Dark clouds were brighten by the sun


God that was so embarrassing, I acted like a girl in front of a crush. I don’t understand it why I thought that Harry was-is hot or any man. I’m so confused after that little moment, I’m scared that Harry will think of me as a freak or weird.
I hadn’t expected to see him like that, sure I have seen him change like a shirt but that was something else. I hope I didn’t ruin anything between us, I mean our friendship.

“Louis you here mate?” Liam’s voice ringing through my ears, bringing me back to reality.
“Yes I’m here aren’t I.” That was not a question so I hope he won’t try to answer it. Of course my hopes were crushed.
“Well I mean yes but no.” What the actual fuck! I’m not lashing out on Liam, it’s just stupid question stupid answer. I can’t lash out cause I’m dealing with some issues.
“I’m here Liam I’m just thinking.” I say truthfully.
“Whatcha think-“ He starts but gets interrupted by the one and only person. Harry.
“What do you want for dinner gentleman?” Harry asks like he is some cook or maid in here. It’s quite funny but at the same time he is not. I for sure am going to help him with preparing food or table at least.
“You can make pasta, like a lot and with your special sauce.” Of course Niall is the only one who answers on food. Not because we are not hungry or deaf but nobody beats Niall at food orders.
“Magic word would be better Niall, don’t you have manners?” I say protectively. I don’t even know why I did that but I just don’t like that they are treating Harry like that. Of course they don’t mean it or I’m just paranoid and over dramatic but still.
“Chill mate, Harry please.” Niall says with his innocent voice that works literally on everyone. I already know that Harry is gonna brush it off. I would probably too. How ironic.
“No problem Niall.” Harry says walking away to the kitchen but I quickly stand up too, getting weird glances from the boys but I ignore it.
“I will help you Harry.” I say as I finally catch up with him.

Harry is making pasta and sauce, I don’t know how he can do all the things and plus talking, listening to me. I’m just preparing things on the table.
“Harry are you exited for your birthday?” I ask cause he’s been little sad and not himself even when he told me that he is alright.
“Kind of.” He says. I don’t understand it.
“What do you mean by that?” I ask. I hadn’t expect this answer, I mean it’s his birthday.
“I, well, my family is probably not gonna be here.” He says like it’s a normal thing but I know he is sad. I feel sorry that his family couldn’t be here.
“I’m sorry.” Truthfully I’m.
“Oh don’t be, it’s okay.” He says. I don’t believe this bullshit.
“No Harry, you can be sad or upset about that.” I say.
“I’m not upset and I can’t be sad.” He says but I don’t understand the second part.
“You can’t? Of course you can.” I say. He has the right to be sad about that.
“No I can’t. They wouldn’t like that.” They? Fuck! The stupid management. I’m really mad for what they did to us. I’m still pissed off that they had the audacity to make Harry as a womanizer when they forced him to have these little dates. And even Zayn, he is one of the sweetest people I know and they made him ‘The Bad boy’ that really made me mad. I’m just lucky that I don’t need to pick up Simon’s calls, Liam does it for us. I’m still blaming myself for not reading the contract properly even when the boys said that it’s alright, but still I’m the oldest.
“I know, sorry.” I say but still thinking. He stops what he is doing and comes closer to me. Now I turn around to be sure I don’t have anything behind me that he needs so I don’t look stupid like last time.
“Stop saying sorry. Where’s the Louis with sass and ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude huh?” He asks with playful tone and smile on his face. That boy and his dimples.
“Hey he is right here ready to sass you okay!” I say as I laugh. Then I look into his eyes and noticing he is again in front of me.
“Just checking if my Louis is still there.” His Louis? On that one my heart skipped and, have butterflies in my stomach? What the hell is wrong with me? And that smile, even a little but still tells me that he is at least a little okay.
“He is and not going anywhere.” I say as we stare into each other’s eyes, getting lost and forgetting everything around us. But I smell something.
“Harry as much as I enjoy this starring concept, the dinner is going to burn.” I say playfully.
“Right.” He says still not taking his eyes of me but slowly moving away from me.
“I’m gonna call the boys.” God why I have to be so awkward around him. His eyes stared into my soul not even while ago. It’s hard not knowing what the feeling is.

As we are eating dinner I can see Harry shyly glancing at me. It’s quite cute but in some way making me nervous.
“Ready for your party birthday boy, it’s almost nine pm.” Liam asks Harry.
“Yeah kind of.” He replies clearly not wanting to explain it this time.
“I still can’t believe your are going to be nineteen.” Niall says. I myself can’t believe it, it has been such a long time. He is the youngest here but sometimes he acts like the most mature boy, no, man. He was once the sixteen years old boy with a real smile on his face, now it’s like his energy is slowly draining from him. I really want him to be that person again but with our life and management it won’t be possible.
“Neither do I.” Harry says with a genuine smile and looking down.
“Well I’m down for whatever you want to do mate. I mean we can say fuck this party if you don’t want it and go play some football.” Zayn says. I’m angry that they are forcing him to have that big party, I mean c’mon. I just hope he will be okay with that many people.
“You know we can’t do that.” He says with a sad tone. I hate to see him sad. “But we can do that later, what do you say lads?” He adds like he doesn’t know the answer already.
“Hell yeh.” Niall cheers as Liam. Zayn is just looking with smile. “Louis would win again, what do you say we switch teams huh?” Niall asks. C’mon it’s not my fault that I’m that good at football.
“Niall it’s not my fault that I’m awesome at it. I can go with Harry there, you with Liam and Zayn, if Zayn will get tired he could be coach and finally tell you that you suck at it.” I say with smile to let him and everyone that I’m only kidding. As to Zayn we know about him not eating enough when we are touring, because of stress and lack of sleep. We asked the management to give him at least a break but they said that he still needs to work on his image and hard work will pay eventually. God how I, we hate them.
“Harry, what do you say?” Niall asks and quitting my thinking with that. Harry looks at me before answering.
“I’m up for it sure.” He says looking at me.
“Alright, Liam? Zayn?” Niall asks them but mainly looking at Zayn.
“Yeah sure.” Liam says.
“I think I will be okay.” Zayn says. We are concerned about his health. Although he keeps assuring us that he is okay we still don’t budge about it. Last time he said that it isn’t that important, how I wanted to punch him for that one.
“Alright then it’s settled. We need to prepare for the party.” Liam says in his dad mode. I really love to tease him about that one.
“Quit with the dad act will you.” I say laughing remembering last time I called him dad on concert, he was pissed and all red about that.
“Don’t choke on your food you idiot.” He says with annoyed tone and face but I know he is laughing inside with me.
“I’m gonna head to my room, Harry want to join.” I ask hearing a snicker behind me from Zayn. Wait does he know something that I don’t.
“I have to clean the mess from dinner first.” He says.
“Harry leave it alone, Niall will do it.” Zayn says with a smile. What the hell does he know?
“What me? Liam you are helping!” Niall says as a five years old child.
“Alright you child.” Liam says now annoyed.
“Thanks.....Dad.” Niall says laughing and I’m too. Giving him high-five as a sign of a good job at annoying him, but run as fast as I can when I see Liam’s angry face. I hear Harry behind me with his quiet steps.
I open the door and Harry closing them behind me. Why is my heart pounding so fast. I need to take a nap before the party for sure. I check the clock it’s 8:55 pm.
“Wanna take a quick nap before it will be 9:40?” I ask him turning to him.
“Sure.” He says as he gets on the bed not under the covers. I get next to him. You know what fuck it, I want to cuddle. Best friends can do that, right? So I do exactly that, I cuddle to his side but I know that his is little spoon from the way he sleeps. I can sense him tense a bit.
“Is this okay?” I ask hoping that I didn’t do anything wrong.
“Yes.” He says as he brings his arm over me scooting me closer to him. I feel safe? Home? It feels right. Maybe I’m just overthinking, that’s not me. With this last thought I fall asleep in Harry’s arms.

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