Possessive (Severus Snape x reader)

Chapter 5

It slowly began to get dark as you sat outside near the forest watching the moon. You've been there for quiet sometime thinking about what Blaise and Draco said to you. You didn't mean to upset Hermione, you were just so proud of yourself that you got such a good grade from the most strict teacher of the whole school.

You felt sick of yourself, should you apologize to her? Or just accept the fact that you two would never get along because she was jealous of you? Or should you stick with the few friends you made by now in your house?

You sighed, that would be the problem of your future self. Now you wanted to enjoy the chilly night air and the peace out here. You took at deep breath your lungs slowly filling with the cold fresh night air. You looked to the black lake enjoying the peace, ignoring all your problems, ignoring the weird signals Snape is sending you, ignoring the fight with Hermione ignoring the little feeling of guilty in your stomach every time you thought about Hermione. it was just you.

Suddenly a little breeze came up and you pulled your robes near to you. It began to get cold but you didn't wanted to go back inside. You pulled your knees up to your chest and hugged them close to your body trying to get yourself warmer by that.

You closed your eyes and leaned your forehead on your knees. You didn't notice the dark figure appearing behind you. All of the sudden you felt a heavy fabric on your shoulders, you opened your eyes shocked as somebody sat next to you in the slightly wet grass.

Even more shocked you looked at Professor Snape without his robes looking at you concerned. "What are you doing here Miss Clarke?" He asked still observing you. "I... I wanted to be alone to think." You stuttered looking back at the moon admiring it's beauty. "At this time of the night?"

You looked back at him. "Yes, why?" You were here since about half an hour, weren't you? "Miss Clarke it's midnight." He looked at you slightly amused by the shocked look on your face, he stood up and offered you his hand to help you stand up. You took it gratefully.

You didn't think he was that strong as he pulled you to your feet and you collapsed in his chest. Strangely he didn't pull away just then, he held you close for a few second before he stepped back and started to walk back to the castle. You looked after him blushing madly.

After a few steps Snape realized you weren't following him so he turned around to see you standing were he just hugged you a couple second before, blushing madly with bis cloak around your shoulders. He admit that he could get used to the sight of you in his clothes or you in his arms.

Patience. Patience was all he needed. In a few weeks you would be his, he knew it the second he saw you. He knew you would be his and the fact that you were blushing was just perfect for his plans with you. Soon he would have you, soon you would be his.

He actually was here half an hour ago just admiring your figure in the moonlight, your little happy sighs or the song you hummed as he first discovered you. He thought it was a normal student whom he could remove some house points and give a detention, but his girl wouldn't be punished. At least not like this.

Patience. Severus patience soon. Soon he could kiss you claim yo make you his.

"Miss Clarke, are you coming?" He asked acting annoyed but in real he would just stay here forever looking at you. Looking a his girl.

You started to walk towards him. When you were besides him both of you walked side by side back to the castle. In front of the common room the both of you stopped. "Well, Miss Clarke because its your first week here I won't remove house points, but don't let it happen again, or I need to punish you little girl!" With that he turned around on his heels and disappeared in the dungeons.

Did he just call you little girl, and why did you liked it? You looked after him shocked blushing again he looked odd you don't know why but he looked odd. Then it came to you you were still wearing his cloak, you weren't sure if you should return it. Well he didn't ask for it, sooo you could keep it, couldn't you.

Yeah you would keep it. You liked it, it made you feel safe the material was warm and smelled like him. The scent of some herb aftershave, some herbs and smoke. Was he smoking? Still being wrapped up in his cloak you stepped into the empty common room up into your room where your roommates were sleeping already. Good for you so you didn't need to explain the cloak or where you were.

You made yourself ready for bed keeping Snape's cloak by your side.
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