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The Restart: The Story {Book 1}

Book 1

If you haven’t read the description then read it. It will make more sense.
I also turned this on Mature content because unintentionally it has had some strong Themes.
Hi, it’s nice to see you again now this is what I was trying to tell you before the herd coming. When this all started it was the year 2010, and I was nine years old, I and my family were taking a walk in the neighborhood.

We saw someone walking down the street. My parents waved and said “hi” then the man started coming toward us.

My dad stopped because he thought they wanted to talk. But they didn’t, they wanted to eat us, he bit my mom and ate my little brother.

My dad turns to me and said “run to the house!”

I and my dad ran as fast as we could. When we got to the house we locked all the doors and sat there at the table. I started to cry, “its ok Lydia,” my dad assured me “I know this happened fast but we need to move on.”

that’s when I knew the only life I needed to care about was mine.

Word count: 207

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