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Possessive (Severus Snape x reader)


Y/N Clarke the new seventh year student in Hogwarts. What will happen in the new school? Will she find friends or even the love of her life? Or will her whole life fall appart because of a mysterious dark and very sexy Poitions Professor? Also Voldy Moldy didn't come back and will never come back... in too lazy to include him... upsii I'm trying to get Severus character as good as posssible and not screw him up. Also he is probably going to turn into a huge creep soooo here was your warning. Enjoy :) (This is my first ever Fanfiction in English I really hope you will like it and my English isn't complete crap.)

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

You were on your first and last year in Hogwarts. You and your parents moved from America to England a few weeks ago, because your father got an awesome Job offer in the Ministry of magic, at last he said that to you. You and your father didn't have a very good relationship ever since your mother died as you were 7 years old he was cold and harsh to you. Always commenting on your appearance, your grades or the friends you choose.

All in all you were relieved that you soon would move out and live your own life. But now you were on the Hogwarts express on your way to your new life! Yes you saw Hogwarts as a restart, nobody knew you there, there you can finally be who you always wanted to be. Without anybody interrupting you!

Excited you looked out of the window and watched the landscape. Suddenly the door opened and two girls came into the train compartment. "Hey, uhm can we sit with you?" The one with Ginger Hair asked you. You offered both a small smile and gestured towards the empty seats. "Please!" Both smiled at you and took a seat across from you.

"I'm Ginny, Ginny Weasley! That's Luna Lovegood." The redhead intorduced herself and her friend. "I'm Y/N, Y/N Clarke." Both smiled at her. "Nice to meet you! We never saw you around are you new?"

"Yes, actually. Me and my father moved here a couple weeks ago." You said kind of nervous, would this be your first friends at the school? OH shut it Y/N will you stop overthinking every move you make!

"OH! Where did you go to school before?"

"Ilvermory! I was in Horned Serpent I think that is compared to Ravenclaw but im not really sure. They said i would fit in every house but i got sorted in Horned Serpent in the End." And again your babbling around Y/N! Uhhh your annoying yourself!

"Oh Luna is in Ravenclaw!" Ginny said exited and looked at the blonde girl. She was reading a magazine upside down. She looked up at you with her blue eyes and smiled at you and returned to her magazine again.

"So! Whats Hogwarts like? Are the professor nice?" You asked exited. "Most of them yes. Just don't get on Professors Snapes bad side. Well everyone is on his bad side. Hes a big git, and teaches potions. Just be quiet in the classes and do your assignments right and your good. Or don't even attend his class thats the best you can do!" Potions? You loved potions. "I actually want to attend Potions, I was on top of the class in Ilvermory." You told them proudly.

The rest of the train ride the three of you talked about the upcoming term, the classes, the teachers and the Houses. You eventually discovered that Ginny was in Gryffindor like everyone from her family. You also discovered that she and Luna were one years younger than yourself. About ten minutes before the train arrived at Hogsmead the three of you started dressing in your school robes.

You stepped out of the train and immediately bumped into someone. "O-Oh, I'm so sorry!" You said and looked up. Before you stood the most handsome and sexiest man you ever saw in your entire life. He had black silky hair to his shoulders, black no, onyx colored eyes, soft thin pink lips, pale skin, a big hooked nose which suited him rather nicely and a defined face. He looked down at you with disgust but suddenly his face changed a little, it got a little softer for a not even a second but you noticed it. He offered you a hand which you gladly accepted and he helped you up.

"I'm really sorry." You said again intimidated by his appearance, he towered over you his onyx eyes bring into your e/c ones. His whole aura was dominating and dark, something in you told you to submit him whatever he told you to so. Something not really many people achieved the first time you saw them. "Watch out! Good for you its the start of the term and i wont remove house points from your house."

His voice send shivers down your spine. Yes you loved the British accent but this man! WOW! He had a rich, smooth, dark, low voice which made your knees weak. "I-I... Sorry?" You weren't really sure anymore he was to intimidating he was to sexy you didn't knew how to respond. "Miss Y/N Clarke? Isn't it?"

HE KNEW YOUR NAME! Okay calm down Y/N calm down! "Y-Yes." He nodded still looking down at you annoyed. "I'm Professor Severus Snape, the Headmaster forced me to pick you insolent little brat up so you wont get eaten by a Thestral or by the giant squid."

That was Professor Snape? OH gosh! How are you going to survive his lesson if you can't talk with him now? "I-I, I wouldn't..." but he interrupted you. "No of course not! And you didn't totally bumped into me just a minute ago because you were thinking about horses and rainbows!" He snorted angrily. By now your eyes were glued on the ground, Ginny was right he was rude!

"Now come in I have more important stuff to do than watching you!" He sneered. "Grab my arm we're going to apperate." He held up his right arm, hesitantly you grabbed his arm and immediately you felt like you were pressed through a tight tube.

As soon as you hit the floor again you tripped and landed the second time on your bottom. You groaned and heard a little chuckle. Surprised you looked up at Snape but he just looked annoyed by your clumsiness. No of course not him. Snape didn't chuckle, or would he?

Why do you care Y/N? He insulted you just a minute ago! "Miss Clarke, here in England we aren't sitting on the floor. We have chairs." Snape snarled down at you. "Severus be nice!" An old voice appeared behind you, you glanced over your shoulder and saw an old man with a long white hair and a long white beard,he smiled down a you.

"Why don't you take a seat Miss Clarke?" He asked you slightly amused by the fact that you were still sitting on the floor. Suddenly you felt embarrassed and felt yourself blush. You awkwardly stood up and seated yourself in one of the comfy armchairs. "My name is Albus Percival..."

"Headmaster please." Snape interrupted him rudely. "Of course Severus your right. I'm Albus Dumbeldore, Headmaster of this school with way to many middle names." He said grinning and you giggled. "Of course you already met professor Snape the professor of potions and head of the slytherin house." You looked up to Snape who stood behind you, but he didn't looked back at you which kind of disappointed you, you wanted to look into his catching eyes again.

Damnit Y/N will you stop! He'll be your professor!

"Severus will you fetch the head please? We need to get miss Clarke sorted." He nodded and got an old crusty disgusting hat. Without a word he just put the hat down on your head. "What do we have here?" You slightly jumped as the hat began to talk.

"OH you are a difficult one, I could put you anywhere. You are as loyal as a Hufflepuff, yes definitely but you also would fit good in Gryffindor! Not o mention that brain of yours a great Ravenclaw oh yeah. But you want to find yourself, you want to show yourself what you can achieve! Well then I know where to put you! SLYTHERIN!"

"Well congratulations Miss Clarke! And congratulations to you too Severus you've got a new student in your house!" Dumbeldore said cheerfully . "Well Miss Clarke I will keep you in Severus hands he will take proper care of you I know it. Severus please show her to the great hall." Snape nodded. "please follow me Miss Clarke. Headmaster." He nodded towards Dumbeldore and left the room without another word.

You looked after him. "Goodbye Professor Dumbledore" you said before you followed Snape.
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