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Chapter 7 - New Begginings -

"Guys I only had a concussion, I can walk perfect fine." I laughed as Namjoon carried me into the house.

"I like carrying you," Namjoon sent me a wink and I started blushing. He smirked and sat me down onto the couch. I heard a loud purr and I looked to see Tae and Yoongi both in their animal forms playing with each other.

Just then my mom walked in and widened her eyes.

"Yoongi is a leapord and Taehyung is a tiger," she looked really nervous but nonetheless nodded. She sat down beside me and that's when Jungkook and Hobi got into the couch in their animal forms as well.

I noticed all of them in their animal forms besides Namjoon. Jin hopped up onto the couch and I almost squealed by how jin looked.

He laid in my lap and without waisting any time I started petting him as he let out purrs. Jimin was finally sleeping in the armchair because he hardly slept at all.

Just then Tae rounded the corner with Yoongi chasing him.

"Boys, remember the rule!" They stopped and they nodded their head.

"Rule?" My mother asked and I nodded.

"It's a rule to not run in the house so no one get hurt, animal or human." My mother nodded and continued petting Jungkook and Hobi.

Namjoon scooted closer to me and put his arm on the back of the couch behind me. He looked at the remote confusingly.

I chuckled and he cheeks turned a bit red.

"This button turns the tv on, this one lets you to to the guide. These arrows are to move from the screen to pick whatever you want. If you want to watch tv the scroll over to hdmi 2 and your good." He nodded and turned the tv on to see the Home Screen.

He used the arrows on the remote to move through the different channels and finally landing on Netflix. He surfed through the many selections until one caught his eyes and clicked on it to play.

"Well I'll start making dinner for you," my mom said to me and I nodded.

She sat Jungkook and Hobi down off of her and went to the kitchen.

"Why aren't you in your animal form?" I asked Namjoon and he looked over at me.

"So I can care for you," he said.

"But my mom is here, it's fine." He furrowed his brows.

"And? Your my owner I'm gonna be protecting over you." He simply said and spooned me up.

"Now shh, I'm watching a movie." He kissed the top of my head while I laid on him.

Soon I drifted off to sleep in his arm feeling warm and cozy.

Jin POV.

I hoped on the counter and watched y/n's mom carefully. She sent a sweet smile towards me and petted me a bit and went back to cooking.

"You are a very beautiful cat jin," she suddenly said and I meowed back at her.

Of course I was beautiful, I'm handsome as well. I did a little pose and she giggled.

"Such a handsome cat," she said and giggled after.

I held my head high and she giggled some more. Just then heavy paws could be heard coming into the kitchen, in came Yoongi.

He sauntered over towards us and took a sniff of the food and then looked at y/n's mom.

I can tell Yoongi or Namjoon didn't trust her yet I, on the other hand, was lenient. Yoongi kept a close eye on her as she continued cooking.

She turned around to Yoongi and lifted her hand a bit but quickly put it back gown as Yoongi showed his teeth. She softly smiled at him.

"I know you and Namjoon don't trust me yet and I understand that. Especially since my husband did what he did, and being new faces and all. But I always loved Jimin he was always a sweet little fox. But I understand that you don't trust me yet, I wouldn't either." She laughed after her sentence.

We both turned our heads at her.

"If I was a hybrid and a new face came into my life I wouldn't trust them on the spot either. That trust needs to be gained," she petted my head a bit and finally started dishing the food onto plates.

"Okay boys, the food is done." We both ran out the kitchen.

When we got into the living room I saw y/n asleep in Namjoon's arms and everyone switched into their human forms.

Me and Yoongi took off again to go switch.

"How long will you be staying mom?" I asked as I looked at her.

"Not for long, probably for another day. I have a very big business meeting Wednesday and I need to attend that," I nodded.

"What about dad?" I asked and I could feel the room getting tensed up.

"I'm divorcing him. Plus he'll be in there for a while, that's not the only thing he has done." I widened my eyes.

"What else did he do?" My mother sat her fork down and swallowed her food.

"He's been stealing from your uncles company again and recently been threatening your brother." I widened my eyes.

"Why!?!" I adruptly said.

"I have no clue dear, I just found this out." Jimin looked at me and his ears folded back.

"Sammy is being threatened?" Jimin said and my mom nodded.

"I haven't talked to him recently but the last thing I heard is he got some hybrids." I stabbed my chicken which caught the attention of everyone.

I slightly let go of the grip on my fork and ate the chicken.

"What is dads problem with hybrids?" I suddenly asked.

My mom stayed silent to which my attention went to her.

"You know dont you?" I felt Yoongi and Namjoon tense up.

"It was a long time ago..." my mom trailed off.

"And?" I said.

"Your father once had a hybrid when he was young but, as he put it, it just flipped a switch and started biting him and almost severely injured him." My mother said.

"That's a lie!" Namjoon roared out.

"Hybrids just don't 'flip a switch' and start hurting people. They do it for a reason to get away." I placed my hand in Namjoon's arm and caressed it.

"I'm not really sure what happened Namjoon, that's just what he told me," she gave a sad smile.

Jimin sat still and had his eyes on me and I looked at him.

"Jimin did that to me a few times," I said.

"I figured out it was just teething, it didn't start hurting til they were coming in so I bought him a teething toy."

I felt a tug on my shirt and I turned too see Jungkook. He pointed to his mouth and I furrowed my brows.

"His teeth has been hurting for a few days," I looked over at Yoongi and I nodded.

"I'll go by the hybrid shop tomorrow." He smiled big and I couldnt help but to softly pinch his cheeks to which he giggled.


It was after dinner and we were all hanging out on the sofa when I yawned. Namjoon must've noticed and immediately picked me up.

"Namjoon where are we going?" I laughed a bit.

"Your tired, lets go to sleep." He said.

"I'm heading off to go sleep too, goodnight all of you." My mother stated and walked off to the downstairs bedroom.

I heard bunches of feet patters from behind us, knowing it was my hybrids I didn't look and just let Namjoon carry me the rest of the way.

"I'm sleeping with you tonight," he whispered into my ear, but I was too tired at the moment to even care.
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