Dark clouds were brighten by the sun



Midnight football. Who would have thought that it was gonna be so much fun. We changed our clothes and hurried on field.

“Alright lads let’s get this started.” I yell at them with playful tone.

“Yeah team up. Louis ready to get your ass beaten?” Niall asks. It’s funny how he thinks he has a chance.

“Really Niall? Me and Harry are gonna kick your ass, right Harry?” I say knowing that me and Harry are gonna be unstoppable.

“As ready as I ever be darling.” He says shyly but playfully.

“I’m ready too love.” I say and return some cheeky nickname.

“Ugh! Get a room!” Niall shouts as Zayn is looking at Harry with knowing smile. I hate how they can communicate without actually speaking.

“Niall stop being a child and let’s play.” I shout at him as I see Harry and Zayn talking. Harry is probably asking him if he is alright with playing and not feeling sick.

“Alright let’s play.” Niall says.

We get into our positions. Me and Harry are in front and nobody is wasting time of being in the goal. If they even get too close I will outrun them with ease. Zayn is in their goal, me and Niall are having a starring concept and Liam and Harry are laughing at our childish behavior. What can I say? Me and Niall are a little bit competitive.

After a while me and Harry are winning over one point. I mean it's almost 2:00 am and we are playing football with knowing that tomorrow we are gonna be tired as fuck. The score is 3:2 for us. I'm impressed with Niall and Harry but of course I'm not gonna tell that to Niall it will just boost his ego. Zayn is now coach, he stopped playing after hour but he almost outrunned me so I§m not surprised that he is tired. I'm just waiting for Liam to notice what time it is and put his 'Dad' act on. I don't know if I will find his reaction to it funny or scary, guess we never know but if it's gonna be scary then I'm running fucking miles. Angry Liam not so good. Me and Harry are pretty good team.
"Boys it's two in the morning!" There it is. Liam noticed and Niall is looking at me.
"Why are you looking at me?" I whisper-yell at him. He thinks I will save him from angry Liam, then he is right.
"Pick your things and run." What, why? I give him confused and he motions behind me. Please don't tell me that-
"Louis William Tomlinson!" Fuck. I quickly turn around and see him fast walking to me. What did I do?
"Liam before you do something let's talk alright lad?" I don't know what I did.
"Alright explain why the time on my phone is turned 1 hour backwards?" I'm running. That was a prank from a week ago. How did he noticed just now? No time for that. How did he knew that it was me? No time for that one too. Of course nobody would prank Liam like me. They don't have like Liam calls it a 'death wish' it's funny and scary to hear him say it.
"C'mon lad it was a prank from week ago." I'm running from him and talking to him. Quite hard isn't it.
"A week ago?!?" He yells. Okay maybe telling him that one was a big mistake. I see Harry and hide behind him. I know that Liam won't hurt him.
"Harry help me." I say nervously laughing. He stands in front of me, protecting me.
"Liam it was a prank don't hurt m-our, our sunshine." He tries reasoning. I'm glad that he is protecting me. I know that Niall would have either run with me or sold me out.
"Harry get out of the way." Liam says calmly as slowly trying to get me but Harry stays protectively in front of me.
"Liam c'mon lad forget it." I shout at him laughing.
"Louis don't make it worse." Harry says seriously but I know that he wants to laugh so bad.
"Alright, alright. Liam I'm sorry please don't kill me." I say seriously but still laughing. I'm still thinking he is not backing down but I see that smile. That little shit. He played me into running. "You played me!" I yell at him.
"It was really funny to see you running from me as your ass was on fire." He says laughing his ass off. I mean it's better than him wanting to kill me but that was lame and I'm stupid.
"Well played lad, well played." I say to him shaking his hand and giving him a side hug.
"But seriously we need to get going cause it's two in the morning." He says.
"Lads you wanna go home?" I ask but I think I wanna go home to now that he is mentioning it.
"Yeh let's go." Niall says. Uh Uh, no he is not getting away.
"What was that Niall?" I ask him. God this is gonna be so fun.
"Eh? What do you mean?" He asks as he sees my smirk.
"I thought you said 'Good game' to me." I say laughing as I see boys laugh at him too.
"Yeh good game Tomlinson." He says shaking my hand. This feels good but I won't taunt him anymore. Not because I'm getting soft, not in chance but I'm tired.
"Louis you played awesome." Harry says standing in front of me.
"You were pretty good too Harry. Let's go home." I say.
This was so much fun. We need to do this more often. I mean, who doesn't want to play football at midnight for two hours. I know that I'm gonna be so exhausted tomorrow morning but I don't care now, it was worth it. I'm glad that we won cause I know that if my pride would get in the way, I wouldn't be able to admit that Niall won like he did to me.
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