know she's strong and you know it too, don't risk your chances at the pros to help her even if she's one of your friends, the girl is strong enough to handle herself!", everyone looked at me questioningly and I cleared my throat. "I'm going to kick your asses so give it your all, you got me, it would be boring if I won, wouldn't it Katsuki?", I raised an eyebrow slightly provocatively and a smile crept onto his lips. "I'm looking forward to fighting you! ", he held out his hand to me and I punched it with my fist, this handshake seemed to lighten up the whole situation, a small smile settled on the faces of most of them and we walked, together as a class, out of this room into the large square of the stadium, I looked around the stadium and looked into the eyes of my mother, she had a proud smile on her lips and next to her stood my father, he also waved at me and it went through me like lightning.

My legs carried me away from him as fast as they could. This was not my father, his hair was different, his appearance was different, everything was different. It couldn't have been him, I know him and that's not who he is, someone is impersonating him!
I sprinted out of the forest as fast as I could, I didn't look back, I was too afraid, I didn't want to believe that it was him. My thoughts were split in two, one half of my brain told me that it wasn't him, the other half told me that it had to be him.

"Are you okay?", Shoto tapped me and I looked at him with widened eyes. I had blanked out the experience in the forest, I had almost forgotten about it. "Y-yes I'm fine.", I smiled at him, but he merely looked at me skeptically. "I trust you, please don't destroy yourself and your body for some stupid sports festival.", cold as ice he said the words and I swallowed hard. "I'm fine.", he hesitated but then nodded.

"LET'S GET TO THE FIRST DISCIPLINE NOW!",Midnight's voice drew my attention away from Shoto, my thoughts and my father and I looked up at the black haired girl. She pressed the button to turn the wheel, if Aizawa was right, now it would have to be a discipline where everyone fights for themselves. I looked fixedly at the spinning words and when they stopped, my heart skipped a beat.

It's almost the same discipline the then 1A had, only this time it's every man for himself. "It's become ribbon stealing! Here are the rules!" A screen listed the rules and Midnight read them aloud:

Rule number 1: The ribbon must be placed in a visible location - areas that are allowed are the forehead, the hip, the arm
Rule number 2: Each band has the same value, if a band is stolen then it must be handed in at a checkbox, no bands may be stolen from this checkbox, you may not be in this area for more than 5 seconds, the area can only be entered with a stolen band.
Rule number 3: If your tape is stolen, you have the chance to stay inside as long as the tape is not checked in. If you take a tape from someone else, it is invalid, you must have your own.
Rule number 4: Teams are not allowed, if it is found out that someone is teaming with one or more competitors, the participants and their stolen tapes will be disqualified.
Rule number 5: The one who steals the most ribbons wins, how many will go further will be announced after the competition
Rule number 6: If you have your ribbon stolen, you have to go to the checkpoints behind your stolen ribbons after you have checked them in.
Rule number 7: The duration of the competition is until there are only 20 young heroes left on the field

I swallowed hard, it wasn't a difficult task, but if it is stopped when there are only 20 people left in the ring, then all this fun can drag on for several hours, I don't suspect it will last that long. However, if it is an endurance game, then my chances would be highest at the end when everyone is already out of breath. But the easiest points will be at the beginning.

Would the best technique be to score points at the beginning and rest in the middle, then I could score again at the end. No that would be stupid, I have to be careful and cautious all the time, yet I have to get as many points as possible!

"Stand in your boxes please, in a few minutes the first round of the 2nd year sports festival will begin!", I looked up at Midnight and how the class was splitting up, I looked at Shoto one last time, smiled slightly at him and then went to the box that had my name on it.

There are 11 classes in this year with 20 participants each, that makes 210 tapes to take from people. It will be easiest to use the manager section first, but many will do that...or should I focus on the supporter or general section in the hustle and bustle. I leaned against the closed door in front of me, I could only get a little light through a peephole, everyone else was also locked in such small chambers.

I finally decided to go along with the others and attack the non-superhero compartments.
When the door started making noises, my whole body tensed, my stomach contracted and my heart beat a little faster...It's time. It's now or never!

The door opened and I looked skeptically outside, many did the same and when I looked next to me, I felt the breeze Momona left behind. I grabbed my left arm skeptically, luckily the tape was still on, but I knew it was pure luck. I saw how the first ones tried to crawl into the boxes of the others and a black haired boy came towards me, I didn't know him but he wore the ribbon loosely on his forehead, I took a run and jumped over him grabbing the ribbon and sprinted to the other side of the square, luckily I arrived at the checkpoint without an incident and another ribbon, I threw the red ribbons inside and looked around.

Lightly humming as I ran to release energy, this just enveloped six students and I was able to steal their ribbons as they floated, at my touch the bodies fell back to the ground and I sprinted to the checkpoint.

I had stolen a total of thirty ribbons and there were about fifty students left on the course out of 210, including my class and the entire B, a few from the support department and one student from the general department.

I tensed my muscles again and sprinted towards Monoma, however he noticed me and held his hand to my forehead, my Quirk was copied but luckily he didn't know how it worked. I kicked his legs away and pulled the ribbon off his forehead, I saw Mineta coming towards me and jumped over him, ripping the ribbon and a sticky ball off my head. Disgusted, I landed and sprinted back to the checkpoint.
I was about to reach it when green tendrils pulled me back by the leg I followed them and looked at Ibara, she ran towards me and I tried to get away from the nasty green stuff. She grabbed my arm, however I screamed out loud enough to fire a huge energy blast. The girl was thrown back and her tendril came loose, I quickly scrambled to my feet. She luckily didn't notice that I had taken the ribbon from her. I ran to my checkpoint and threw in the next three ribbons. That would make 33!

I was able to pause in the checkpoint for 15 seconds and check my breathing. After 14 seconds I stepped back into the ring, there were only 33 people left with me, half of them were my class, the other half were the B. The crowd cheered as Shoto put another ribbon in his Point. I looked at the board, he had three more ribbons than me, Katsuki had the most with almost 40.

I slapped my cheek and walked towards Momo and Ochako, they were having a fight against each other. Momo has a band on her forehead and Ochako on her hip I hummed a little and let the energy slide into my hands, then I took a running start and jumped over the two of them, I grabbed Momo her band and flung her away, then I knocked Ochako out and grabbed the band on her hip before she fell, since there was no one around I gently laid her down and then sprinted to the checkpoint again.

Sweat was running down my forehead and my legs were burning. I focused on the checkpoint but heard explosions close behind me, a glance told me it was Katsuki. I cursed to myself but sprinted on, hoping to arrive early enough. When I arrived at the checkpoint I turned around, Bakugo had been immobilized in Shoto's ice and the half-cold one tore the ribbon from his forehead, our eyes met for the breath of a second. I shook my head and walked a wide berth around the two.

My eyes roamed and I saw Tokoyami. Dark Shadow noticed me and attacked me luckily I had enough energy to trap him in a rampart, the dark bird flew against it and suffered damage, breathing heavily I propped myself up on my knees, I just had to wait for Tokoyami to cooperate.

Behind me I heard the heavy footsteps of metal and as I turned Tetsutetsu came towards me. I jumped up in shock and the metal man slammed into the purple shield. A strong shockwave flung me backwards in midair and I landed on my back, my head was pounding but I could still see clearly. When I noticed someone's footsteps beside me I turned around questioningly, Setsuna threw her lizard tail at my stomach and I curled up, just as she was about to grab my ribbon my head turned to face her. She had a mischievous smile on her face, her dark green eyes met mine (a/f). She slowly reached for my ribbon, but before she could grab it, enough sounds left my mouth and the girl was flung away, her tail with her. I straightened up as fast as I could and ran towards her body, with a flick of my wrist the purple stripes circled her body and she floated, her eyes widened and I ripped the ribbon from her waist. Since I didn't touch her she continued to float and I was able to run to Tokoyami in peace, Dark Shadow had apparently exhausted himself on the smoke because the bird man put his ribbon on the edge of the cage, I undid it grabbed the ribbon and ran to the checkpoint.

I set off for the final jump and threw the ribbons in, as soon as they touched the bowl my name rose on the board and a loud noise appeared, I covered my ears and dropped to my knees. I made it through the first round, I'm in the final 20 contestants! Unfortunately, I couldn't rejoice for long because I had lost so much energy that I could barely stand.

Shoto came to me on his ice and took me in his arms, I leaned on him gratefully and we waited for Midnight's speech.

"The last 20 contestants are still in the ring, so the first round is over!", the crowd cheered and all those still in the ring, including me, staggered happily into the crowd. I looked at Shoto and he looked like he had just gone for a walk, his right side a little frozen and a drop of sweat running down his left, but otherwise he looked the same. I in contrast had green spots from slithering across the grass, my face was wet from sweat and a few baby hairs stuck to it.

"You look like you've been exerting yourself," he whispered amusedly in my ear and I merely slapped him. "What's that supposed to mean,at least I did my best, not everyone is as perfect as you!", pouting I crossed my arms in front of my chest and turned away from him. He laughed softly, grabbed me harder by the waist and turned me to face him. We were close and it suddenly became quite quiet in the stadium, I realized unfortunately too late that the biggest screen of all showed both of us. Bright red I pushed the half-cold away from me and looked ashamed on the floor. The crowd laughed loudly, some gave a "Nawww" from others a "We want to see the kiss!", bright red I stared at the, suddenly quite green and interesting, grass. Shoto pinched me lightly and I made a squeaking sound until I lifted my gaze and looked at him angrily. He grabbed my cheeks and pulled my head closer to his, the next moment I felt his lips on mine and a ton of energy ran through me again. I closed my eyes for a brief moment, but then realized everyone was staring at us and pushed away from him. He looked at me playfully disappointed and I merely flicked him against the forehead. "Baaaaka!", I pulled the a extra long and he laughed lightly.

I was getting rather embarrassed by the whole situation since almost the whole world had just seen us kiss, hopefully I looked to Aizawa and he processed it quickly enough thankfully. He tapped his mic and got all the attention, I looked angrily at Shoto again and then spun out of his grip, after that I was able to listen to Aizawa, though he didn't really make the whole thing any better, "Young love is quite something, but we can gawk at the cute couple later. Midnight will now explain who will advance and who unfortunately got kicked out," I saw that he winked at me and Eri just laughed next to him.

"Thanks for the transition Eraserhead, then let me tell you how this is all scored!", at Midnight's voice the crowd cheered again and I bit my lip. "Those who are still in now, so the 20 students will definitely advance, also advancing will be the first 50 on the list, including the 20 from the ring! ", I looked at the big board, each of the 20 students were in the top 50 and another 30 students including Momo, Tokoyami and Bakugo, a few of them were from B and many from my class as well, the other few students were from the general and support section, when I read Shinso's name, a load fell off my mind, he luckily made it in as well.

We were all supposed to bow to the crowd and then were allowed out of the stadium, it was lunch time and my stomach was giving a concert. Happy that I had come a round further, I took a large portion and sat down for the first time in ages to Shoto, Deku and the others. Proud as an oskar I looked at my food, it was a big portion of rice with a lot of (side) dishes. Only Shoto was sitting at the table and Deku had just arrived. I sat down next to Sho and began to eat.

When I noticed Shoto staring at me out of the corner of my eye, I took some of my food and put it into his slightly open mouth. He cracked his eyes wide open, but then relaxed again. "You're staring Bubs.", shocked at the nickname, he quirked an eyebrow. "If you don't want to be called that, then I'll just call you Todoroki.", I turned away from him and grabbed some food again, but before I could shove it into my mouth he grabbed my wrist and fed the chopsticks into his mouth his eyes had narrowed into slits and his bottom lip had moved forward. A small giggle left my lips and this time my chopsticks led to his plate, I grabbed some noodles and led them, faster this time, into my mouth. "If you have something to say, speak up, I don't understand toddler talk," I tapped him on the nose and listened to the conversation of Iida, Ochako and Izuku.

Ochako looked at me a little sadly. "I'm sorry about earlier..I didn't mean to knock you unconscious...", I lowered my gaze, but Ochako merely wavered. "Don't be sorry, you were just doing what was necessary," I smiled gratefully. "Besides, I've moved on anyway, I luckily got enough ribbons!", a wide and luckily honest smile settled on her lips.
"That means there are now 50 people left in the race, including everyone except Mineta from the class.", Iida looked at all of us seriously and I nodded. "The B is also almost completely represented and a few students from the support department, Mei is also among them, she was 38th.", I looked at my chopsticks and at the rice in my bowl. "I think that no matter what the next discipline is, we need to do something in groups or teams.", I looked at Deku. "Hmm...could be.", with my chopsticks I took some more of Shoto's noodles and ate them. "Then who are you partnering with (d/n)?", I looked at Shoto. "I promised my brother I'd do it with him, I hope you don't mind...", I looked at my rice and then felt his hand on my thigh. "Of course not.", his lips touched my cheek and I blushed slightly. "By the way, we need to talk about earlier in private.", to distract from the topic I looked at him with played anger and he just grinned. "If you say so."

The rest of the meal was pretty quiet, but I felt a certain tension in the room, but decided not to talk to anyone, they will all be excited about the next round.

I was just walking alongside Shoto back to the stadium, having gone through the big door, I could see that the big screen was showing a replay of me taking the ribbon from Ibara. "You seriously stole the spotlight from us, huh?", I turned to Katsuki's deep voice and just stuck my tongue out. "Try harder and you'll be the center of attention again!", he made a Tch sound and stood next to me. Shoto pulled me closer to him by the waist and continued to pull Katsuki away. I just looked at him with wide eyes. His look was a little confusing and I furrowed my eyebrows. "What's wrong?", I was quiet but had a stern undertone. "Well..so...", I squinted my eyes and Shoto leaned towards my ear. "I like the nickname Bubs...", I had to stifle my laughter so hard. A wide smile was on my lips and nudged his nose. "Then I'll call you Bubs from now on, Bubs.", a small smile crept onto his lips and he patted my head.

"Now let's get to round two!", the crowd trundled back in after lunch and fell silent at Midnight's voice. I looked up from Shoto to the black-haired one and waited for her to announce who exactly all was on. She raised her voice again and the list of winners was displayed. Despite Katsuki being kicked out, he got 1st place, he stole a total of 42 ribbons, Shoto was 2nd with 39 ribbons and Iida was 3rd with 38, I was 5th with 36 ribbons and Deku was 4th with 37. My brother had 12 ribbons and seemed to be kicked out, he was 33rd.

"So all the candidates for the next round have been announced and we can move on to the next discipline!" the crowd cheered and we also clapped a little. I could hear isolated people in the crowd calling out names, some calling out their child's name and others Midnight's, all the proheden that were gathered here were standing on the top edges looking down at us. I could see my mother, she looked happy and beaming, my father next to her seemed content as well. The two of them certainly still loved each other, only my mother and also my father have to jump over their own shadows and accept that she gave Shinso his Quirk, he has learned to deal with it after all and is not mad at her. I let out a sigh and Shoto looked at me questioningly, "Parental problems?", I looked up at him and merely nodded. "Two stubborn people who can't jump over their own shadows.", he sighed too but couldn't say anything since the wheel stopped spinning, I stared at the discipline that showed up: couple fights I swallowed and clenched my hands into fists. "This can't just be a pair fight, surely there's a catch to this!", I looked to Katsuki and nodded slightly. "Here come the rules!", my eyes fixed on the big screen and I read through the information:

Rule number 1: The goal is to make one of the partners give up, the words must be spoken, it is enough if one partner says it - another victory is that an opponent is thrown out of the ring, immobilized does not count in this discipline.
Rule number 2: after a certain time the ring becomes smaller

"Those are the two rules! Not much around it!", I pinched my hands and looked around for Shinso, he had his eyes on our parents. He noticed my gaze and looked at me, a small smile crept onto his lips and he headed towards us. Katsuki went back to Kirishima and probably mates with him. "Who are you mating with?", I looked up at Sho and he looked at me. "Probably Iida or Midoriya.", I merely nodded and looked to my brother. "Are you still teaming with me even if the whole world saw your boyfriend and you kissing?", he playfully raised his eyebrow and I merely slapped him on the upper arm. "I'll still pair with you, Sho has enough friends fighting with him," he merely nodded and we looked ahead again.

"Pairings will be found in the next 5-minutes! The clock is ticking from now on!", a big countdown was shown on the screen. I gave Sho another kiss on the cheek and then walked with my brother towards the chamber, these rooms were similar to the room the class was sitting in earlier, only smaller. The 5 minutes were up and everyone had paired up, then a tournament tree was displayed on the board. "So we fight in groups...", Shinso stared at the screen and I nodded. "Seems quite like it."

Group 1:
Todoroki x Iida, Tokoyami x Ashido, Midoriya x Uraraka, Kendo x Tetsutetsu, Ojiro x Hagakure.

Group 4:
Kaminari x Jiro, Kirishima x Bakugo, Hitoshi x (n/n), Asui x Ayoama, Sero x Joji.

I gulped when I saw our group. "If we're lucky, we'll get an easy pairing and not exactly Bakugo and Kirishima," I looked at Shinso, he was right.

Here's the explanation of how I set up the group system:

In a group, those who have the highest total score in the previous round are selected and advance no matter what, then the winner of the pairings that are still fighting each other, in a 2v2v2v2, advance.

Thus, two pairings from each of the 5 groups will advance, where the first-placed will fight against those who automatically advance. The winner of this round has to fight against the winner of another group, because it doesn't work out, one group has the luck that 3 pairings get further, which pairing is then, the audience decides by majority vote.

The pairings that are left over, that is 12 young heroes, then move on to the last discipline.

Sho was in group 1 and was immediately lucky to advance in any case, he and Iida together have almost the most points. In our group it was Katsuki and Kirishima. Eijiro was only a few places behind me.

"Well, luckily we don't have to fight Bakugo," I looked at Shinso, he exhaled in relief. "Not against Bakugo, but against others from my class...", he put his hand on my shoulder and smiled slightly at me. "You'll be fine, you got 5th place, even on your own you'd win against them.", a slight smile crept onto my lips. "I have a plan!", Shinso raised his eyebrow questioningly. "I'm all ears.", I leaned over to him and told him my idea, he still had something to change on the whole it was a great plan. He was a bit of a coward, but okay.

It took just under an hour for group four to get their turn, in group 1 Deku and Uraraka advanced. In group 2 it was Momo and Koda and I group 3 Setsuna and Monoma. "Well then let's go down, it's time!", Shinso held out his hand to me and I took it gratefully.

"Now let's move on to the second to last group! Group 4, the two point winners are Katsuki Bakugo, last year's winner and Eijiro Kirishima! Against each other in a 2v2v2, Kaminari and Jiro will fight Hitsohi and (n/n) against Asui and Ayoama will fight Sero and Joji in the center of the stadium!", the crowd cheered loudly and we all staggered out of one of the 4 corners we were standing in. I hummed the whole time to release energy and nervously tapped my thigh. "All good, did you release enough energy?", I just nodded at Shinso and as soon as the start signal sounded I created the shield around both of us, we had positioned ourselves a little more in the middle and were going to wait until there was only one pairing left in the ring, we would then fight them properly. It was kind of an unfair game, but you can't blame me with the pressure I have.

Sero uses his tape to throw Kaminari out, but he uses his electricity in such a way that it passes over the tape to Sero Shoji caught him though, Sero started the next attack, but I couldn't focus on this one because something banged against the shield, it was Tsu her tongue, she stuck to the shield and jumped full against it, of course her body energy was immediately drained and she fell to the ground, it wasn't my plan to render her unconscious but since Ayoma came running towards her Shinso was able to activate his Quirk. "Is she your partner?", Ayoma was so affected by Tsu her stare that he yelled out loud "YES!", that was enough for Shinso. "Take her out of the ring and you right along with her.", Ayoma his eyes went wide and he carried the unconscious girl out, I just gave him a high five and focused on the fight in front of us. Jiro made a loud sonic wave and Sero flew out of the ring, Shoji ran after him and grabbed him by the tape, the wave from Kyoka was so strong though that he flew out with Hanta. I looked at Shinso questioningly and he nodded, the next sonic wave from Jiro I wouldn't be able to intercept with a shield, so everything had to happen quickly. "Scream loud enough, then we can knock them out for a moment, don't forget that Jiro has sensitive ears.", I just nodded to my brother and dissolved the shield, the fog moved over the ground, that was our plan, we wanted to make the field as invisible as possible. "Well let's go brother!", I yelled out loud once, releasing a ton of energy, through the waves I was able to locate the two and showed my brother he tapped Kaminari. "You're the cool electric guy right?", Kaminari was confused but replied, proud as he is. "Yes I can-", Shinso his Quirk activated and he told Kaminari to leave the ring, the boy complied and I quickly pulled my brother to me, the energy returning to my body and I saw Kaminari just cross the line. He was out, we took advantage of the moment and ran towards Jiro, she heard us but didn't react fast enough. Shinso kicked her legs away and I hit her neck with the edge of my hand, luckily she immediately passed out and Shinso caught her lifeless body. "Got her!", he carried her out of the ring bridal style and came back to me in the middle. The audience was silent and you could hear a pin drop. First our parents started clapping and then more and more, eventually some stood up and I could hear Midnight's voice. "That was a quick round and the winners are the twins (n/n) and Hitoshi!", we both bowed and walked out of the cement ring. "That was a great plan!", I slapped myself on the shoulder and my brother put his arm around my shoulder. "You've gotten really strong, does Mom know about your Quirk?", my heart skipped a beat and I stopped in my tracks. "Don't tell me"-"I forgot to tell her! I even forgot to tell her I had something with Shoto!", I held my hand over my mouth in shock. "You're so forgetful!", Shinso gave me a slap on the back of the head laughing and I looked at him angrily. "Go see them after this round, I think you have one to tell them," I looked up at Shinso and nodded. "You have to come with me though, she can't always disown you, you're doing great with your Quirk, tell her, maybe we'll be a happy family after all...", I looked into his violet eyes and he exhaled heavily. "Alright, we'll see, but for now let's win the fight against Bakugo and Kirshima!", he held his fist out to me and I punched it. "Yeah, one at a time!"

"Are you on vacation here?", I looked at the little boy with the white and red hair, he was about my age. "N-no, my dad is a hero and he has to work here," my eyes widened. "Your daddy is a hero too? My mom is too!", the boy looked at me and a small smile settled on his lips. "W-what are you doing here?", I looked proudly at the sea and the setting sun. "I live near here, my mom always lets me go out until the sun goes down.", the boy looked at the orange sky. "Living here...wow, does that mean you see something this beautiful every day?", proudly I nodded and dropped into the sand. The boy followed suit after a moment's hesitation and we looked at the sky. "What's your Quirk?", I looked at the half white one, he looked sadly at the ground. "I'm half cold and half hot, yours?", amazed at his strong Quirk I stared at him for a few moments. "Oh, I I don't have a Quirk, I still want to be a heroine someday though!", I held my fist over my heart and stretched my back. "Cool.", he looked at me smiling slightly and for a brief moment we just stared at each other. I liked this kid. "Do you want to be friends?", his eyes widened. "F-friends?", hastily I nodded and he laughed out. "I've never had any friends...", my eyebrows drew together and I slid closer to him, my hands I put to his cheeks and I turned his head to me. "Then I'm your first friend now!", I gave him a smack on the lips and he blushed, a soft giggle left my mouth and the boy giggled softly too. "So we're friends now?", I nodded and looked up at the almost dark sky. "I have to get home slowly, will I see you tomorrow?", I looked at the boy next to me. "I'm sure we'll see each other again sometime!", I gave him another peck on the cheek and then left for the house.

After that night, I never saw him again...or so I thought.

"(d/n) wake up, we're almost there!", Shinso tugged on my sleeve and I merely shook my head. "Hmm?", I turned to my brother, he was already standing ready in the doorway. "You coming?", hastily I nodded and stood up. It was our turn to fight Kirishima and Bakugo.

"Now let's move on to the second to last fight of the second round! Hitoshi Shinso and (d/n) (n/n) against Katsuki Bakugo and Eijiro Kirishima!", the crowd jumped up and cheered. We swayed happily and some people even threw flowers at me, I caught a bouquet and read the little note in it In case your friend didn't give you one a slight smile crept onto my lips. I hummed softly and energy surrounded the flowers, I threw them up and they glided back to their owner, the man blushed a little and then bowed to me. "I'm surprised everyone loves you.", Shinso leaned down to me and I gave him an angry look. "I'm wonderful, anyone who doesn't love me is missing out.", a cheeky grin spread across my face and he laughed with me. "Well then, all or nothing!", we gave each other a highfive and walked to the edge of the ring. I hummed once again throughout to release enough energy, the threads were almost invisible, it costs more energy to produce such, but for that I can make them before it starts.

"The penultimate fight of the second round starts NOW!", some started cheering others became silent. Shinso his Quirk won't really make sense here, both know about the Quirk and can just keep quiet. Bakugo started with a huge explosion, luckily Hitoshi and I were able to dodge it though.
We had split up Both of us were now walking slowly around the edge of the ring waiting to see who they would attack first. Bakugo is not stupid, he knows what tactical thinking is and can use it, will he want to throw out the weaker one first in a situation like this or remove me first. No matter what he chooses, it will not affect our plan.

Shinso and I ran around the ring once without attacking, Kirishima and Bakugo merely turned and waited for us to attack. "Tsk DIE!", another blast was fired at us, but we were able to dodge it. "Kirishima we'll take him first and then her!", Bakugo showed his friend the victim and they both ran towards Shinso, I took a few steps back, when they both started to jump I started the short sprint. Bakugo was now right where I wanted him, I yelled out loud and the shield appeared around him, luckily Kirishima was also inside but Shinso was not. My brother came running up to me and gave me a high five. "Okay, let's see if you can influence these two first, otherwise I'll have to take more drastic measures.", my brother nodded and ran towards the two. He looked at both of them and then started talking. "Are you two actually a couple?", no one answered. "So you are one, how long have you been together?", Kirishima took a breath but Katsuki held her hand over his mouth. "Do you want to get out of here?", Bakugo started to shout, but fell silent soon enough. "(d/n) it's not going to be you again!", I slowly walked towards the three of them, my legs getting a little heavier and I felt my energy slowly decreasing. I hadn't gotten any energy since noon and had used it too much in the previous fight.

I held my hand in front of the energy shield, because we were running on the edge, the guys were pretty close to the end of the ring and I didn't have to do much. I shifted the energy shield so that they both had to go with it, otherwise they would give up their energy. Bakugo first braced himself against the moving shield, but quickly realized that he had only helped me. The shield became even stronger and faster. He let go of the purple smoke and looked at me angrily. "I will defeat you eventually!", a slight smile crept onto my lips and I gave the shield the last burst of energy. The two kicked out with their feet and Midnight announced our victory. I ran towards my brother, but tripped over my feet. My energy was running out. "I have to get to Sho...battery is out!", my brother took me in his arms and let me touch the purple shield, this gave me some power and the boys were free again. Kirshima caught me when I almost fell over and I thanked him.

"The penultimate battle of the second discipline has been fought and the winners are (n/n) and Hitoshi!", Kirishima and Hitoshi supported my weak body and staggered. Bakugo stood a few meters behind me, he was pissed off but kept his emotions in check. "Now let's get to the final battle of the second discipline!!!", the four of us walked from the large cement square through the hallway, Midnight's voice was muffled.

"I'm going back to my class then, we'll talk to mom and dad again later, okay?", Shinso looked at me with worried eyes and I nodded weakly. "Take care of yourself.", he gave me a kiss on my hairline and then disappeared in a fork. "You've had this plan for weeks, right?", Bakugo had said something for the first time in a long time and I merely looked at him. "No, it didn't occur to me until I was already in the ring facing you guys...", my gaze lowered and I curtsied slightly. Katsuki took me with Kirishima supporting me and I thanked them both. "Maybe you'll get lucky and the audience will vote for you...", I looked at the door that appeared in front of us and we stepped through. "Hmm, maybe.", as we stepped through the door I looked at Sho his mop of hair and a smile crept onto my lips. "Arrigato.", I broke away from the two of them and settled down next to Sho, breathing heavily.

"The fight was over faster than our first meeting," I leaned my head against his shoulder and closed my eyes. "You mean the very first one on the beach?", he gave an approving growl. "You never came back to see me after that," I pulled my bottom lip forward in a pout. "We went back home the very next day...", I chuckled lightly and took his hand. Shoto, for one, was the one who made me the strongest, but he was also my weakness. "Since when can you make the energy invisible?", I watched the last fighters in the square. "It's not invisible, your eye just can't see a color that high, I can always see it for example.", I was enjoying his heartbeat and the energy that was transferring back to me. "I seem to have really missed something these two weeks...", I looked up at him and he looked down at me. "Yeah I did, I fought several trees.", a harsh laugh left his mouth as I sarcastically spoke the words. "I'm glad you're back with me, the time without you was almost as bad as my home back then," I swallowed hard. "It's obvious, you should get a good night's sleep, you look terrible."; playfully offended by my direct words, he grabbed his chest and I had to laugh slightly. "If you let me sleep with you tonight, then I agree," I fell silent and looked up at him, a heavy sigh leaving my mouth. "I guess I have no choice but to share a bed with you," I closed my eyes and pulled my lips up. I felt Sho meet his gaze and opened my eyes questioningly. There was a tiny smile on his face. "You're staring, Bubs.", I nudged him on the nose and looked to the fight, this one seemed to be almost over. "I'm just admiring my wonderful girlfriend.", I felt the blood rush to my head, I quickly pushed single strands of hair to my face so he couldn't see it. "I love you.", startled by the words I jumped off my chair. "What's wrong with you?", I laughed and sat up again. "You didn't even let me finish," I furrowed my eyebrows. "Did you do something wrong and I have to leave Japan with you? Did you kill your father?!", startled I jumped to the window and looked for a flame, I saw it pretty quickly and turned back to him. "Your father is still alive, so what did you do?", I raised my eyebrow questioningly and propped my hands on his thighs and looked him in the eye. He had a playful smile on his lips and kissed the tip of my nose. "I didn't do anything, if you didn't keep interrupting me you would have known by now," I pulled my bottom lip forward pouting. "Then tell.", he exhaled heavily and took my face in his hand. "So you don't run away from me again and someone else touches you...", he paused for a moment and looked back and forth between my eyes. "Don't laugh now.", he blushed slightly and then mumbled the words so softly that I had trouble understanding them, "Will you be my girlfriend?", my eyes widened after a few moments of silence, it took me time to process the words. When it finally 'clicked' in my head I nodded hastily, I had my eyes wide open and was shaking my hair like a dog after washing. A smile crept onto Sho his lips and he pulled my heavily nodding head close. His lips touched mine and a tear of joy ran down my cheek. When we broke away, I looked into his beautiful eyes. "Does that mean you're mine now?", I giggled lightly and dropped into the chair next to him.

"Is it finally official?", I turned my head and looked into Mina's eyes, they were almost heart shaped and I backed away a little. "Y-yes...",full of joy the girl jumped towards me but I slid quickly enough onto Shoto's lap. I caught her just before she could kiss the hard chair with her head. "Don't rush Mina, you'll only hurt yourself.", she just rubbed her neck and laughed at me. "You two will end up fighting each other in the finals.", Tsu held a finger to her chin and I looked at her. "Shoto would have to get to the finals first for that.", he pecked my side and I squealed slightly. "You have to get there first too," my eyes narrowed and I crossed my arms in front of my chest. "Of course I'll get to the finals, I always want to stay here. Someone has to make sure you get enough sleep, you can't seem to do it without me," I tapped his forehead angrily and he laughed harshly. "With this attitude, the opponents will surely step out of the ring immediately and give up.", he raised his hands innocently and I jumped again from his lap.

We all sat back in our seats and waited for Midnight's speech. "The final battle of the 2nd discipline has been fought and the winners have been announced!", again the crowd cheered and the winners of this round swayed happily in the stadium. "Now let's move on to the audience vote! The 5 pairings that would not advance are displayed on the screen and with the tipster in their place, they can vote for: Pairing 1- Midoriya and Uraraka ...Pairing 4- Bakugo and Kirishima ... the typing time is two minutes left then the results will be posted!", the stadium went silent and everyone typed away on the small devices.

"Who would you vote for?", Sho looked down at me and I looked up at the pitch. "Difficult, 1 or 4, luckily I don't have to vote, I couldn't decide.", I held two fingers to my chin and looked thoughtfully at the ground. "You?", he looked away from me and closed his eyes. "Midoriya-kun, he should be able to prove himself.", I merely nodded in agreement and the result was displayed on the board. "Pairing 1 and 4 hold a head to head race!", the bars kept stabbing forward, but finally Ochako and Deku stabbed ahead by 2%. I exhaled heavily and closed my eyes. "To fight, I would have preferred Bakugo and Kirishima," Shoto put his hand on my shoulder and I smiled gently at him.

"Well then the last discipline will be spinning!", the crowd cheered and Midnight made the wheel spin. "I think it's going to be something like last year," Sho looked at me and I merely nodded at him in agreement. At least in semifinals huh, Nezo really doesn't do easy trials. I closed my eyes and exhaled heavily once. "Do you know how far you have to go?", Deku had sat down next to me and his green eyes pierced me. "Yes, but I can't tell you," he merely nodded. "Well, have you gotten there yet? You made it to the final 12 after all.", Ochako dropped down behind me and I turned 180 degrees. "No, I haven't made it yet.", my gaze lowered a little and my heart beat faster. "I'll get it, I've made it this far, I'll win the snot here too.", a faint smile settled on my lips and I looked into Deku's eyes, he stuck his thumb up and smiled broadly.

"The last discipline is the ever-popular duel!", many spectators cheered up and I noticed cheers from outside as well. "Are so many really looking forward to this discipline?", my gaze circled around in rows and I met Kirishima his red eyes. He detached himself from Bakugo, having to hold him still the whole time. "The duel and finals discipline are so highly regarded because it's really about who's strongest in a 1vs1," I looked to Deku. "I'm not in the mood for a duel.", Ochako dropped her head on my neck and I chuckled lightly. "What would you prefer?", she put her fingers to her chin and looked ahead. "I don't know, anything where I don't throw up.", I giggled softly and then stood up jerkily. "Well then!", Shoto looked at me questioningly and I teased him. "We'll see who has to fight who now!", he furrowed his eyebrows, but I was so fast and pulled him behind me that he didn't have time to react.

"Where are you going?", we walked through the narrow corridor and into a small preparation room. There was a screen with the live broadcast in it and otherwise only a table and a few chairs. "I don't know, just had a burst of energy, so I wanted to be alone with you," as if nothing had happened I sat down on the chair and looked at the screen. "Uhh, you're weird...", he sat down next to me and put his hand on my thigh. "Here comes the tournament tree!", I fixed my eyes and saw my first opponent. "Tenya Iida, great.", I exhaled heavily and thought of a plan. "I have Monoma. Should be doable.", I nodded to him and slumped in my chair. "Iida is fast...I don't think I can trap him in a shield," Sho looked at me with his monotone eyes. "Why don't you create a shield that goes all the way around the ring, then you can push him out like you did with Bakugo and Kirishima?", I lifted my gaze and looked him in the eye. "That's going to be hard, if he's fast enough that would be a waste of energy. I'm full but a shield all over the place must cost an eighth of the energy per 2 minutes. It's not that much but then other attacks might be harder.", my head propped up on my elbows and I closed my eyes. "I can put a parasite on him, then put myself in a shield of my own and wait until his energy runs out.", this plan was the only one that had come into my head and it sounded plausible enough. "A parasite?", Sho his eyebrows furrowed and I looked into his eyes. "It's not a parasite, I only have to touch it once or it touches me and I can steal its energy, you don't notice it at first but the parasite steals energy exponentially.", Sho had the question marks written all over his face and I exhaled heavily. "If energy was a forest, then the 'parasite' would first cut down a tree, then 2 then 4, then 8 and so on, the stolen energy is doubled in the next theft.", he seemed to have understood because he was staring at the hand that was on my thigh. "Do you steal energy from me all the time?", I just shook my head. "You're an exception.", his eyebrows furrowed again and I exhaled heavily once more. "You give me energy, but I also give you some. You're kind of like an outlet for me, you give me your energy, but I merely take it up to a certain point. With you it has no difference, because you produce the energy when you are near me. By the way, civilized people call this feelings," I made a funny movement with my hands and hoped that he understood what I said, because I did not. "That makes sense to some extent.", I exhaled in relief and looked at the screen again. "If we both win, we'll see each other in the semifinals.", he looked at the tree and nodded.

Shoto was in the 4th fight and I was in the 6th. "Can you remember anything?", I turned to him questioningly. "I remember a lot...", he made a funny sound and fixed my eyes. "I mean about the incident. With Nakamura-san.", a cold stab ran through my heart. "Oh you mean about that...no I'm sorry.", Shoto squeezed my thigh lightly so I looked up at him. "You don't have to apologize for that, so it was a Quirk after all. Whatever he told you, he doesn't want anyone to know," I swallowed hard. "Maybe he just wants to go underground, it could be that he just doesn't want to show himself to me and that's why he knocked me out, then he took off hoping to get out of there," I hunched my shoulders but Shoto didn't seem that intrigued by my idea. "Let's focus on the sports festival for now and see after that," I patted his shoulder and smiled gently at him. "I just don't want anything to happen to you.", his voice sounded brittle and a lot tightened inside me. "You're looking out for me again now, aren't you...", a weak and shaky smile crept onto my lips and I pulled his forehead to mine. Immediately I saw his thoughts, there was so much indistinctness playing in them. I took advantage of this moment and sorted everything, he took a deep breath in and out. "Everything is fine, I won't leave you.", his hands grabbed my waist and he pulled me onto his lap. I felt my skin get its purple tinge and the spots started glowing.

I broke away from his thoughts and fixed his eyes, my thumbs gently stroking his face. "Are you okay?", he nodded weakly and buried his head in the crook of my neck. "Thanks.", I smiled and stroked his hair. "I'll always help you sort out your thoughts...", he grumbled a little and I chuckled up. "We should get back, I'm sure it'll be your turn soon.", he disagreed with me at first but after arguing long enough the stubbornness subsided. Off my neck and I was able to stand up. I pulled him up by the wrist and we walked back to the room where the others were staring at the fight currently going on. "What fight is going on right now?", I looked to Deku and he pointed to Ochako, she had to fight Tokoyami. "It doesn't look so good for her...", I dropped down next to Deku and looked at the cement square. Ochako was struggling hard to stand on her feet at all. "How were you going to fight him?", Deku looked at me and I thought for a moment. "His weakness is light isn't it?", Deku nodded and I closed my eyes. "I would light up my body and then go at him," Deku's eyes widened. "Your body can light up?", I narrowed my eyes. Not in the mood to explain. "Yes, my energy lights up just like your lightning bolts the more I release, the brighter I glow.", he had a big grin on his face, scaring me a little. "Who do you have to fight?", Deku gulped and looked at the square. "Against your brother. Just like last year.", I bit my lower lip. "Which fight are you?", deep down I was hoping it was already his turn or not fight 5, but if you can think logically you realize Deku and Shinso are number 5. "Fight number 5.", I put my head back and cursed the world. "You're fight number 6 and you have to fight Iida, that means your winner...fights mine...", I merely nodded and looked ahead. "May the better man win, right?", I held out my hand to him fairly and he chimed in. I could see that on the one hand he was looking forward to the fight, but on the other hand he was scared. "First, (n/n) has to win against me.", Iida his voice pierced my ears from behind and I nodded. "You're right about that.", he was right, I HAD to win against Iida, otherwise all the effort was for nothing. Otherwise I wouldn't have had to fight my way up to here. "I bet on (d/n)," muffled I could hear Kaminari's voice. "No, I think Iida will win this," Hanta grabbed his chin and looked over at us. Is it good to bet on our fight or not?

Ochako had unfortunately lost to Tokoyami and it broke my heart to see her like that. Next it's Shoto's turn against Monoma. I gave him another kiss and then he disappeared from the room. "Todoroki vs Monoma huh, he should win that in a few seconds.", I looked to Bakugo who sat down next to me. "Hmm, I hope.", he raised his eyebrow questioningly. "Are you having doubts?", my gaze slid to him. "If I were Monoma, before I even go out, I'd copy the Quirk of one of my class, then I won't look completely stupid.", his eyes widened. "I didn't even think of that, which Quirk do you think he would have copied?", I fixed my gaze on the two of them and strained my brain cells. "I have no idea, the Quirks in his class aren't doing that much to win against Shoto now," my gaze slid over to Katsuki. "When was the last time you saw him?", my eyes widened and I stared at the square. "I know whose Quirk he has.", suddenly all pairs of eyes were on me and I was biting my nail. "Which one?", Momo looked at me questioningly. "If you can only steal the Quirk for 5 minutes, then surely you're going to pick up the Quirk as late as possible?", most of them just nodded and I continued. "He must have run past Tokoyami and Uraraka, with Ochako's Quirk he won't stand a chance..then he'll probably-", I couldn't say my sentence because for one Tokoyami said 'mine' and I heard a loud scream behind me.

I turned around with a jerk and saw a black monster flying towards Shoto. "But he can use FIRE!" we all leaned against the glass and I fixed Monoma's movements. "He doesn't want to win with Dark Shadow at all, he wants to get to Sho his Quirk and then fight him with his own weapons!", I cursed Monoma at that moment because that was a pretty good plan. But he only has 5 minutes, if Shoto overplays those 5 minutes then Monoma lost.

"That's a rad plan, but-", Deku couldn't even finish, Sho created a huge wall of ice, it even reached us and I could see my own breath. "I didn't think he would solve it like that...", I pushed away from the ice and saw Sho running towards Monoma. Midnight's voice rang out and Monoma shook her head. The fight was over. Cursing, Katsuki melted the ice in our room and Momo created some tools to remove it. "I guess he still hasn't gotten used to the fire, huh?", Denki looked over at me and I nodded. "Doesn't seem like it."

Deku disappeared and Sho came in through the door, his entire right half frozen and a lot tightened inside me. "Why didn't you use your fire?", I looked at him with my hands in front of my chest and a stern look. "I forgot I did...", I slapped my forehead and snapped at him. "You're such an idiot.", a heavy sigh left my lips and Shoto merely scratched the back of his neck. "I won anyway, so everything's relaxed.", montone he uttered the words. "Tch.", I pointed at the ice and the half-cold one exhaled heavily, then he went to the glass wall and helped melt it.

Midoriya and Shinso stood in the ring and I knew the image, it was the same as a year ago. Only this time there were no broken fingers. Shinso seemed to want to talk to Deku, but he stood his ground. "I don't think anything your brother has much of a chance," I looked to Sho and nodded at him. "Yeah, unfortunately the Quirk doesn't do much here.", I put my head back in my neck and closed my eyes. First against Iida, then against Deku, and then against Sho...if my friend becomes the enemy I've done it.... "You should go...", I opened my eyes and saw Shinso being thrown out of the ring. "Hmm...", slowly I straightened up and ran past Sho. He grabbed my wrist and gave me a kiss on the forehead. "You can do it.", I smiled softly and then ran, behind Iida, out of the room.

In the hallway we ran into Deku, he wished us both good luck and then went to join the others. I had to turn in front of Tenya and ran through another, almost empty, hallway. We both stepped out of a gate at the end and faced each other. The crowd cheered again and we both swayed in a friendly manner. By the time we faced each other in the ring, I had almost fogged the entire floor in the purple haze, only no one saw it. My plan was to steal Tenya's energy via the parasite, all it takes is the touch of a breath. I created an invisible wall around us as soon as Midnight gave the start signal, so at least I couldn't fly out of the ring. Iida immediately ran towards me and threw my body into the air, he was so fast that I didn't even see him coming towards me properly. I flew full force into the still invisible shield, it caught me, the energy slid into my body and I down the rest of the wall. My stomach burned like fire and I coughed up blood. I've never taken a direct kick from it before, do they really hurt that much? "(n/n) is on the ground, but she didn't fly out of the ring, what was that that enveloped the cement square?", Mic looked to Aizawa and he cleared his throat. "The girl's Quirk is controlled by her body energy, she can fight with it, but she can also use it as protection. Apparently she made an energy field around the square, thus she couldn't fly out of the ring!", I looked up at Iida, he was slowly coming towards me. By coughing I had luckily released energy I created a tiny shield around me and tried to react to the situation. I tried to cope with the situation. The energy was not strong enough, so I saw the purple wall. I sat on all fours and breathed quite heavily, it seemed as if Iida had hit some organs. With shaky legs I stood up, I looked into his eyes and made the shield around me disappear. I had an idea and if it worked, I could win.

"The more often I have body contact with someone, the faster the Exponential Growth works, so if the plan doesn't work, then I can switch to melee with them and do as many body hits as possible there. That way I can shorten the fight and even get energy.", I looked to Sho who was walking beside me. "So you want to improve the first plan with your second plan?", I nodded. "Yes, I'm better at hand-to-hand combat than Iida-kun since I can take advantage of that strength, but should Iida go on the defensive, then I can stall it out.", Shoto put his fingers to his chin and looked ahead. "Does that mean that once you touch Iida once and wait long enough, he loses?", I nodded. "Something like that, if everything goes according to plan."

Now it was time to move into hand-to-hand combat. I walked slowly towards Iida, I had put my focus on reflexes and reduced my strength for that. After all, I didn't want to knock him out, I just wanted to stall for time. Iida aimed his leg at my stomach again, but this time I was able to block him, I grabbed his leg for a few seconds and then pushed it back. Iida moved to a safe distance and I watched the parasite.

I could see his energy transferring to my body. For a moment I wondered if I should show him, but then he would want to hurl me out of the ring as quickly as possible. I put myself in fighting position and exhaled heavily. Iida looked at me, he was tremendously quiet. The stadium was quiet as well, too quiet in my opinion, but I couldn't take my focus off of Iida. Quietly I hummed and created visible threads of energy, they grew stronger the more energy Iida gave off. At first they were a light pink and Iida barely noticed, but after a few moments they became stronger.

"What's your plan (d/n)!", I furrowed my eyebrows. "Winning.", my body broke free from the fighting stance and I looked at Iida skeptically. "What are you going to do with the energy?", he looked at the purple threads with fear. "It's not all my energy at all...", thinking, I put my index finger and thumb to my chin. "Whose energy is this anymore?Hmm...", as if a light bulb had appeared over my head I snapped. Iida had reached the point where he would have to feel something with his steps. "Oh yes, I remember again!", I looked around the audience. "It's your energy!", the boy's blue eyes snapped open and I crossed my arms in front of my chest. "What?", I closed my eyes. "It's your energy floating around and watch this," I sucked in air and the mist slid into my body, Iida fell to his knees as his legs stopped working. "Give up and I won't have to keep straining," I looked to him and walked towards him. Standing behind him, I put my hand on his shoulder and stole his energy, his body became colder and he almost fell over in front if I hadn't grabbed him by the collar. "He's immobilized.", "What happened?", "What's that Quirk?", I heard all kinds of questions in the stadium. Shaking my head, I took Iida on my back and gently carried him to the edge of the ring. As soon as I put him down, I also gave him the energy back and he was able to stand up, he wanted to attack me first, but I pointed to the ground. A gesture of sadness settled on his face. "When did I get kicked out of the ring?" he looked at himself and then at me. "I carried you out. I'm sorry, but I have to win here now to fulfill my dream.", I bowed to him and then turned around. In the center of the court, I stopped and bowed to the crowd and Zementos. I walked down from the square and only heard the muffled voice of Midnight behind me.

My legs did not carry me directly to the class, I ran up the stairs and knocked on the head of the observation tower. Immediately, I heard Eri-Chan's little footsteps and shortly after, the door opened. "(d/n)-Chan!", she jumped on my arms and I hugged her. "Hi Eri, can I talk to sensei for a minute?", she nodded and opened the door wider. Aizawa sat next to Mic and the two of them waited until the next fight to moderate. "Sensei Aizawa, I have news about my memory loss.", the sensei turned around frantically and looked at me. "What, you can remember?", I just shook my head and sat down on a chair, probably Eri's. "No, but I found the ones who work with Nakamura."; he arched his eyebrow and looked me in the (a/f) eyes. "Explain, please."; I cleared my throat and then looked out the window. "When I said I remembered earlier, a certain group with spectators reacted differently than they should have.", he squinted his eyes and leaned back in his chair. "How did they behave?", I pondered for a moment and then found the words. "They were startled, looking at each other and whispering. It could be a mistake, of course, but one of them did look quite a bit like Nakamura-san.", the sensei nodded at me. "But we can't just arrest random people without evidence," I looked at the sensei cheekily.

"I thought of something-", he widened his eyes for a moment and then pushed me down from the chair. "W-what?", I struggled to my feet but remained sitting on the floor. "If you really saw them, then they know now, you were in full view!", I grabbed my head. "Oh shit!", the sensei turned to Mic to look like he was talking to him. "Tell me your plan.", I nodded quickly and then started talking, "They'll probably target me, unfortunately I don't know if anyone else is the target. But if they have anything planned for me, then we need to catch them in the middle of the act. I was thinking about making a shield around them, at least that way they wouldn't be able to run away.", the sensei turned down to me. "But that'll cost you a lot of energy," I grinned and continued. "That's where Todoroki-kun comes in, I've been gifted with barely finite energy when I touch him, so that means if I were to fight him, I'd have to defeat Deku first. But if I end up fighting Todoroki, then we can fight in an ice wall of him, no one would notice me getting power from him. If they attack then-"-"How do you know they will attack then?", his eyes became slits and I thought for a moment. "The #1 hero's son will certainly be the target, I suspect that this group wants to get attention, they probably want to make contact with LoV, but they have to get something first for that. I would have put my money on Bakugo first, but it will be harder to get him than Shoto, unfortunately I don't know what to do with that.", I lowered my gaze and let my brain cells work. "Here's what we're going to do," I raised my eyes wide. "Your plan is plausible and he has enough arguments, that will be the only chance to get them before a big show. I trust you, I hope your plan works.", I nodded and stood up. "I'll get Shoto involved then," he nodded and I ran out of the Head.

My legs carried me back into the room as fast as I could. Iida was already inside and a large crowd was gathering around him. Shoto sat in his seat and stared ahead. The fight wasn't particularly exciting, which is why I didn't focus on it. "Sho.", I sat down next to him and grabbed his hand, his head I turned and he looked me in the (a/f) eyes. "You know who it is right?", hastily nodding and suddenly feeling his strong arms around my body. "What did I do to deserve you, you found out where Nakamura-san is despite the fact that your career depended on it.", I felt his hot breath on my neck and broke free from my rigidity. "Let's go somewhere else, I'll explain it to you there.", he nodded and we both left the room before the others could even realize I was back.

"..And that's the plan.", I looked into Sho's eyes and he nodded. "Aren't you going to include Midoriya?", I just shook my head. "No, I still have to get to the semifinals after all, if Deku would let me win then I wouldn't have won it on my own and then I personally couldn't take the spot. That's why I'm going to give it my all again against Deku. At his current strength I can win against him, I just have to figure out how, but once I do. Then together we can capture Nakamura-San and his team.", Sho nods in agreement. "Then what's your plan against Midoriya?", I closed my eyes for a moment and put my head on the back of my neck. A heavy sigh leaves my mouth. "Maybe I can also work with the parasite ar-", a harsh voice interrupted me. "That won't work, the nerd figured out how you stole Iida's energy, he'll refrain from physical contact.", I turned to the door and saw Katsuki standing in it. "How long have you been standing there?", he just shrugged and dropped down next to me. "To win against Deku you have to do it as fast as you can, if you give him time to think he will throw you out of the ring.", I looked at Katsuki's hands which he folded in front of him. "My Quirk is strongest over time though...", a heavy sigh leaves Sho's mouth and he stares at the TV on the wall. "The fight of those two in the ring is about to be over, you should get ready, I'll figure something out with Katsuki.", I smiled at Sho and he nodded weakly. "I trust that.", he gave me another kiss on my forehead and Katsuki one last look, then he disappeared from the room.

"So what kind of plan do you have in mind?", I saw in Katsuki his red eyes and he clears his throat. "Deku is someone who gets ideas over time, plus he can fire air with his specialty, so he can fling you out of the ring with no problem. You can do shields like that can't you?", I merely nodded. "Yeah, anything that happens in this shield stays in this shield.", Katsuki grumbles slightly and looks at the table. "Can you make one around him, then he'll get hurt by his own Quirk,", I merely shook my head. "I can do that but it won't do me much good, Deku knows how to deal with injuries, he would understand how the Quirk works and stop doing anything. I would then have to touch the shield to get to him, but he would just be able to fling me out of the ring," I looked at him questioningly, hoping he understood me. "That's right, that idiot broke everything last year.", Bakugo's index and middle finger rested against his chin and he fixed his eyes on the fight between Shoto and one of the B. "You definitely need to make another shield like that so you don't get kicked out of the ring.", I nodded and in that same second a flash of lightning ran through me, you could literally see the light bulb over my head start to glow. "What is it?", I looked at Katsuki happily. "I can't do anything else with my Quirk, I forgot about that!", I stood up and walked over to a whiteboard. I drew a stick figure with the black Sharpie and funny strings with the red one. "My Quirk works on audio frequencies, the higher they are, the faster and brighter the plasma. I've been so focused on the shields in the last few fights that I forgot about the attack altogether.", I paused for a moment and looked at Bakugo. "I can also focus the energy in my hands or feet, that way I can use the plasma as a weapon. Also, that I forgot, I can levitate people, if I put Deku in the air, he can't really move, the effect is the same as Uraraka. Only I can control the living beings in the energy then, with gestures or thoughts.", Katsuki seemed to be able to follow me because he continued my sentence. "That means you can use this energy to get him out of the ring without him having a chance to throw you out of the ring, but there must be a catch to all of this?", I nodded weakly. "Of course there is a catch to all of this, no deal goes through without payment. The catch to this is that when Deku is trapped in the plasma, I automatically take care of him. I heal injuries, I then give him my body energy which means I can't keep him up for long. If I then move him on top of that it can cause me to give off all my energy and fall over, by doing that I haven't accomplished anything either.", I stared at my drawing and heard Katsuki stand up behind me, he put his hand on my shoulder and looked at the drawing. "Then you must have enough energy to be able to move him, push him to the edge of the ring, then it will cost you less power, once he is over the line you have won, then you can get energy from him.", his explanation sounded plausible and I could follow it well. "You're right, I can even create a shield behind me with just a little energy before that and escape from the wind blasts!", I gave Kacchan a hug and he replied after a moment's hesitation. "After that, we can punch that weird Nakamua in the face!"

I ran out of the preparation room with Kacchan and we parted ways. Sho had won his fight and was now one round further. A student from B had advanced in the other quarterfinal and Mei, the two would fight in the first semifinal and the winner of my fight against Shoto.

I warmed up in the hallway on my way to Deku by jumping a little on the spot. Of course, it was also possible that they would attack now or that they wouldn't target me and Sho at all, but unfortunately I didn't know anything and the whole plan would only work if my theory was correct.

"Now let's move on to the last quarterfinal! Izuku Midoriya vs (d/n) (n/n), last year Midoriya finished fourth and got knocked out by Shoto Todoroki, will he get a rematch this year or will the new student (n/n) throw a wrench in his plans here. The (h/f) Hairy Girl has already knocked many top students out of the ring today and has quickly become a crowd favorite! Will she make the audience proud or will Midoriya kick her out! Ladies and gentlemen the final quarterfinal of the 2nd grade will now begin and the winner gets to enter the semifinals!", I cringed as I suddenly heard confetti cannons. But they hadn't been played earlier with the others?
Zementos gave us the signal that the fight could begin and exactly in this second my brain stopped. Midoriya attacked immediately and I could only just dodge. "What's going on here? (N/n) didn't surprise the first time of the day with her energy, what is the girl's plan? Can't she use the energy anymore or does she have a plan?", Mic his voice rang out and snapped me out of my trance. There was something wrong with me and I didn't know what it was. When I felt a pressure in the floor I raised my eyes and saw Deku pushing off, his leg was about to hit me but my body prevented it from moving out of the way. I jerked my hand up and as I processed what I had just done automatically my breath caught.

My right hand grabbed Deku's ankle and the boy hit the ground. I felt myself stealing energy from his body, in the same second my mind tightened and I had my tactics back in my head. Earlier I hadn't even hummed , knowing that Deku knew the energy was floating around. I let go of his leg and a painful high-pitched scream left my mouth. I didn't know where it came from and I didn't know I could get my voice that high. The shock wave hurled the unconscious man out of the ring as he hit his head, it spread throughout the stadium and you could hear the muffled echo of the scream over and over again.

Cementos fortunately made some walls around me quickly enough, so no one was hit by the pressure. Is this what happens when I accumulate energy? I sank to my knees and supported myself on my palms. It was silent, I could hear nothing, no sound reached my ears. Was the audience applauding? Is everyone quiet? I felt like someone was filling my ears with absorbent cotton, like my vocal cords had been ripped out. A scream left my mouth, but only a croak came out.

"Too much energy is not good for your body, therefore you must release it, if you get too much...then a horrible scream leaves your throat, in it the biggest part of your entire life energy is released. In order for your body not to be damaged, you need to get to a familiar energy source as soon as possible, it must produce a little more energy than you, then you need to have contact with this source continuously for at least 10 minutes, only after that your body will be strong enough to fight again.", I looked at the silhouette from the purple threads, a young woman with beautiful hair and even more beautiful eyes. "Who are you?", she laughs like an angel and stands up from her stone. "I am you from the future you will soon be in a life threatening situation and will need this tip.", she paused for a moment and put her hand to my cheek. "Promise me you'll stick to it and fight to keep living. No matter how much you fight with Shoto or the others. He is important to you, don't repress your feelings, they are sometimes the last thing that make you human.", gently she smiled at me and placed a kiss on my forehead. "W-what are you talking about?", she giggles lightly and turns around. "You'll notice, when it comes to this situation, you'll remember this dream and I know you're strong enough to win the battle against your own body, that's how mother raised us after all.", she smiled softly at me again and then the purple threads dissolved.

"Sho...", my body collapsed and my skin cracked everywhere, blood poured from all the wounds and I shook. I hardly felt anything other than pain. I had the feeling that someone was tearing all my organs out of my body, as if I were burning from the inside. A cold shiver ran down my spine and the muffled screams on my part stopped abruptly.

"I'm with you, everything is fine.", I felt two arms around my body, immediately energy rushed through me and I could breathe normally again. Sho put his head on mine and pulled me close to his chest. "I'm here, I'll take care of you. You're not alone.", I curled my fingers into his suit and leaned my forehead against his chest. "10 minutes, let mi..not..g..o", my body pumped Todoroki's energy and transferred it into my blood. Slowly I felt someone pick me up and carry me out of the ring. The cotton disappeared from my ears and I could hear the audience and Midnight. Her voice was a little confused and sounded worried. "That was the quarterfinal between Izuku Midoriya and (d/n) (n/n), as the winner (n/n) walks off the court! As soon as we have answers about her health, we'll let you know.", a soft applause pierced my ears and I moved my arm slightly, as if waving.

"What happened now?", Yuna looked over at me and I could see her frightened eyes. "You said she was weak, so what did she just do?", Kaito interjected as well and I exhaled heavily. "I've never seen her manage something like that or anyone in general, but at least now we know why my father wants her so badly," Akio cleared his throat, drawing attention to himself. "I understand now why he wants her, but a screaming quirk won't do any good, he needs an energy Quirk . She put almost all her life force into the blast, but only out of instinct. That means that the boy was the reason. Her Quirk is based on stealing foreign energy, if the boy has too much of it, her body probably can't absorb it and has to give it back.", I grabbed my chin and nodded in agreement. "That sounds plausible, but then why didn't she make a shield in the beginning?", "Probably because the boy knew about it, that he just had to wait until her energy was used up. She probably wanted to get the fight over with as quickly as possible. But was certainly influenced by his strong energy, when she then touched him, his energy overcame her full force and she had to get rid of it. To protect herself in the process, the goal of the blast wave was apparently to put as much difference as possible between herself and the others," Kaito looked at me with his green eyes. "Then we have to hope she gets back on her feet and fights Todoroki. Otherwise, we can't put down a great performance.", the other three nodded and we watched the fight between the other two semifinalists.

Your POV:
"Whatever you do, don't let her go!", Recovery Girl yelled at Shoto and he nodded hastily. "W-what's wrong with her?", his voice trembled. "She almost gave her life for self-protection.", his body shook more and he sat down on the hospital bed. "She's safest in your arms right now. I need to take care of Midoriya quickly, he took a good beating from the blast!", she walked out of the hospital room and silence fell. I heard Shoto's heavy breathing and rapid heartbeat. "What did you do out there?" his brittle voice pierced my ears and I winced. "Tooo much Een..y.", my voice was still croaky and I clawed more into his suit.

Several minutes passed in silence until I spoke again. "You can let go of me again, I'm charged," my voice sounded much stronger than before and my muscles could work again. Shoto hesitated for a moment, but then let go of me. I slid next to him on the hospital bed and looked into his eyes. "What happened?" my dream passes through my inner eye and I finally understand what it meant. "Deku..he had so much energy that I couldn't fully extract it from him, my body took in too much and had to release the energy.", I scratched my elbow and looked at the floor. "Wow...", that's all Shoto said.

A knock rang on the door and shortly Recovery Girl stepped through. "So it's true after all.", she snapped confidently and behind her AllMight stepped through the door. "Todoroki-kun, can we please talk to (n/n)-san in private for a moment?", Sho looked at me and when I nodded slightly he hesitantly stood up.

"You certainly know what happened and we owe you an explanation," I nodded tentatively and sat up straight. "Midoriya has the power One for All, through many generations the different quirks of users are passed on. That's why you felt so much energy.", I nodded it sounded plausible and understandable. "Is Midoriya okay?", Recovery Girl giggled softly and AllMight exhaled heavily. "Y-yes he's fine, the boy is healed and could fight again, the more important question is how are you?", I felt my body before answering Allmight's question. "I am also fully recovered. H-have I won the fight?", I kneaded my fingers uncertainly. "Yes you did, that means you get to stay at the school.", Nezu appeared behind AllMight and looked at me with his dark eyes. A tear of joy ran down my cheek. "Thank you so much!", I bowed and at the words, the purple strings poured out of my mouth. "If I'm honest, I had known for a long time that you would stay here, no matter what place you would have taken today. After all, Aizawa was blabbering all over me morning and night that you had the potential to be a hero," I chuckled softly, remembering the plan against the Shurks again. "Professor Nezu, I have a request.", he raised his eyebrow questioningly and I took one deep breath in and out.

"I'm sure the sensei has already told you about the incident between Nakamura-san and I, I have a plan on how we can wipe out an entire Shurken League even before they can attack.", he perked up his ears and gestured for me to continue. "That means that if we put Endevador and my mother there. Shoto and I will pretend to fight in the ice and as soon as the group makes a conspicuous movement, my mother can pin them down and Endevador can make sure there is no disturbance. That way the sports festival can continue and the shurks will be arrested," Nezu grabbed his chin and looked at the wall behind me. "That's a good plan, but how do you know they'll act?",I swallowed briefly and then cleared my throat. "I am not 100% sure how they will attack, but I can say that they will attack. They had a chance to kidnap me before the sports festival started, but they didn't do it. I guess they want attention, the LoV will surely be watching too and attacking us would make them report to the Shurks.", Nezu nodded. "That sounds reasonable, okay we'll do it that way, but after that you have to fight Todoroki properly, I'll make sure Enji calls Todoroki's name, that way you'll know to get serious," I nodded.

I said goodbye to the three of them and ran out of the sickroom. My legs carried me to the room next door, there I found Deku and Ochako, they were smiling at each other and even though I felt uncomfortable disturbing them, I wanted to talk to Deku for a moment. "Hello.", I stepped into the room and the two of them let go of each other. "(d/n) ! You're alive I thought you killed yourself!", Deku stood up and hugged me. A small giggle left my lips and I gestured for Ochako to come over as well. She came up to both of us with a big grin and gave us a hug. "I won't die on you, don't get your hopes up!", we laughed and I told Deku what had happened, I knew I couldn't mention One for All, so I skirted around it, Deku fortunately understood me that way too. After that I told them both about the plan. "Do you think it will work? With Todoroki and his father?", I inwardly slapped twenty flat hands to my face. "I forgot that he doesn't like him!", Ochako patted my shoulder. "Don't worry about it, they'll get along, I don't think it'll be a problem," I exhaled in relief. "I hope so, but I have to go back sometime, the fight is about to start!", I waved to the two and jogged into a preparation room. There I waited until the first semifinal was over.

It didn't take long and the winner of the semi-final was decided, unfortunately I couldn't remember the name of the person and if I was honest, I had no interest in getting into the final, I had achieved what I wanted and now it was my mission to stop a group of villains from ruining the sports festival. I stood up and walked out of the preparation room, in the hallway I met Shoto, he nodded at me and I felt my heart beat faster. "We can do this together!", he held his fist out to me and I hesitantly punched it. "I'll let you win then.", he looked at me startled and stopped. "No, you will fight me like legs first time and the stronger of the two of us will walk off the court as the winner, if you give up then you haven't proven anything.", I furrowed my eyebrows. "Sorry, but I don't want to fight in the finals against I don't know who. You deserve to win the title this time, make your father proud.", gently I smiled at him, he hesitated. "If I win, it will be for you and not for my dad or anyone else.", I took his hand and squeezed it lightly. "I love you.", before he could respond I turned into the aisle and our paths parted.

"Now let's move on to penultimate fight of the 2nd grade. In the 2nd semifinal, (d/n) (n/n) and Shoto Todoroki will face each other. The two have already shined strong today and each of them, is a crowd favorite.Shoto Toodoroki is the son of the #1 hero Endevador and (d/n) (n/n) is the daughter of the #4 heroine. From the strength of the Quirks and statistically observed, Todoroki should have the greater chance of the winner,but will he finish his girlfriend? The audience wonders if the two can put aside their morals and feelings for each other and have a fair fight or not. Whether one of them will give up and let his partner win! It will definitely remain exciting!", the crowd cheered and Sho and I bowed to each other, I could see my mother, Endevador and my father, they were standing exactly where I wanted them to be. "Then let the battle begin!!!" again confetti cannons appeared and I was startled for a moment.

Sho made a huge ice wall and I dodged it so I jumped into it. With his flames he bent a way through it and thus we both disappeared into the ice. I heard a loud bang from outside and the crowd startled. I let out a loud scream and broke a large part of the ice, they could see me and out of the corner of my eye I saw a group of people standing up. It took me a moment to realize that I had been targeting the wrong people all along. Shoto also broke out of his ice and looked at me, stunned. "You've got the wrong ones!", I turned and ran towards the group. Sho fortunately immediately understood what was going on and created an ice ramp for me.I ran onto it and flew out of the ring right into the audience.A loud scream left my throat and the group of people were trapped in the purple shield. I looked into the eyes of Nakamura-San and he looked at me in shock. Next to him stood the man from the ship and next to him another boy and a young woman. She was staring at me, but Nakamura-San stood in front of her. Her look showed that she was confused, but after he pointed to the purple sign, she realized it. The audience around these people stood up startled. Some came up to me and asked for my autograph, others just looked at me in confusion.

"What happened? (N/n) has left the ring and locked a group of people in her energy field! The superheroes are already making their way to find out what got into the crowd favorite! However, this means that this semifinal was won by Shoto Todoroki, and thus the finalists have been determined!",a few people cheered, but Sho did not bow. He also came up to me on his ice. The spectators were immediately evacuated around and my parents came with Endevador. "But that wasn't the plan!", Endevador stood in front of me and I put my head back. "No, the plan was wrong.", Sho looked his father in the eyes and pulled me back a little. "What do you mean?", my mother stood next to Endevador and looked at both of us questioningly. "I was targeting the wrong people earlier, you can ask them mom, they will be able to tell you the truth.", my mother hesitated and exchanged a quick glance with my father, after which she walked towards the shield. "You have a lot to tell me (d/n),you and your brother.",her voice had a stern tone as she walked past me and I just looked at the ground.She grabbed the shield ,but then jumped back. "Ouch!"

I rushed forward to her and looked at the group. In the shield they all stared into my eyes, as if they were predatory cats about to attack prey. "Wait a minute.", I ran back to Shoto and pulled him behind me by the hand. Everything around us was silent and all the attention was on me and my actions. "What do you do?",Sho his voice was quiet and only I could understand it. "Can you do me a favor and put your hand on the shield?", he raised his eyes and looked at me. "But you said that I would give energy," I nodded, hoping that Shoto would do it anyway. There was a short moment of silence, until he finally put his right hand on the violet shield. The shield flashed lightly and Sho screwed up his face. "Now make a wall of ice.", he hesitated. "Please.", after a brief exchange of glances, an ice filter began to form over the purple shield. He took his hand away and saw that mine was frozen in ice. I pumped Plasma into that hand to free myself from the ice, then blasted a hole in it for eye level of the prisoners. "Please mom, now you can know the truth, what the plan of this group was and why I acted like this.", I took a step to the side and my mother looked at me skeptically. "You have changed (d/n), you have become a confident young woman and heroine in a few weeks. I'm proud of you.", she looked at the prisoners and held out her hand. "What's her Quirk?" ,Nakamura turned around and looked at Kaito ,the latter went forward and wanted to touch my mother's forehead, but she grabbed his hand and thus had him in his grip.

"Knock out your comrades.", the boy's eyes turned purple and he touched each always the forehead of the comrades, since the space was not enough and they did not react quickly, they also did not fight back. Sho and Endevador let the ice melt and looked at the unconscious bodies. "What was your plan? My mother looked Kaito in the eyes and he replied. "Our plan was to kidnap the children of the #1 hero and the 4 heroine, we were to bring them our boss and thus wanted to get attention. Boss plan is to combine the different quirks and create new stronger ones.",it became even more silent mouth around. "Endevador, we lead them and keep the conversation in the police station.",the almost two meter tall nodded and the two took the unconscious body high. "(d/n) get your brother and you come with me.", I hesitated but finally nodded. I quickly gave Sho a kiss on the cheek and jumped down from the bleachers. I was immediately enveloped by the purple threads and I quickened my pace.

"Shoto you also come along, I think you have a lot to explain to me, especially about the little girl you seem to be protecting with your life." Sho looked at his father frightened. "I have to go to the final. "No, you wouldn't give everything anyway, I wash u prefer to be with her.," Endevador was right, Sho preferred to be with me at this point and not fight in the final. He was breathing hard. "okay I'm coming. With you., "together the 4 left the stadium to wait outside for Shinso and me.

"Here we are." I pulled my brother's wrist behind me. His gaze was disturbed and disgusted to equal why my mother nodded and they put the villains in the police cars, I saw a few spectators and also heroes casually passing the police barrier. "Get in the taxi, we go to the station." We hesitated and silently got into the car. Sho sat to the left of me and Hitoshi to my right. It was unpleasantly quiet in the car, a strange police officer sat in the front and our parents sat in another car.. I tapped my thigh impatiently.

"How did you know the heroes had the wrong people?" Shinso interrupted the silence and looked me in my (a/f) eyes. "I didn't lose my memory, I knew from the beginning what the plan was. But didn't know where they were. I could only arrange the energy they emitted. "Sho crippled his eyebrows. "One, why didn't you lose your memory and the other, there were 500,000 people in this stadium..." I closed my eyes and dropped deeper into my seat. "Right after I closed the door in the preparation room, I had placed a shield around my body.I was able to release the energy when I wanted to know what he had to say. When he touched my forehead I douched the quirk and so it was rendered ineffective. After that, I dropped unconscious on the ground and waited for his reinforcement to come. When I left, I met a man and he told us to see each other again, I couldn't quite figure out what he meant at the beginning, but I felt his presence here and then I only had to bring 1 and 1 together. My Quirk and the energy of people standing in which I work with my voice, besides, I can store the energy level of people in my memory, then it comes to me that I recognize these people over and over again, so kick them out of the crowd.

The people I first suspected were an elderly woman, I got to know her on the ship and she was with her grandchildren. I only found out when I had thrown off a bold pressure wave and thus perceived the energy of Nakamura-San and the man.", the two stopped the air and also the driver seemed speechless.
"You knew all this? Does that mean the plan was just a distraction? "I shook my head. "No, I wanted Mors to be aware of me. I don't know what his plan is and how he will act now that his team has been caught, but I hope he pulls back.", We arrived at the police station and got out of the car.

In the car behind us, my parents and Endevador got out. A couple of policemen carried the unconscious bodies out of the van and into the station. "(d/n) will you please come with me, you have to report.", my mother sounded depressed and I couldn't tell if I was the reason or if it was Shinso. I said goodbye to the two of them and followed her in to the ward.

My mother and I were taken to a room where we were undisturbed. She sat down and folded her hands in front of her. "Before we get to the important stuff..how long have you been dating Endevador's son?", her serious expression turned into a mischievous grin and my blush rose to my face, at the same time a stone fell from my heart. "Well then...", I thought for a moment. "Best I tell you everything you missed.", I grinned broadly at her and she nodded hastily. "Oh yeah, start at the beginning! I want to know everything! Especially the details about your first kiss and since when you got your Quirk!", I took her hands in mine and breathed in and out once, then started to tell.

Shoto POV:
I was standing outside the station with Shinso, his father and my father, it was quiet and I didn't have a problem with it, but then (d/n) her father cleared his throat, my heart skipped a beat. "Tell me Todoroki-kun, when did you start dating my daughter?", my blush rose to my face and in shock I created a little ice under my right foot. "Yes Shotooooo, tell me about your relationship. You seem to prefer to show the world rather than tell me.", I snorted and crossed my arms in front of my chest. "I told mom, she knows.", his eyes widen but he doesn't let up. "It seems like something serious and that would mean you'd be my son-in-law, so it would be pretty interesting to know how you got together?", the purple haired one raised his eyebrows jokingly and I exhaled heavily. "I'll tell the broad strokes but details are (d/n)'s responsibility," my dad looked down at me. "That means you want to introduce her to me again in person? I think that's great!", a deep laugh escaped him and I closed my eyes. "So it all started back then at the sea...."

I knocked on the door of the sickroom and heard my mother's friendly voice. When I opened the door and put her favorite flowers on the table, I looked into her gray eyes. "Shoto my darling, what are you doing here?" she knocked on the bed beside her and I settled down. "I need your help mama.", she widened her eyes and opened her arms. "Come here my darling, which girl has turned your head?", my blush rose to my face, she had immediately guessed that something was wrong with a girl. I leaned against her shoulder and began to tell her about (d/n).
"It scared me when I saw her next to him, I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. I never wanted to hurt her, I just didn't know what to do with myself. She is such a perfect girl and me, I have a scar on my face, can't talk about feelings and don't even know what it's like to really love a person. What if I can't meet her standards, what if I fuck up, what if I can't protect her?", I felt a tear well up in my eye and my mother's gentle arms wrapped around me. "The way you explain her, she seems to want the best for you. Believe me she is certainly not dating the 3rd grader, that must have been a mistake in your communication. I think that if you two talk it out, you can be happy together. She will surely teach you the way of love step by step. She will surely be your rock and I know that you will always be there for her," she stroked my face with her thumbs and smiled softly at me. "Do you think she will forgive me?", gently she nods and I immediately felt better. "When you have talked things out with her, then you will surely find your way back to each other. Then you can introduce her, I'd like to know who this girl is who is turning your head.", I hugged her and put my head on her shoulder. Her familiar smell hit my nose and made me forget the pain in my chest for a moment. "I'm going to apologize to her tomorrow at the sports festival and once I make up with her, I'll kiss her in front of the cameras so you can see her and know if I made it.", she giggled lightly and broke away from me. "I'm proud of you Shoto, despite all the suffering you've grown into a young man, you've met your first great love and have your first heartbreak. I trust that she will be the one, she will walk down the long altar in a white dress and she will be the one to give me grandchildren. I just feel it," my blush rose to my face. "Don't you think you're thinking a little too far ahead?" she merely chuckled. "I know it's going to happen."

I said goodbye to her and walked back to the Dorms. Tomorrow was the day and the sports festival would be held.

"She's forgiven me, fortunately, and then we'll arrive at the sports festival already," I had just finished telling her and both Shinso, his father and my father listened to me sincerely. "She is nice. You Quirk are strong, I'm sure your kids will be top pro heroes someday.", my father grabbed his beard and I punched him in the arm. "I'm sure they'll be heroes someday, but I'm going to raise them and if they don't want to be heroes, they don't have to be."

"And so we arrived at the present time.", I just finished telling my mother everything, she held my hand the whole time and made funny comments. "Once again to your Quirk..he is only similar with mine by transplanting into other minds?", I nodded. "Yes, the Quirk has little to do with the psyche, but is more for a defense against physical attacks.", she nodded. "Okay, I also understand now how you located the group of rogues. What's the deal again with your scream from earlier? Everyone in the audience's heart stopped for a second and I was about to jump down and check on you too.", I chuckled lightly. "Deku, a friend from my class, had so much energy, which is his Quirk, that I couldn't absorb it and that's why I released almost all my energy. That's why the big blast wave.", she nodded. "Okay, that's enough. Let's go back to the men, knowing them there is certainly a dead silence!", I nodded and we left the precinct, after a short incident with the officer.

As we stepped out the door we saw the guys wrapped up in a pile full of paparazzi, they unfortunately took their attention off the guys immediately and onto us. "(n/n) how did you know they were shurks?", I took a few steps back and had to process what was happening. There was a constant flash of lightning and various questions were being shouted in. "Hey, leave my daughter-in-law alone! Afterwards all questions will be answered!", Endevador's voice silenced the press people for a moment. But they quickly started whispering again. "Daughter-in-law so it's official.", "Endevador supports the relationship write that down!", "This is important write down 1 to 1 what he said!", the most diverse conversations arose and I exhaled with difficulty. "Come on mom, let's go.", I grabbed my mom by the wrist and created a sign around us. She made a funny noise, but then followed me. I ran through the crowd with the shield and mom, it took me a lot of energy to move the shield, but when I got to Shoto I was able to charge right up.

"What do you say we go out to dinner and get to know each other a little better? I already know you (n/n)-san, but I think I'd like to get to know my daughter-in-law a little better and I'm sure she'd like to get to know her son-in-law," my mother nodded and then looked at my father. I immediately felt a tension settle. "Endevador, I would just like to discuss something with my parents before we go somewhere, there is a private problem that needs to be taken care of," he nodded, puzzled, and I pulled both my parents and my brother into a more secluded corner.

I exhaled heavily and leaned against the wall. "What's wrong sweetheart?", I closed my eyes for a moment before answering my mother's question. "Mom I want you to finally put your inner hatred aside and look your son in the eye. I want you to accept that he got this Quirk and I want you to accept that he can become a hero with this Quirk," I looked at her sternly. She had completely lost her voice and had to clear her throat. My brother looked at me stunned and I just shook my head. "This problem is brought here and now from the Shinso (n/n) family," I indicated for her to start talking.

"So...Hitoshi...I'm so terribly sorry...that I failed to be a proper mother, that I failed to teach you how to use such a heavy Quirk. I'm terribly sorry.", tears dripped down her face and her eyes were lowered. My brother looked at me and my father a little overwhelmed, but at my hand gesture he walked up to my mother. He gently grabbed her and pressed her body against his. My mother was visibly shocked, but immediately hugged him back. "I was never angry with you mom, I was always grateful to you, grateful that I got a great Quirk. I never judged you for him, it just hurt a little to be repulsed by you, but I was never mad at you. You are my mother I love you. We are a family and in a family you forgive each other," he pushed her away and leaned down to her. With his thumbs he wiped the tears from her face. "Y-you forgive me?", he nodded with only a slight smile and she wrapped her arms around his body again with teary eyes. "Th-thank you! I promise to be a better mother soon. I won't ignore you or anything anymore, we'll make up for the last 12 years together. I promise to make myself better.", Shinso let out a weak giggle and rested his head on hers. "I'm happy about that. But I think you need to sort something else out before that.", she broke away from him and looked first at me and then at my father questioningly. "W-what do you need me to sort out?", we both nodded over to my father and disengaged. "You two need to talk it out, I know that 13 years have passed since then, but I also know that you both still love each other. I am positive that you will find a compromise. I know you make each other happy and it's your duty as parents to get back together," I pulled Shinso's arm and walked out of the alley with him in tow.
"Do you think they can handle it?", he pointed questioningly at our parents and I nodded hastily. "Yeah, I know they can. They only broke up because Dad worked too much and Mom had her problems with your Quirk. Now that Mom is working at least as much and the Quirk problem has been solved, there's nothing in between.", he nodded in agreement and we walked back to Shoto and his father.

"Sorry it took so long, but we're done," my mother just came in with my father and they both held each other's hands. I nudged Shinso provocatively to let him know that his sister was right again, he just rolled his eyes in mock annoyance.
"Where should we go for dinner? It's all on me!", proudly my mother raised her hand and we decided on ramen.

"So (n/n)-san, I understand that you're apparently dating my son, but he's only told me about it very roughly. Do you want to give me some details?", I choked on my noodles in shock and Sho had to slap me on the back first. "Details? About how your son once promised me he'd come back but then left me sitting alone on the beach, or about how your son tried to freeze me alive?", I had a slight sarcastic undertone, bringing silence to the conversation. "On the beach?", my blush rose to my face and I saw Sho's somewhat shocked look out of the corner of my eye. "Yes, the first time you had a mission with my mother, that was about 12 years ago. That's when I met your son on the beach, he had promised me then that he would come back, but you unfortunately left the next day, so we never saw each other again...until my first day at UA stop.", Endevador's eyes widened and he looked his son in the eye. "You've known her that long?", Sho merely nods bluntly and then slurps his cold soba.

"I hope we will meet again soon (n/n)-san, you are a very nice young lady I am glad to welcome you to the family. Why don't you come visit us sometime, then you can also meet Shoto his siblings.", Endevador bowed to me and I was a little overwhelmed. "Thank you Endevador, I'll be sure to stop by sometime.", I bowed as well and the burning man turned away from the five of us.

"(d/n) my darling, I am grateful for so much! You don't know how proud we are of you and your brother.", my father walked up to me and I got a flashback from the forest. In that second I was sure it was not my father who had attacked me there. I feel safe in his arms. "You must surely go back to school, I'll see you soon my dear.", my mother gave me a kiss on my forehead and turned to my brother. "Shinso, do you feel like doing anything else with us?", my brother nodded hastily and chopped in between my parents. "(d/n) see you back at school!", he waved at me happily and I couldn't help but laugh out loud. "See you around Shinso! Have fun you guys!", all three of them waved to Sho and I again and then walked in the other direction. As soon as the three of them turned around I felt Shoto's hand on my waist and she pulled me closer to him.

"Finally, we're alone.", he spoke low and rough in my ear and goosebumps stood up. "Did they bug you that much?", I wrapped my arms around his neck and turned to face him. "Not annoyed, just didn't have you to myself.", he pulled his bottom lip forward in a pout and I grinned at him. "You do now.", I pulled his neck to me and sealed our lips together. "I love you.", I gave him a soft kiss on the tip of his nose and then took his hand in mine. "Let's go home.", I smiled and we walked towards the sunset.

"You're Todoroki-kun and (n/n)-san from UA High School, aren't you?", an older lady and a small child pointed their fingers at both of us and we merely nodded. "Yeah, that's us.", I smiled broadly at both of them and Shoto gripped my hand tighter. "You don't know how you scared me when you suddenly jumped out of the ring and caught those villains. That was something, the whole stadium got scared.", she waved her hand around in front of her pink bag, turning her head ever so strangely. "But even more blatant was when Todoroki just took off, automatically losing the final, just to be with his girlfriend.", another lady and her husband appeared behind the older one, looking at us dreamily. "Remember when we were so fresh together, those were the days!", she laughed up and we both laughed uncertainly along. "You are a great couple, can we take a picture with you? Just so I can then show off to my girlfriends. They'll never believe I met you!", I immediately agreed with the woman and the four of us took a picture. The little boy also wanted a picture, so I took him in my arms and we smiled into the camera. He told us both how much he wanted to be a hero too, but was interrupted by his grandmother at the end. "Are you coming? Mom is already waiting for you at home, so you can tell her that you met them," the boy nodded and quickly hugged my legs, then he left waving with his grandmother.
"I hope that at least now I have you to myself...", he pulled me closer to him and I put my head on his shoulder. "I'll never leave your side again.", he growled lightly and we walked through the dusk, back to the school.

"(d/n)!", Eri came running towards me as we opened the front door of the dorm. It was just bustling with people, some eating, others sitting on the communal couches. When we closed the door it became quiet and everyone looked at Sho and me. "We're back.", unsteadily I staggered into the class, there was silence.
Until Katsuki broke it. "Oh (d/n)! I saw you throw Deku out of the ring full force, we didn't plan on that!", he held his fist out to me and I punched it laughing. "Why don't you come over to our table we're talking about this rad move!", Momo waved me over and I ran to the seat with Sho in tow. "So tell me how you did it!", I was about to sit down when Sho sat down on the chair and pulled me onto his lap. He put his head on my shoulder and listened to me, for the fourth time today, as I solved the whole thing.

The evening flew by and I had the feeling that all my worries and fears of the last 2 weeks flew away. We laughed a lot and everyone told me what I had missed.

"(d/n) it's your turn.", Momo looked at me and I upped my ante. "Woah, if you keep raising like that I won't be able to keep up.", Deku widened his eyes but also added chips. Momo just laughed and raised my entry again. It was just her, Ochako, Deku and me left in the poker game. The prize is huge since the other 17 were already out. "Well then, lay your cards on the table.", Kirishima and Mina appointed themselves as game leaders since the two of them had gone for broke right at the beginning. "I have a flush.", Deku laid down his cards sighing loudly. Momo proudly laid down her deck. "I have a full house!", Jiro clapped in with Momo. I looked over at Ochako, her eyes seemed to light up red and with a fierce wind she threw her cards on the table. "I have a straight flush!!!", I winced a little next to Sho and he looked at my cards. "Oh, according to the rules your cards are better than Uraraka's hers though.", I held my breath for a moment and looked at him angrily. "That was supposed to be a surprise.", I felt pairs of eyes gathering on me and exhaled heavily. "I got a royal flush.", Ochako's chin dropped to the floor and she jumped to me. "NOOOOO, that's not fair! How come you have a royal when I have a straight!", I looked into her brown eyes and shrugged. Deku shoved his coins at me and thus he was out. "Ah man, I should have folded sooner, now I'm broke," I chuckled a little and started sorting the coins. Momo shuffled the cards again and looked at me through her dark sunglasses. "I didn't think anyone but Ochako would be any competition," I grinned cheekily at her and took a big gulp of my drink. "I need the money, so I'm going to win!", Ochako her eyes lit up red again and I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"I'm going All Inn.", Momo shoved all her money into the middle of the table and my eyes widened. I only had a straight on my hand. "Me too.", now Ochako pushed her coins into the middle and I closed my eyes. "What are you going to do?", Sho peeked into my cards and kept switching his gaze between my cards and the ones that were on the table. "You decide," I held the cards so he could see them better. You could see that he was trying hard to make the right decision. "If you lose, you get the money from me.", he pushed my coins into the middle and looked at them both with a stare. "Let's see the last card then!", Mina turned it over and I did a little jump of joy inside. "Is the card good?", Sho looked at me confused,but I gave no reaction. "In poker you don't talk so loud about how good the card is.", he raised his eyebrows and gave a soft 'Oh'. "Well then Ochako show us what you've got!", full of pride Ochako placed her cards in the middle and she had a full house. "Is your card better?", Sho looked at me again and I leaned in to his ear. "Yes, but wait a minute.", he nodded and I cleared my throat. "Ochako I'm sorry but I have a quad!", she threw her cards on the table and pulled her sunglasses from her eyes. Ochako broke down and just looked blankly at Momo. "That's so unfair!", a loud laugh escaped Mina and the others also found Ochako's sight wonderful. I cleared my throat and handed Sho my cards. "You can put them down now.", he put the cards down and looked at his cheat sheet. "(d/n) has a straight flush.", both Ochako and Momo's jaws dropped to the floor and they both looked between Sho and me. "How can you please have a royal first and a straight second!", I merely shrugged my shoulders and yawned profusely. "I have to admit, I didn't expect you to win (d/n).", Momo held her hand out to me and I shook it. "Neither did I.", I reached for the money on the table and started counting it. Meanwhile, Mina was shuffling new cards. "Let's play another round of rummy.", many nodded, but I felt myself getting more and more tired. "Rummy I can do. Let's play together?", Sho looked over at me and I nodded. "Yeah, we can do that."

In the first two rounds I didn't even look at Sho's cards because I wasn't done counting.
"How much is it?" he looked at the stacks of money and I added them up in my head. "254423.83 yen. (2000 euros)," he was amazed and I looked at his cards. "Are you on right now?", he shook his head. "Not until after Iida.", Iida sat next to me and was tremendously focused on the game. "I'm coming out!", proudly he put down his cards and I eyed them. When he threw his card away, I drew one and took over Sho's cards. "Let me show you how the pro does it," I put the first three cards out and then another four on top of the others. Sho's cards allowed him a rummy hand and as I threw the last card away I looked at him proudly. "Huhhhh! How you won again?", Katsuki slapped his hand on the table and I smiled at him uncertainly.

I left the next rounds to Shoto and rested my head on his shoulder. It was already past twelve and I could feel the exhaustion of the day spreading through me. I closed my eyes for a moment, but then I didn't feel like opening them anymore.

"Did she fall asleep?" I heard Deku's subdued voice, but I didn't want to open my eyes. "I want to take a picture!," I felt a brisk flash shoot through my eyelids, but still didn't touch me. "I'll take her to her room. Wait here, I'll be right back." With these words, I felt two strong arms grabbing me and being carried from the chair into the air.

I clawed my one hand in Sho's shirt and threw my body closer to him. "I always stay by your side now." His deep voice penetrated my ears and I was warm. I heard the elevator door open and Sho stepped out of it. His steps were slow and weighing, which is why I only got tired, when he had somehow opened the door in my room, he deposited me gently on my bed. I breathed deeply and perceived its familiar smell around me. A slight grumbling escaped my mouth and I clawed into the duvet. "Hey, wait a minute." He put a hand gently on my shoulder and I relaxed again. "I'm taking your top off now." His calm voice made me relax and I let him open the jacket of the workout suit and stroke it off my body. He went to the closet and took out a shirt, then he put it over my head and pulled my pants down.
"I come later, sleep well." I felt his soft lips stroke my forehead and he turned to go.
My body reacted by itself and I grabbed his wrist. In the well-smelling pillow I pulled him to my bed. "Stay.. here." He strained briefly, but then relaxed his muscles again. His hand bypassed my waist and he dragged my body to his, immediately I cuddled into his chest and my sleep became deeper.

"I thought he was coming down again?" Mina her voice penetrated my ears and I fell into a half-sleep. "I'll look at him." A ray of light fell into my face and I'll bang my eyes together. "Naww, is that sweet.," a white flash of light passed through the room and further steps could be heard. "What's going on Mina?" Midoriya sounded his voice and a shadow formed over me. "The two sleep like stones, let's leave them alone." I opened my eyes a gap and saw him bending his head over us. "We are glad that you are staying with us." His hand caressed my head and he turned away. „Then I think it's time we go to sleep, too. "the door closed and the steps spread out. "I love you (d/n)," Sho stroked me gently over the head and my mouth angles moved upwards. "Me too, bubs." I threw myself in his chest and fell into a final sleep this time.

"Princess, wake up." I felt two gentle kisses on my cheek and a little grumble left my mouth. "Only five minutes left." The person next to me giggled quietly and gave me another kiss, this time on the hairline. "We have half-eleven if you keep sleeping so much you don't eat lunch." With these words I ripped my eyes wide open and looked towards the person. "No lunch?" he nodded and put his head in the pillow next to me. I only realized after a few moments that I was not in my room. "Huh, this is not my room." I straightened up and looked around his room in Sho. "No, I didn't know the code for your room, so I brought you here. You fell asleep playing yesterday. "I felt the red rose in my face and I wanted to avoid his look. "Oh, thank you." I smiled uncertain and rolled out of bed. "I would take a shower, after all I haven't done it since yesterday." He nodded and my legs carried me into the bathroom. When I saw myself in the mirror, the red rose again in my face. I had a shirt from him and my underwear from yesterday. My upper lip pulled up and I crippled my nose back. "Now I made his shirt stink." I pulled the dark fabric over my head and uncovered my underwear.

The warm water on my skin made my muscles relax a little bit and the muscle calm a little. I leaned my forehead against the glass pane and covered everything that happened yesterday. I made it and I'm allowed to stay at school, Sho and I are officially together and my parents got along again. Everything was perfect.
I opened the glass door and got out of the shower, my skin was shrinking and steaming formally due to the hot water. I went to sleep for a toothbrush and brushed my teeth. My gaze fell on the seized mirror and I extended my eyes. "Oh, Shit." I quickly spat out the toothpaste and looked at the toothbrush. "D-that's not mine." I hit my head in the neck and breathed hard. "What's going on?" Sho's deep voice made me open my eyes and I pointed to the brush in my hand. "I promise you a new one," he laughed briefly and ran to the mirror cabinet, from which he took a new one and placed it in the cup. "Keep these here, then you can sleep here more often." I felt the red rose in my face and I nodded uncertain. Shoto held me a bunch of clothes and I patterned it. "I cracked your room code and got you new laundry." This time there was an insecure smile on his face and I thankfully accepted it. "I could have quietly come up with the idea that you were taking your brother's date of birth," I raised my eyebrow to his words. "This is also my birthday, that was the thought behind it." Sho smiled slightly and as an unpleasant silence lay down he turned around his own axis and left the bathroom.

I got ready and put on the clothes. When I just got out of the bathroom I saw Shoto skirt-free standing in front of his closet. I stretched my eyes but tried to make it look casual, when he saw me a little smile got on his lips and he grabbed a black shirt. "Let's go in the partner look today," I looked down at myself and noticed that he had really dressed the same colors as me. I laughed quietly and took my sweaty sports stuff. "I'll wash yours too and I'll bring the T-shirt back to you freshly washed." He had opened his mouth but couldn't say anything since I was already haunted from his room.

I watched the washing machine and how the laundry in it keeps moving in circles. The laundry cellar had five washing machines and three dryers. The fact that I had to wash my laundry myself at such a modern school annoyed me a little, but I couldn't change it. The program was almost finished and even though I could have done something else in the meantime, I stared at the bunch that keeps turning and turning.
"(d/n) are you here?" Sho his voice made me take my eyes off the laundry and look into his. "Yes, what are you doing here?" I looked at him with my arms crossed, but quickly turned my gaze back to the laundry, as it was finally finished. I bent down and threw the gossip stuff in the dryer next to it. "There's about noon," I turned and he was dangerously close to me. I could feel his hot breath beside my ear and immediately all the hair turned up. His hands wandered to my waist and my breath became heavier. His mouth placed gentle kisses on my ear and he walked along my neck with his lips. A gentle tone left my lips as he bit lightly into my collar, followed directly by a gentle licking of his tongue and a strong sucking of his lips. After a few moments when I stopped the air, he let go of me. On his lips lay a satisfied smile and before I could react he grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder like a wet potato bag. "We miss lunch," I let a quiet squeak out of my mouth, but did not fight me any further.

When the elevator opened in the basement, Shoto let me down again and we drove up. "I go after lunch to my mother, do you want to come with me?" I left my mouth briefly open and then looked over at him. "I would be delighted to meet the charming woman who created such a great young man." A gentle giggling fell out of my mouth because I found myself much funnier than I should. "That pleases me." He pulled me at the waist again and gave me a kiss. The elevator opened and we stepped out of the small shaft.

The cafeteria was lively. I held behind Sho and let him push through. He pulled me by the hand behind him and we made it to the buffet with a few bruises. There was pizza and I had the saliva in my mouth. "All right?" Sho looked at me and I turned my head towards him. "Yeah, why?" he pointed his finger at my mouth angle and I felt that I was actually drooling. I quickly wiped the spit from my mouth and smiled at him uncertain. "I didn't eat real pizza for so long." He smiled lightly and then took several pieces, I did it to him right away and we sat down at a table.

"Do you still want the piece?" I looked at Shoto with a smiling mouth. He extended his eyes but put the last piece of pizza on my plate. "Oi (d/n) how many pieces did you eat now?" Ochako looked at me and I looked into her eyes with my full mouth. With my fingers I showed an 8 up and swallowed down, right after that I bit into the last piece. Ochako's eyes widened and Iida didn't seem to like it at all: "At a school where there are several 1000 pupils, you shouldn't overdo it if you eat too many pieces, maybe other pupils can't get anything anymore." I turned my head with an angry look and looked into his eyes. While we kept eye contact I bite comfortably into the next piece and a sarcastic grin lay on my lips. "I don't care." I swallowed up the last rest and let myself fall exhausted in my chair. "Can we do lunch sleep again before we go to your mum? I think I have forgotten to walk and can only roll. "I beat my bloated stomach with pride and looked at Sho. He nodded and took my dishes. "Roll gently, I only quickly bring the dishes away.," I nodded and got up with my foodkoma. It felt like I was spitting out the good pizza again soon, but I did not strain myself to make it. Fortunately, I also made it to the elevator and waited there for Sho, who came after a few moments.

When the elevator door opened, I felt Sho take my knee throat and move my body horizontally, I looked at him shocked and I clawed into his shirt. "What are you doing?" he stepped into the elevator and pressed the button with his finger bone. "I will save you from your food coma." A gentle giggling fell out of my mouth and I leaned my forehead against his shoulder. "My knight in shiny armor." He grumbled lightly and carried me into his room.

"I wake you up later." He gave me a kiss on my forehead and turned away from my body. I closed my eyes and felt the food carrying me to a pleasant sleep.

My body shrugged a little and I felt a cold shower pass through me. "Oi (d/n), wake up," someone shook my shoulder lightly and I opened my eyes for a gap. "Hmm?" Instead of answering, Sho held his hand against my forehead and looked at me seriously.

"You have a fever." I ripped my eyes open and wanted to touch my forehead, but Sho held this hand and looked at me seriously. "How do you feel?" I needed a few moments to answer and even before I could, my whole body trembled up and my teeth clapped on each other. "That's enough for me to answer." He jumped up to me in the bed and put his arms around my body. Since I was still quite dizzy from the midday sleep, I only reacted very slowly and shortly before I fell asleep again I had to sneeze loudly. Sho jumped back in terror and he looked at me worried. "I'll ask Aizawa about medicine." I nodded weakly and cuddled into the blanket. I felt the power being pulled out of my body and I was getting tired, getting colder and my body getting hotter and hotter.

It wasn't long and I felt the door open in half-sleep. Sho entered the room with a small black bag and passed through a long note. "Okay, so sit up." Half roughly half tender he dragged me into the vertical and I opened my eyes a gap. "What kind of medication do you have?" a little confused by my question, he read out the complicated Latin names. I poked my finger under my nose and grabbed the green packaging. "Give me a hand, I can do it myself," I tried to open my eyes, but pinched them again through the light. "(d/n) give me here I'll do this for you." He grabbed after the pack, but I turned away like a little bouncy kid. "I can do this myself," I laboriously picked up the packaging and took out the dark bottle with the bitter liquid. I didn't think much and turned off the white lid, with a jerk I put my head in the neck and poked at the package. After a few moments I left and looked at how far the liquid had disappeared. "That was 10 ml, I have to take that again tonight.. then I'm fine." As if I was drunk I held the bottle to Sho, who also took it quickly and before I noticed it, my head fell right to his shoulder. I clawed into the fabric and pressed my glowing forehead to its cool half. He quickly wrapped up the medicine and put me back in bed. However, I did not let go of his shirt and since he got up too fast, the T-shirt tore in front of our eyes in two halves.

I looked at the scrap of cloth in my hand like a little child, my gaze kept switching between Sho and the scrap of cloth, and I felt a tear run down my cheek. "E-I'm so sorry.", a heavy sob left my mouth and I started crying like there was no tomorrow. "Hey hey. It's all good, the t-shirt was old anyway. Please stop crying.", Sho raised and lowered his hands in reassurance and his face reflected overwhelm. "Y-you're not mad at me?", I pulled snot back up loudly through my nose and looked at him sadly through my puffed eyes. "N-no I'm not mad at you, it's not bad at all. I have so many shirts after all. Would you like one too?", he smiled gently at me and I nodded hastily. All of a sudden, I had bumblebees in my butt, I wanted to get up and run to Shoto's closet with him. "Oi, No. You stay in bed I'll bring you your t-shirt," I froze in my movement and jumped towards the bed like a three year old child. I threw the covers over my head and only my face was still visible. "Hihi.", I rocked back and forth, my gaze fixed on Shoto. He took out a sweater and a t-shirt, these he pulled over his head and with the sweater in his left hand he came running towards me. He knelt in front of the ball of blankets and looked into my eyes. "If you're cold you can cuddle with me too.", opening his arms slightly he smiled and my chest area got warmer. I nodded hastily and opened my blanket cave, Sho stepped into it and pulled my sweater over my head and dropped down behind me. "You should get some sleep now, your body temperature is still pretty high.", he rested his chin on my hairline and hugged me tighter. I turned 180 degrees and looked into his eyes, a big smile was on my face and my red nose made my whole existence look even more toddler-like. "When I grow up, I want a friend just like that," my gaze lowered and I poked his chest with my index finger. "You already have me as a boyfriend. When you grow up then I'll marry you.", I froze in my movement and looked back up at him. My face turned as red as my nose and a tear ran down my cheek.

"W-really?" Shoto nodded and I suddenly started crying. "That's wonderful! That means my children will look at least as good as you!, "Sho laughed rough and let himself fall backwards with me in his arm. "But now we only sleep once - when you are big - maybe very soon." My first crushed then frightened face became a wide grin and I put my chin on Sho's chest. "I'm looking forward to it." A big yawn escaped my mouth and I cuddled more into his chest. "Good night princess." His fingers rattled my head and I didn't bring out more than a silent murmur as I was already slipping into the land of dreams.

A loud buzz ripped me out of my pleasant sleep. I opened my eyes and looked around. Sho held me in his arms and legs. His heartbeat pumped through my right ear and made me relax, I lifted my gaze and looked into his calm and peacefully sleeping face. He snarled a little and I couldn't help but giggle quietly. My hand slipped on his tip of the nose and I pushed it slightly, he then swung his nose and turned his head away from me. I rolled out of his arms and tried to remember what happened yesterday. When I saw the little black bag on Shoto's desk, I ran towards it and looked at the medication. God I'm stupid, I drank too much. I held the dark bottle against the light and saw that I had actually drunk half the fever juice.

My gaze fell on the mirror and I patterned myself. Fortunately, the red nose had almost disappeared again and at least no drops of water formed along my forehead. I was neither cold nor warm, so I would have to be healthy again.

I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, the nasty fluffy taste in my mouth was the reason why I had even woken up. By the way, I checked the messages on my phone and saw that Mina had sent me several pictures.

Hey (d/n), I took some great pictures of Todoroki-kun and you. I find her sooooo incredibly sweet 😍
*3 Attachments*

When I opened the pictures, the toothbrush fell out of my mouth and straight into the sink, because of the loud noise, I jumped up again with terror, and landed like a trample on the flow. The white tooth paste ran along my mouth angle and I washed everything out as quickly as possible. Afterwards I devoted myself again to the picture of Mina. Did she seriously photograph us in our sleep? I liked the pictures, nothing said against them that they weren't beautiful and also didn't speak against them becoming my new background...

I stepped out of the bathroom and set out to wake Shoto. The half-cold was still in the same position as 10 minutes ago, only his facial expression became a little grimmer and he hugged a pillow. I settled on the edge of the bed and placed many small kisses on his temple. My lips just paint over his skin and with every kiss he made a louder noise. I finally took to wake him up for good, his face in my hands and placed my lips on his. He ripped his eyes open and sat up, pulling me over the bed once, and I almost flew against the wall. "Oh," I rubbed my head and looked at him. "Are you all right? Is your fever gone? Why did you wake me up? Did I miss something? "while looking rather confused on the one hand, he kept rubbing his eyes. "No, but look at the clock." I held up my phone and he raised his eyebrows. On his face lay a mischievous grin and I looked at him confused. "We've got it half past 10, why are you grinning like that?" he pulled me to himself, not softening the grin from his face. "But this is a beautiful background picture." The red rose in my face and I wiped out his face. "Mina did it..," my heart pounded like wild against my chest and I avoided his look as far as it went.

He placed some kisses on my cheekbone and immediately all the hair on my body stood up. "Princess look at me." I hesitated to turn my head back to him, he still had this grin on his face and his arms pulled me at the waist to him. His lips sealed mine and his hands streaked over my back. He pushed his crack more towards my middle and I felt myself start breathing harder. His hand slipped under my shirt and he stroked my warm back.

„Already come! We'll miss the bus! "Shoto and I just ran to the bus stop as we were on our way to his mother. Because we had forgotten the time, we neither ate anything nor did Shoto brush his teeth. "I'm coming." He closed his bag and picked up fast.

We sat heavily breathing on the bus, sweat ran along my forehead and I had to wipe it away with a handkerchief. "If you hadn't distracted me, we wouldn't have had to run," I looked at him angrily, but he just laughed. "You just had to resist." He twinkled and suddenly the red rose in my face. Laughing, Shoto kissed my temples and then dropped in the seat. "We did it anyway," I once again twisted my eyes, but then let the subject stick.

"(d/n) let's get out of here, then we can get some food and some flowers quickly." Sho pulled up my sleeve and I got up with him.

The weather was beautiful, the sun was high in the sky and it was almost cloudless. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the wind tickling my nose. We got out almost in the middle of the city center and despite the Sunday, quite a lot of people were on the way. Shoto dragged me by the crowd to a street food stand.

"Konichiwa, today is couple discount, what can I offer you." The man in the booth was a large and wide Japanese, he had a beard over the upper lip and a round face. "Hello, we'd like to have the 6 twice." Sho held up two fingers and the man nodded. "Twice the 6th Comes immediately! Anything else with you? "We both shook our heads and the man turned to dinner. "That makes 1900 yen," I grabbed my portmonee, but was stopped by Shoto. He gave the man 2000 and wound up the restitution, after which he grabbed the food and gave me my bag/plate. "Come on, shut your mouth. "I shook my head and hung myself with him. We wished the nice man another nice day and afterwards we went in the direction of the hospital.

"What are your mother's favorite flowers?" I stood in the flower shop and smelled of the magnificent plants. "Amarylls.," Sho stood behind me watching each of my movements. "The blue or the red?" a young woman, perhaps at the beginning of 20, with a green apron joined us. She had a broad smile, where you could only smile with her. "The blue ones," she kept silent and then disappeared, saying, "Wait a moment," in the back of the shop. Sho and I looked at each other asking but waiting.

"What are your favorite flowers?" I felt him put his hand around my waist and put his head on mine. „My favorite flowers? I don't know... I find the most beautiful (l/b = favorite flower), "he nodded and the saleswoman came back with a big bouquet of blue amarylls.
"The flowers were ordered, but unfortunately the buyer took something else. Therefore we still have this bouquet over, do you want it?, "the bouquet was huge and impossible to grasp with one hand, nevertheless I nodded hastily and ran to the checkout. "3600 yen would be that," Sho grabbed his portmonee again, but this time I was faster. I kicked him slightly on the foot and while he was distracted, I put the money on the counter. I wiped off the leftover money and grabbed the big bouquet of flowers. "Arrigato Gosaimas.," I bowed before the saleswoman and she ran a little red. "Nothing to thank. Otherwise they would have just been thrown away. "We said goodbye to her and went to the hospital. Since I could not hold the bouquet of amarylls with one hand, Shoto could not take my hand and it seemed to bother him quite.

"Give me the bouquet, you can hardly hold it." I looked at it with a thickened eye.
"But I want to hold them."
"And I want to hold your hand, so give me the flowers." Playfully offended, I gave it to him and the asshole could actually hold it with one hand. Triumphantly, he looked at me and grabbed my now free hands. "So it is much better."

"Hello we would like to visit Rei Todoroki." Shoto bent over the counter of the reception and pointed to his mother's name. "Ah, Mr. Todoroki, you were only there a few days ago," he nodded and the woman looked at me asking. "May I ask who the girl with the big bouquet is?" she pointed a little confused at the bouquet, behind which I hid more or less. "That's (d/n) (n/n), she's my girlfriend," the woman took some notes and nodded. "If so, you know where your mother's room is. Have fun. "She smiled kindly at us both and we said goodbye to her.

"Mom, it's me." Shoto knocked a few times against the room door and a mumbled "Come in." was to be heard. I breathed deeply again and then stepped behind Shoto into the bright hospital room. „Hello, mummy. I brought visitors with me. "Sho stepped aside and you could only see the big bouquet of flowers. I looked left past this and looked into the gray eyes of Rei Todoroki. She had a gentle smile on her lips and I immediately felt comfortable. "(d/n)?" her soft voice left me frightened on the one hand, but also relaxed on the other. "Hello Mrs. Todoroki.," I bowed a little and went towards the white-haired. She looked the same as Shoto's right half. "Your son had told me that these were your favorite flowers, so I brought you some." My thoughts overturned and my heart pounded like wild against my thorax. I was nervous, Rei Todoroki was for a much bigger number than Enji Todoroki. But she was also quite different from him, she was his exact opposite and the same person as Shoto when he was "normal."

"Thank you (d/n), the bouquet is really beautiful," she took a short break and then looked at me. "But you are far more beautiful than it." With these words all my strands are torn, my face turned crisp red and all the blood in my body got into my head. "D-thank you.," the woman laughed slightly and I looked for help to Shoto. He just pointed at the chair and I settled down. Shoto took the bouquet of flowers from me and ran out of the room. I looked at him bitterly and felt like when my parents had lost me in the IKEA when I was three years old and I didn't know if I would ever see her again or if I had to live on the streets soon.

"(d/n), you don't have to be afraid of me, I'm not going to pour hot water on your face." „W-what? D-I wasn't afraid of that either. "I shook with my whole body and the woman just laughed again. "I know I know. Tell me something about you. Something about your family. "I relaxed briefly and then started thinking. "Well, I'm not so special now. My mother is a heroine and my father doctor.. I have a twin brother named Hitoshi. My quirk is influencing and controlling energy. "I played with my thumbs and hoped the Rei could start enough with it. "This is a very nice quirk. Tell me a little more about why you love my youngest son. "She still smiled gently at me and my heart made a blow. Shoto was still not there and slowly I had the feeling that he needed so long on purpose. "Your son is a nice warm person, I love him because he looks after me, cares for me. I feel safe with him, "I had no plans to say that, but the words slipped out of me. I held my hand in front of my mouth and looked at his mother. "You better talk about my son than I... wow..," she lowered her gaze and looked at the bedding. "I'm glad Shoto finally found someone he trusts. That someone is finally there and helps him forget his childhood, thank you (d/n). I owe you so much, "Shoto came back into the room before I could answer. The flowers, with vase, in one hand and a wheelchair in the other. "Do we want to enjoy the nice weather?"

"Thank you for the beautiful day you two.," Rei waved to us both still smiling and we left the bright room. "Then we would have done it." Shoto breathed hard and I put my head in my neck. "Your mother is really nice, but never leave me alone with her again." I threw him over a nasty look and he smiled slightly. "You'll see her again at our wedding, but hopefully on other days when she gets out of this hospital at some point." He first looked happy and afterwards sad on the floor, gently I stroked him over the upper arm. "She'll get out of here at some point, I promise you." He smiled diagonally and I grabbed his hand. "Now don't hang your head like that, I'm hungry, let's get something before we go back. I invite you from my gain. "I smiled at him happily and he smiled. "I know you gave Ochako the money. I invite you. "I scratched my neck and followed him through the hospital.

"Why did you ever be all that money to her, that was a lot." We ran into a Ramen restaurant and waited until we were asked to a table. "She needs the money more than me, and I also kept something myself," I twinkled at him and wanted to sit in front of him. However, he insisted on sitting next to me and after a short discussion I dropped out.

"Konbanwa, do you already know what you want?" a nice blonde-haired girl, perhaps at our age stood in front of us smiling. "I would take the cold Soban noodles once.," Shoto smiled gently and I felt something pulling together inside me. "And with you?" she had a sharp undertone with me and pulled me out of my half trance. "I'd like to...," a false smile lay on her lips and she nodded kindly to us. "Some more drinks?" Shoto ordered a water bottle for both of us and the girl disappeared.

"All right?" he looked over at me and put his hand in my thigh, I shrugged briefly as his hand heated up and got warmer by the jeans fabric. "J-ja... I just need to get out.," I got up and climbed over him, unfortunately so clumsy that I had pushed my butt right in his face. I ran slightly red, but then disappeared quite quickly at the entrance of the restaurant. I could feel his gaze in my back.

„Everything well?", he looked to me over here and laid his hand in my thigh, I briefly flickered as his hand got hot and by the denim became warmer. „... I have to go just fast out.", I got up and climbed about him over here, unfortunately, so clumsy ones I had pressed my bottom directly in the face to him. I started slightly red, then disappeared, however, quite fast at the entrance of the restaurant. I could feel his look in my back.

My back touched a lantern and I hard exhaled. To me did not like at all like this girl at him looked. Their piercing sweet look, her wrong smile, everything in her disturbed me and only because they him wrong considered. I shook out my head and inhaled once deeply and. „Make good to you no head, everything is." „With whom do you talk?", a boy a little older than I, I would estimate him at 19 looked at me questioningly. „Oh, I have talked only briefly with myself.", uncertainly I smiled at him and he pulled his eyebrows upwards. „What do you make only in this time here outdoors?", he scrutinised my body and I swallowed a little. „How do not have it late and I am not only here.", my voice became less more firm and I crossed the arms before the breast. „Ähm, however, you are lying round here alone.", he looked around questioningly and I twisted irritated the eyes.„ However, I am not only here, but you have right I should disappear from here. ", I writhed again to him shut as me a rough hand in my wrist felt. In a hurry I turned round and tore open my eyes far. „You should let go my wrist, I break reluctantly on purpose civilians the wrist.", my voice was completely different than, otherwise, she was firm and I resisted only before self-confidence. „I want to see this, at the end it is you to me the wrist not at all breaks, but your invisible company.", he grinned amused and I groaned once irritated according to from. „I count to three if your filthy hand has not let go my wrist then, I break it to you.", my eyes formed to slits and me giftete him furiously in. My nerves were already from the day at the end. First the morning sex, then Shoto's mother, then the blonde girl and now this boy. My heart had to have so many exciting experiences all day long, most of them were beautiful, but I really didn't want to do this to myself. "Go count to 3, I wait," I gave a whipped "Tsk," from me and started counting slowly. "1...," no reaction. "2.," again no reaction. I patterned his leg position, it was inattentive and I was able to step away from him with a kick. His whole posture was flabby and he looked at me amused. "3." My arm turned 180 degrees and I grabbed his wrist, after which I kicked his legs away and pressed his right arm on his back. My other hand wandered into his neck and held his head towards the floor. I leaned my head toward him and whispered in his ear. "By the way, I was in the semifinals at the Sportfest... just mentioned by the way," I took a short break and then continued talking. "If I let go of you now, then you run as fast as you can, otherwise I castrate you." I grabbed doller with both hands and he hissed as I touched his turned-up flesh wound. "O-okay." I let him go and set myself up again. He flew forward and supported himself with his hands. I turned away from him and went back to the restaurant. The blonde girl was just putting the water bottle on the table when this primal suddenly flew out of her hand and fell into a thousand pieces.

It wouldn't have bothered me if there wasn't the fact that she poured everything about Shoto and went brazenly with a towel toward the zone-only-for-me-is. Shoto looked at her frightened and then to me.

When he looked in my face, we could clearly see he had to crush the laughter, knowing exactly what was going to happen now. I ran towards the girl and ran behind her. "When you're done drying my midnight snack, he'd like to use his quirk and speed up this process," I sparked her angrily and she looked terrified. "I thought you weren't there anymore." I twisted my eyes and crossed my arms in front of my chest. "Surprise I'm back." Ironically, I spread my arms as if I were throwing confetti. "Is he your firm friend?" she suddenly seemed so shy and looked embarrassed on the floor, my gaze fell to Shoto and this one just looked at her rigidly. "Jup.," a weird laugh left her mouth and I crippled the eyebrows confused. "I thought you were his little sister," she ran along the cheek with laughter, and the whole restaurant looked at both her and me, and I suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. "Could we please get a new waitress, this is harassing my girlfriend and me," Sho monotonously raised his hand and a manager came up to us. He had four arms and grabbed the blonde-haired girl by the ear. "I am so incredibly sorry, she is new and doesn't really seem to know that this is not a brothel but a restaurant. I will serve you the rest of the evening, "he smiled gently at Shoto and me, offering us a new place. "Due to the incident I would be pleased if they would come as an excuse in our V. I. P. area," he pointed through a golden door and we both nodded reluctantly.

As we stepped through the golden frame, nothing seemed like a simple Ramenrestaurant, the chairs were all golden decorated and even if the room was not much larger, it was much empty and we had more privacy. "Because of the wet trousers," "This is not bad, I own a fire quirk.," Shoto waved the nice man's hand and caused a fire to emerge in the left hand. His pants dried rapidly and a rather dirty thought passed through my inner eye and I couldn't help but smile.

"Your food will come immediately." This time we both sat opposite and I had to smile all the time as I thought of how Shoto had warmed up his link to dry his pants. "You grin far too wrong, what do you think?" he pulled the eyebrows together, on the one hand, amused and confused. Before I could answer, he started talking. "By the way, your midnight snack..." immediately the red rose in my face. "I said that only in the zeal of the battle." He grinned broadly and slurped at his water. "You can't talk out of it anymore." I swallowed hard and thought about maybe I should sleep in my room the night. "Don't think about sleeping with me, I'll never let you sleep somewhere else." Before I could answer, the manager came and brought us our food. "Good appetite and excuse her again for the previous incident," he smiled gently at us both and put the food on our table. After that he left again, even before I started eating, I heard the waiter's voice weakly. "These are really Shoto Todoroki and (d/n) (n/n). I want to ask them for an autograph. "" Only when they finished eating, Nanami had already caused enough stress for the two. "A little smile fell in my face and I turned to the food. "Good appetite, Shoto." I took my chopsticks and started eating.

"That would be 4500 '." a somewhat younger waiter took over our bill and I also heard from his voice that it was the one who wanted a photo and an autograph. "Here please." At the same time Shoto and I held the notes in the air and the waiter looked bitterly back and forth between us. "I can make the bill separately," his voice shook and I sparked Shoto poisonously. "No." We both spoke at the same time and gave the waiter an uneasy feeling. "(d/n) pack your portmonee away or you won't be able to walk tomorrow." From the sudden words immediately a gentle red stitched on my cheeks and I hesitated as my body was frozen. Shoto smiled kindly at the waiter and gave him 5000 "." Thank you very much. May I ask you something Mr. Todoroki?, "the eyes of the nice waiter looked embarrassed on the floor and Shoto raised his eyebrows asking. "Could I take a picture with you and your girlfriend?" he nervously typed around on his black portmonee. "Of course, let's show the world how beautiful it is." Shoto stood up and held his hand, after which we stood to the right and left of the young waiters. "Smile once.," we both grinned and Shoto smiled slightly. Happily, the waiter took the phone down and looked at the picture. "Thank you," he bowed, and we said goodbye to each other.

"Sooo..," Shoto grabbed my hand and peered over to me. I raised my head asking and left a quiet, hmm 'out of my mouth. "Were you jealous?" I abruptly stopped and stared into his eyes. I knew that right now a cold shower was running down his back, because security was out of his voice. "Don't look at me like a cat on the hunt, and you look like you're about to fall on me and tear my head off." A sweat bead ran along his forehead and I giggled quietly. "Nobody gets on with things that are mine... the next one that's being tried just like the boy with a broken wrist go off." I looked rigidly forward and a little smile lay on my lips. "What boy?" I scared to Shoto and scratched my neck. "There was something else."

"(d/n) are you playing the new video game with me today?" Denki jumped at me as Shoto and I stepped through the big entrance door. Even before I could answer, Shoto put his head on mine and looked down to Denki. "I want (d/n) but tonight for me.," I clearly felt on my butt what Shoto wanted and all the blood ran into my head. "But you always have it, give it to us!" he pulled his lower lip forward and crossed his arms in front of his chest. "She loves me too. You have a girlfriend yourself. "Sho put his hands around my waist and pulled me even closer. "Of course I'm playing with you tonight Denki, Shoto needs some time off anyway." I smiled at him wide and loosened my arms from Sho. I climbed over the couch with ease and grabbed a controller. "Go ahead, Denki, if you stay there, he will tear your head off." Denki quickly walked away from Shoto and settled next to me.

"(d/n)..." I was just focusing on the game when I heard his squealing voice behind me. "What is Shoto?" Denki and I played a head-to-head race and I really wanted to win. "I want to cuddle." I gave Denki the push of grace and gave my gaze to the half-cold. He had pulled his lower lip forward and pressed his eyebrows together, a quiet sigh left my mouth and I waved it to me. Like a little three-year-old child, he climbed onto the couch and put his head on my thigh, I gently stroked my fingers through his hair and after Denki had finished howling, he turned on the news.

"The weather will unfortunately get worse again the next few days and autumn will replace summer. At night we will even get to the minuscule range, so it will be time to slowly clear the summer clothes in the closet and get ready for the winter. "We all listened attentively to the lady and I felt my mood go off a little. In autumn it is always wet and cold and you can not motivate yourself to anything. "Now to the news of the week! The day before yesterday the well-known sporting festival of the UA Oberschule was held, we carried together for you the best moments of each year!, "the woman disappeared from the screen and you could see a trailer for the following video. "The whole Japanese TV is full of it, in the center is (d/n) in which she just runs out of the ring and Todoroki who just tailed the finale.," Denki chewed around on the remote control and Jiro knocked it out of his hand. "This is not there to eat, they touch others too." I had to giggle slightly and looked back at Sho's head. "You're so quiet all right?" I slowly lifted his hair out of his face, the half-cold turned away from the TV and cuddled more into my thigh. "Mrr.," his head pressed more against my belly and his arms surrounded my waist. "Is he asleep?" Momo had also sat down with us and patterned Todoroki's back. "Seems like I'll take him to his room later." Everyone nodded and we focused on the TV again.

"It's already late, I'll take Shoto to his room." "I guess more of your room." Enti interrupted me in. Set and raised his eyebrows, right on it he got a blow from Jiro on the back of the head and she smiled at me slightly. "Good night (d/n)," a warm smile lay on her lips and she turned her gaze back to the screen.

"Bubs, let's go into the room." I gently stabbed my index finger in his cheek and stroked his face over the scar. He grumbled slightly and pulled the eyebrows together. "Let me sleep." His head dug even more into my thigh, if possible. "Shoto, wake up, I can't carry you all the way to the elevator." This time I had a slightly stricter undertone and the half-cold opened his eyes a small gap. When he saw me, there was a little smile on his lips. "You're beautiful." I felt the blood shoot my head and get a little warmer. "I know that doesn't change the fact that we have to go to the room now." I stroked his hair strands off his face and smiled at him. "Come on," I wobbled slightly with my thighs, giving Shoto the blessing of getting up. "Okok." He got asleep and slowly got off the couch. "Good night all together." He drowned sleepily out of the room, I waved to the others and followed the half-hot then to the elevator.

"Now let's go brush teeth together." I opened the door of his room, as the code, just like me, was my birthday, and ran with Shoto on his left shoulder into the dark room. The night light went on and we defected to the bathroom.

I looked at the clock and noticed that it wasn't so late, my gaze fell over to Shoto and he just made the ceiling comfortable. He turned his back to me and lay rigidly like a stone. My gaze rested on him for several moments and a gentle smile lay on my lips. As if he had felt it, his body turned around his own axis, he looked me in the eyes and they lit up a little. His mouth angles pulled up and we stayed like this for a few moments. "I can't fall asleep without you," he lifted the blanket a little and I crawled under it. The light went out and I listened to his even heartbeat.

„Yes Shoto?"
"Will we always be able to sleep like this from now on?"
„Of course Shoto."
"Will we stay together after graduation and maybe even start a family?"
"I currently have no other wish than that you become the father of my children."
"I love you, (d/n) (n/n)."
"I love you too, Bubs."

I promise you that I will always give everything to make a smile on your face. I'll stay by your side forever, Shoto, because I need you to be me.

My heart pounded like wild against my chest and if Momo didn't support me, I would probably flip over on the spot. "You look beautiful." A mute tear ran along her cheek and she hugged me. "Momo, watch out for your make-up," I stopped the air as Momo hugged me too hard. "It really is, you're getting married today." She grabbed my shoulders and smiled sadly at me. "It seems so surreal." Mama's voice ripped us out of our stare and I looked into her beautiful eyes.

My mother wore a dark blue loose dress cut open on her left leg, her hair had her curly over her shoulder and on her lips lay a sad but also proud smile. "You are beautiful." She opened her arms and came up to me. "Thank you Mama." I really had to hold back my tears at this time. "We should go now, (d/n) must go right to the altar," Momo hacked in with my mother and took a last look at me. Momo and all the other bridesmaids wore pink dresses, each with a different cut.

"Are you ready?" my father stood in the door leaning with wet eyes. I turned around my own axis and looked at him, a broad smile on my lips. "I'm ready." He nodded at me and I hacked into his arm. "Well, let's go."

Loud music sounded and gave us the signal to start. My pulse was at least 180 and I felt myself slowly getting scared.

We entered the field of view of others and I could see my fiancé at the altar. Everyone turned to me and admired my wedding dress. My face was adorned by a wide smile, while my father's was only half as happy. We broke away from each other and he gave me a kiss on the forehead. "I am so proud of you." We smiled gently until I turned to the altar and Shoto.
The music got slower and I started moving, everything seemed like a dream and I just couldn't believe it yet.

I am 22 years old, marry in a few moments the love of my life and am pregnant in the 4th week. My future husband has become the number 3 hero in just four years and I have made it to number 8.

"Would you like to make Shoto Todoroki your husband? Love, honor, respect him in good times as well as in bad times and stand by his side until death separates you? So answer "Yes, I want '," I saw in Shoto's eyes and he in mine, we both laughed at each other wide and I nodded my head. "Yes, I will.," the pastor turned to Shoto and repeated the words again.

"Yes, I want." We put on each other's rings and I waited until permission was granted to finally kiss my husband. "You may kiss the bride now," even before he could utter the words, Sho put his lips on mine. Our tongues locked into each other and I felt my heart expose several beats.

Nothing can separate us now!

"(d/n) so you really made the decision to become a Todoroki now." Hitoshi came up to me and hugged me. "I am proud of you sister." I hugged him back and enjoyed his pleasant smell. "You will soon follow with a wedding fraternity." He laughed roughly and disembarked.

"(d/n) are you coming?" my husband called me over to him and I followed his voice. Immediately our fingers clutched and I saw the people facing us, it was Endevador. "I am happy to welcome you to the Todoroki Famiie." Endevador held my hand, but as soon as I took it he pulled me into a hug. "You look beautiful." We got out of the hug and the almost two-metre-tall man smashed his son's head and then left. So once that day we had a moment just for both of us. "You look so beautiful. Because of you, I'm the happiest man in the world. I love you so incredibly doll, I would set the world on fire for you. "He put his hands at my waist and pulled me closer to him, I placed mine in his neck and we just looked into our eyes for a moment. Our lips sealed a few moments later and I felt my heart jump several times.

"I now ask the bridal couple to dance the first dance." AllMight volunteered as a DJ and Deku helped him not only to play songs from the last century.
"May I steal your first dance?" Sho held his hand and I took it laughing. "The honour is all mine," together we entered the large area and all pairs of eyes fixed on us.
During the dance the time stopped, I was in my little perfect world, with the love of my life, the best friends you can ever wish for and will soon start a family.

"Shoto," he looked me in the eye with his mouth full and I showed him that I wanted to talk alone. Immediately the half-cold got up and pulled me into a remote corner. He took my hand and looked at me fearfully. What is happening? You're so serious? "I giggled slightly and put my forehead against his. "How would you find it if I was pregnant now?" I closed my eyes and focused on his breath, which stuck for a short moment. But I immediately felt his arms at my waist. "Say it. I want to hear it, I want to hear this wonderful news from your mouth. "A gentle giggling left my mouth I took his face into my hands.

"My beloved husband, in 8 months you and I will have a child together, we will be a little family of our own." Shoto smiled so broadly that I was almost blinded. In his face were so many emotions that even tears of joy ran his cheek long. "W-we will have a child," I nodded hastily, and my husband lifted me up. He turned in circles several times and distributed kisses in my face. "I love you I love you I love you," he sat me down and gave me another passionate kiss. "That explains why you drink apple juice all the time and no champagne." I looked ashamed to the side. "Did you see that?" Shoto shook his head. "No, I just drank out of your glass earlier and noticed." He took a short break and then kept talking. "What do you think we won't tell anyone? I see in your eyes that you are not yet ready to communicate it to someone else. "He gently poked his thumbs over my cheek and I threw myself into his hand. "You're just perfect, I hope the child will be like you," he laughed rough and kissed me again Passionately.

"I love you"
"I love you too."
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