Burning Pile ||Dabi • Reader||


Everyone is born with a soulmate, throughout the years you will be able to hear a song that you and your soulmate will share; But when the music stops your soulmate is no longer living. Now for Dabi his music stopped playing three years ago. But what happens when the League of Villains gains a new member and Dabi starts hearing the music again?

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter One: The Music Stops

||Your POV||
My name is (Y/N), I am 20 years old living In Japan.
My father is the pro hero AllMight, and no, I don't have his quirk.
My quirk is Called Ultimate Destruction, anything I touch will crumble to a pile of rubble in a matter of seconds, only thing is that I have to have my entire hand touching it.
So of course I have had special gloves made so that I don't go around accidentally destroying things. Apparently my mother had a quirk that turned things to dust and I guess it mixed with my fathers and created my quirk, I'm not exactly sure.

Now I have been homeschooled all my life. Something about being the offspring of the number one hero made it unsafe for me to leave the house.
So for my entire life I have not stepped out of this building once.
It's got everything I need, food, entertainment, water, clothes, everything but friends.

At an early age my father had told me my quirk was villainous and that it was too dangerous to let me out of the house. So of course I never even attempted to go to UA and instead continued training on my own.
Now being isolated from everyone except my father and of course a few pro heroes such as Present Mic and Eraserhead, I didn't develop proper social skills so I'm not quite sure how to convey basic emotions and I get severe panic attacks when talking to new people.

Oh! I also forgot. My soulmate song, it's rather strange but it's comforting; or it was. Three years ago I had gotten seriously injured when training and haven't been able to hear the music since.
Now most might think it's because their soulmate died but I get small snippets of the song every once in a while. It never lasts more than a second though.

"(Y/N)! I want you to meet someone" my dad says while walking through the front door.
I see dark green hair behind him and close my book gently.
"Who is it?" I question just now seeing a young boy around the age of fifteen I think.
"This is Izuku Midoriya, he is who I chose to give one for all to. Young Midoriya, this is my daughter (Y/N)" father introduces me and the young boy and I only stare at him.

There's nothing special about the boy if we're being honest, in fact he's rather bland looking.
"Go ahead and tell him your quirk" father says while staring at me.
My analysis of the boy is cut short and I simply state my quirks name.
"Ultimate destruction."
The confusion on the boys face was priceless. However it's rude to laugh randomly, or at least that's what Aizawa told me.
"W-Whats it do?" The kid asks me timidly.

"Anything I touch crumbles into a pile of rubble within seconds. The catch is that my full hand has to touch it and my drawbacks are that I will slowly start to crumble if I use my quirk too much"

"Oh so your quirk is similar to Shigaraki's. The leader of the league of villains"

There it is, the urge again.
I have seen the news, I know who the league of Villains are, but ever since I heard of them trying to take down my father I have had an urge to find them. I think that I would have a chance of finally being useful if I were to join them. After all my father has always said my quirk was made for a villain.
Father had trained with Midoriya for a few hours before they both left me at the house alone.
And I have decided I am going to find the villains.
I begin packing a bag of anything important to me and anything I might need then I head off.
For the first time in my twenty years of life I have stepped outside the mansion I've been trapped in.
Now I've done my research and I know where the LOV's are hiding out.
||Time Skip Brought to you by lotion||
"Who are you?"
There he is, the familiar crusty man with blue hair, Tomura Shigaraki.
"My name is (Y/N), daughter of the number one hero AllMight. My quirk is Ultimate Destruction, and I would like to join you in defeating my father" I introduce myself with a blank face and offer a gloved hand to shigaraki.

"You know I can't touch you right? My quirk with decay your hand"

"My quirk will cancel yours out. Seeing that both of our quirks destroy things we touch it is basic math that we would be able to touch each other with no problem because our quirks cancel each other out" I say taking off my glove and extending my hand once again.

Shigaraki hesitantly takes my hand in his and is amazed when I don't decay.

"Welcome to the League of Villains"
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