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Chapter 6 - The past -

"Sir, it's the law to not abuse hybrids and you know that." The doctor said again and my father looked at him.

"I did no such thing! She is lying!" My father yelled out.

Jimin tightened his grip around me:

"Please stop... please.." Jimin mumbled.

"Stop it!" I yelled out which everyone looked at me.

It was quiet for a few minutes besides jimins sniffles.

"Doctor, please take my father out." The doctor nodded and grabbed a hold of my father and took him outside.

"Honey.." my mother said.

"Oh Poor baby," my mother lightly touched Jimin.

"I never knew," my eyes softened towards my mom.

"It's fine, it's the past and he hasn't changed since." I scratched behind jimins ears.

"He's gone baby, your okay." I kissed his forehead and he sniffed.

"So he hurt both of you?" My mother asked and I nodded.

"How couldn't I tell?" She said and scratched behind jimins ears.

"Mom, you both were hardly there especially with you and that job you had. When you were away and dad was there that's when he did it." I felt Jimin grip loosen a bit on my gown.

"But how couldn't I see the bruises?" She questioned again and I swallowed.

I looked down to Jimin and back up at my mom.

"He would threaten to kill Jimin if I didn't hide them,"


It's been hours... I'm still hearing my parents argue from the hallway. Nurses and doctors would tell them to take it outside but of course my dad had to always be the problem.

Namjoon was absolutely ready to get his hands on my father but I warned him everytime. I finally got my food since I was starving. Jimin hadn't let go of me yet but I didn't mind.

"Here take a piece of chicken babe," I fed Jimin the piece of chicken.

"Are you sure y'all don't want anything?" I asked and they nodded besides jungkook who came up and was acting shy.

I smiled at him and held a piece of chicken up to him too and he got it off my fork and started chewing it.

"How dare you hurt my daughter!!!! How dare you!!!" My mother screamed. Jimin grip tightened and I scratched behind his ears.

"Don't worry baby, it's not at you." I kissed his forehead.

I looked outside when it got quiet to see the cops man handling my dad. I widened my eyes and watched as they cuffed him and picked him up from the floor.

"This is for your own good you low life scum!! I hate you!!" My mother screamed at him as he was being taken out of the hospital.

"Jin... Jin can you go check on her?" He hesitated and looked at me.

I could tell he didn't want to disobey but he was hesitant. I softly smiled at him.

"Don't worry, my mother wouldn't hurt you, I swear."

Before Jin reached the door, it opened. My mother came in with a tear stained face and she grabbed ahold in Jin and hugged him.

He stood there not knowing what to do, he looked scared.

She let go and rubbed his arms. "I'm sorry I just needed a hug." Jin nodded.

My mother came up to me. "Jiminie?" She said hoarsely.

Jimin looked at her and I saw a few tears leave her eyes. "I'm so sorry for not being there enough for you, I'm so sorry for the both of y'all." I grabbed my mother and hugged her.

"It's okay, it's all in the past now and I've moved in from this." My mother cried into my neck.

"You can stay with us for a little bit, I just didn't want dad in the house. I didn't want him hurting my hybrids nor did I want my hybrids to do something to him because I don't want to loose them," she nodded.

"I'm a little disappointed that you didn't use any of the money we gave you for that house," she frowned and I smiled.

"It's okay mom, but I have it now and that's all that matters." She smiled and caressed my cheek, leaving down to kiss my forehead.

"I love you my baby," I smiled at her words.

"I love you too mom," she smiled and look over at Jimin.

"Jiminie would you ever forgive me?" She said and jimin sat up and held his arms out.

My moms face brightened and hugged him. "I love you too Jiminie," my mother said and kissed his forehead as well and he lightly giggled.

They broke the hug.

"Well how about we introduce one another?" My mom suggested towards my 6 other hybrids.

Jin and my mom got along the most. Jungkook and Tae was shy, Hobi was sleeping in his animal form on my shoulder, and Yoongi and Namjoon was the most tough one.

Jimin's mood brightened up and currently was playing with Jungkook in their animal forms. Suddenly the door opened which scared poor Jimin and Jungkook and they ran to hide under the bed.

"Okay, y/n can be discharged. Please restrain from any bright lights and please come back to the hospital for a check up in about 2 weeks." My mother nodded.

"Okay sweetie let's get you out of here," my mother said as the doctors unhook my stuff and handed my my clothes.

She picked up sleeping Hobi and held him in her hands as I got up and went to the connected bathroom to change.

I got changed and walked out the door. Namjoon and Yoongi was right at my hips and I patted their shoulder.

"Guys my mother is completely fine, it's okay." I felt them relax only slightly.

"Mom are you staying at my house for a little bit?" I asked my mom and she looked at me and smiled.

"As long as everyone says yes, I don't want to be a burdon, also... hoseok is a ball of energy." She giggled when Hobi popped up from nowhere.

I laughed a bit and jimin grabbed my hand and so did Jungkook.

"Okay well let's go then."

"Jin....?" I asked and turned to look at him.

"Yes?" He replied non-chalantly.

"Uhm.... where'd you learn to drive?" I asked and he turned to look at me.

He smiled. "We escaped a bit after Jimin left and while we were out I got my drivers license but then soon after we got caught again and got put into the hybrid shop you got us from."

"Oohhhh," I nodded.

"Does anyone else has license?" I asked and he nodded.

"We all do besides Namjoon," I nodded again.

"Jimin was always too scared to get his," I giggled at the memory.
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