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Y/n is known to already have a hybrid but she feels sad since she has to leave him home alone so she stops by the hybrid store to go look. She didn't mean for all of them to come home but, the more the merrier.

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- Introductions -

Jin: Himalayan Cat

Yoongi: Snow leopard

Hoseok: Ferret

Namjoon: wolf

Jimin: Pampas fox

Taehyung: White Siberian Tiger

Jungkook: Holland Loop (bunny)

I cant put any image on here like I can on wattpad. I'm really sorry for it but if you look up each one of these animals you'll see what they are.

what I picked for their animals is what I see. Hobi and Jin always changes for me because usually I see an eagle for hobi and jin is mainly a smaller animal but I also see the animals I picked for them as well.

this was one of my newer stories on wattpad so its not entirely finished like my other books as well so this one will possibly be published before my other books.

please enjoy my story.

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