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Hogwarts boys smut


Just random smut chaps of hogwarts boys

Erotica / Romance
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Cedric - Yule ball

As Cedric stepped into the hall your eyes followed him, his body his presence, his arm that was connected to Cho's as if he let go the world would stop. He had a smile on his face you had never seen before. You had to suck a gasp into your mouth to calm yourself down and stop you from crying your makeup off before the ball had even started.

Jon, the Durmstrang boy who had taken you to the ball, squeezed your hand slightly to bring you back the present. You blinked your eyes and shook your head before turning to look at him. He was tall about 6ft2 and had physique that would put even Krum to shame.

"After the ball, some people are going to the prefects bathroom for some fun." He said with a wink. You glanced over at Cedric once more before nodding. Cedric was in the middle of the dance that him and the other champions had to perform in front of the school. You tried to lie to yourself into thinking you would be too embarrassed to dance in front of the school. But it was a lie. Anything with Cedric was fun. But Cedric took Cho instead. Apparently he saw you and the Igor talking and was so jealous he went straight to Cho and asked her.

The dance was over and they had begun to play some good music, you grabbed Igor's hand and pulled him onto the dancefloor you aimed to make Cedric very jealous tonight. You felt his eyes on you as you began slowly moving your hips to Jon's his hands on your waist.


A few hours later you and Jon made your way to the prefects bathroom. When you entered you saw some more Durmstrang boys and their dates. Yanking off your heels you began unzipping your dress but couldn't reach the zip so Jon offered to when the prefect door opened again, this time with Cedric. His eyes met yours, before he looked behind you and saw Jon, then his eyes glowered.

He walked up to and grabbed your arm, pulling you from Jon. Jon began to protest but seeing the look on Cedric's face he chose against it. He pulled you out of the bathroom his hand on your upper arm and began dragging you down the hall. He kicked open a door before proceeding to yank you in and lifting you onto the teachers desk so quickly you hadn't even been given a moment to think.

"What the fuck do you think your doing?" He asked practically yelling.

"The same thing as you're doing." You respond back in an equally angry tone.

"No! I was not stripping down to my underwear in front of a bunch of Durmstrang boys who have been talking about me non stop for two weeks." Cedric said angrily pushing some hair out of his eye.

"Were they really talking about me?" You ask getting sidetracked.

"Yes. They were why do you think i was so adament against you not going to the ball with one of them?" He questions exasperated.

"What were they saying?" You ask looking up at him trying to figure out what he was thinking.

"They were confused as to why you didn't have a boyfriend..." Cedric said, stopping in the middle realising something. "I didn't bring you here to gossip." He said.

"Then why did you bring me here." You say defiantly. "Because frankly my evening was just starting. I was about to give those Durmstrang boys a strip tease." You say fluttering your eyelashes delicately as innocently as you could.

"Because you belong to me! Fuck Y/N do you not know how hard it was for me to watch you and that boy dance knowing that should be me." He said slamming his hand on the desk, you flinched his hand landing only a few inches away from you, he withdrew his hand sensing you were scared and put his hand into a fist.

"His name is Jon." You say half jokingly trying to ease the tension. Cedric's rage was overflowing at this point. His fists were almost white because of how tense he had been clenching his fist. "Hey, I'm joking." You say softly, scared of him hurting himself. You motion him over with your hand and grab ahold of his hand unclenching his fist for him. You stroke it softly before holding his hand. You look up at him and see him staring down at you.

"I'm sorry for-" Cedric started but you shushed him before he could continue. You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him down into a kiss, at first he seemed to shocked to reciprocate but after two seconds he responded his tongue clashing with yours. You spread your legs so he could stand in between them deepening the kiss. You wrapped your hands into his hair liked he always loved. His hands wrapped around your waist pulling your lower half closer to his. Unlike Igor's hands Cedrics were warm and soft and he softly stroked your lower back as you kissed.

"Get this dress off me." You murmur into the kiss, Cedric breaks the kiss and moves away taking a step back looking at you. "What are you doing?" You ask with a slight grin, he seemed to do that to you, you were always smiling even when you wanted to be mad at him.

"Taking a mental picture of you. You look so gorgeous, I wanted to tell you before but you had left before I was ready. If you look like this at our wedding I don't think I'll last the ceremony." He finished, you fake gasped and slapped his arm.

"What do you mean wedding?" You ask jokingly.

"We are definitely getting married, not yet but one day." He responded with a smile.

"I highly doubt we'll even be friends after we leave school, let alone get-" Before you could finish what you were saying Cedric had moved close to you again his hands cupping your face kissing you with such a passion, ferocity and intensisty you lost your train of thought and submitted.

"I don't want to do this here. It needs to be special." He murmured into you ear before softly kissing you there, he pulled you off the desk and carried you in a fireman lift to the Hufflepuff common room, he ignored all your yells and your fellow hufflepuffs looks of confusion. He kicked open the door to his bedroom and told the other people in the room to leave. Once they had gone he chucked you onto his bed and crawled up to you like a predator stalking his prey.

As he began kissing you again he undid your dresses zip and helped you slide out of it. He placed it on the floor before pouncing on you again, he began trailing kisses down your body kissing each boob, before softly nibbling your nipple causing you to be in a frenzy. He stroked your pussy from on top of your underwear and groaned when he felt how wet you were. You whimpered in anticipation.

Cedric sat up and you helped him out of his suit and pulled his trousers off rubbing his dick through his pants. You pulled his pants off his head was throbbing slightly. You bent your head down and licked the precum that was surrounding it. Cedric groaned again. He pulled you off him and pushed you down onto the bed your head landing on a pillow.

"I can't wait any longer." He managed to get out, pulling of your underwear in the process. He positioned himself with his arms above your head to hold himself up. He rubbed his dick a few times on your clit before slamming it in. You let out a moan that you were pretty sure the whole school heard. Cedric kept at this slow pace for about 30seconds your soft whimpering letting him know you were ready for him to go faster. His pounds became faster but continued to be rough and you felt like you were in heaven.

One of your hands held onto Cedric's wrist as he continued pounding into you. He lowered himself down so that he could whisper sweet nothings into your ear. Your hips began thrusting with his trying to reach your climax. "Cum for me baby." He whispered into your ear. He lowered himself so his body was restin on yours, your lips connected and you let out a moan as you came you body clenching up.

Cedric stopped thrusting for a second so that you could recover. You let out a breath of air you didn't know you were holding in. Cedric grabbed your body and flipped you around so you were lying flat on your stomach. He slapped your ass a few times before he pushed himself in again. Your moans mixed as you both adjusted to the new position. Your face was resting in a pillow and Cedric's wrapped your hair around his hand as he began thrusting faster and faster. You clenched the pillow as you felt another orgasm coming. Cedric spanked your ass a few more times sensing what was about to happen. He let go of your hand and bent down.

"Cum around my dick baby. Come on, you know you want to." He said encouragingly his moans were in your ear and it only took a few seconds before you began cumming again. This time Cedric didn't stop and kept pounding until eventually he let out a groan and landed on the beside you.

"I missed that." You whisper your eyes fluttering closed.

"I missed you." He responded kissing your cheek.
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