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His Senator


Y/N L/N of Onderon, a senator is against the clone wars. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight is for peace. So what will these two have in common? Well, they want the war to end as soon as it can. After an attempt at her life, Obi-Wan is assigned to protect her. So will romance blossom between them? Only time will tell

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

As one of the few human female senators in the Senate, people knew you by name quite well. Senator Y/N L/N of Onderon. As you walk to your office in the Senate building, you pass Senator Organa and Amidala. You smile at the two of them and walk over, not noticing three Jedi accompanying them.

“Senator Amidala, Senator Organa how are you both this fine day?” You ask

“Good Senator L/N, sometimes it gets better with little victories.” Padme says and you nod“That it does, the clone war is not desirable but we have to make due for what we have.” You say.

“Senator I want you to meet my good friends. Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ashoka Tano.” Padme says and you smile looking at the three Jedi.

“Finally meeting Jedis, it is an honor to be in your presence. I am Senator Y/N L/N of Onderon.” You say

“Pleasure to meet you Senator L/N, Senator Amidala has said good things about you,” Anakin says

“Only here to help the people who do not have a voice.” You say with a smile.

“We need more people like that in the Senate,” Ashoka says and you nod.

“Senator L/N is a good friend and ally to the Republic.” Senator Organa says

“So are the clones my dear friend, and the Jedi that they work with. Without them, I’m afraid we wouldn’t be here right now. I am grateful for the Jedi and the clones. We will play our part in this war, I hope it ends soon enough.” You say “Sounds like a true politician.” Obi-Wan says and you blush.

“Thank you, Master Jedi.” You say and he bows his head slightly at you.

“So you ready for the committee today?” Bale asks.

“As I’ll ever be, having you and Senator Amidala will make the process more bearable.” You say.

“We must get going then, don’t want to be late,” Bal says and you all nod. You all head to the Senate chamber and take your seats in your homeworld pods. You smooth out your dress and sit down, wondering what this meeting will bring. You wonder how the Jedi really feel about this clone war. You did not like it very much, wanting peace in the galaxy once again. You live in Coruscant most of the year, taking a vacation here and there on your home planet. Soon the meeting started and you drew your attention to the meeting at hand. The topic at hand was whether or not to let the production of more clone troopers continue.

"The production of further clones feeds into this war. We need to cease it and let the negotiations resume." Padme says. You stand up and bring your pod to the center of the Senate chamber.

"Senator Amidala is correct chancellor. We do not need more clones to further this war. Let the peace talks resume and let our republic function as it normally does." You say and you see Palpatine's face change.

"Senator Amidala, Senator L/N. Your points are valid and will be discussed in our next joint session. For now, we will take any other arguments against the further production of the clone army." Palpatine says.

"This war has gone long enough, there seems to be no end in sight. What is the point in the war continuing by producing more clones?" Senator Organa said.

"Senator Organa has a point chancellor." You say.

"We will take a break to deliberate," Palpatine says and the Senate chamber is dismissed. When your pod went back to the parking bay, you walk off to your office. You wonder how this debate will go and if they are going to continue the clone program. You sit at your desk and go through some paperwork, nervous to see what will become of this.

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