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This is the third part of Kinky! book series. Previously known as Kinky!3 // I Still Want You I hope y'all like them and that you guys will write comment and like!!! Start: April 3rd 2020 Finished: January 1st 2021 ALL OF THIS IMAGINES WEREN'T WRITTEN BY ME! I'M JUST PUBLISHING THEM. ALL CREDITS GO TO ORIGINAL WRITERS FROM TUMBLR, PINTEREST AND INSTAGRAM!

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Harry Styles // From Bad To Worse

"Harry I don't see why this had to blow up" I sigh into the phone. He's been gone for three months now on his tour, the stress, and the distance has begun to takes its toll. I knew when he goes on tour there would be petty arguments, but this!? This is ridiculous.

"Y/n, I'm explaining to you how I feel about you being with Niall while I'm gone. I trust him. I trust you. I know you're best friends, and I wouldn't care if we didn't live the life we do y/n, but we live in one that has headlines of newspapers about us, fan rumors about us, and lies posted on twitter about us. I want to protect our relationship" He speaks calmly, but with emotion. Me and Harry don't yell at each other. Conflict is something that rarely stresses us out because we had both been in previous relationships that were shit on conflict, so we made it a thing to never yell and to make sure to communicate.

"Harry, baby, I know you trust us but it seems so unreasonable. You're gone, I'm bored, and I want to be with a friend. When I was gone on tour last year you hung out at a party with Kendall and you didn't hear me lecturing you" I say beginning to get angry but not wanting to raise my voice. He could sense my frustration. He was beginning to feel guilty and like the bad guy but he didn't think what he was asking you was unreasonable.

"Well that's not fair darling it wasn't a planned meet up she just happened to be there" he was right. i knew he was, but i just needed to think about it.

"I just don't want to feel controlled Harry. That's all. I love you, but I need to hang up and calm down. Text you after" i said hanging up before a response. I was proud I didn't blow up, but was left frustrated that I was willing to see his side, yet he was unwilling to see mine. I let out a big sigh as I threw my phone onto my bed. I called my friend Kayla to come and be with me. Being alone in my thoughts wouldn't do me any good so it was important that I had someone around.


"IM HERE BITCHHHHH" Kayla yelled as she entered my house. I turn and looked at her with a big bottle of vodka and chocolate.

"I fucking love you! You know that" I say laughing and grabbing the vodka from her hand.

"I invited Ethan over if you don't mind. Thought he could also use a girl day" we laughed and agreed together that he could. Ethan was me and Kaylas gay best friend. He was amazing, iconic, and one the best people I know. Harry absolutely adores him and his energy. Once he even asked me to bring Ethan to the set of one of his videos just so he could have a good laugh here and there.

"I came as soon as I read 'vodka'" Ethan called out as soon as he opened the door. "Now what's a couple bad bitch like you two doing just sitting on the couch cmon let's turn the music the fuck up" He says demanding tunes immediately. I laughed and walked over to my speaker and turned on some One Direction. Although I was dating Harry, we all still had the One Direction Infection immensely, could never be cured for any of us. So whenever we knew Harry wouldn't be home for a while we all met up at our house and blasted Made In The A.M. and FOUR.

"Now what happened with you and Mr.Sexy" Ethan asked as he started pouring the shots while Kayla was cutting limes to suck after. I sat on the stool still frustrated about the argument.

"Ugh he just doesn't want me to hang out with Niall in public anymore because the media is having a field day with us...and he says he wants to protect our relationship, but -idk- but what if he's just jealous or trying to control me" I say sighing and looking at the two hoping to get some clarity from whatever their response will be.

"Love he isn't being unreasonable. You hate whenever someone posts a headline about Harry and some other bitch. Doesn't mean you don't trust him. It just means you're trying to preserve what you have." Kayla says honestly finishing cutting the limes. I knew she was right.

"But I never asked him to stop talking with Kendall or Kaia!" I say still feeling like I was right in this argument, but barely.

"Bitch the only difference between you and Harry is that he said it out loud and you said it in your head. He communicated you didn't. That's not on him boo. That's on you" They we're right. I ranted to them for hours about how I wanted him to never talk to them again. I felt threatened and jealous.

"God you're right" I said. "Fuck both of you for being right but thank you at the same time" I say getting up and hugging them.

"Now let's take some shots and start a live stream!!" Ethan calls out. Ethan is a professional makeup artist with millions of followers. I love going on his live-streams because the energy of his following is so tangible and lovable. He sets the camera up under my TV as we blast music and dance around tipsy. The TV has a light buzz in the background while we watch TMZ for fake drama to debunk.

We were all having fun on live until the live starts blowing with comments asking if I was okay. Ethan reads them out loud and I panic.

"What happened y'all!? Why is everyone asking if I'm okay?" I asked as the TMZ updated a report titled "BREAKING NEWS". I looked up along with Kayla and Ethan and watched intently.

"BREAKING NEWS: Harry's Styles Ex-girlfriend Kendall Jenner was caught talking mad shit about his new girlfriend Y/N Y/L/N. While going out for coffee with friends, three fans came up with Kendall in hopes of a photo. When she said yes a fan started recording when they started having a conversation.

**The Video Played**

"What are you're thoughts on Harry Styles and Y/N?"

"Between just us girls I think it's a joke. She's about 5 sizes too big. And she's younger than him. He's probably just using her as a fling. I bet every time he fucks her he wishes it was me. Best pussy he's ever had." she says with an evil laugh smirking.

**Video Ends**

My heart sinks and you can read on my face from the people watching the live that I wasn't okay. I have had so many opportunities to trash her and Camille and his other exes, I know we get compared to each other all the time, and I have always avoided talking shit even though I know the truth of their character from Harry... I regret even saying in an interview now that Kendall was a bad ass woman who empowers others. I was feeling everything but empowered. I felt hot tears come to my eyes and threaten to pool over. My heart was in my stomach and I didn't know what to do. Was I too big? Was Harry thinking of Kendall every time we were intimate together? Is she just vengeful?

"I think you should cut the live Kayla" Ethan said while coming to my side as I just stared and didn't move. The fans were fuming for me. The comments on the live were devastated. They watched me find this news out live so my reaction was real and vulnerable.

"Bye guys. Hope y'alls day is better than hers" Kayla says ending the stream. I bursted into tears.

"Oh honey you know that's not true." Ethan and Kayla hug you, but you really just wanted to be alone.

"Can you guys go home. I love you guys really, but today has been too much for me" I say as they nod and left my house. I walked up to me and Harry's shared room and fall on the bed face first. I begin to cry. This was getting too much.


Harry's POV:

I felt sick. How could Kendall do that? Is she dumb? She knows fans are always watching and recording? She wanted y/n to hear it. She wanted her to question how I felt about her. My heart was aching for my girl that was thousands of miles away from me. I called Jeff to make a plan.

"Jeff I'm going home mate, I can't have y/n be alone. The next tour date is three days. That's all I need please" I beg into the phone.

"Go get her H" Jeff replies as I hang up and book my flight for three hours from now. I'm fixing this tonight.


Your POV:

My eyes hurt from crying so damn much. I didn't know what to do or who to call. How do you defend yourself against a woman with a powerful family, who is 5'10. skinny, hour glass shape, and beautiful face. I felt stuck. I couldn't call Harry to talk about our argument earlier either and fix it because then I would have to talk about this. I was drowning in thought when i heard the door open and a bag drop. I ran to the top of the stairs and saw Harry. My eyes widened. Why was he here!? He was wearing grey sweats and a hoodie, his hair was all messy and his eyes looked awful like he had been crying too.

"It's not true. None of it. Kendall is a liar and a home wrecker. You are the only one I want. I don't imagine her when we fuck, and she doesn't have the best pussy you do. You have the best everything. The best smile, laugh, humor, personality, smell, charm, EVERYTHING! I'm sorry I acted like a dick earlier I was jealous. I trust you and want you to live your life. I can't believe she would do this she-FUCK- she degraded you" he starts getting mad and is pacing.

"You're not to big you're perfect. Don't even get me started on your thighs, or your stretch marks... i love them i love you. i love your body and your mind. I just- why-FUCKKK" he hits the couch upset and starts crying. I rush down the stairs to him.

"Baby I love you. It's stupid this is all stupid. I'm sorry this happened to you too. This doesn't have to define us though H. She wants a reaction so let's give her a reaction" i say kissing all over his face.

"What do you mean" his accent was thick. Whenever he gets tired, mad, or lustful his accent goes into overdrive. I smile at his British self.

"You and me both tweet something simple but sends a message. Treat people with kindness" i say smiling as he looks at me and kisses me strong on the lips. I smile and sigh into the kiss.

"I missed you" he whispered. "I was so scared when all of this happened when I was away. I knew I had to come back" he says connecting our foreheads. I smile up at him and kiss his nose.

"I missed you. Thank you. Now lets tweet this and sleep so we can cuddle before you have to leave again" I say grabbing my phone and handing him his. We both opened twitter and tweeted the simple phrase that is always effective.

"Done" I say smiling.

"Me too!" he says looking at me with his sparkly eyes.

"Let's go cuddle all this away please" I pout as he grabs my hand and pulls me to him and walks to the bedroom. I missed him but it made me happy knowing he flew thousands of miles to make sure I knew were we stood.

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