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Finding You


A mother in law threatens you to leave her beloved son, you running away or else you will lose some special.... what will happen to your husband, will he find out the truth?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: The Call

The Sun light shining through the bedroom curtains, your eyes blinking trying to see what time it was.

"8:30...." you mumbled.

You got up and got yourself ready for the day. You decided to but on a simple white blouse tucked in your black skirt.

"Tae already went to work...... I'll be late if I don't hurry!"

You grabbed your bag and took a cab.

"To the Kim's company please!" rushing to get your planner ready.
"Sure thing."

You got out of the cab and headed to the front office.

"Oh Ms.Kim your here! Good morning how are you?"
"Morning Jisoo! I having been feeling sick lately..."
"You should ask your dear husband Taehyung to see what's wrong...... WAITT!!!!"
Everyone was now staring at you both.
"Hehe whoops sorry.... GO BACK TO YOUR WORK PLEASE!!!!"
"Psst anyways did y'all did the DiRtY??"
You were flustered your face was as red as a tomato.
"Urm..." you hid the bottom half of your face with your planner
"*Gasp* *mouth slap* you did do the DiRtY!!" She wiggle her eyebrows

You were brighter than a tomato at this point.
Only Jisoo knows about the both of you. But they knew he was married. Just didn't know who...

"Jisoo I gotta go okay I'll see you later"
"Fine fine but do get a pregnancy test and tell me if it's positive or notttttt"

She waved back at you as you waved back and started going to the 17th floor heading to your office.

"Ahhh Y/N my sister's favorite friend. How are you?"
"Haha hey Joon! I'm good what are you up to?"
"I was just going up to see you and ask for help printing a document for your lovely husband of yours."
"Awwww why didn't he come here himself?!"
"I'm hurt by your words! I'm just playing (he ruffle your hair) he's in a important meeting with Jungkook."
"Ohhhhh okay we'll come into my office."

30 minutes later

"Thanks Y/N!"
"Tell Tae that I love and miss him!!!"

With that he nodded his head and left. You sat on your seat and looked through your emails to see what you needed to accomplish.
*ring* *ring* *ring*

(Hmmm why is Tae's mom calling me for)
"Hey mo-"
"Don't call me that you pathetic bitch! Around 12 come meet me at the café. I still can't believe my son married a slut like you!"
"Yes ma'am..."
"I need to talk to you about something and it's important."
"Yes ma'am...."
"Good now go, I don't want to waste my breath and time talking to something worthless like you. Your no good to my son you useless piece of shit!"

She slammed the phone and you turn off your phone, tears in your eyes threatening to fall from the horrible names you have been called. All this time she still didn't like you. For what reason? Was it because you had no money? You weren't sure about why she didn't like you, you never told Taehyung about this but Jisoo and her brother Joon knows. At the same time your eyes were blurry trying to look at your phone to see the time, 11:20. You quickly texted Jisoo and Joon about what happen.

Y/N: Just got a call from my mother-in law
Joon: Oh no what did she say now
Jisoo: She's so mean, in my book she's a bitch I tell ya a big stinking bitch
Y/N: She wanted to see me at the café for some odd reason, she said it was important
Jisoo: Did you tell her that you might be prego?
Joon: SHES WHAT!!!!
Jisoo: Righttttt you weren't there..... big bro I'll tell you later let's listen on what Y/n is saying
Y/N: Yes anyways no I don't want to not until I'm sure yet. But I want to tell Tae first and I want to earn his moms trust and love for me
Jisoo: Haha bitch let's just hope she say sorry first because she was hella rude
Joon: Agreed
Y/N : Yea I guess but I gotta go now. I have to go to the cafè
Joon & Jisoo : Byeeeeeee
Jisoo: Let us know what happens alright because me and my brother can always beat her ugly ass up
Y/N: Yeaaaa no I don't think that will happen
Jisoo:Just saying
First doing this! I’ll get better with this I promise!!!
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