Serpents and Prey


The thought of killing someone never did cross my mind, until I met him. He wanted me to be a hero but why when it is so much easier being the villain. How do you define good and evil? Many say the truth is in who is telling the story. Heroes believe they are doing the right thing. Villains believe they are doing it for the greater good. That's what he believed. A defining trait of a hero is to protect anyone in need no matter the odds. The funny thing is, a trait of a villain is to protect their family and most importantly the one they love. Most villains aren't evil; they are just broken in need of someone to help them pick up the pieces that society has broken. Villains aren't born, someone or something creates them. I had become too much like the people I despised. But I needed to be like them. What does that make me? A hypocrite? Or a saint? You get to decide

Action / Drama
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Chapter 1

( set in the time of Order of the Phoenix )

"'Are you sure you have everything sweetie? You can owl us if you forgot something."'

I laugh at my mother. She worries too much. Not that I don't blame her. Our family has had a rough time in London. After I was born.

"Yes mum I know. I have everything don't worry'"
I kiss her cheek

"'Better hurry now Ember the train will leave soon.'"

I go and make sure to give my father a kiss on the cheek and wave them goodbye.

I walk to the train and try to look for some of my friends before I get on. But accidentally hit someone in the process.

"'Watch it!'"

"' Sor-'"

"' Well, well look who it is. Ember Rosier" Draco says smugly

"'Rosier, you say Draco'"

'Lucious Malfoy shit this isn't good.'

Lucious Malfoy pushes his son aside with his cane to get a good look at me.

"'I would say it was a pleasure, Miss Rosier. But after you disappointed your parents and disgraced your family name. There's not much to say. Come Draco.'"

Lucious Malfoy and Draco walk off towards the train.


Someone tackles me from behind but I manage to stay on my feet. I turned around to get a look at whoever jumped on my back.


I jumped into Oscar's arms. I haven't seen him in such a long time.

"'Hey were you just talking to Lucious Malfoy'" Oscar looks at me confused.

"'More like he was talking to me. He just had to say how much of a disgrace I am.'"

"'Typical of the Malfoys to do that. Come on everyone else is on the train'"

Oscar and I go on the train to meet the rest of our friends.

"'Ellie, Isla! It feels like forever since I have seen you guys.'" I go up and hug my best friends

"'Oh wow just forget about me.'" Leo looks at me with a displeased look

"'I was saving the best for last.'' I jump into Leos's arms and just lay there like dead weight.

"'Ok Ok I didn't miss you that much.'" He pushes my shoulder trying to get me up.

"'Ugh well that's rude I missed you though'" I clasp onto him tighter mainly just to try to annoy him

" Ember'" He says in a stern tone

"'Ok Ok I'm getting up'" I stand up and cross my arms at him and give him a slight glare.
"'Why must you always reject my affection?'"

"'I let you hug me, that's enough affection for today'" He says, challenging me with a stare.

"' You know you love it'" I give him a cheeky smile

"' Mhm sure'" he says looking away

"'I'll be back guys I'm going to find Hermione real quick.'"

" Ok be back soon'" Ellie yells as I walk away

Hermione and I have been friends since our second year. She was looking for something about the heir of Slytherin. I helped her a little bit on it not much. After that, we began studying with each other and becoming closer. Even though she is in Gryffindor and I am in Hufflepuff we were good friends.
I hope we have some classes together this year. Last year we didn't have many but we still made time to see each other.
I get to the Gryffindor side of the train and look for Hermione; she is probably sitting with Ron and Harry. I finally spotted them.

"' Hey Hermione!'"

"' Ember! Hey'"

I go and hug her. Ron and Harry don't say much and just stare at me. I don't think they trust me mainly because of who my parents are.

"I haven't seen you all summer how are you and how was your summer.'"

She gives a slight chuckle before she speaks. "'Oh it was interesting you could say'"

"'What do you mean?'"

"' Oh nothing. So what did you do this summer'"

"' You know same ole same ole dinner parties meeting my parents' friends and their remarks about how their daughter is such a disappointment.'"

'" I'm sorry Ember, why don't your parents say something or do anything then let their friends bully you.'"

'"No it's fine they need them for business and their connections'"

"'Still I'm sorry'" Hermione gives me a hug

"'Well if you all won't tell me how your guy's summer was'" I eye them suspiciously

"'Nothing happened Ember but thank you for asking'" Ron gives me a tight smile

I take the hint and give Hermione a smile and walk back to our side of the train. I know Ron and Harry don't trust me but they could be a bit nicer.

I go back to my compartment and sit with my friends. We all talk and catch up while we wait for the train to arrive at Hogwarts
After a few hours we finally arrived. We get off and head to the carriages, to get to Hogwarts. Once we start to board them we are yanked back.

Allow your superiors to go first.'" Draco smirks as he gets on the carriage

I don't want to be rude and anger him but I'm tired of him and his family disrespecting me because of the house I'm in.

"'N- No Malfoy. You can wait. We were getting on.'"

"'Em don't please'" Isla grabs my arm in an attempt to stop me.

I back off and let them go

"'Basic Hufflepuff doesn't stand up for themselves. Surprised they didn't disown you'"

I sigh disappointed in myself "'He's not wrong'"

"'Em he's wrong we have met your parents they are happy for you they love you.'" Oscar tries to console me

"'no not that, not standing up for ourselves every time we are faced with a confrontation we cower away or avoid it we need to stand up for ourselves'"

They don't say anything, we all just get on carriages and they take us up to Hogwarts. We get off and head to the great hall for the sorting ceremony for the first years.
I don't pay much attention to what's happening. I just go into autopilot pondering on what Malloy said. Is he right? Why didn't my parents disown me? We were a powerful family with ties to Salazar and Grindelwald. Our family is known to serve Dark Lords being their right hand and I ruined it for my parents. They can't have another kid so the line ends with me.

"'Thank you, headmaster, for those kind words of welcome.'"

"'Get a load of her, right Em'"

"'Huh who?'"

"'The new Defense Against the Dark arts teacher. You good Em'"

"'Yeah I'm good don't worry'" Isla I flash her a short smile hoping that steers her away from me.

"'And how lovely to see all your bright... happy faces smiling up at me.I'm sure we're all going to be very good friends.'"

She stands looking down at us. I know already we won't be getting along her fake smile and stupid pink dress up

"'The Ministry of Magic has always considered... the education of young witches and wizards to be of vital importance. Although each headmaster... has brought something new to this historic school... progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged.'"

"'Let us preserve what must be preserved... perfect what can be perfected... and prune practices that ought to be prohibited.'"

"' This is going to be a long year.'" Leo says

"'Thank you, Professor Umbridge.'" Dumbledore stands in front of us and serves us our feast.

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