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Chapter 4 - Embarrassment -

Yoongi could feel all the stares on him. He hated it. He hated having the attention all on him but he just didn’t want to pull away, Jungkook was right, this feels so good.

I broke away and dashed upstairs into my room. I was embarrassed and I don’t even know why. Well, it was the first time for me to act like that but I just felt so embarrassed.


I watched Yoongi dash upstairs and I pouted a little.

I turned around to see them all staring at me.

“What?” I asked:

“Yoongi has never purred when someone touched him before, he’d usually growls at them.” Namjoon stayed.

“Yea it’s like he was in a trance,” hoseok said.

“It’s mommy’s magic fingers!” Jimin exclaimed and he shamelessly pointed at me.

I laughed a bit. But noticed the boys lined up with their head lowered to me so I could scratch them.

“Oh!” I said out of realization and brought my hand up and started scratching behind namjoons ears.

He whimpered out and looked like he was loosing his balanced as he pushed his head more into my hand. I giggled as I stopped scratching his head after he got to moving his leg. It was Jin’s turn and I did the same thing to him.

His purrs wasn’t as loud as Yoongi’s were but they were soft as it could put you to sleep. Jin’s eyes closed as he rubbed his head against my hand as I was scratching him.


I was sat down brushing namjoons tail. He must have fallen asleep because I feel his steady breaths on my stomach and loose limbs.

I currently only had a sports bra on and some leggings since I was doing some workouts when Namjoon came up to me with the brush. Just then I felt his tongue run over the skin of my stomach and I paused.

After he licked it a couple of times and started leaving kisses there. I look down to still see his eyes closed. Is he dreaming? I asked myself. Just then his grip got tighter around me and my question was answered.

“You smell... so good,” he huskily said and kissed around my stomach more.

“Namjoon?” He hummed.

“Are you uhm,” I was shy to ask.

“Am I what love?” He asked as he sat up, his hands on my hips and in a quick move I was placed on his lap.

My face got red and I looked down and he chuckled. He lifted my face up to where I meet his dark orbs staring into my soul.

“Say it? Am I what?” He said and smirked.

“Are you... heat..” I couldn’t properly say it and he smiled.

“No, I’m not but you do smell good and this outfit,” he took the time to run his hands along my sides and back to my hips to where he grabbed my ass a little.

I gasped a bit and now looked down to him since I was up on my knees. He looked up to me and bit his lip, laying his head against the couch.

“Your so hot,” his hands were on the back of my thighs and I blushed more.

“I love it when you get like this,” he said asserting dominance.

He was an alpha and by telling... Yoongi was one too.

My eyes widened, he’s using his alpha tone to get me like this. So not fair.

“Ahem?” I quickly looked to to see Yoongi there smirking.

“I smell a little something something,” he darkly smirked.

“Now that you mention it,” he took a few sniffs and it’s like his soul left his body. “I do too,”

“Guys? What’s that wonderful smell?” Hobi walked down the stairs and looked to see the scene in front of him.

Both yoongi and Namjoon growled. Oh no, oh no, oh no. Maybe before it escalates anymore I could dash I run run run away.

I wouldn’t mind helping him since now he can smell it and probably I’m officially a goner since both Namjoon and Yoongi has done made it clear that they’re gonna have me for dessert, dinner hasn’t even came yet.

I, anyway, took that chance to try to dive out of namjoons grasped but that failed since he caught me and I fell on the couch, face first.

Namjoon asserted dominance again and growled a bit, a hand coming down onto my ass as I let out a whimper.

No no no, this is too early but that felt so good.

“Hoseok go away,” Yoongi threatenly said and I heard quick footsteps going back up the stairs.

I was held down by Namjoon as Yoongi came up and squatted down to where I was looking at him.

“My pretty baby,” he caressed my cheek.

I felt myself go into submission mode. I grabbed onto the couch cushions and closed my eyes.

“Your pretty baby,” I said. Someone let out a breath as they picked me up.I opened my eyes to see that Namjoon was holding me and walking me up the stairs, Yoongi trailing behind.

“Hey what happened to her?” Jimin asked.

“She’s being a good girl,” Yoongi said and pushed him aside while I rub my neck into namjoons neck, making his breath hitch a bit.

“W-wait!” Jimin exclaimed but yoongi stopped, so did Namjoon.

“We need to take care of our baby... Jimin.” Yoongi was getting scary and low key it scared me.

“W-what?” Jimin furrowed his brows but then realization hit.

“Oh lord,” Yoongi nodded his head and jimin slumped then walked off.

We continued until we entered a room and Namjoon gently laid me down. Yoongi took in a big sniff and growled lowly.

“Namjoon out!” Yoongi growls.

Namjoon lowly growled and but nonetheless walked out.

“Yoonie,” I said in a submissive tone.

“God,” he murmured under his breath. He crawled over me.

“Y/n, I’m starting to have my heat.” I nodded my head.

“Tomorrow will be worse for me, for now we can just stay here but I need you with me,” I nodded my head.

He pulled me closer to him and rubbed his nose on my neck. I whined a bit and he let out a breath.

“A-are you okay for doing my rut? I know it’s early, I can get someone else to,”

I shook my head. “I’m here to take care of y’all, even through your ruts.” I said and booped his nose.

“I’m sorry, I know I haven’t really acted myself since I felt it bubble up slowly but smelling your arousal is what really hit the spot.” I giggled.

“And it’s still messing with me,” he abruptly pulled away and quickly went out of the room.

He came back not too long ago holding one of my Lacy undergarments. He closed the door and leaned against it. It was hung over one of his fingers as he gently swings it back and forth.

“Think this might fit perfectly,” he bit his lip and came up to me.

“Is it okay that I undress you y/n?” I smiled.

“Yes it’s okay,” he took a breath and started taking off my leggings and then grabbed a hold of my underwear and pulled it down a bit.

He almost fell to his knees as his eyes changed colors a bit then switched back to normal. He pulled them off and smelt of them to which his tail stood straight and twitched a bit.

He looked back at me with this eyes again and I felt myself get wet just staring at him. He looked down and saw it a bit shiny and lowly growled with dominance.

“We might have to take a reincheck,”

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