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Chapter 5 - The rut đź’¦ -

đź’¦- this emoji will be used for mature scenes. It won't happen a lot but for a warning, they will be there.


"Yoongi," I lowly moaned as he push his length in.

"Fuck," he groaned. His tail slithering its way up to touch my clit.

"What... the... fuck," I said as I moaned a little more loudly and arch my back.

I clenched hard around him to hear him hiss. Without a second to spare he started thrusting in and out roughly.

I felt his hands travel up my body and grabbed a hold of my sports bra then stopped moving his hips. His tail never leaving. He takes off the bra and continues thrust like before.

"Yoongi! Fuck!" I cursed as I clenched around him again.

"I'm not stopping even if you cum," he bit my ear as I arched my back.


I've been through my third orgasm, he's stopped to give me a break but this man omg. I was sobbing of pleasure as I let a high pitched moan out... loudly.

I finally felt him twitch inside of me and his breathing started to quicken even more... then with one last momvent he stalled inside me.

I felt him release inside me as I finally realsed my fourth orgasm.

I was so weak, I couldn't move. He had dressed me in my underwear and in one of his long shirts as he carefully scooped me up into his warm embrace.

"I'm sorry y/n," he said and I weakly shook my head.

"Don't be, you needed help and you got it." I caressed his face the best I could.

"You probably can't walk tomorrow," he blushed and I giggled.

"Well that gives me a reason to be all cuddly with you," his blush deepened it color and I smiled.

"Now I'm really tired," I said nodding off.

"So goonigh," my words slurred and he laughed abit.

I felt his lips on my forehead and he hugged me a bit tighter.


I had woken up but Yoongi was still sleeping. I felt so sore. I got up but I could barely stand on my own too legs as I wobbled to the door and opened it. I took a break at the door, luckily Yoongi's room was right next to the stairs. I braced myself and clutched onto the railing and tried making my way down but my legs decided to give out at the wrong moment.

I felt my knees crashing and I tried holding on for dear life but my hands slipped and I tumbled down the stairs. I laid there, I couldn't move.

"Y/n!!" I heard yells of my name and Yoongi heavy footsteps coming down the stairs and I felt someone carefully lift me up.

My eyes were half open and soon caught glimpse of yoongis guilty face that contorted into tears.

"Shit!" He said and picked me up and quickly went to my car.

"Jin! Drive to the hospital!" Yoongi was frantically saying as he was very much panicking.

"Mommy!!" I heard my baby jiminie yell for me as he broke loose out of Jungkook's grasped and plopped himself in the car.

"Guys stay here, we'll call you all." Jin said.

He got out of the driveway and tried not speeding to the hositpital.

"Y/n I'm so sorry," Yoongi tsar stained face and guilty look was enough to bring me to tears, it was my fault I went down the stairs.

"It's all my fault," he said in a hushed tone.

"You hurt my mommy! You monster!!" Jimin thrashed at Yoongi. I kept nodding off but tried staying awake.

"Knock it off Jimin!" Jin said sternly.

Yoongi was holding me tight but not too tightly as we made a sharp turn into a parking space.

Jin quickly got out and grabbed Jimin while Yoongi got out with me in his arms. He rushed in the building and that's when I went.


I woke up with my head pounding. I felt someone laying beside me and someone's hands clasped around mine while something wet went on them.

I groaned and opened my eyes to see a dark room.

"Mommy!" Jimin said a little too loudly which hurt my head.

"Jiminie, quiet down a bit."

I looked around and saw my hybrids. I smiled as I laid my head on my pillow.

I felt lips on the back of my hand and I looked to see yoongi. His eyes was bloodshot red, fresh tears spewing from his eyes.

"The doctor said you had a light concussion and made it here in time, no broken bones which is good. How are you feeling baby," Jin said as he placed his lips on my forehead.

"Hurt all over," I hoarsely croaked out. My throat hurts so a badly.

"You've been out a for a bit." Namjoon chuckled.

I cracked a smile but someone just kept staring at me, not smiling or anything.

"Y/n I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry." Yoongi repeated over and over again and I gently smiled at him.

"It was my fault for going downstairs without getting anyone," Jin gave me some water and helped me drink it since Jimin and Yoongi refused to let go of me.

"Mommy," Jimin looked at me with his redenned eyes as well.

"Yes baby?" I asked and he snuggled closer to me.

"Don't ever do that again," he scolded me and I smiled. I kissed his head.

"I won't," just then the door opened to revealed the doctor and my parents.

I was shocked.

"My baby!" She ran up to my and checked my face.

"Omg your okay," she left kisses all over my face.

"If it wasn't for her hybrids.. it might have been worse." I felt Yoongi's hand caress my arm with one of his hands.

"What happened?" My dad asked the doctor.

"Jin explained to me that her legs locked up somehow and he caused her to fall down the stairs," my mom gasped.

"Honey! You haven't done that for ages." Jimin must've told them to save the embarrassment.

"I know, I don't know why it happened though.

"Does it still hurt?" She asked and I nodded.

She went to go massage my legs and the boys tensed up besides Jimin.

"Circulating the blood will help a lot for this," then my mom wen to massaging my legs but that's not the place where it hurt but I for damn sure not telling her that.

Jimin tried not letting his little side show too much. He left small kisses on my shoulder.

"I think we may need to stay with her for a bit," my dad said and looked around the room.

"Oh honey I think that's a great idea!" My mom said and I widened my eyes in horror.

"No!" I said, making everyone look at me.

"I'm perfect fine alone with my hybrids, I don't need my parents anymore and it's my house!" I said.

"We gave you the money for your house?" My mom said

"I didn't use that money to buy my house. I used that money to buy me a small business and I used that money to buy my house." My moms eyes widened.

"We told you specifically that it was for that house and only that house!" My mother yelled at me.

"Please ma'am," the doctor tried to hush her.

"You dad. You abused me and jimin and I'm not tolerating it and your not coming into my house just so you can abuse my hybrids! They saved my life!" Tears threatened to fall but not today, my headache was getting worse.

"Why do you think Jimin is afraid of you! He didn't do anything and you abused him!" A serious of gasps left many mouths.

"Not only did you abuse Jimin but me! Your own fucking daughter! So no! I don't want you in my house!" Yoongi came up to my and caressed my head and my hand.

"Please calm down y/n, it's not good for your concusion," he said sweetly.

Jimin was secretly crying into my neck, the trauma hitting him smack in the face.

My mom and dad stood there with their eyes wide.

"Sir... it's the law to not abuse hybrids," my dad's head turned quickly to the doctor.

"Doctor I never touched him," I felt Jimin tense up.

"That is a fucking lie! Don't you remember pushing him into glass! Throwing a child into the fucking door!" That's when Namjoon abruptly stood up, malice covered him head to toe.

"Namjoon!" Jin went to him and pulled him away from the two adults.

"You hurt Jimin," Namjoon said creepily but he was acting calm. everyone noticed this and wen to him, even Yoongi.

"Namjoon calm down," Yoongi said in his alpha tone.

"Back down!" Yoongi roared loudly.

Namjoons ears folded back and jimin bursted into a fit of tears. We heard someone scoffed and I hugged Jimin.

"It's okay baby,"
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