Dark clouds were brighten by the sun


We had to woke up around 9:00 am because we have plans for today. Today we have an interview before our tour and before the stunt. I have to have some energy but I'm exhausted, I don't even know how boys feel. Louis is classically himself, meaning not a morning person meaning mean and rude to everyone. It's funny watching him like that. He is not mean to me at all and here I thought that if I would wake him up he would bit my head off but nothing like that happened. I'm surprised and when I told the boys they had the same reactions. It was really funny watching Liam thinking Louis will be nice to him too, his heart got broken. I broke into laughter when Liam called Louis 'Morning Little Devil' that was funny and Zayn almost choked on his breakfast along with Niall.
"Ready for the interview boys!?" Some lady asks. I don't remember her name, I feel kinda bad for that. She was nice but a little bit loud.
"Yeah. Let's go." Liam says as we are some kind of class of children to him on a trip.
"Yeah dad let's go." Of course my Louis says. Wait. My Louis. That was weird.
"Louis stop being mean." Niall says with a smile. Oh no. "Say sorry to dad." He says laughing with Louis. Children really. I look at Liam seeing him with annoyed look. I smile to myself.
"C'mon boys!" Same lady shouts.

Time Skip
{Author's note- I apologies, this questions, names are from my imagination so don't come at me. Thank you!}
"We have here One Direction boys with us." Laura says. "I have some questions for you, about your tour and about you. So are you ready." She says.
"Yeah we are." Liam says.
"Yeh." Niall says.
"So I heard that some of you are single now and some of you have a girlfriend. Mind telling me the truth." She says. I should have know that she already knew about Taylor stunt. "I heard that Harry has a secret girlfriend, mind telling me who it is?" Fuck.
"It wouldn't be a secret if I told you, right?" Please I don't wanna ruin Louis's good day. I look at him. Shit. He is looking down and he looks sad. I don't want him sad.
"You are right, yes but it is the truth that you have a girlfriend?" She got me there. I look at Louis and then the management. They are telling me to tell yes.
"Yeah." I tried to smile to be more convincing.
"What is your favorite album so far? The first or the second?"
"Uhm that's hard." Liam says.
"I think the second one." Said Zayn.
"Yeh me too." Said Niall.
"Alright we got two votes for the second one. Harry, Liam, Louis, what are your opinions?" I look at Louis.
"I think the second one too." Liam said.
"Harry? Louis?" God she is looking at me. Liam nudged me that woke me up from looking at Louis.
"Uhm I think the first one." I say quickly.
"Yeah yeah I think the same." Louis said.
"Alright. Favorite song?" She asks. I know mine.
"Mine is What Makes You Beautiful." I say.
"I think mine is Heart Attack." Liam said.
"Yeah same here." Zayn said looking at her with his stare. He does it like all the time and it makes them nervous. Sometimes it's funny but sometimes annoying. Liam will be bitching about it later that's for sure.
"Niall? Louis?"
"Mine is I Want." Niall said. Is it really?
"My favorite is probably I loved you first." Louis said. But that's not what it's called. God! I'm so stupid. Is it possible that he felt the same or still does. I look at him, he is sad again. My fault. Did he really just said that. I look at Zayn and he is looking at me too, like Niall, Liam do too. They couldn't know anything or did they? I'm so confused.
The rest of the interview I was lost and shocked still from his answer. Management will probably get angry at me or Louis too. I don't want them to make him to do some stunt like me. He had one already with Eleanor back in 2011. I remember seeing their photos like they had to kiss. Of course back then I couldn't explain my feelings, I still can't but that made me sad. The photos were of course fake and I knew that but it still hurt.


Time Skip

Here it is. My first stunt with Taylor, just walking around park. Can't be that hard. I mean I need to talk to her like not to try anything cause I'm not comfortable with it, or doing anything with her. I'm glad that she is gonna have new album but sorry that it has to be under these circumstances. I like her as a singer, person and nothing more, hoping there won't be any hard feelings in this. I just hope that she knows that it's only business, not something more. I still kinda hate it. I don't get how is it gonna help her or tha management, I mean walking and chatting it's not like we are dating, people won't believe it. Hopefully it won't ruin ours or hers image. It's just a walk. Louis told me to think about it like walking a dog. He and his mind and I wondered what was going on in there, I still do. That reminds me that I still need to talk to him about that. It probably meant nothing for all I know but I need to satisfy my curiosity. I'm so in my head right now that I hadn't even notice Simon and Taylor enter the room I was told to wait.

"Harry!" Someone called.

"What!" Jesus nearly gave me a heart attack.

"I have been calling your name like five times. Get it straight in your head and focus on me." That audacity that old man has. How old is he even? Fifty? Sixty? Or maybe more. I could take him if I wanted to but I'm not a violent person, not unless I'm pissed. And for second thought I really don't want to ruin our careers even more because of my reckless behaviour. I would never forgive myself if I did that to boys. I know they would be somehow proud but deep down they would blame me.

"Yeah yeah. Now explain the stunt." I say and giving more attention to the word; stunt.

"Grumpy today I see. All you have to do is walk and look happy." He says.

"You mean pretend to look happy." I really enjoy annoying him but I'm risking enough. As he is reading my mind.

"You feel like risking today? Little boy finally grew up." Dramaqueen.

"Like I said get on with it and you did exactly that so let's take a walk Taylor." I say to her not with venom. She doesn't deserve hate from me. It's just a walk, with a dog.

"Yeah let's go."

After my walk with the do-Taylor I mean Taylor, I quickly went to media to see what that little walk had done. Jesus she has done a lot. He have a girlfriend, It's just a friend, He already admitted on the interview that her has a girlfriend. God so many articles just because of that. I disagree only with one. Taylor is not a whore or a slut. I get all the perspectives in this, the fan one, Taylor's, and mine. All the time we have been walking we got to know each other. Just the stupid questions. We laughed, she doesn't seem like a bad person and I apologised to her before the walk that she will get hate and all of that. I get that fan perspective too, some of them think that we are dating, some of them say that we are not and that I can have some friends that are girls too. Finally mine perspective that I understand and don't understand at the same time. It pains me that I have no say in this but on the other side she is a good person and talented singer too.
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