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stories from my dr! i dated oliver wood as lupin's adopted child.

Adventure / Humor
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I was on the quidditch team and it was fun. Except for the fact that Adrienne and george would always mess with Oliver and I. The reason that they did this was because I had told them that I fancied him in a game of truth or dare. They promised they would never tell but they would prank us nonstop to try and get us together. Soon later fred and lee caught on and helped them out because apparently we were Lee's OTP. Yes, it was very embarrassing.

The only good thing was that oliver was oblivious to girl's liking him. It was funny to watch random girls from different houses try to shoot their shot but with oliver not even knowing that they were hitting on him. Adrienne said that was because he only had eyes for me but I seriously doubted that.

Now today there was a quidditch game. My first at hogwarts to be exact. I was extremely nervous that I was tensing up. Oliver put a hand on my shoulder and told me that I was going to be great which put me at ease.

"Don't be worried lass, you're going to do great" he said as we got on our brooms and started to fly to our positions. Katie bell's back was injured, hence the reason I was playing as a chaser.

Today we were playing against hufflepuff, aka adrienne's team. In my dr she and cedric were co-captains.

The game went on for what seemed like a long time but I didn't care, because I was enjoying every second. Oliver then swooped towards me, still a few inches higher, smiling.

"Your doing great lass, keep up the great job"

I gave him a grateful smile but his beautiful smile turned into a worried glance but I had no clue why until it hit me.

It literally hit me. Someone had hit a buldger towards me and it knocked me off of my broom. I was just silently falling when I heard george scream.

"Catch her wood!"

Oliver immediately went into action and he caught me. He actually caught me. I was mentally dying because it felt like the greatest thing ever.

"Hey, you okay" oliver asked softly.

I was about to answer but then fred crashed into oliver and and I making us both fall to the ground. I hit the ground first with oliver crashing right on top of me. I blacked out with oliver seeing if I was alright with a tad blush on his cheeks.

I woke up, but I wasn't in the field, I was in the hospital wing. I was about to sit up but oliver immediately put his hands by side to help me so I didn't hurt anything else.

"That was quite a tumble we took huh" He said sitting back into his chair. "What happened after I blacked out?" I said curious to see if we had won the game

"I immediately picked you up immediately and ran to the hospital wing. The twins and adrienne came to see us to tell us we won and stayed for awhile but went to go eat dinner. You woke up 15 minutes after that" he said pushing my hair out of my face.

Then we heard some commotion. Adrienne, George, and fred had all barged in with 2 trays of food in the twin's hands.

"Your awake finally!" George said as he set the tray of food on my lap and sat down into a chair.

"So I guess I should explain what happened to you. I was the one that hit you with a buldger, it was not meant for you. It was meant for fred" adrienne gave fred a sweet smiled while he scowled at her.

"Then why did you crash into us fred?" I said as I just swallowed some of my food.

"Well when george said to catch her, the sun had gotten into my eyes, and I didn't want you to get hurt so I assumed that wood wouldn't catch you, but he did and I got excited, then I forgot to turn my broom" fred awkwardly laughed.

We talked for awhile after that, Oliver's eyes never really leaving my face. We were in the middle of talking about how not all americans have a southern accent when madam pomfrey kicked out the trio.

"You'll be with your friends again but you need to drink this, then I'll let you go back to your dormitories." The medicine was not good but i'd rather drink that than stay a night in this wing.

We walked out after that, Oliver putting his hand on my back to make sure I stay steady and won't fall.

We met up with the twins and adrienne. I pulled adrienne back, lying that I had to use the restroom. The guys kept going, Oliver's eyes still lingering on me.

"You did mean to hit me with a buldger, didn't you" I stated while we were in the bathroom.

"It was George's idea not mine, I would never hurt you that bad purposefully, but george said you needed a push" she shrugged.

"Okay but don't do something that dangerous again" I said as I started to walk with her to the gryffindor common room.

As soon as I walked in the room I was engulfed into a hug by hermione.

"You scared me" she said I started to hug her back. "Sorry about that. But hey i'm here now" I said as she reluctantly let go so neville could hug me. (All of the second years loved me for some reason)

"Go to bed now, you know that I'm okay and you need rest" I said to the two gryffindors as they said goodnight to me and went to bed.

"You should as well lass" oliver said turning me to face him.

"I'm fine now, no need to worry about me" I said trying to not sound vulnerable. I tried to walk away but oliver stops me again.

"Go. To. Bed. Lass" he said as he dragged me to where the girls dormitories were.

"Fine" I said. He then hugged me tight. "I'm really glad you're okay, I was worried" he said muffled in my shirt.

"Heh thank you" I said as he reluctantly let go of me.

We said goodnight to each other then I walked into my dorm that I shared with angelina."Hey! Your alive!" She said as she pulled me into her hugs. "Yes I am! And I'm exhausted too" I said as she lets go of me so I can lay down.

"Good cause I am too" she said as she turned off the lights and flopped into her bed.
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