Dark clouds were brighten by the sun



I slept really good until my alarm woke me up. We don't have to go anywhere today just some soundcheck, practically chill day. This night was one of the best. I recall the feeling when I woke up in Louis's arms that were secured around me all night. Now I'm sitting in the kitchen with Zayn and Liam. They woke up a little before me. Strange on the same time but I didn't ask. I notice Zayn getting up from sofa and sitting beside me on dining table. I like sitting on it, even though it's completely disrespectful because we are eating on it but it helps me think.

"What's with you and that smile?" I'm smiling? I didn't even realize that.

"We talked." I say to him knowing he will understand.

"Like talked? That talk?" He asks not believing but sees my smile as a sign of confirmation. "I'm happy for you."

"But we will talk more, yesterday was just a start." When Louis will wake up that is.

"I'm glad."

"Thank you." I can't contain my happiness just thinking about last night's events. "We cuddled." I say smiling like a love struck puppy.

"You are in love man." Love? Yes. At least I hope so. But I think this is so much more and we are not even dating yet.

"I guess I'm."

The boys woke up at 11:00 am. Soundcheck is on 2:00 pm to 5:00. We had our launch already, it was pizza we ordered. Now I'm reading book Woman in Love I already read The Rainbow long time ago. I like romance novels. What can I say? I'm hopeless romantic. My favorite movie says it all. Louis is on social media, laying on bed. We have to talk more but I will leave him until he wants to talk about it but at least it's not awkward. It could be a lot worse.
"Let's do something." His voice interrupts my thinking. How does he gets this sudden energy.
"Like what?" I say still reading. Well until someone snatches my book.
"Why are you reading this book?" This question cut me off. I didn't expect him to ask that or anyone for that matter. The answer is that I don't know myself.
"I don't know."
"I know." What How could he possibly know something that I myself don't. "Boredness." He says with a dramatic sigh. I should have expected that. I laugh and look at him.
"I should have expected that."
"So you are done reading." I like this conversation. So let's taunt him a little.
"Yeah says who." I say inching close to him expecting him to get all nervous but no. He is looking at me straight in my eyes. Bold.
"Me." He says inching close like I did. I like this, I really do. As I'm about inch more close to his face someone knocks on our door, that quickly pulled us away. The door reveals Niall.
"Louis, Harry? Soundcheck ring any bells?" What it can't be two already. I look on the clock and it says 2:05 pm. Shit we forgot.
"Yeah sorry we are coming." I say already on my feet. How could we even forgot. The time passed so quick. I was so caught up with this moment with Louis that I didn't think about anything else. I want to take him on date then be his boyfriend. I want to take things slow so if he doesn't want to do anything, we won't.

The soundcheck was same old and nothing new. Aside from me thinking and staring at Louis trying so hard not to be obvious but I know I failed to do so. He even noticed me staring quite a few times. I must have blushed like a schoolgirl in front of her crush and I know boys noticed something strange about my behaviour. I myself noticed some strange things too, like Liam and Zayn. I don't know what is going on between them but I made a note to ask Zayn about it. It almost reminded me of Louis and me. I need to catch up with Zayn before dinner. I think he will be in his room, so I softly knock.
"Zayn can we talk?" I stayed outside for a few seconds and the door opened up.
"What's going on?" He asks. Eyes full of concern. He must think something happened with me and Louis.
"Nothing just can we talk?"
"Sure." He says giving me that look that he knows that I'm full of shit. I mean I'm not lying about that talking part. He let me in and closed the door.
"Can I get straight to the point? And please don't be mad at me, okay?" I'm nervous. What if he will hate me for asking these kind of questions.
"Harry ask and you know I will never get mad at you." This gave me some confidence and reassurance about this.
"Is there by any chance something going on between you and Liam?" Please don't be mad.
"You noticed huh." That was more like a statement than a question.
"Yeah. Do you wanna explain but of course you don't have to, you know what I mean."
"I-I don't think I'm ready to talk about it yet but something is going on."
"No no it's alright I get you." I don't want to make him uncomfortable. That's the last thing I ever want to do.
"Thanks man. I appreciate."
"Don't worry. I have another thing to ask you it's about Louis." I need his advise on this.
"Yeah sure, what's going on?
"I want to ask him on a date or do you think it's too soon or maybe I should ask him to be my boyfriend first? What do you think?" I know nothing about this things or subject dating at all.
"I think asking him on a date would give you too a perfect opportunity to talk more." He is a genius.
"How are you so damn right all the time?"
"I don't know if I'm right yet but good luck. Don't shit your pants while asking him." He says laughing. Very funny.
"Ha Ha Ha. Real funny Zayn. I'm dying of laughter over here." I shout at him walking away and going to my room. I hear his laughter get bigger by my comment. I'm a big boy I won't shit my pants. God! I laugh to myself.

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