you are a girl with powers to safe the world, but will obstacles will be thrown along her journey. (mcu and others x oc) (disclaimer: i do not own any of the characters, or any real life people only my characters in the book)

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╭ ─┉─¡! • !¡─┉─ ╮
ʏ̵ᴏ̵ᴜ̵ ̵ᴀ̵ʀ̵ᴇ̵ ̵ᴀ̵ ̵ɢ̵ɪ̵ʀ̵ʟ̵ ̵ᴡ̵ɪ̵ᴛ̵ʜ̵ ̵ᴘ̵ᴏ̵ᴡ̵ᴇ̵ʀ̵s̵
ᴛ̵ᴏ̵ ̵s̵ᴀ̵ғ̵ᴇ̵ ̵ᴛ̵ʜ̵ᴇ̵ ̵ᴡ̵ᴏ̵ʀ̵ʟ̵ᴅ̵,̵ ̵ʙ̵ᴜ̵ᴛ̵ ̵ᴡ̵ɪ̵ʟ̵ʟ̵
ᴏ̵ʙ̵s̵ᴛ̵ᴀ̵ᴄ̵ʟ̵ᴇ̵s̵ ̵ᴡ̵ɪ̵ʟ̵ʟ̵ ̵ʙ̵ᴇ̵ ̵ᴛ̵ʜ̵ʀ̵ᴏ̵ᴡ̵ɴ̵
̵ ̵ ̵ ̵ᴀ̵ʟ̵ᴏ̵ɴ̵ɢ̵ ̵ʜ̵ᴇ̵ʀ̵ ̵ᴊ̵ᴏ̵ᴜ̵ʀ̵ɴ̵ᴇ̵ʏ̵ ̵ ̵ ̵ ̵
╰ ─┉─¡! • !¡─┉─ ╯

[ cast ]


maggie lindemann as olivia chamberlain

zendaya as michelle jones

jacob batalon as ned leeds

tom holland as peter parker

robert downey jr. as tony stark

emma chamberlain as herself


rain background:

age: 16

birthday: september 08, 2001


height: 5′4

hair color: black but when in
ultimate form, turns silver.

eye color: brown but icy blue
in ultimate form.

olivia at the young age of 5 was taken
in by H.Y.D.R.A., to get mutated into
a super assassin. they stuck needles in
her, and trained her until she dropped.
she was train with bucky, and that how
they knew each other. but when she
was 7, she escaped. bucky helped, he
couldn’t stand to see her so miserable.

she somehow made it into the u.s., and
got into she foster care. she lived in ny
with mr. delmar for 3 year, when she was adopted by the chamberlains. and i’m
those 3 years, she befriended peter parker,
ned leeds, and michelle jones. she was sad
to leave, and they were sad to see her go.
but she made it to sunny california, and
lived her life then on.

hero suit: i made one but i can input images. just look on my wattpad, same user name as this one.


i. immigrant song
by led zeppelin

ii. back in black
by ac/dc

iii. blitzkrieg bop
by the ramones

iv. cherry bomb
by the runaways

v. humble
by kendrick lamar

vi. judas
by lady gaga

vii. seven nation army
by the white stripes

viii. killer queen
by queen

ix. lucy in the sky with diamonds
by the beatles

x. sgt. peppers lonely hearts club band
by the beatles

xi. here we go again
by abba

xii. sweet dreams ( are made of theses)
by annie lennox and eurythmics

xiii. the chains
by fleetwood mac

xiv. c’mon eileen
by dexys midnight runners

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