My Hybrids | Bts AU |

Chapter 1 - New faces -

“I’m on my way now and I’m getting you a big surprise!” I said into the phone, my hybrid squeaked.

“Are you happy?” I asked and he replied back quickly.

“Okay well I’m walking into the store now so I’ve got to go, I love you baby.” I made kissy noises into the phone and he giggled.

We hung up and I went into the hybrid shop.

“Hello ma’am, are you looking for a hybrid or hybrid supplies?” She lady asked nicely.

“Uhm actually looking for hybrids, I feel sad when I leave mine at home and wanted to give him some company while I’m at work.” The clerk nodded and lead me to where they keep the hybrids.

“Here you go, let me know if you’ve found the one."

I walked in there and my sight immediately catches 6 in one big cage. I was curious so I walked over and squat down.

“Hello,” I said and they all looked up surprised.

“Wow,” I said under my breath.

“Oh ma’am, I’m not sure if you want them. They won’t let no one adopt just individually,” the woman said and I nodded.

Mine was a rare breed and I’m so happy I got him and now that I look at them, there was common but some rare.

“How much would all of them be?” I asked out of curiosity.

The bunch sat up straight as the woman looked shocked.

“Uhm Well, $300. One of them is rare that’s why it’s so expensive.” She smiled and I nodded.

“I’ll take them,” what!?!

“Uh oh okay,” she quickly ran to go get papers and some collars.

She came back.

“These are the collars we assigned them too and I need you to fill out the forms, then if you’d like we have some things that the each individually like, I can give them too you on the house.” I smiled and nodded.

“That will be great, thank you.” She nodded and walked off.

“You’re really adopting us?” I looked at the voice to notice a wolf hybrid.

“Yes, my hybrid at home sometimes feels lonely and I wanted him to have company. I’m not sure how he’s gonna take it since there’s more but I think he’ll like y’all,” I smiled and finally finished signing the papers.

“Here are the clothes and I put the items in the bag for you.” She smiled as she got the hybrids out and handed them their assigned bag which had their names.

“Okay guys, lets go.” I said and smiled happily.


I unlocked the door and quietly told them to stay back, they were flabbergasted by my house but I went in.

“Y/n!!!” My hybrid ran up to me and engulfed me in a hug.

“Hello my little fox.” I kissed his head and he smiled but quickly took sniffs.

“You smell like,”

The door opened and revealed the other hybrids.

“Jimin!?!” They exclaimed.

“Guys!” He quickly ran up to them and they all hugged.

I, on the other hand, was a bit confused and shocked.

“Where did you find them y/n!!” Jimin asked as tears started coming out.

“Well I went by the hybrid shop and was gonna get another hybrid so you wouldn’t be lonely while I was away at work.. but something told me to get all of them.” I smiled and Jimin happily skipped over to me and hugged me tightly:

Sometimes he doesn’t know his own strength and now I couldn’t breathe.

“Jimin... too.. tight,” I laughed a bit and he quickly let go.

“I’m sorry!” He said frantically and he tried checking to make sure he didn’t hurt me.

“Jimin, it’s fine but I’ve told you to watch your strength.” I giggled and ruffled his hair and then scratched him behind the ears which made his tail go crazy.

He’s a sucker for attention.

“Well come on guys, you all get your own rooms but it’s fine if you like to sleep with someone. My bed is always open as well,” I smiled at them.

“Jimin, can you help them while I go ahead and start making dinner?” I looked and saw Jin raise his hand.

I was confused and laughed a bit.

“Jin, this isn’t school, what is it.” I laughed and he blushed.

“Can I help make food?” He asked.

“Of course! Come on!” I pulled him to the kitchen and he gasped.

“Are you.. rich?” He asked and I giggled.

“My parents are pretty successful in life and so they lend me some money but other than that the rest was done by me.”

“Now come on, what do you want to eat.” I asked and he looked taken back.

“Uhm.. I- I don’t know.” I smiled.

“That’s okay, lets go with something light and then maybe as the days progress we can start cooking feast.” He laughed and we started making the food.

“Y/n!!!!” Jimin came down and hollered my name.

“In the kitchen!” I yelled back so he could hear me, which was no problem at all.

“Where the rest sweetie?” I asked as he nuzzled his face into my neck.

“They’re all taking a nap.” He kissed my neck a couple of times and Jin watched.

“Good, hey Jin, if you want to take a nap you can if you want to.” I looked at him and he shook his head.

“It’s okay, I took a nap earlier before you came.” I nodded and pour the sauce into the bowls of ramen.

“Can you boys wake them up, dinner is done.” Jimin happily skipped away while Jin followed behind.


“So please, tell me about y’all. How do you know each other?” I pointed towards Jimin and the rest.

“Well, I was with them at one point... until it guess your father demanded one of the 7 of us. We didn’t want to be separated but the lady didn’t have a choice...” I gasped.

“Omg,” I put my fork down.

“What’s wrong?” Jungkook quietly asked.

“T- that means,” Jimin interrupted me.

“We were all little... yes.” I put my hand over my mouth.

“Dad never told me,” tears were actually brimming up in my eyes as I excused myself and left the table.

I went into the bathroom and started crying, for what reason, I don’t know.

Just then I heard a lock on the bathroom door. “Y/n?” It was Jimin.

He opened the door and came to me and held me close to him. “Don’t cry, I do wish I had stayed with them and we all be together but I don’t regret having you as my owner,” he rubbed my back.

Unaware of the others watching, Jimin continued. “I know he’s changed and I know you forgive him but just remember you have me... I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you though and I regret not doing it but... that’s one of the laws is that humans can’t harm hybrids and vise versa.” I nodded and laid my head in his shoulder.

“You needed your father and I was selfish because I needed you. I was away from my family and it hurt badly but you always made me happy. Even though he did all that I knew I couldn’t,” I caressed his face and ran my hand through his hair.

“Your fine Jimin, it’s okay and I needed you as well so I wouldn’t have wanted you to do that,” I hugged him and he hugged back immediately.

“Now you know why I stay so loyal to you,” I laughed but my laughing was muffled by his shirt.

“But it’s okay, I’ve got my family back and I have you as well still. I have everything I need.” He rubbed my back to help me calm down and placed kisses on my forehead.

“Now lets get back before the food gets cold, your perfect cooking can’t go to waste,” he picked me up and carried me.

I giggled as started lightly hitting his back. “Jimin! Put me down!” I giggled more as I heard his giggles.

He sat me down in my chair and caressed my hand and kiss it before sitting down and chewing on his food.

“Are you okay?” I looked over at the skittish tiger and I smiled.

“Yea just personal things,” I smiled and continued eating.

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