Dark clouds were brighten by the sun



Harry had gone to his walk with Taylor. It really hurt me but I know that he had no say in this and that probably hurts me even more. It's not like we are dating or something. I don't know if I fucked up on the interview or not. I need to talk to Harry but I have to wait till he gets back. At his party that was like two weeks ago when we learned that he needs to do that stunt with her I told him imagine like walking a dog, we had a good laugh about it. Liam and Zayn are watching some movie, Niall is probably eating something like he always does and here I'm left with my thinking and waiting for the pictures about Harry and Taylor. They won't even suspect it was a stunt cause he admitted it on the interview too. I hope our fans won't make a big deal out of it, the 'management wouldn't like that' like Liam always says in situations like this. I don't care what they like, think or want. I'm just not doing anything cause I don't want us to lose our jobs. This is the second time they did this to Harry. I didn't like it then and I don't like it now, I hate it now.

"Hey Louis you wanna eat something?" Niall asked walking to my room.

"No thank you." I say not moving from my spot in bed not even turning my attention to him.

"Hey what's going on? You hadn't eat anything since we came." Should I tell him? He will probably think that I'm going crazy or something but it's still worth a shot. I know I can trust him to not to say anything. We have had these conversations for a long time.

"Promise me you won't think I'm crazy or something." I say in all seriousness and my attention is on him now.

"You are scaring me right now but spill it out." He says sitting beside me.

"I think my feelings are wrong. Or something is wrong with me. I don't know really but I have had these feelings for a long time and I know I shouldn't feel like this about my best friend but with him it's just different. Niall am I crazy?" I look at him to see him with his creepy grin at that look on his face like he knows exactly what I'm talking about.

"Lad you are crazy." He says.

"I knew it. Fuck I-" He quickly stops my rambling.

"You are crazy about him."

"What? You know who am I talking about? How?" I spill question by question.

"Really? I have eyes you should try and open them too."

"You are not mad?" What the fuck is going on.

"I already knew that you have an eye for Harry but you were still questioning yourself about feeling that way about him. Man it's not wrong to be attracted to guys." He really gives the best advices.

"I-I don't know what to say. Am I gay?"

"You are really asking that after my speech about being attracted to guys is okay?" He has a point but I'm still in shock.

"Thank you Ni." I'm truly lucky for him. Only I can call him that.

"And I'm not telling anyone don't worry." He is reading my mind that's for sure.

"Thank you for making a slight peace in my mind, let's go eat then."

"Yay let's go and quick alert Harry is downstairs." I paled, my soul left my body.

"Oh Fuck me." I look at Niall. He starts grinning and we finally give in and laugh about it

"That would be a pain in the ass." He says. It doesn't take me long to get what he meant by that and I start laughing harder along with him.

As we go downstairs still laughing I see Harry cooking again, not that anyone complains about it. His food is so great.

"What are you two laughing about?" Liam asks. Me and Niall just look at each other and start laughing even harder. Liam is just looking confused, Zayn and Harry share a smile. Sometimes it just seem like Liam is the dad, Zayn is the mum and the rest of us are their children. Harry is more mature than us though.

"Nothing." We both answer at the same time. That was not calculated or planed. They start chuckling.

"What's for dinner Harry?" I ask.

"Pasta and chicken plus some salad if you want."

"If I was a girl I would marry you." Niall said. God! I look at him to see that grin. Oh How I want to whip that off.

"Thanks." He says with a shy smile glancing at me. We really need to talk.

"Really Niall?!" Of course Liam asks as Niall did something wrong. He really needs to cut off with that dad act.

"Ahh Please try not to scold him. He will say sorry." I say acting serious but as soon as I look at Niall I crack into laughing along with him. This kid.

"Prepare the table, dinner is almost ready." Harry said. He cooks so damn good. I'm excited for this one.

After we ate dinner I helped Harry with the dishes. I still don't know if he wants to talk to me at all. I mean, why wouldn't he?
"Louis?" He asks.
"Let's go to our room. The dishes are done." Our room. He walks to me and grabs my hand to led me to our room. I quickly follow his large steps. He is taller than all of us although he is the youngest. I hate mother nature.
"Can we talk?" He shyly asks. He already closed the door and locked it. I still don't get why he locks his bedroom for nights.
"Yeah sure. C'mon let's lay down on bed." I say already going to lay down. I wait a few seconds and he is beside me. Feeling his stare I ask. "What do you want to talk about?" I don't know if this is going to be good or bad.
"The interview." He didn't forget. "Did you-Did you meant that?" He asks nervously.
"Yeah." I answer knowing what he meant by that question. "I have had these feelings about you for a long time." I add looking away simply scared of his reaction. He gently grabs my face.
"Me too." He says scanning my reaction to his confession. I never believed for butterflies in stomach but now I have them.
"Do you want to talk about it?" Please say yes.
"Do you?"
"Then I want it too." I'm so glad that we are not even more awkward. "Can I start?" He asks.
"Of course." I'm nervous, excited, happy and nervous again. All in once.
"Well I have been feeling about you and thinking about you more than a best friend. I have been trying to figure it all out before it got more confusing. I just feel attracted to you more than a best friend and I don't know if you feel the same but you obviously feel something for me too. So do you?" This was his confession. I'm shocked and happy.
"I feel the same. I feel about you more than a best friend too." I don't know what more to say. I glance at the clock 11:30 pm it says.
"Do you want to cuddle?" He asks as he have been reading my mind.
"Yeah. Little spoon?" I ask knowing that already.
"Yeah." He says before turning to the side so I can cuddle him. I'm so happy that he is feeling the same way and so glad that we talked. I'm sure we are gonna be talking more about this but that can wait for tomorrow.
"Goodnight Louis." He said in his sweet tone, half asleep.
"Goodnight Harry." I say as I'm waiting for my sleep. I don't need to dream about him in my arms, he is already there. It doesn't take long.

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