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Chapter 10 - Toy slide and more fun -

I walked back into the shop and the lady was shocked.

"Oh hello ma'am, Jin." The lady treated us and I smiled.

I immediately ran over to the ferret area and immediately grabbed the slinky's. The bell to the door ring and I turned and looked to see chris again.

"Oh y/n? Your back here again?" He questioned and I awkwardly smiled and nodded.

"Yep, I had to get some more things." He nodded.

"This is my hybrid, Felix this is y/n and vise versa." I smiled

"Hi Felix. This is my hybrid Jin. Jin this is Chris." Jin stiffened at the name, he remembered.

"You must be one of the newer six she got, she told me about y'all." Jin awkwardly nodded while his tail swooshed ever so often.

"We should let our hybrid meet each other." He bit his lip.

"I'm guessing Jimin still doesn't like me," he scratched his neck.

"Not really particularly," he sighed.

"It's okay, I deserved it. I wasn't really the best of all and again, I'm really sorry." I smiled.

"It's okay, it's in the past now." I smiled and he nodded.

"I forgot to ask but, how are your parents?" He questioned as I picked up some treats which Jin got excited for.

"They're doing okay. My mom is leaving tomorrow for a business meeting and my sad is currently locked up," Chris widened his eyes.

"He's in jail?" He said.

"Yea he's convicted of doing fraud and abusing me and jimin," Chris widened his eyes.

"I never knew......" he trailed off.

"I'm so so so sorry y/n," he put his head into his hands and Felix immediately went to comfort him.

"It's fine, like I said... it's in the past now, I've moved on." He nodded.

Jin put his arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

"Uhm anyway, I'll get out of your way. I hope we can get out hybrids to meet." I smiled at him.

"Of course, goodbye." I waved at him as we walked off deeper into the store.

"I like the hybrid.... not him," I patted Jin's shoulders.

"I know, I felt it."

I paid for the items and we left the store. As we were driving I spoke.

"Let's get some dinner," he nodded and we pulled into a fast food pace and got some food through the drivethru.

"Boys were home again!" They were in their animal for and currently my mom was playing with Hobi.

Everyone sniffed and jimin reported over too me and sniffed all around me.

He sat down and he looked annoyed in some way and I rolled my eyes and smiled.

"Yes we met him again and he had his hybrid with him," I went out to pet him and he turned his head and I chuckled.

"We got food," I held up the bag.

He didn't looked but his tail was wagging a lot to express he was excited.

"Silly fox, okay everyone change and come eat!" I said and they all ran off.

"Uhm.." I spoke at the quiet table and everyone turned their attention towards me.

"So as I was speaking with Chris he suggested my hybrids meet his.. I agreed because y'all need to have some friends." Jimin laid his burger down.

"Y/n-," I held my hand up.

"I know.. you don't like him... Jin doesn't either," everyone looked towards Jin.

"I didn't like the way he smelt but, I like the hybrid so I'm okay with it" Jin said.

"Okay and how are we going to meet him then?" Jimin said sarcastically and I gave him a look.

"I'm taking y'all to the park tomorrow, I keep running into the idiot so he'll probably be somewhere close." They all nodded but nonetheless was excited for the park.

"I should be making my way home now, I've got a lot to pack." My mother said as she was finished.

"Take care my lovely daughter," she kissed my forehead.

"You guys too, take care. I love you all," she went around and hugged everyone and went off to her room she was staying in, coming out with everything and left.

(That sounded sus but it's okay, it was nothing bad)

"Okay boys, if you want to go to the park tomorrow clean up, and yourselves, and let's go to bed." The boys immediately started cleaning up and rushed upstairs.


"Go play guys," I said to them and they all ran off besides Yoongi.

"Yoongi, go exercise." He chuckled and shook his head.

"No you need help," he said and continued to help lay out the blanket while I get the picnick basket.

I come back to see Yoongi tense so I looked and there was Chris with Felix.

"Oh hey, Yoongi it's okay." I interrupted the interaction.

"Yoongi this is Chris and this is Felix," he nodded his head.

I sat down and immediately Yoongi followed after me laying his head on my lap. I chuckled and started rubbing his head.

I opened the basket and got out some snacks and threw two to Chris. I opened mine and started eating the chips.

"Is it okay if we sit here?" Chris said and I nodded.

"I didn't pack extra food, I didn't have enough room." He waved me off.

"We ate before we came here." I nodded and soon I saw Namjoon come running towards us. His little run is adorable.

"Y/n~" he sung out and I looked up.

"Hey Joon," he smiled big at the nickname.

"Jimin got hurt," he frowned and I gasped.

"Okay im com-," he waved at me to stop.

"Tae and kook got him, they're coming over here." He sat down beside me and finally he noticed other bodies.

I heard a little growl rubble in his chest.

"Namjoon stop it. This is Chris and that's his hybrid Felix."

"Mommy!!!!!" I heard jiminies little scream as they sat him down in front of me.

"Thank you Tae and kook," they nodded and ran back off.

"Mommy!!" He wailed and I petted his ears.

"Your okay jiminie, where does it hurt?" I asked and he pointed to his knee to see a little scratch.

"A couple of thorns got a hold of him," Namjoon said.

I looked down to see Yoongi sound asleep. I saw Namjoon grab ahold of Jimin and sat him in his lap.

"Y/n? Do you have any medicine?" I nodded and reached into the basket and got out some ointment and a bandaid. I dabbed the paper towel with water and I started to clean off his wound and dry it up.

I then rubbed the ointment on the spot and put the bandaid on.

"The pain should go away soon baby," I kissed his bandaged knee and he giggled.

I smiled to him as he started playing with namjoons tail, I noticed Namjoon keeping a close eye on Chris and Felix since Yoongi was asleep.

"Uhm, so. How are you jiminie?" Jimin stopped playing at the familiar voice and turned around.

"I- I'm fine," he responded.

I noticed Jin walking towards us. He sat down and grabbed a water.

"Hobi, tae, and kook is so hyper." I smiled to Jin.

"Oh, everyone this is Chris and his hybrid Felix." Jin paused as he was going to take another sip of his water.

"Yea, the person who hurt my mommy," Jimin said and narrowed his eyes at Chris.

"I'm so sorry for it as well. I was immature and stupid back then but I swear I have changed, I'm not that immature person like I was before." He seemed at least genuine.

"Don't think you'll every have her back because she is ours," Jiminie exclaimed once again and Chris nodded.

"Don't worry Jiminie, I know." Jiminie nodded.

"I wanna sit in mommy's lap but yoonie!" Jiminie tugged on Namjoon's shirt and point to Yoongi.

"Let yoonie sleep Jiminie, you'll get your turn surely." Namjoon scratched lightly behind jimins ears and his tail started wagging.

"Y/n, what kind of food did you bring again?" Jin asked as he started looking in the basket.

"I brought sandwiches for each of your likings," Jin looked at me with a big smile once he saw his name.

"Thanks y/n," Jin said and kissed my cheek.

I got flustered from the action and softly smiled, I had a thought of why but I didn't question it.

My smile altered when I heard yelling.

I looked up to see Hobi on the ground, Jungkook and Tae was helping him up while yelling.

Pánico courses through me as I quickly removed Yoongi from my lap which woke him up on guard as I started running to my three hybrids.
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