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That pervy manager


What happens when Shiratorizawa is blessed with a very pervy manager, but they can’t go back on their words now as the coach personally asked of you to join. You are from a well-known family that is filled with professional volleyball athletes and players. They are blessed to have you yet cursed by your very pervy ways.

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Chapter 1 - Being blessed by the Gods

Ahhh. I can’t believe it, my very first day at Shiratorizawa academy, not only am I transferring in but I’m also a third year, this shit is unheard of. I’ve heard of this school for being the best in the prefecture and for being well known for its boys’ volleyball club, the dreamy god-like boys just thinking about them is making me wet inside. Well tomorrow is my first day, today is my moving in day while I could live with mum she just lives too far away and as I got in by special circumstances via my dad’s recommendation alongside both of by siblings, they just couldn’t say no to me. And so, here I am standing in the centre of the courtyard heading towards the main reception to sign in.

Today’s a Sunday and it’s surprisingly quiet here, not much happening except the strange odd ball of very fit high school boys I almost have a heart attack each time I see one. By the time I reach reception I have two tissue buds rammed up my nose. I take them out before making a fool out of myself when I get to the reception lady. She was genuinely really nice before asking for more information before taking me to the girls’ dorms.

She takes me to a big white door and knocks on it we wait as I hear a faint ‘Coming’. The door opens to a rather small girl with short dark hair, like a chibi character especially with her chipmunk cheeks, they just make me want to squeeze them. She’s really cute, she smiles furthering my point. She moves to the side allowing us to enter, the room is massive, like I could fit my mums downstairs floor in here. We walk into the common area of the dorm room. There lies a plush bean bag chair off to the side and a flat screen tv mounted onto the wall in front of us, there is also a sofa. The cute chibi girl leads us to a white door on the right, she opens it. The first thing that I see is the wardrobe, just a standard one walking in the next thing I see is the beautiful view of the fields at the end of my room, I think my mouth is already hanging to the floor by this point. There’s a simple white desk in front of the window, I then turn around to find a single bed leaned against the wall.

“(L/n)-san, this is your new room and this is your roommate Tekashi Himari, now if you need any help you can always ask Tekashi-san or you can ask any one of the girls here, me and the other receptionist are also here for you. Now lights out at 10pm and be mindful of your neighbours.” I bow my head and then she makes her leave. I turn to Himari and give a small bow before unloading my stuff off my shoulder and reaching my hand out for a handshake.

“(L/n) (Y/n), but you can call me (Y/n), I’m a third year and I came here from America.” She returns the bow and we both smile at each other as we shake hands. We talk a little bit while she helps me with unpacking my suitcase and tells me of all the wonderful things about Shiratorizawa academy. We finish under an hour and I’ve still got the rest of the day to figure out the school, luckily for me I’ve got my very own tour guide.

“(Y/n)-chan, we should get going, Shiratorizawa is a big school and dinner time starts at 6pm.” She stutters out my name, she obviously isn’t used to referring to someone as their first name, I swear Japanese culture is weird then again I have been living in both USA and England all my life. This culture change will be hard to get used to. I go to grab my sweater and make my way out of the dorm with Himari in front.

We walk around the huge campus and by god do I emphasize the word huge. I’m seriously going to get lost here, I shall start praying to the gods as of now. We have already circled half of the school, the only places that are left are the gyms and some more on the third-year block. Himari already reassured me that most third year classes stay on the third-year block which relieves some of my anxiety of minimising the chances of me getting lost.

“Is there anything for me to be worried about my first day tomorrow?” I turn to my short chibi friend, she’s about a head’s length shorter than me. She looks up and pauses before her entire face lights up.

“Oh yes there is actually, it’s probably best to stay away from the boys’ volleyball lot or their fangirls will murder you.” I make a face, does that actually happen, am I in my own story where they’re actually are cliché groups of girls that fawn over the most god-like boys in school. I can’t help but to burst out into a fit of laughter this freaks the hell out of Himari. Oh, the faces that she makes only increase her cuteness. I then feel a nudge to the side as I soon look up to see a white-haired old man that appears to be the same height as chibi-chan here walking towards us. He’s in a white and burgundy tracksuit.

“Takeshi-san, so this is where you have been all this time, I was growing impatient waiting outside the boy’s gym.” His stern cold voice frightens little chibi here while I stand here just used to it, dad would talk like that sometimes back at home, well in America. He then stares upwards to me and this old geezer actually smiles at me. His wrinkles creases up around his mouth and eyes.

“(L/n)-san, how was your flight?” I look at him a bit confused, this dude didn’t even give time for chibi to answer for he just turned to me, who is this old fart anyway?

“My name is coach Washiro, and I coach the boys’ volleyball team. I’m friends with your father and have trained your brothers into the young men that they are today. I’ve heard of your extensive knowledge in the sport and I’m currently asking you to be the manager for the boys’ volleyball club.” I’m left dumbfounded at his speech and only perk up at his last sentence.

Me. Become. The...manager!

The prospect of me being able to see fit high school boys in action with sweat dripping off their ripped and defined bodies, this is like a dream come true not only that I’ll also become closer with them and see all kinds of things. I nod vigorously, earning me an incredibly happy man and a concerned chibi.

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