Dark clouds were brighten by the sun


One Direction band. Start 2013- End 2015. Some flashbacks from 2010,2011,2012. This story is about a closed boy Harry who misses his home very dearly. He is a great singer with angelic voice and smile on his face, but not always real. He met his four best friends 3 years ago but one of them is just something else. Harry feels something for that boy that a best friend shouldn’t feel and he is scared of that. He couldn’t bring himself to open up to them even when he was screaming in his head, but he wasn’t always like this, it all started with their management. What he doesn’t know that Louis is feeling something for Harry too. Louis is everyone’s favorite and a great friend, listener to anybody. You could already see that when the two of them look into each other’s eyes, they are lost and madly in love. They need to figure it all out before it will get too much for them. Read to find out where it will get them.

Romance / Poetry
Age Rating:


-I fell in love with your ocean eyes and your bright smile-

-You helped in so many ways-

-I looked you in the eyes and saw that I was lost-

-I fell in love with you Curly-

-Just wanted to be loved-

-I feel pure happiness when I’m with you-

-I fell faster, you fell harder-


-Only the Brave-

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