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This book is one on my wattpad that I have moved here!! -Tattoo Au- When you meet your soulmate a tattoo of them will appear on your body. Sometimes it happens immediately, sometimes it happens years later. Most people get their tattoos on their 18th birthday though. So imagine the shock when a 16 year old girl gets the tattoo of an infamous killer in the middle of him trying to kill her.

Romance / Horror
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Chapter One: Mystery Boy

I was 13 when it happened. Sleeping tucked in my bed or so my parents thought. I was really up late watching anime when I heard a loud crashing noise downstairs followed by some swearing. Someone was in my house, i immediately shut off my computer and hid in my secret hiding space inside my closet. I had a secret room that no one knew about but the way it was designed i could still see out of the closet which i decided to leave open to give less suspicion to the stranger. Mommy and Daddy's screams were heard before the heavy footsteps coming towards my room. My breath hitched in my throat and I thank the lord it wasn't heard. But as I'm looking through the small hole to see he makes eye contact with me and clutches his arm in pain. Violently pulling up his hoodie sleeve to see a detailed picture of a girl with (H/C), (S/C), and (E/C). She looked about 16 and kind of resembled me. I knew about soulmate markings and i knew that tattoos like that were the rarest kind. There were tattoos of what they'd say to you, or their initials and stuff like that, then there were marks of where they'd touch you, and then there was picture tattoos, where your soulmates looks of when you two actually meet or get together appear on a part of your body. Only a few people have it and its supposedly passed down in families. Meaning the one who gets it last is the one who passes it down. Like my mother and father, they had met and my dad got a tattoo of her on his arm, a year later my mom got one of him. Tattoo marks run in my moms side of the family but its rare to be passed down to females making my family even more rare. I don't know my mark yet, most people get them on their 18th birthday or have had them their whole lives. "Fuck! The person living in this house had to be my soulmate damn it" the stranger curses out while hearing sirens and jumping out of my window. I can't see anything after that though because I'm still hiding.
~TIME SKIP||1 Hour~
The cops had been searching for me for an hour. I didn't want to go to an orphanage or even leave my house so I stayed put, then they released my dog Cupcake. She gave away my hiding spot and the cops opened the door. "We found her!" They yelled a male cop gently pulling me out of the secret room. "You managed to hide from the Infamous Jeff the killer? Wow I'm impressed Little one" he says giving me a smile. It comforted me and I felt safer than with the other cops so I followed him around like a lost puppy. Eventually I was put in an orphanage but didn't stay long because the cop who found me adopted me a few months later.
That's where I am now, 16 years old, looking at the ceiling of my large bedroom, rethinking my life. "DINNERS READY!" Greg yells from the bottom of the stairs. "OKAY THANK YOU!" I yell back running downstairs for food. "I've got another late shift tonight, don't forget to feed cupcake and Milo" Greg says smiling at me apologetically. He knows I don't like being alone at nights after what happened so he ended up getting me another dog named Milo, he's a retired police dog who does his job in protecting me well. "Okay just please be careful" I say finishing up my food and grabbing our plates to wash them. "Will do, now I gotta get going. If I'm late Kate will skin me alive" he says hugging me and rushing out the door. He may not be my real dad but he certainly is my dad now. I don't call him dad though because I can never bring myself to.
Its been A few hours since Greg left for work and I'm sitting on the couch with cupcake and milo. "Kate calling! Kate Calling!" My phone announces confusing me. "Hello? Kate why are you calling?" "HELP! G-Greg and I ran into some trouble he got chased by a boy in a bloodied white hoodie and Im being chased by this maniac in a blue mask please save Greg!" She yells through the phone as i don't even hang up just throw it in my pocket and put on a hoodie and shoes before grabbing my silver gun. "Come on Milo, Cupcake, we've got some killers to fuck with" I say as they get up. I put on their bulletproof vests and spiked collars quickly and we run out of the house towards town and the edge of the woods where I know they are.
~TIME SKIP|| 5 Minutes~
"GREG! KATE?!" I yell out running towards the cop car only to see Kate's mangled body sitting inside. But only her meaning they haven't got Greg yet. "(Y/N) RUN!" I hear him yelling as I pull out my gun and run towards him. "Milo take the back! Cupcake take the front" I say as my dogs listen and we run towards Greg's screaming. "I'd stop if I were you fuckers" I say in a confident voice upon seeing Greg pressed against a wall between the two killers. "I think killing Kate was enough! You let him go!" I say not taking my eyes off the two. That is until the blue masked one comes at me. "TAKE MY GUN!" Greg yells throwing it at me as I catch it and immediately shoot the masked man. "Think again bitch, let. Him. Go. " I say again kicking the blue masked guy and pointing one gun at him and the other at the white hoodie guy. "Jeff, just let him go! You'll regret not doing it" the man in the blue mask says as the man known as Jeff angrily sighs. "How do you know that EJ-" he turns around and makes eye contact with me before quickly snapping out of it. I drop one gun but milo grabs it in his mouth, and I grab my arm in pain. Afraid to pull up my hoodie sleeve I leave it down. "I'll let him go on one condition, you stay" "deal" I say smirking at him as Greg looks at me shocked. "Greg, your like my dad, after he was killed I didn't want to get attached but you've raised me long enough for me to know I'd rather be the one to die than to lose another parent. So please take Cupcake and Milo and go" I tell him throwing my silver gun at him and grabbing the black and red one from Milo. "No! You keep Cupcake with you! Shes protective over you more than anyone else. Keep her I'll take milo" he says standing up and looking at me. "Fine. Now go, Dad" I say as he looks at me sadly before going off with milo probably to get backup. "Show me your tattoo!" Jeff says to me as I sigh pulling up my hoodie sleeve. "I want to see yours" I say back not fully showing him mine as he just angrily grunts and pulls up his. "Fuck! I knew it was you! The little girl who I never found that day 3 years ago! The one who hid in the secret room in their closet ugh damn it!" He curses out looking at the detailed picture of him on my arm. {one up top}
I look at the photo of me that had been there since I was 13 and realize now that its me as a 16 year old girl and that's when we finally realized we were soulmates. Strange it didn't work the same as mom and dads, they had known from the minute they met because dad had gotten the tattoo of mom at the age they were when they met. And mom got one of dad a year later. Jeff got one of me when I was older and I got one of him now. "Dude you have a soulmate tattoo! You know slender bans us from dating outside the pasta mansion" the blue masked man says. "I've had the tattoo since I was 14. I killed her parents but could never find her. I later learned she hid in a secret room in her closet" Jeff Says grabbing my arm and inspecting it. His grip was soft however. EJ aka blue masked man tried to come closer to inspect mine and Jeffs tattoos but Cupcake growled and bit him. He was about to stab her when I grabbed his arm harshly with a glare in my eyes. "Don't. Touch. My. Fucking. Dog." I growl out as Jeff looks at me smirking. "I have to go home. Get away while you can, Greg is calling for backup" I say looking at Jeff once more before running off. "Dude shes hot" "I know shes my soulmate"
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