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Legacy of the Forgotten Heart



"Why would someone do such a thing?". The man stood petrified after the previous court.

Another, a stranger leaned against the wall with arms crossed. A black hat blocking its cursed, red eyes glanced at the man walking back and forth across the balcony. Its uniform, the stranger wore, is a dark gray trench coat. It was leather to the touch and smooth. "Professor Bern has potential. He believes that Mechs and Humans should be together in peace. If he is right, I doubt it. But if he's wrong, you and your men will round up and we shall see the real proof unfold in the Capitol." There the stranger leers at the judge, who nods in agreement to its words.


"As I was saying, Your father and I have created an amazing discovery to its cellular development." The professor, beamed.

"Which is-?" The girl asked, as interrupted by the man.

The professor blurts out. "- A cure to bioformed your transformation between human and mech of course. My apologies, can't handle the excitement."

This gives hope for the couples, the girl and Mech. A small giggle and coos came from the infant, as they both smiled.

The Mech glanced back at the Professor with a smile. "I'm very glad that it finally worked out." Then changed into a frown, he looks at his hands. Mechanical and nonhuman. "After so many years I've always thought of how I can turn myself into a human. So that nobody will see their partners as a coldblooded, mechanical robot."

Finally, a warm touch was placed on his arm. "But then, you got me. I believed in you. I rest by your side, I fought by your side, and we even shared memories that seem to connect." The girl's smiles make him wonder how it all went by so fast that he remind himself that not everybody can be a nasty being.

Together, but not all are with them.

The Mech's smile disappeared as he reminds himself. "It's been twenty-seven minutes and Gearus hasn't come back."

The professor snapped out of himself and got back to business to look at the camera footage that lies next to his desktop. Thankfully, it was clear as diamond and he happily scrolled through the footage to find the location. Mentions Cafeteria.

In that footage, a small boy was seen running across the room to the corner far from the camera's range. There, he lost color as the boy threw himself to the side as a large being with a coffee-colored uniform, golden-brown pants, and a large, black whip-liked tail collided against the wall. The boy got up and was heading to the elevator just before the being was able to catch him. Then the being proceeds to catch the boy upstairs.

"PROFESSOR BERN!! WHERE'S GEARUS!?" Exclaimed the girl, all filled with fear. The Mech consoles his wife and looks up at the professor with a look of concern.

The professor rubbed his eyes, wiping away the startled feeling. With a small sigh, he told the Mech.


The Mech named Silver respond. "Yes?"

The professor lowered his arms, revealing a stern look. "You better get your battle armor on. Because your son's in trouble."

The girl covered her mouth, sobbing quietly.

The professor continues to lecture. "There's this similar Mech that has the same uniform as you have usually worn with your master."

"My brother." Mumbled Silver, clutching his fists into a ball.

"I see you've seen to recognize this Mech. I command you to exterminate it!"

And with that order, he turned towards the door. But halt as he heard his daughter's small cries. He whispers, before closing the door behind him. "Be safe, my dear Mecanzi."


It was quiet and soundlessly audibly just outside the office. There were three directions he could choose to go. One to his left leads to the rest of the offices. Secondly, to his right leads to the stairs from which they came to. And lastly, in front of him, leads to a hall that connects to the Laboratory to the other side. To his concern, he went to the right.

Silver tiptoed downstairs and halt for a few steps before proceeding down to the 3rd level of the building. At the bottom, he switched out both his arms each into a pistol-liked weapon, and aiming it towards the empty room stacked with a solidified safes and hollowed cabinets.

There he heard a small sound of rings coming from behind him. He told himself that he won't engage with the enemy during his permanent order from his former master. But his gut is feeling a bit off after continuous rings grow louder. Should he heed to look back of what's making that sound?

He sighed and looked back. Then a quick, sharp, and stinging sensation begin to develop. The unbearable amount of pins and needles went strong against his spine. He hissed at the silent blow and tries to get up. But roared in pain as something heavy was pushing him down. And a sudden jerk that grabbed his hair up.

And a voice so well-known to his ears. Someone he could love a good few punch or two.

"Ah, if it isn't my young, weak brother of his Resistance pack. The humans still recognized us as the most dangerous beings in the world, and you blew us off! They shouldn't be with humans in the first place! Not with you by our side, they should all be killed-" But the Mech's prideful speech was later interrupted by Silver.

"I wonder why you are here in the first place, so I could just kick your nasty tail where you belong!"

The Mech growled and applied tension against his back and slowly yanking his head to where he responded with a sharp whine.

Then it's the visible face of Silver's older brother that lies await next to his face grinned back at him.

"I hate you...Bronz."

The Mech named Bronz cackled as he tightens his grasp on Silver's hair. Silently he brings the sharp end of his tail pointing straight towards his younger brother's protective rubber spine.

"In a count of five, you will be dead." Silver listens hastily as he closed his eyes for his final defeat.

"Five..." The countdown starts now.

"Four..." His heart was pumping, waiting for his moment to end.

"Three..." There was no way for him to get out of his death as the way he was in a position where he was secured on the ground he couldn't do anything.

"Two..." But at the same time will he be able to admit defeat when the countdown ends.

"One..." Finally, a small sound echoes the whole room. Bronz looked around for the source of the sound. "What the-?"

Silver opens his eyes as he looks ahead to see a small child weeping outside, its hands over its eyes. He wore a blue short-sleeved shirt with an image of a yellow rocket in the middle with the same yellow short pants and two pairs of blue sneakers.

"So this must be the child belonging to you..." Bronz hissed as he let go of Silver's hair and leaving his post to walk over to the child.

All depressed and paralyzed from his spine, all he could do is watch as his son, Gearus struggle to get off of Bronz. But hitting and kicking are useless against him.

He lifts his head and begins to crawl to the door. However, he was too weak to rescue his son when he blacked out. "Gearus..."


"Silver..." A crack on one's voice spoke. "Wake up, please..." Then a hard shake from the person woke him up. His eyes slowly open up blurry from the sight of its face near him. As he finally wakes up, he hissed from the sudden stings from his back.

He lies still from the bed. A hospital bed. Standing beside him to his right is a monitor. And an IV that leads up to his right arm. He turns his head away from the person's view as he daydreams.

He looks up at the ceiling emotionless as his memories begin to replay from the incident before. His hands slowly ball into a fist as the same image flashed before his eyes. Bronz.

A few minutes later, he howled in anger as he switched his arm into a pistol, and without control, he aims it straight to his... To his wife's face.

"Silver, your hand... You're crushing my hand!" His eyes darted below where his solid grip hardens against his wife's hand. Then his uncontrollable anger dissipated as he let go of her hand.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." He said looking away.
His wife weeps "Silver that's okay. I'm okay." And there an embracing hug from his wife was welcoming and warm as he softly turns to his wife and hugs her back. With a small cry from him, he lets go of his emotions from his loss. Gearus his son.
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