hate that fact/ kiara carrera


life in OuterBanks is no better on the main land except for the Kooks who are posh rich and selfcentered A ll but one who is as we call a honarly pogue called kie. In th midst of a treasure hunt there a realashionships, discovers of ones sexuality, fights between rich and poor. One treasure hunt leads the 5 teenagers down a rabbit hole they might not escape with them all alive but some might not care considering theres 400 million dollars on the line

Adventure / Action
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"Welcome to OuterBanks Paradise on earth, It's the sort of place where you either have two jobs or two houses.Two tribes one Island.

All right this is figure 8 the rich side of the island, Home of the kooks. So guess where we dont live.
And then, this is the south side or more well know as the cut. Home of the working class who make a living busing tables, Wshing yachts,Running chaters. The natural habitat of... Drumrole please... The pogues. Thats us Pogues, pogies the throwaway fish. Lowest memeber of the food chain. Okay. The downside of pogue life is that were ignored and neglected. But the upside of pogue life is that were ignored and neglected, which means we do whatever we want when ever we want" said the dirty blonde if not brown haired boy said as the pogues got on the boat to start another adventure were hopefully they wouldn't get caught like they did seconds before.
"Let me introduce you to the crew so there's JJ my bestfriend since 3rd grade. He's about as local as they come. Latest in a long line of fishing, drinking, smuggling, vendetta-holding salt-lifers who made their living off the water. Best surfer i know. Just dont tell him I said that. Mild kleptomatic and future tax cheat.
And then theres kiara or kie as we call her. When not saving turtles or listening to Marley, getting away with storm for girls time or getting a dolphin tattoo she hangs out with us. So shes a rich kid actually. Her family owns The Wreck, this OuterBanks insitution. Total cashcow with the tourists. You know, I'm not really sure how her parents feel abouts us.
Pope lets see he is the brains of this operation finalist for the lucas t. vanderhorst merit scholarship. And the second smartest person I know. Little bit of a wierdo. His father this legendary character Heyward. Anthing you want of this Island he could get it for you. Now i'm not sure that Heyward knew what to do with his oddball son but it didnt matter. He was a pogue just like the rest of us that includes his twin sister.
Last but not least theres Storm Popes older,smarter twin sister the only difference is that she drinks and does weed like jj and doesnt use her intellagence for anything not so much of a wierdo like Pope. She can also fight pretty well which is good for her as the Kooks have been out for her for ages. She some how got a place in the Kook acadame the same year as Kie started just she went to the school for free. She is also Bisexual we all except her and she has the fattest crush on kie but kjie doesnt know tha.
So thats my crew the one and only" said the dirty blond we had yet to know the name of.
Next Morning
"And then theres me John Booker Routledge and this is where I live. An old fish shack on the marsh. The chateau as my dad used to call it. He disappeared at sea nine months ago looking for a shipwreck. Who disapears at sea these days? I miss him. Theen theres Mum. She split when I was 3. Last I heard she was in colorado. I think it was colorado. Then theres Uncle T. Since my Dad vanished he's my supposedly my legal guardian. At the moment he's in mississippi building houses... Which means it's just me right now, on my own, hagin' out with my friends. Three months after my dad went missing, he was offically presumed dead. I refused sign the papers. Until I see a body, I'm not giving up,"said John b
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