Possessive (Severus Snape x reader)

Chapter 4

Anxious you stepped closer to Professor Snape. "You wanted to speak to me Professor?" He looked at you and smirked again. "Indeed Miss Clark, I do. Please take a seat we need to disgust your test." You swallowed.

"Miss Clarke really nobody ever only needed 10 Minutes for one of my tests. You were quiet confident about your answers weren't you?" You nodded embarrassed. "Well, I must say I've never had a student like you. No student ever was like this in a test." Suddenly you were annoyed by him.

"Okay I get it! I failed the test! Can you just say it, so its over and rub it under my nose that I'm not good enough to be in your class?" You literally screamed at him annoyed. He raised an eyebrow at you and smirked more. "Who said you failed?"

"Excuse me?" You stared at him confused. "You didn't fail the test. You did something not even my best students could achieve. You passed the test. You didn't even had one wrong answer. You got an Outstanding. Miss Clarke I don't give O's you are the first O I gave out in years."

You just stared at him. "I- WHAT?! I got an outstanding?"

"Yes you did."

"I-I.... Thank you!"

"Don't thank me, I really thought you would fail. But seems like you were right yesterday , you definitely have the standards you need for this class." You looked at him still freaked out. He smirked at you. "You are really interested in Potions or?" He asked interested.

"Yes, its my favorite subject!" You smiled at him a little embarrassed, your last Potions teacher didn't really like you. Maybe because of that you wanted to show Professor Snape that you were good you had the urge to make him proud. "Well, if you are interested I would need some helping hands for the potions for the Hospital Wing. If your interested in helping of course."

"Really? Yes, I would love to! Thank you so much Professor."

"Well then, I expect you here Saturday afternoon. But now I need to teach another class and you probably have a class to attend."

"Yes, well goodbye Professor." You said as you stood up, wanting to leave. "Oh, and Miss Clarke 5 points to Slytherin." He said and turned his attention back to a book on his desk. You smiled to yourself as you left the classroom.

"Did you fail?" A voice suddenly appeared next to you. You flinched hard not expecting anybody to be here. You looked at your left side and saw Hermione standing next to you. "No, actually. I passed."

"Then why did you have to stay back?" She asked confused you smiled proud of yourself. "I got an outstanding. I didn't had one wrong answer and he was quiet impressed of me. He even offered me to help him with some of his potions." You told her proud of yourself. She just looked at you shocked.

"YOU WHAT? You got an outstanding? Snape doesn't give outstanding's!" She argued. "I know he told me that himself but I got one! I can't believe this!" She just shock her head. "Me neither. Well, uhm... I have another lesson so... I gotta go." She said force smiling at you and walked of. you looked after her confused. But then you shrugged your shoulders and went back to your common room. You had a free Period now so you decided to make your potions homework.

The rest of the day you just had boring classes, Transfigurations was okay you earned 5 points for Slytherin for getting the spell for the first time. But you nearly fell asleep in History of magic. Strangely Hermione didn't speak to you again. So at dinner you asked Blaise if he knew what would have upset her.

"Well, what exactly did you say to her?" He asked smirking a little, you had the impression he didn't like her really much. "Well I told her I didn't failed and that I got an outstanding instead of a Troll. Why is she so upset?"

"Wait, wait, wait. First of all Snape got you an outstanding?" He asked shocked. "Yes, god damnit. I get it its special but why is she so upset. She was so nice in class why isn't she anymore?!" You asked him.

He smirked at you. "You told Know-it-all Hermione Granger that you got on your first SUPRISE test from PROFESSOR SNAPE an outstanding?!" He asked holding back a laughter you nodded. The whole table started breaking out in laughter. "What is so funny?" You asked, apparently the whole hall heard what Zabini said because some Students started whispering some looked up at Snape a disbelieving look on their faces. Even Professor McGonagall looked at Snape disbelieving.

"I tell you why that's so funny. Granger tried to get an outstanding from Professor Snape since her first year and if my knowledge is correct she never get one. And then there is you who got on her first ever test from him an outstanding. That's so funny." Draco explained to you. "Even more funny is that you rubbed that under her nose!" Theo smirked evilly.

You felt bad, you didn't mean to upset her you just were proud that Professor Snape praised you. You were proud that you proofed yourself! As you nearly finished your dinner you decided to leave the Great Hall and take a walk to sort out your thoughts.

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