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baby jesus
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in which tay dosn’t want to be bothered but kentrell kept pushing



“hey baby tay” the older walked into the room “hi” the younger said dryly coloring and listening to music on his tv “why are you half naked” kentrell said looking down at taymor “hot” tay replyed kentrell rolled his eyes at the replys tay was giving him

“aye aye tell lil shorty come her im tryna blow her back out walking funny for a year tell me that she love me thats the shit i always hear i got three bitches on me like the the three muskiteers” tay mumbled lowly to the song

“turn this shit off and watch your mouth” kentrell mugged the younger and with that tay changed the song and freak by doja cat came on

kentrell just decided to give in and he pulled tay onto his lap tay gasped “no daddy i wan color” tay pouted getting upset

so he decied to just move off and turn his music off and put his shorts back on leaving his chest exposed and walk out

or atleast tried to before he could walk out he got snached up and pinned against the wall “baby you know it’s rude to ignore people?” the older said connecting his lips to the young boy’s neck

the younger just wimpered at the contact and looked away”i sorry” the younger said moving back some just for kentrell to pull him back

“stop moving” he said darkly biting down on tay’s neck causing tay to moan as he shoved his hand down the youngers pants

causing tay grasp at the bottem of the mans shirt and try to move back just to get pulled forward “d-daddy no” tay moaned out trying to get away

kentrell just picked the moca boy up and threw him on the bed and got on top of the younger and started kissing him

breaking the kiss the older started to move down leaving a trail o hicky’s all the way down stopping at the young boy’s pelvis causing the younger to whine at the loss of contact

kentrell just smiled at the boy looking at the trail of hicky’s

the older slowly pulled down tay’s shorts and under wear

kentrell shoved two digits causing tay to let out a soft moan “are you sorry baby” he asked tay pumping in him faster

“yes dadd-ah~” he cut himself off with a moan as kentrell pumpped faster

satisfied with the younger’s answer he conected his mouth to the boy’s clit causing tay to let out a loud moan

kentrell’s toung lapping up tays liquids tay keeps trying to pry his head away from his blossem

“d-daddy im gonna-” he cuts hisself off agaig cumming into the olders mouth

kentrell came up kissed the boy and smiled at him “come on lets get you cleaned up so we can take a nap” he said like nothing happend

he left the room to go make a bath for the boy and when he came back he picked up the half awake taymor and took him into the bathroom cleand him up

when they came back the laid down and went to sleep

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