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Love is Complicated


I lean back, resting my head against the soft grass. As I lay looking up at the stars of the clear moonlit night, I begin to make out the endless constellations scattered across the sky.

I imagine how life would be if my parents were still here. Mum sits on my left, with her favorite book and reading glasses, while Dad sits on my right, gazing up at the stars with me.

“Sage″ mom whispers to me. “What?“. Mum opens her mouth to speak but the noise I’m met with startles me. a very loud horn sound escapes from her mouth.

I abruptly sit up, hitting my head off a metal pole. The train passes on over my head, rattling the ground that surrounds me. I blink a few times and rub my eyes.

I had run away from my last foster home 3 weeks before and the only shelter I could find was a little nook in underneath the train tracks. No one from the foster home would look for me here. I doubt anybody even knew about my new hiding spot. I felt safe.

My stomach roars, reminding me of how hungry I am. I gather up my belongings and stuff them all into my backpack before flinging it over my shoulder, putting my hood up, checking the coast is clear, then leaving. Even though I was certain no one knew where I was, I felt the need to hide, you know, just in case.

The whole idea of foster homes is so strange to me. It’s like I’m being rented out to a family, only for them to send me back a few months later because i was difficult. Foster families make me uncomfortable.

168, 169, 170, 171...

I walk down the street, counting the cobblestone bricks as I go. “’scuse me young lady, do you know where I could find a Sage Rivers?“. I turn to find a tall, bearded man standing behind me.

“Who’s asking?” He gives me a blank stare. “Uh, well, is it- are yeh Sage?“. God, not another one of the social workers.

“If you’re from the foster homes at least give me a head start to run”. The man starts walking towards me. “Oh, yes sorry, me name’s Rubeus Hagrid, but e’ryone jus’ calls me Hagrid”

I take a couple steps back as ‘Hagrid’ seems to not understand the concept of personal space. “What do you want” I sigh, not breaking eye contact with this man. “I’m not in the mood to play these games today. Just tell me if you’re here to bring me back or not”

He takes a few seconds to respond. “Well, um, righ’ so, uh, there’s no way ter say this without it soundin’ absolutely absurd to ye muggle folks, ‘specially wi’ yeh thinkin’ ye grew up a squib”. He looks down at the pink umbrella he’s carrying and fiddles with the clasp.

“What did you just call me?!” I shout defensively, shocked at the audacity of this stranger coming up and insulting me.

“No no, it’s nothin’ bad, I promise. Anyways, ol’ Dumbledore sent me ter come get yeh”. It’s almost like Hagrid is speaking a completely different language. I’m lost with all these words he’s using.

“What’s a Dumbledore?” I’m slightly curious now, I won’t lie. “More like who. Dumbledore is the Headmaster of Hogwarts, school o’-” I turn to leave. There’s absolutely no way Hagrid can convince me to go to a school.

“Sage! Come back for a secon’, you din’t let me finish”. I use the heel of my boot to rotate myself back around. “I know yeh don’ like the idea of school, trus’ me, I din’t when I were yer age neither, but Hogwarts is different. Ye see, Hogwarts is a school of witchcraft an’ wizardry, where the finest young witches an’ wizards learn an’ perfect the skill of magic. Now, this is the bit yer not gonna believe- Sage, yer a witch”

This man can’t possibly be serious. “Sorry Hagrid, you have the wrong person. I know nothing about magic, and honestly, I have no interest in it either. See, I know that tall, mental, bearded men who carry little pink umbrellas and speak of magic and sorcery are probably escapee’s from the mad house. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll be on my way”

Hagrid looks back down at his umbrella, then back up at me. “Ain’ nun wrong wi’ me umbrella” His eyes drop back to the floor and he faces his back towards me before walking away. I go back to counting the cobblestone bricks

172, 173, 174, 175, 176...

Before long a loud cry comes from behind me. “Merlin’s beard!“. I spin around to find Hagrid running up to me, his heavy metal boots hitting the ground with loud thuds.

“I almost forgo’ ter give this ter yeh” He hands me a crumpled envelope and waits, a proud smile spreading across his face. I wait for him to leave but he just stands there, staring at me. “Well go on then, open it!”

What’s so special about a stupid envelope. I flip it over and my name is scribbled across the front of the envelope in elegant handwriting

Ms. Sage Rivers

Second Arch under the Bridge

King’s Cross Station



I break the red wax seal on the back of the envelope and lift up the fold. Inside, a sheet of parchment is folded over.

Dear Ms. Rivers

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Students shall be required to report to the Chamber of Reception upon arrival, the dates for which shall be duly advised.

Please ensure that the utmost attention be made to the list of requirements attached herewith.

We very much look forward to receiving you as part of the new generation of Hogwarts’ heritage.

Yours sincerely,

Professor McGonagall

“This doesn’t make sense. How can I be a witch? I thought they weren’t real”.

“Ye see Sage, yer mother were a witch too. She attended Hogwarts. She were actually in my year, believe i’ or not”. No way is this man the same age as my mother. “How did you know her?”

“Ah, now, Phoenix Moonfall, one o’ the bes’ witches Hogwarts ever saw. She were a Ravenclaw, yer mother. She lef’ Hogwarts during her 5th year ter marry a muggle. Derek River, a muggle, yes, bu’ still were a great man nonetheless”.

“Um, Hagrid? What’s a muggle?”

“A muggle is a non-magic folk, a bit like what ye thought ye was until I came along”.

“Prove it”.

Hagrid had a perplexed look on his face. “Er, prove wha’ exactly?”

“That I’m a witch. If it’s really true, then prove it”.

He hesitated for a moment, then spoke. “Have ye ever done something ye can’ explain? Like when yer angry, or scared, and something totally inexplicable happened?

“you see Sage your mother attended Hogwarts” he says “how did you know my mother” i ask curiously”Phoenix Moonfall one of Hogwarts best witches she was a ravenclaw she left Hogwarts before her last year to marry your father Derek River a muggle yes but was a great man” he says as he walks closer “prove it before i go with you” i say “have you ever made something happen when you were angry or scared that you can’t explain” he says as soon as he says it my mind takes me back to when i was 12 and i had gotten into and argument with another girl in the home i was staying in i got so anger then out of no where the curtain caught on fire behind her “by the look on your face i assume you have” he says “fine when am i going” i say i mean what did i have to lose nothing “today here your ticket take care of it you don’t want to lose it now come the train leaves at 11 lets go” he says as he turns and starts to walk i start to walk with him we up at a pub as we walk in someone walks up to me looking confused “Phoenix your alive” the woman says “oh no this is Sage River her daughter” Hagrid says “what we all thought you had died with your parents” the woman says ” well im right here so” i say snapping at her “we best be going have to get all her stuff she’s starting at Hogwarts today” Hagrid says as we walk away

he takes me out the back and taps on the wall in a weird pattern the wall opens up to an alley full of people “this is where we’ll get everything you need” he says handing me a piece of parchment paper with a list of random things “what is all this” i ask confused “its everything you need” he says i look up at him and role my eyes “not that helpful , how am i meant to pay for any of this” i ask “oh yes” he says handing me an envelope “we haven’t been able to find your mothers key to your money but no worries Dumbledore gave you what you need for now” he says “im not a charity case ya know” i say snapping because i feel like he pities “oh i know its just until we find that key” he says i don’t know why i kept snapping him he was just trying to help

after awhile of shopping we had everything but one thing my animal “now Sage would you like an owl toad or a cat” he asks “eh a cat” i say looking around “just go in and pick one” he says opening the door for me i walk in and look around i see this black kitten alone in a cage i walk over to it and it opens its eyes it had one blue eye and one black eye “quiet beautiful isn’t she” i hear a voice say from behind me i turn around and its a tall boy “ye i guess” i say coldly “do you want her” he says “ye ill take her” i say before moving out of his way to get her he takes her out and hands her to me i hold her close to keep her safe “im Dean” he says holding his hand out waiting for me to shake it “im Sage” i say as i shake his hand we walk to the counter “shes 9 Galleons” he says i hand him the money turn around and walk away “aww shes so cute” Hagrid says as i walk out the door ” ye she is” i say as i pet her “what did ya name her” Hagrid asks as we walk “i don’t have a name yet” i say

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