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Chapter 2 - Rules -

I woke up with something crashing. I jolted up and quickly made my way downstairs with a bat just incase of a intruder. I got halfway down and started to slowly make my way while getting ready to swing.

I got down the stairs and turned around to come face to face with a huge cat. I screamed and that’s when everyone else came down. I apparently scared Yoongi as well because he’s now on the table hissing at me.

Everyone rushed down the stairs and started laughing. Jimin immediately came up to me to check for any markings of some sort. The rest got Yoongi off the table.

“What happened?” Namjoon tried holding in his laugh.

“Well I thought an intruder was in here so I was coming down with my bat” I proceeded to point at the object in the floor. “Then when I turned around Yoongi was right there In my face and it scared me, I must have scared him as well.” And that’s when they all started the fit of laughter.

I picked up the bath and sat it up against the stairs.

“I might have broken a vase.. I was uhm.. trying to find a spot I would comfortable at and I found one but I broke the vase,” he point as the object that was on the floor from the long table.

“Eh, that vase was ugly anyway.” They all stood in shock besides Jimin as I went to go clean it up.

I bent down to pick up the pieces when Jimin immediately grabbed me up and carefully took the pieces and ran to get the broom and dust pan.

I smiled at how caring he was. He came back with the broom and started sweeping but I stopped him.

“Go with the others, I’ll clean this.” I smiled and him and he looked like he was trying to decide.

“Jimin, you’ve been by my side for 15 years, go to them and catch up.” He nodded and handed me the broom and dust pan and went to them.

As I was cleaning up the broken vase, I felt someone watching over me. I knew it was Jimin because he was way to caring and I smiled to myself.

I got all the broken parts in the dust pan and I started walking to the trash can that was in the kitchen. I dumped the stuff and put the stuff back where they were supposed to go and came out with a wet rag.

I had a sense that Jimin was itching to do it for me as I bent down and started rubbing the floor to make sure I didn’t miss anything but that’s were it ended.

I let out a little squeak and held my finger. Jimin was immediately coming over and scolding me.

“I should have done this, I heal faster.” He immediately drug me to the kitchen sink.

“Sometimes you never listen,” then proceeded to boop my nose as he put my finger under the cold water.

He put my hand back and started sucking and soon spit the little glass particle of the vase into the sink and then put my finger back under the faucet. I hissed out since it hurt and he immediately started patting it gently with a paper towel and grabbed Band-Aids.

The rest was watching with amusement, watching everything Jimin done. He put the Band-Aids over the little cut and then pressed a kiss to it while looking at me.

Butterflies filled my stomach as he looked at me. I knew Jimin’s feelings for me but I couldn’t decide just yet. Then he got another rag and went to the spot.


It was later on in the day and I had gathered my hybrids in the living room for a meeting almost.

“Okay I do have some rules but not that much,” they nodded, Jimin was beside me.

“Okay rule 1: If you need to go anywhere please tell me first so I won’t freak. I’ll get you guys phones and I’ll teach y’all how to use them, Jimin can help as well.” He nodded and smile proudly.

“Okay rule 2: I do have slippery flooring, please don’t run in the house unless you have slippers or socks with grippers on them,”

“Rule 3: if you have a... problem... come to me, Jimin will explain to you because ooo I can’t,” I shook and they laughed.

“Rule 4: you can invite friends over but if they get out of control please calm them or make them leave.” Jimin caressed my back and rubbed it a bit and they all nodded.

“Also you guys are free to cook whenever you want to and trust me, I won’t get mad unless you do something to make me mad. Sometimes Jimin over here breaks some of the rules,” I looked at him and he shyly smiled. “But it’s okay because it wasn’t a minor thing to where me and him were in danger,” he nodded.

“Also I do this to Jimin but I give him goodnight kisses, if y’all want them too let me know.” They hesitantly nodded.

“She gives the best kisses,” he snuggled his face in my neck which made me blush.

Jin smiled at me when I looked at him.

“We won’t mind,” he said and they all agreed.

“Oh and like I said, if y’all ever want a cuddle buddy I’m open,” I smiled. I widened my eyes and put a finger up and gasp a bit. “Oh! I also brush Jimin’s tail sometimes.” They seemed to get excited by that and they had wagged their tail.

“Okay that’s all, you may go do whatever y’all want now,” I smiled and they just sat there.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Can you brush our tails?” Jin asked and I giggled. “Of course, Jimin can you go get my brush, it’s in the downstairs bathroom,” he nodded and happily skipped away.

“Okay make room guys,” they all scooted and I sat down in the middle.

Jungkook was on the right side of us and he started smelling me, sniffing my neck which actually tickled and made me giggle.

“You smell so good,” he beamed and sniffed me more.

Almost at this point he was crawling on me, sniffing me.

I giggled “Jungkook! Stop that tickles!” I laughed more when I saw him smile.

Jimin happily skipped in and handed me the brush. Jungkook was still on top of me and I swear I could see a hint of jealousy spark in Jimin's eyes.

“Okay Jungkook, I need to brush tails.” Jungkook quickly turned around and stuck his butt up to which I laughed.

“Bun, you tail is just a ball of fluff,” I giggled and he wiggled it a bit.

I smiled and shook my head as I gently touched his tail which made him jerk and hummed a moan. I immediately pulled my hand back surprised. I saw a glimpse of his deep reddened face.

He quickly got up and ran.

“His tail is sensitive to him,” Jin informed me and I nodded.

“Go to him,” Namjoon said and smirked.

“No!” Jimin said and I looked at him shocked.

“Y/n brush my tail first,” Jimin laid one my lap and pointed his tail towards me.

“Jimin that was a little rude,” I said and he whined.

“Jimin,” he hid his face in my thigh.

“Look at me,” he looked at me slightly.

“That was rude, apologize to Namjoon.” He furrowed his brows and looked at Namjoon.

“Sorry,” I cleared my throat and his ears laid back against his head.

“I’m sorry Namjoon,” Namjoon stifled a laugh and nodded.

“Good boy, now I’ll brush your tail.” Jimin smiled as his ears perked you nd his tail started wagging like crazy.

“Jimin, control your excitement.” I laughed and he tail went faster.

“Jimin,” I giggled. “I can’t brush your tail until you calm down.”

As he stared at me, his tail never stopped wagging.

“She said calm it!” I jumped a bit at Yoongi voice and Jimin immediately stopped and laid his ears back.

“Yoongi, that was rude.” I looked at him but he gave no emotion.

“Please apologize,” I said and he huffed.

“I’m sorry,” it was a little dry but at least he said it..?

“Uhm okay, how about I brush your tails later where everyone is in a happy mood. I’m gonna go check on Jungkook.” I scratched Jimin's head and lifted him up to sit straight and he pouted at me.

I quickly went upstairs to his room to where I heard questionable noises.

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