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Delainie Ducane has just transferred to Hogwarts in the Fifth year and she is simply hoping it will be better than her last school. Everything is pretty overwhelming and then she realizes her first class is Potions, a class she is not particularly great at. When she walks in she finds the most beautiful boy who just happens to end up being her desk mate. Cedric Diggory has gone to Hogwarts ever since he was little. Though almost everyone loves him and he has many friends something has always been missing. Out of his main group of friends he is the only Hufflepuff and often he feels alone in the crowd. It's a completely normal day until suddenly everyone is talking about some new student. He can't help but be curious. Hogwarts doesn't get new student that often now that he thinks about it. UPDATES: I will try to update once a week but I do have tons of school work atm. Message me if you ever have anything to say :) *I adjusted ages and years to fit my story so I am sorry that it doesn't line up perfectly. Ex- Cedric is only a year older than the golden trio*

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Cedric

My mind drifts off like the clouds in the sky as I lay with my eyes closed in the courtyard with my friends. As I wake up from my nap I feel the sun beaming down on my face as I rest my head on Cho's lap. I listen to Ron and Harry continue their argument about whether chocolate frogs taste good with butterbeer which has been going on since before I fell asleep but, it's better than last weeks argument about the slugs so improvements I suppose. "Oh shut your filthy mouth Ron."

"Whatever you bloody animal! Who dips them?!"

"Guys calm down its not that deep." Cho chuckles as she continues to read her book. They continue to bicker like two lovers in an relationship quarrel. While Cho and I continue to relax I can feel my skin begin to cool as her book blocks the sun. My eyes slowly and reluctantly open. I stay still and look up past Cho's book to the sky and watch the clouds, like fluffy cotton balls, float across the sky. Not too much later Hermione's voice breaks through the boys fight and I quickly sit up to see her rushing towards us. Her hair was waving behind her as she marches with a sense of determination and purpose, much like how she normally is.

"Enough. I could hear you two idiots all the way down the second corridor. You two are acting like foolish children. You're third years, act like it. Honestly, use Cedric as a role model and find some respect for those around you. Honestly." Hermione huffs as she crosses her arms over her books. The boys sigh before they join each other in laughter and light shoves while Cho speaks up from behind me.

"Easy Hermione, remember, I am a year ahead of them. It may take a moment for them to wise up." The group shares a bit of laughter while the boys roll their eyes. To be honest, Harry and Ron were like my little brothers. I would always protect them, but they do have quite a bit of growing up to do.

"Oh thank goodness Hermione. We've been waiting for you so we can eat, I'm starving." Cho stands up while I stay seated on the ground with the guys, who continue to nudge each other in the side. I grin at their playful demeanor.

"Sorry Cho. I got caught up in a chat circle on my way here. Did you guys hear we have a new student coming today?" Suddenly we all turn our attention to her with curiosity in our eyes. Even Harry and Ron begin to pay attention. No one has ever joined Hogwarts unless as a first year let alone in midst of the school year.

"Really? Who are they?" Harry jumps to his feet and dusts off his robe.

"I have no clue. No one does. The only way I even know of their existence is cause Snape was talking about how he has to rearrange his late afternoon potions class for the new student." Harry lends me his hand and pulls me up. I dust off my robe as I process what Hermione just said.

"Wait that's my class."

"Really?!" Hermione leans in towards me as she inspects my emotions I assume. "Are you joking Cedric?" I shake my head and chuckle. She is always so serious in moments like these.

"No. I really do have that class Hermione." I chuckle as I pat her shoulder. Ron stumbles to his feet before looking over in my direction, though unlike the rest of us, he doesn't bother to dust off his robe.

"You'll have to tell us if she is hot!" Ron winks at me causing Hermione to elbow him in his side. "Ow!"

"Don't be a fool Ron Weasley. Whoever they are. They aren't an object or piece of art to be marveled over. Honestly, show some respect." Hermione huffs as she glares at Ron who seems to be waiting for an explanation. "Besides. It could be a boy."

"Well... I hope it's a girl. A nice girl. It'd be a pleasant change from you!" Ron rolls his eyes and shifts his weight. Hermione doesn't seem to care much about his comment as she stands there is silence.

"Anyways." Hermione turns her attention back to me. "Cedric you will have to tell us about them. I'm curious." She grins at me. I nod my head as Cho shuffles over to Hermione and the two of them begin to head towards the dinning hall. Ron and Harry follow them nudging one another and talking about this new student. I grab my books from the soft grass and begin to follow them. Though I was hungry and excited to eat, a part of me wished I could just stay in the sun all day instead. Unfortunately for me, I'm the only one of my friends in Hufflepuff which means I don't get to eat with my friends. Ron eats with Harry and Hermione, Cho with Luna, and me, by myself. We didn't really have any Slytherin friends if I was being honest. Though I didn't mind them. Some of them are actually quite pleasant once you look past all the rumors and lore about their house. Anyways, back to my main point, I am not too excited to eat alone again. Sure everyone was nice to me and I talked with other Hufflepuffs but I still felt kind of alone. I sigh and continue to follow behind them until I am cut off by Malfoy. I sigh in disappointment.

"Oi, Diggory." All of my friends quickly turn around when they hear his voice cut through the courtyard. I cringe at the sound of him even saying my name. He infuriates me. Every interaction I have with him, I swear a little piece of me dies inside. In other words, Malfoy was someone I rather loathed being near. When I meet his gaze he smirks like usual. A sly and dangerous smile that made me want to whip my wand out a beat him senseless. But nevertheless I keep my cool.

"Malfoy." I sigh and tuck my books under my left arm.

"Did ya hear we're getting a new student?" Goyle yaps but that seems to upset Malfoy as he quickly slaps him upside the head. I chuckle a bit before nodding in response to Goyle. I felt bad for Goyle and Crabbe, being stuck with Malfoy everyday must be torturous.

"Shut it Goyle. Anyways, Diggory. I heard they have our potions class."

"Yes, how unfortunate that they must endure class with you. It's bad enough I have to do so." I roll my eyes and run my fingers through my hair. My hair is warm from soaking in the sun and it heats up my finger tips which were strangely cool. I let my hand fall back down to my side. I can see just behind Malfoy's fat head that Harry and them are still waiting for me with curious looks on their faces. Malfoy never talked to us unless it was to be arrogant and entitled.

"Whatever Diggory. I suggest you count your blessings and watch your mouth. Bloody idiot." Malfoy rolls his eyes while he storms off past the rest of the group. Thank goodness Snape is changing our seats. Maybe I won't have to dread another moment with Malfoy. I speed up to Harry and the others which now included Luna. Which if I was being completely transparent, Luna was definitely my closest friend.

"Digs what was that about?" Luna questions in her soft and comforting voice.

"Just the new student." Everyone nods as if that answer was good enough. We all continue to walk and I glance back at the courtyard wishing I never woke up from my sun soaked nap.

"Huh, why would Malfoy care about a new student? He doesn't even care about the ones he currently goes to school with." Ron chuckles and the rest of the group erupts into a fit a giggles and laughter. Small comments about Malfoy shuffle through the group as we enter the dinning hall, but once we enter the only thing anyone was speaking about was the new student. Though it was becoming a bit annoying, I had to admit I was curious about them just like everyone else was.

"Okay we'll all meet in the courtyard after classes." Hermione says as we all begin to part ways to our house tables. "Oh, Cedric don't forget to tell us about the new student later." Hermione glances back over her shoulder to me and everyone looks at me with a conformation nod. I chuckle as I head to my table. I pass a few of my peers from other houses and they wave as they normally do.

"Hey Diggory!"


"See you later Diggory!"

All to which I reply with a polite smile and wave until I sit down at my table. I offload my books onto the table and sigh.

"Hey are you doing alright Cedric?" Ernie tilts his head as he leans across the table towards me. Ernie was one of my Hufflepuff mates. He's my roommate so it's only normal that we get along quite well.

"Oh yeah, I'm fine Ernie. How about you? How are things with you?" I smile and sit up a bit straighter so I didn't seem too uninterested in his answer. Though out of all honestly I was so tired and all I could think about was the comfortable caress of the soft grass and warm blanket of a sun from the courtyard.

"Oh uh. All good with me, but you look tired..." I chuckle and nod.

"A bit." I begin to eat in silence after I answer as Ernie begins to talk to his friends. Suddenly a girl named Nancy waves at me from down the table and I smile over at her and a blush rushes across her cheeks. She was a sweet girl. A fourth year I think. I wasn't too sure to be quite honest. She looks as if she was about to stand up and walk over to me when all of a sudden Ernie grabs my attention once more.

"Diggory did you hear about the new student?" I nod my head and take another bite of my lunch.

"Quite a few times now." Everyone around me looks over to me and listens in on Ernie and I speaking. We all were curious I guess.

"Well, I heard they got kicked out of their last magic school. Or at least that's what is circling the halls." I nod my head once more and look up from my plate to face Ernie.

"What school are they transferring from?" I question since Ernie seemed to know more about this person I did. Though, Ernie seemed to always know all the drama and gossip which made sense since a lot of people trusted him to listen and keep secrets. However I can tell you as his dorm mate, he doesn't keep everything that secretive, at least not with me. I knew a little more than I wanted to about my peers.

"Beauxbatons Academy apparently." I guess that's pretty cool. Everyone continues to eat and gossip about the new student and I was just trying to not nod off into my food.

After lunch everyone begins to head to their final classes of the day. I grab my books and begin to head to charms. The class is long and boring today as all I could seem to think of was my next class with this new student. Professor Flitwick just kept talking and talking throughout the class. I'm surprised I didn't fall asleep to be honest. After charms ended my last class was potions with Snape which I enjoyed since I was rather good at it. As I exit my charms room I follow a bit behind Malfoy as he sluggishly forces himself to go inside. As soon as I step in I come face to face with Snape. "Mr. Diggory." I suck in a slight breath of shock.

"Professor Snape?" I glance around for the new student but still only see familiar faces and it appears that everyone else is thinking the same thing as me. Maybe they wouldn't be here till tomorrow.

"You will be sharing a desk with our new student." He points to the desk at the very back left corner of the class. I nod my head hoping to avoid lengthening this conversation as I hear everyone begin to whisper. Not to mention Snape wasn't too fond of me, he's not very fond of anyone. "Everyone else your names have been displayed near your desks. Find them by the time I'm back with her." With that Snape glides out of the room like he always does. Suddenly the class erupts into interested comments and gossip.

"So it's a girl."

"I hope she is hot." Of course that would be Malfoy.

"I wonder what house she is in..."

I ignore the comments and head back to my new seat. I drop my books on the table and watch the class slowly find their seats. Everyone was stopping to talk to their friends, I presume about the new student being a girl. I watch as Ernie heads back towards me and plops down in the seat directly in front of me. He quickly spins his chair around to face me. "Diggory you are so lucky." I chuckle at Ernie's comment.

"We don't even know what she's like yet Ernie." He shrugs as if saying that didn't matter. Then I hear a malicious little laugh emerge from the slight whispers.

"Like she would even take an interest in you Diggory." Malfoy turns round in his seat and smirks at me before smiling at some of the girls in class. They blush a bit because as Luna puts it, 'he's the bad apple no one can have, but everyone wants'. Half of me wonders if when she said everyone... that included her. I hope not. I assume it didn't because Luna always seemed to take more interest in books.

"Oh shut up Malfoy. I wasn't talking to you." Ernie spits. I roll my eyes ready to speak up when Malunion whisper shouts to us all.

"Snape's coming." Everyone rushes to their seats and I find myself sitting up in anticipation. Snape glides in once again but this time there is a small girl following closely behind him. I perk up once I can fully see her. She is cloaked in a Hufflepuff robe with her books resting right in front of her chest. I notice her eyes are a honey like brown as she glances over to me. I smile at her but she quickly averts her eyes. Her hair is a light brown tangle of curls that end right below her shoulders. She is quite beautiful.

"Class this is Miss Ducane. Take a seat next to Mr. Diggory." Snape waves his wand in my direction before leaving her standing there with everyone staring at her. She gives a small wave to everyone before putting her head down and shuffling over to our desk. She looks so tiny and kind, Ernie must be wrong about her last school kicking her out. "Eyes forwards." Snape grunts at us and slams all the blinds down at once causing her to jump a bit. I look down to her and suddenly her eyes meet mine. I blush a bit as I stare at her tiny freckles that are spread across her nose and cheeks. She smiles at me and tucks a piece of her hair behind her ear. I lean down into her for a moment a whisper softly so Snape doesn't release hell's fury on us.

"I'm Cedric by the way. It's nice to finally meet you." I sit back up and turn my attention back to class but I can feel her shrink next to me. I chuckle to myself a bit and glance at her once more.
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