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Legacy of the Forgotten Heart


Can humans and meches get together in harmony after many secrets holding off their own sufferings from their past. But if they do, will there be war or peace?

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There is no such thing as abandoning one's own life. In our world, we are filled with a different power. A power that only a few can earn and use against those who dares to defy our recognition of nature. It was hard for them to understand our true meaning of emotions, our generosity, and our appreciation of hard work.

That is to say when a young child adores the Mech's strength, bravery, and pride. But was concerning her courage to wander too close to those dangerous creatures. It was impossible how her heart could be able to reach one's own emotions. Many said that she was once born as a mech, others say she tamed them and knew their behaviors well enough, few say that she just idiotically fell in love with him.

"Fell in love with a dangerous enemy?! Those who were wishing to go against humanity and are specialized cold-blooded killers! What in the world could do that?" Spoke to the judge of the city court. "If only, that's the possibility, si-sir-" "-That is no chance she should be trusting those killers. Don't you ever understand why brothers and sisters suddenly vanished in the night?" The judge glanced back at one man, belonging to the Department of Bio·Haven, who specializes in behaviors and relations between humans and Mechs.

"Just you wait, your honor. Just you wait and see..." With that, he left the courtroom and was about to find his car, when a Mech, dressed in all green came behind him. The man stopped from the sound of footsteps behind him and turned to see the large Mech standing before him. Seconds later, a lady in gold came forth from behind the Mech with a roll of paper with a black seal stamped to secure it.

"The Judge doesn't believe the relations between people and Mechs. Whatever I said, he doesn't believe my statement." He spoke the answers to them, something they were waiting to hear.

"I see." Said the lady in gold.

"They even said your mate shouldn't be near them. And it was unethical for her to have you." Just after saying those words, the Mech in green felt offended and growled in response.

The lady replied. "What did they say about "love" for a Mech?"

I sighed and replied. "That they said they are looking for a ban of secrecy relationships and even "having one's mate" a good way to "keep the human population secure from ongoing threats."

For the first time, the Mech spoke. "Then that means-- there will be no time to prove them that we can live each other in harmony. Without our strength and ability to protect their race, there will be no humans to spend time..."

"Professor Bern, take this to them tomorrow morning. Don't talk while your there." And with that, the lady in gold gave the man a sealed paper. With a nod, each goes on their separate places and hasn't met each other ever since.


7:47 am EST
November 14, 20XX
Office of Bio·Haven, TechnoCity, Gizmo Region

"Well, it was nice to have some peace while I get some-" the man checks the papers those having to be done. "Oh would you look at that, only two left to get done? Nice." He chuckled.

In just a few minutes passed, a small knock can be heard from the door. "It's open." Just after he replied, the door slowly opened revealing a teenage girl holding a child on her arm.

The man stood up recognizing the girl. Then a voice so familiar came out the door holding a rowdy boy in the grip of his hands. "Just stay put and you will earn some food, ok?" In reply, the boy pouted. "But I'm hungry right now!"

The man hearing this, comforted. "There's plenty more where that comes from. It's free in the cafeteria for lunch." The boy gasped and plead. "Can I, can I pleeeeasssseee?"

In response, the Mech let go of the boy and watched him playing and making airplane noises down the hall to the cafeteria.

"Don't mind him, we feed them only a few to savor our food." The girl laughed.

The man sitting on the chair nervously laughed. "Sometimes a few, and they grow hungry again."

Both groaned and uttered. "Children..."

"So how's your day going?" Asked the man.

"Oh, it's very delightful!" The girl said, happily.

"Indeed," the Mech nodded. "We have a very nice Fare Von Laire to see our relatives."

"Such a reunion. I was wondering if it was possible to study the nature and relationships between humans and mechs. I understood how Professor Merlin was able to merge the genetics between the two species to create an immensely powerful being."

"I thought so too." Agreed on the Mech.

Suddenly a loud gunshot rang from the hallways. "GET BACK HERE!!" The noises of storming troops stampede their way towards the office.

By stance, the girl stood behind the Mech as the noises grew loudly by the minute. Once they could feel the rumbling, a small mechanical raptor cried out of the hallway, as it enters the room.

The Mech was dumbfounded as the raptor hid behind the professor's desk. Then troops of armed men marched to a halt just outside the office. One man, poke his head out and looked around, noticing the baffled Mech, the girl, and the professor, who tried his best to stay calm.


"Have you see a small reptilian-being?"

The professor on the desk hesitated and spoke: "Do you mean, m-my companion."

The girl and the Mech look at him.

"A companion? A pet?" The man said.

Later, a small squeak can be heard from under the desk and the Professor picked the small raptor up to his left shoulder. The raptor perched and makes a loud noise when seeing the man, who recognized it.

"My apology, your 'companion' wrecked the-"

"The auditorium?"

"Yes. Yes sir."

The professor sighed and chuckled a bit before walking around his desk and leaned against it.

"That's why she'll do. She's attracted to the audition."

"-More like jealousy." Mumbled the Mech.

"Possibly so. Simply, she just wants attention." The professor pats the raptor and strokes under her chin. She responds with purrs.

"..ok. I will have my leave." The man saluted before closing the door with a quiet click.
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