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Chapter 12 - What now -

I was stunned at Jin's words. All their parents got killed.

"When that happened, we basically distanced ourselves until we found one another and formed a little pack. Since we all thought they were human because they hid their scent really well... we kind of hated humans." Jin said.

"But we realized they weren't and they were hybrids. We saw them out and they had ears, tail, scent, and all. Hybrids never forget a face." I rubbed Jin's back.

"That was the first time we got into the hybrid center, we were just kids and not too long after Jimin got taken from us. We had a really strong bond with each other because we felt for each other and then.... and then it felt like it all got taken away from us when Jimin went away, we felt incomplete." By this time I couldn't hold my wailing cries.

Jin squeezed me tighter and tried to comfort me but I just couldn't stop. I felt weak and started loosing my weight from my legs, Jin held me up and tighter so I wouldn't fall. Unknowing to the two who walked in on us saw and heard everything.

I felt some water hit my head and figured Jin was crying, I don't know why for.

"I'm so sorry!!" I wailed out and I felt Jin shake his head as he put his hand on my head to rub it.

I felt him try to soothe me by kissing my head multiple times but it never helped. "It's okay y/n," I shook my head.

"Yes it is, we're all back with each other now and even better, we have you y/n." Jin said as he finally just picked me up and held me.

I wrapped my legs around him and buried my face into his neck.


Jin's POV

I turned around after I picked up y/n and saw Yoongi and Namjoon standing there. Yoongi looked zoned out while Namjoon was on the verge of crying... just like the rest of us.

We are so connected to y/n, she's our mate all together and so it hurts when this happens. I finally saw Yoongi slide down the wall and put his head into his hands, I could feel he started crying as well.

We talked through our eyes and I nodded. "Come on y/n, lets get you to bed okay?" I said and bounced her around a couple of times like a baby and kissed her head before walking up the stairs, Jimin followed swiftly after.

I laid her down in her bed and kissed her forehead a couple of times. Jimin got on the other side of her and scooped her up.

"We love you y/n, never forget that okay?" She nodded and I kissed her lips. I felt euphoria spread throughout my body. My heat was probably coming soon.

I broke the kiss and kissed her forehead again. Y/n was asleep at this time but then I heard crashing going on downstairs. I told Jimin to stay there while I quickly rushed out the room and down the stairs.

As I got to the end of the stairs I see Yoongi. Namjoon was trying to calm him down but he just wouldn't.

"Yoongi you don't want to make a mess inside our house," Namjoon said and tried to stop Yoongi but Yoongi pushed Namjoon back. This time Jungkook sprung down the stairs and went to Yoongi.

"Yoongi stop it! I can feel your distress, calm down please." Jungkook hugged Yoongi but Yoongi pushed him back as well.

"She.. she won't love me anymore. She- she wants nothing to do with me anymore! She hates me.. she hates me." Yoongi fell to the floor.

"I can feel it she hates me." He cried out as he laid on the floor.

I haven't seen him like this since his parents died.

"She had to know at some point, I haven't told her anything about me yet." Namjoon said as he got up.

"Yours is not as bad as mine Namjoon." Jungkook also got up as well.

For me, I didn't know what to do. My ears laid flat on my head and I started holding my tail. Maybe I fucked up. I shouldn't have told but she wouldn't have left it alone.

"Yoongi just give her time, she can't hate you forever, shit I'm pretty sure she doesn't hate you." Namjoon said as he carefully approached Yoongi.

"No no no no she hates me," Yoongi was in denial.

I felt like a coward. I couldn't go up to him. He knew I was here in the room he knew it. He got back up and turned around towards me. I fucked up..... I fucked up big time.

"You," I looked at Yoongi in the eyes.

"Why did you tell her!" He said.

"Why did you have to tell her!!"

"I-I-I," I couldn't speak.

"Yoongi you know y/n, she wouldn't have left it alone!" Namjoon said.

"You were gonna have to tell her anyway!" Namjoon started getting heated.

"I could have told her! Me!" Yoongi was still staring at me.

Just then Hobi rain down the stairs.

"Guys you have to quiet down! Y/n is asleep and I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to wake up with her hybrids going at each other's throats, also have you forgotten Felix is here!" Hobi blurted out.

"I'm not picking sides here either way she probably would have reacted the same as she did if you told her! We all have a past and yes it may not be pretty but we have to tell her at some point. He came back Yoongi! She had to know."

Yoongi slumped to the floor. "Yoongi she doesn't love you any less than what she does now. Just talk with her once she wakes up. Jungkook, go back up to Felix." Hobi said and Jungkook nodded and went back up the stairs.

"I- I want to see her." Yoongi said and Hobi nodded.

"Come on then, Jimin is with her right now."

I watched and Yoongi and Hobi passed by me I followed behind them as they went into y/n's room. Jimin immediately got out and before Hobi could go in there Yoongi closed the door.


Yoongi's POV.

I watched her as she laid there asleep. I've hurt her so many times, yet she never kicked me out. I crawled in the bed beside her and I inhaled her scent. It was so sweet.

I loved her so much. Yea she had to know but I didn't want to tell her. I watched as she shifted around and snuggled into my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her head multiple times.

"I'm so sorry y/n," I whispered to her.

My heart started hurting so bad that I ended up crying. I couldn't stop them as they just kept coming out. It eventually woke y/n up.

I had my eyes closed as I was trying to silence my cry's but sometimes that didn't work.

"I'm so sorry," I said and hugged her closer to me.

"Please don't leave me y/n," I said again.

"I love you so much," I kissed her head and put my forehead up against hers.
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