Black Pearl


"The irony of it all is i was going to tell you I love you." ©_black_gurl_magic_ 2021

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I roll my eyes and sigh. “Paris what now?”

“Come with me to this party”She drags out the y, I assume she's most likely pleading, waiting for me to turn around.


“But whyyyy! It’s the end of the year and we’re graduating! You have to go to at least one party.”

I turn in my chair to see Paris holding my 2 month old white husky, Baby. She holds her up to her face and speaks in a high pitched voice.

“Pwease go have fun mommy! You study too much!”

I shake my head, “Paris I need to study. Finals are right around the corner and I don’t want to be under prepared.”

She puts Baby down and rolls her eyes. “Under prepared isn’t in your vocabulary. C’mon Domo you study every damn night, you can miss a day and have fun. for once”

I stay silent. She’s not lying. I study literally every night. I hate not being ready for tests. I always need to be on my feet. Not at all in my 4 years of college have I gone to a party. I saw, and still see them, as a waste of time.

“Domonique please, I hate going by myself, I wanna show off my best friend in all her glory.”

“No Paris and that’s final.” I turn back to my study book and hear a sigh.

“I didn’t wanna have to do this, but you leave me no choice”

Paris grabs my book and my eyes widen. “Paris give me my stuff.”

“No, you need to let go and this book is holding you back.”

“Paris I swear to God I’ll fight you right now, give me my book.”

She runs out the room and I groan. I’m not in the mood to chase after her right now. I get up and run after in our maze of a house.

After about 5 minutes of screaming and running she finally locks herself in her room and I pound on her door.




“Then there’s your answer.”

I try to stop myself from getting irritated but unfortunately it is not working. I know how stubborn Paris is and I don’t have the patience for it. I would have loved to just study and listen to music, but noooo.

“Paris if I got to this one party, you have to promise me you won’t bother me about going to another.”

She squeals and opens the door, “Deal!”


I had the first few chapters cut down so I could make the prologue 😭 The smut scenes used here aren't of my own creation, thanks to a friend who agreed to writing them for me, they'll be here! Her

There will be a fun fact after every episode, some are clues to the story, others aren't

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