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Possessive (Severus Snape x reader)

Chapter 3

"Take a seat Miss Clarke." He gestured to a chair in front of his desk he himself seated himself in the chair behind his desk. "Now, Miss Clarke you were in Ilvermorny before yes?" he asked you. "Yes sir." You answered him.

"Very good, now how were your grades back then? As I saw you are taking Potions advance class, you know my standards are very high? That class is not for everyone. Are you sure you can take it?" He asked and looked at you challenging, with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes sir, I'm totally aware that your standards are high but I assure you I can take it. I was on the top on the class in my old school." you said confidently. "We'll see that tomorrow Missy." He muttered more to himself than to you and scribbled something down on a piech of Paper.

Did... did he just call you Missy? What?

He cleared his throat and your attention turned back to him. "Well I expect from you as I expect form everyone in my house that you behave. We have a point system here in Hogwarts, when you do something right teachers can give your house points, when you do something wrong they are going to be removed. At the end of the year the house with the most points get the house cup, Slytherin won this cup for 4 years straight, and I wish that this year is going to be the fifth year in a row. You got that?"

"Yes sir." He nodded. "Then you may go back to the common room. If you have questions you can either ask me or one of your housemates." You nodded and stood up but before you left to turned back to face him again, you had the urge to speak to him again. "Goodnight Professor." He looked up a little surprised. "Goodnight Miss Clarke." He said a little smile playing in the corner of his mouth. You smiled at him and went back to the common room. When you arrived in the common room you directly went to bed because you didn't want to be tiered on your first day of classes.

You woke up at around 7 pm, since nobody of your roommates were awake yet, you decided to take a shower and make yourself ready for the day. After a long hot shower, you brushed your teeth styled your hair and changed in your school uniform. After that you grabbed yourself your favorite poem and placed yourself of one of the sofas in the common room.

At about 8 pm Draco and Blaise stumbled down the stairs of the boys dorm. "Y/N! You coming to breakfast with us?" You nodded and went together with them to the Great Hall. While breakfast the Head teachers handed the students their schedules.

You saw that your first class was a double period potions. Your chance to proof Professor Snape that you were totally able to attend his class without any Problems. You didn't know why but you wanted his attention, ever since he picked you up from the train he didn't left your mind, something in this man was different, mysterious and you needed to know why he was like this, why he didn't smile why he was so cold towards everyone. Well expect from that tiny little smile you got yesterday. You asked Draco yesterday after you came back from Snape if he ever smiled and he said he never saw him smile and Snape used to be his Godfather.

So why did he smiled at you? You are going to find out, you have a year to reveal his secrets.

Motivated you stepped down the stairs of the dungeon towards the potions classroom. You were were one of the first ones to come into the classroom only one girl was already there in the first row on a double desk. You normally also sat in the front row so you decided to st next to her.

"Hey, is it okay if I sit with you?" You asked her and offered her a smile. "Of course sit down!" She smiled at you. "Thank you. I'm Y/N by the way." You said feeling a urge to speak to her so you don't stare at the Professor who sat behind his desk writing something on a piece of paper. "I'm Hermione. You're new here aren't you?" She asked you.

"Yes, my father and me moved here a couple weeks ago from America." You told her like you told so many other people, but you couldn't judge them if you would be on thus school since your first year you would also want to know why someone would come in her last year here.

"America? Cool I always wanted to visit it!" She exclaimed exited. As you wanted to speak again the Professor stood up and began to speak. You didn't realize that the classroom was full. You looked next to you and saw Draco shooting you a disgusting look.

"You managed to achieve it to your last year at Hogwarts. Congratulations." He sneered. "But just being here wont bring you your NEWTs. So today we will start with a quiz about everything you learned the last six years. This test will make 20% of your grade."

WHAT! A test on the first day? That's what he meant yesterday! Oh shit you're definitely not prepared for that!

"There is no need to talk and if I see one of you trying to cheat I think Mr. Filch would love some help by scrubbing the floor of the great hall with a toothbrush, not to forget the 'Troll' on this test. So don't try!" He said his voice like ice. With a flick of his wand the parchment flew through the room to everyone. "You have 15 minutes."

And immediately Hermione next to you started to scribble down the answers. You started to read the questions most of them were easy for you, so you started to answer the questions. It wasn't really difficult for you, the questions were a little strange worded to get you confused but you got it.

5 Minutes before the test ended you finished your paper and raise your hand. "No questions Miss Clarke." He said as he saw your raised hand. "I'm finished Professor." You said and Hermione stared at you in shock and also Snape looked a little surprised. "Really?" You nodded proudly. He came towards you and took your test.

He read your answers with a blank face and smirked then slightly at you. You swallowed, that couldn't mean something good. "Please stay behind Miss Clarke." He said before he stepped back to his desk. Hermione shoot you a worried glance and turned her attention back to her test.

The rest of the class you didn't pay much attention you were worried. What would he say to you? Would you fail your first test in your favorite subject? AS the class ended everybody gathered their things and stormed out. Everyone expect from you.
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