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Im not |21polo

im which sheyaa and taurs get into an argument which leads to crying and taurs getting his back blown out



taurs walked int school to be greeted by his bestfriend tione which stood an inch taller over his 5′10 frame

taurs p.o.v

“hi tjay” i said hugging him he hugged back “wassup lil baby” he said “you still avoiding yo nigga” he asked pulling away i nodded looking around and spoted him staring at me we made eye conact before i looked away and grabbed tione’s hand and started speed walking to class .

once i slowed down getting closer to class i was met with my boyfriend sheyaa which i had been avoiding for the past two weeks i quickly turn around letting tiones hand go “tione hurry up” i said trying to walk away but i got pulled back by my hood on my hoodie i slowly turned around to be met face to face with sheyaa

(A/N; face to face wit it cant be beefing through no face time im cool wit all the thugs cause my nigga taught me gang signs)

i was now currently getting dragged out of the building ” no i need to go to class i need my education ion wanna be like you!” i yelled still getting dragged to his car we stopped once we got here “whats wrong wit me” he said giving me the most mean look

i just looked away “noffing”i mumbled “naw cause you wanna talk so bad tell me whats wrong wit me” he said getting in my face i just steped back “move” i said quietly

“naw cause you wanna ghost me right” he said stepping closer i lightly pushed him back

“im just taking time on my own i just need my own time alone” i said lookind down at my black af 1′s “well ion see you ‘TaKiNg tImE AlOnE’ from that tione nigga” he said mocking me

“i dont sound like that this is exactly why ion wanna be bothered by yo ass alway making a big deal !” i yelled at him getting mad and pushing him away from me

he pushed me down and yelled back at me “your fucking retarded im yo nigga he not your alway spending time with him tione this and tione that i cant beleive you damn nigga!”

sheyaa p.o.v

i watched as his eyes well up with tears “im not retarded” he said with tears running down his face “and stop yelling at me” i said as he got up and ran into the school leaving his backpack on the ground

i picked it up and put it in the back seat and then walked into the school looking fot him

i found him outside his class hugged up crying into tione’s sholder “he called me retarded im not retarded am i” he told tione “he yalled at me” taurs sobbed into tion

he looked at me and mugged the shit out of me i just mugged back while taurs was sobbing his little heart out

i just picked him up from behind taking him out of tione’s grip

“im sorry baby i was just mad” i said he just sobbed into my neck i walked out the building


i was currently driving “why did you ghost me” i asked he jus sniffled “cause im retarded”he said and sniffled again

“no your not”i said “yes i am you said it yourself” he said and he started crying again “oh my god stop being a crybaby” i said getting louder

he started crying even harder and scooted farther away from me “stop talking to if your just gonna be mean” he said sobbing “and stop yelling at me” he yelled back

“no you stop yelling at me” i said louder getting pissed off as we pulled up to my house

he just looked at me and yelled “you know what fuck you im going home” and he got out and started walking to his house which was not to far it was a 5 minute trip walkind distance

i got out and went after him “taurs im sorry” he just turned around and flipped me off proceding to walk

“you take another step and im gonna fuck you up” i said he looked back and did a cart wheel “ight you wanna be smart” i said

“yes but you wont let me get my education so imma be a repeat just like you or maybe even special ed cause im retarded right?" he said sniffling and stoped infront of his house

"you walke through that door we done" i yelled he looked me in the eye "bye then" then stepped into the house

taurs p.o.v

i stepped in and locked the door i only did it cause im tired of him always being mean to me

i walked into my room and got undressed and put a big sweater on that came down to my knees i got into my bed and hooked my phone up to my speaker and started playing music

till i heard something down stairs knowing it was sheyaa cause he a criminal i just layed on my stomach on my phone texting tione

then i got a facetime call from tione

"yes" i said "what you zoooen" he said sounding weird i just laughed "guess what' he said "you got a dick"i said sounding suprised and i laughed

"naw for real"he said "deez nuts" i said "naw but deez nuts gon be on yo momma fore head tho" he said "im finna block you i cant guess tell me" i said whining

"stop all that whining shit" he said "ight tell me" i said "you a sheyaa like ike and tina and he standing behind you" he said "just like ike and tina we are no more i got a new nigga and we like bonnie and clyde" i said

and that when it hit me "wait you said he standing behind me" i said "yup look" he said "ion wanna" i said

then my phone got snached out my hand "he'll call back later" i heard sheyaa say i rolled my eyes

than i felt a hard smack to my butt "owie" i said turning to face him

"what was that you said bout a nigga that yall'BoNnIe AnD cLyDe'." he said stepping closer

"ight back up big bruh" i said putting my hands out so he couldnt come closer

"i aint you bruh im yo nigga now stop playing wit me" he said rapping his hand around my throat and applying pressure

part 2?

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