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Arcane and Elysian


I named us grief. Perhaps in a different time I would have named us hope. Perhaps in a different universe We would not meet so battle-worn And I would call us forgiveness, and not remember remember us as war. She is convinced the world is deaf for not hearing her crying in pain. She is convinced the world is blind for not seeing her writhing in vain. She is convinced the world is cruel for making her exist. That was until the universe allowed him to touch her purely tainted lips. Where Lessandra Lestrange meets a soul she encountered in the past but does not remember.

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Where we go when he closes my eyes

and under what country;

some blue darkness, farther than hell;

a landscape of absence and root and stone.

There are no bodies here,

we dream shapeless dreams-

a constant, cloudless storm.

I’ll never wake up from him,

I have already traveled too far.

My mouth is the color of his mouth

and his arms are no longer his arms;

they’re mute as smoke, as my first white dress,

and the spear of his name, once ferocious,

dissolves on my tongue

like sugar, like birdsong, I whisper it:


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