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Possessive (Severus Snape x reader)

Chapter 2

You walked after Professor Snape, well you nearly ran to keep up with him. You didn't knew where you were, he just kept turning into some corridors and went stairs down then up then down. You looked around interested, the castle was amazing you liked it here way more then in Ilvermorny well expect from he Professor in front of you, something about this an was odd.

"There we are." Snape stopped in front of of a big hall full of students. "You will sit with the Slytherins as it is your house now, after the feast you will go with your housemates to the common room. I will fetch you there and we will discuss some things. Did I make myself clear?"

"Yes Professor. May I ask where the Slytherins are seated?" You asked not daring to look into his eyes, this man made you more anxious then anybody you ever met and you knew your father. But not even he got your attention that easily.

"Of course, the Slytherins are always seated on the right table right there." He gestured to the right table in the hall where students with green silver ties and robes were seated. "Thank you." He didn't react to you he turned his back to you and stormed down the central aisle his cape blowing behind him.

Drama Queen. You thought as you watched him storming through the hall. You sighed and went to the table of your new house mates. "Hey! New girl!" A blonde boy screamed at you, you looked at him confused. "Sit with us!" He slid over so there was space for you to sit down, even though the girl with brown hair next to him didn't look very pleased when you sat between the two of them.

"And who are you?" He asked while looking in your e/c eyes. "Y/N, Y/N Clarke." You said while looking in his storm grey eyes. "Clarke? I've never heard of that name before. Where are you from?"

"America, me and my dad moved here a couple weeks ago." He nodded . "I'm Draco, Draco Malfoy. That's Blaise Zabini." He said gestured to the boy across the table from you. He was handsome dark brown skin, chocolate brown eyes, cute face and a striking smile, well or say smirk. He nodded to you and turned his attention back to the boy nest to him. "Then the idiot next to Blaise is Theo Nott." The boy nest to Blaise; Theo also smirked at you but he was not that good looking in your opinion. "And the girl next to you is Pansy Parkinson." You looked at her and smiled, but she didn't smile back, she didn't even look at you. "Ignore her." Blaise said to you. You nodded and turned your attention to the Professor who just came in, followed by a bunch of little kids.

"What are they doing?" You asked Draco. "The sorting the first years are sorted into their house like that." You nodded understanding. The ceremony was boring, you clapped like the others of your house when a first year was being sorted in Slytherin. after every first year was sorted Professor Dumbeldore raised from his chair. "I know my dear Students you are all hungry but we need to speak about the rules like every year. Please remember the forbidden Forst has this name for a reason. There is no reason to go in there without the permission of a teacher or with a teacher. Also Mr. Filch wanted me to remind all of you that magic out of the classroom is strictly forbidden. Now enjoy the food."

With that he sat down and food appeared on the table in front of you. "So who are the teachers i need to know about?" You asked Draco but you got your answer from Blaise. "Well of course you already know Professor Snape Head of our house." He said as you looked up to Snape who talked with some Professor. "Yes, hes mean isn't he?" You asked him, he grinned. "Who told you that?" you looked at him confused. "A girl in the train, red hair, freckles I thing her name was Ginny W..."

"Weasley? Of course. No Snape isn't mean he's just strict. Your in his own house so its gonna be okay he won't punish you unless you really did something bad. He's a really good teacher and an even better Head of house."

"Really? What makes him a such a good head of house?" You asked confused about all the praise for the you need to admit handsome professor. "Well he allows us to make parties on the weekends, well only for fifth years and up." You looked up surprised and your eyes drifted back to the dark professor. In exactly this moment he looked up and fixed his dark eyes on yours, he raised an eyebrow on you and you quickly looked back on your plate feeling a little flush in your cheeks.

You cleared your throat out of nervousness. What was so special about this man? "And the others?" You asked wanting change the subject. "Well there is Professor McGonagall, she is the one who sorted the first years. She is the Head of Gryffindor teacher of Transfiguration she's okay I guess nothing special about her." The rest of the feast Blaise and Draco told you about every single teacher and their pros and cons.

After the feast you went down in the dungeons together with the others. After about half an hour Professor Snape appeared in the common room. "Settle down!" And instantly the whole common room was quiet. "Thank you. A new year has arrived and I want this one to be as good as last year. Last year we won the house cup and the Quidditch cup I want the same this year. Nobody of you will ruin the Slytherin pride! I expect from every single one of you the best behavior! If there are any problems you can always come to me and we will find a solution together. I don't want any of you to try solve anything on your own and make matters worse. Did I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir!" The whole common room murmured. "Good. Now I expect to see everyone of you to be at breakfast on time tomorrow!" And again a "Yes sir!" in unison he nodded. "Very good, Miss Clarke please follow me." He turned to you, you nodded and followed him out of the common room towards his office.
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